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June 03, 2012

JYJ’s Jae Joong releases pictures of Yoo Chun with his top off

JYJ’s Jae Joong recently released some pictures of Yoo Chun with his top off.
On June 4, which was Yoo Chun’s birthday, Yoo Chun tweeted, “I got a text message when I was about to go to bed. I was surprised. Thank you so much.” At this, Jae Joong responded to Yoo Chun’s tweet with two pictures.
Taken at Yoo Chun’s birthday party last year, the pictures show Yoo Chun having a great time with his friends.
In the pictures, Yoo Chun is covered in whipped cream with his top taken off by other JYJ members. However, he’s brightly smiling as if he’s having fun.
People responded: “Yoo Chun, happy birthday!” “I love to see your friendship,” “Yoo Chun’s got a nice body.”
Source: Starnews

IU shows off her fresh, lively looks in pictorials for a fashion magazine

IU recently released her pictorials for a fashion magazine.
The pictorials are to promote the casual sportswear style of Le Coq Sportif that will set the trend this summer.
Although IU was busy doing the photo shoot both indoors and outdoors, she perfectly portrayed two different styles and concepts. At the photo shoot, she also gave various different ideas about the pictorials and was praised by the crew.
There were a lot of people when she was doing the photo shoot outside, however, she kept her composure and focused on the shoot.
The pictorials of IU can be seen on the official Facebook page or offline stores of Le Coq Sportif.
Source: TV Report

Big Bang’s “Monster” receives over 3 million hits on YouTube in a day

Big Bang set a new record with their comeback.
The music video of Big Bang’s new song “Monster” received over three million hits on YouTube in a day after it was released on June 4. This is the largest hits received in the shortest period in the K-pop history.
The music video of “Monster” has received 3,013,554 hits by June 4 at 7:00 a.m.
In addition to this, the teaser videos of each member also received a great number of hits. T.O.P’s received over two million hits, G-Dragon’s received over 1.6 million hits, Taeyang’s received about 0.94 hits, Seungri’s received about 0.88 hits, and Daesung’s received about 0.48 hits. All five teasers received over 5.90 million hits.
If the number of hits for the music video is added, the total number of hits reaches nearly 8.90 million.
Receiving wide attention with its scale, the music video of “Monster” reinterprets Big Bang according to each member’s distinctive personality. It also shows very stylish scenes as befitted to the name of Big Bang, a group that sets the trend.
The special effects, which took a month of effort to create, kept the viewers’ eyes glued to the screen although the running time for the video is nearly five minutes.
Including the music video, the song has also topped the charts. Immediately after “Monster” was released, it topped the charts, and all other new songs of Big Bang ranked from second to fifth.
Big Bang’s special edition album Still Alive, which was created in collaboration with Hyundai Card, will be released on June 6 on and offline. Big Bang are currently holding a concert in Japan, attracting over 255,000 audiences.


IU holds her first live concert and attracts over 7,000 fans

IU had a sweet date with her fans and interacted with them for three hours through her songs. Nearly 7,000 fans of IU’s enthusiastically responded to her passionate performances.

On June 3 at 5:00 p.m., IU’s first live concert Real Fantasy was held at Peace Hall of Kyunghee University. At the concert, IU tried to interact with her fans emotionally. Through an old-fashioned setting and lights, a stylish atmosphere, and an acoustic sound, IU tried to share her feelings with her fans.
At the concert, IU said, “I feel good and comfortable because there are so many female audiences here. I thank you so much for coming to my first live concert. I prepared a lot for today. I hope you enjoy.”
IU appeared in a charming dress and performed “Cruel Fairy Tal,” “You And I,” “Rain Drop,” “Nitpicking,” “The Night of the First Break Up,” “Missing Child,” “Every End Of The Day,” “Love Attack,” “Marshmallow,” and “Uncle.”
IU also had a talk and took pictures with her fans to interact with.
The highlight of the concert was IU’s dance performance. IU danced to The Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow,” Rain’s “Rainism,” Trouble Maker’s “Trouble Maker,” and Michael Jackson’s song.
Source: Starnews

Big Bang and Wonder Girls top the charts

The new songs of Big Bang and Wonder Girls are receiving favorable reviews from people.
On June 3 at midnight, YG Entertainment released the songs of Big Bang’s new album, including the lead track “Monster.”
“Monster” is co-composed by Big Bang’s G-Dragon and composer Choi Phil Gang. It’s an electronic dance song characterized by Big Bang’s distinctive, addictive, and emotional melody.
Immediately after the song was released, it topped the real-time charts of such major music sites as Melon, Olleh Music, Mnet, Bugs, and Monkey 3.
People responded: “Big Bang’s songs are all good!” “G-Dragon’s lyrics writing skill is
getting betther,” “Big Bang’s the winner!” “Including ‘Monster,’ the intro song is so good.”
Wonder Girls also ranked in the top ten of the charts with their new songs, including “Like This,” “Girlfriend,” and “Hey Boy.”
The lead track “Like This” is an electronic hiphop song composed by producer Park Jin Young.
In the music video of “Like This,” which was released with the song on the same day, the Wonder Girls are attracting attention by performing cute dances.
People responded: “The song is so good. I don’t think I’ll be sick of it,” “They’re so much better than other idol groups,” “Their new songs are all good.”
Source: Starnews

IU takes a picture with KARA’s Nicole and Goo Hara

IU recently released a picture of herself with KARA’s Nicole and Goo Hara. They’re hosting SBS TV’s Inkigayotogether.
On June 3, IU uploaded the picture on her Twitter account with the comment, “Hara who always sent me text messages to cheer me up and Nicole who cheered me up in a loud voice watching my performance. I cannot see them for a while.”
IU also commented, “I’ll support the new host! I want to cheer myself up as well for my concert tomorrow!”
In the picture, IU is staring at the camera with Nicole and Goo, making a V-sign with her fingers. Their friendly pose is especially attracting attention.
People responded: “I’m sure you’ll do well for your concert tomorrow!” “IU’s becoming more and more mature.”
IU has hosted SBS TV’s Inkigayo since last October with Goo and Nicole. However, she’s leaving the show for two months because of her national concert tour.
Source: Starnews

The wait is over for Big Bang’s Monster!

Monster, which adds the elements of fantasy and mystery to its music video, promises to be Big Bang’s fiercest and most powerful song to date. The MV also proves to be worthy of the huge budget that it received, as the cinematography and overall quality of the production is at par with its Hollywood counterparts.

Monster’ is available for digital download, together with other tracks from the ‘Still Alive’ special edition album.
Source: YouTube

SNSD’s Sooyoung makes a surprise appearance in the final performance of TaeTiSeo’s “Twinkle”

SNSD’s Sooyoung recently made a surprise appearance in the final performance of TaeTiSeo’s “Twinkle.”
In the episode of MBC’s Show Music Core that aired on June 2, prior to TaeTiSeo’s performance, Sooyoung showed impressive, flashy performance with a male dancer.
Following her performance, TaeTiSeo—Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun—gave a refreshing, buoyant performance of their own.
SNSD’s subunit TaeTiSeo will finish being active with the sign off in Inkigayo on June 3.
TaeTiSeo’s “Twinkle” caused a sensation by topping all the major online music charts and be crowned in various music programs on its release. With its domination streak, the dazzling group proved their strong popularity.
The episode was also made appearances by Heo Young Sang, G.NA, JJ Project, EXO-K, B.A.P, and others.
Source: Starnews

Big Bang’s special album titled Still Alive is to be out soon but no promotion plans

Big Bang’s special album titled Still Alive is to be out soon.
With a title song, “Monster”, Still Alive-Special Edition will contain 9 songs, 5 of which are the groups hit songs, including “Blue,” “Bad Boy,” “Fantastic Baby,” and, “Love dust.”
“Monster”, written and composed by G-Dragon is expected to be set apart from their previous tracks by being bolder and stronger.
Prior to the released of the audio of the track “Monster,” its teaser for the music video already built up great anticipation about the song with the members impressive looks, enchanting melodies, and powerhouse vocals. The music video is expected to be a megahit.
Big Bang has no plans to promote the upcoming album as it is released to be dedicated to their fans. One of the special features of the album is it includes as many as five new tracks while special albums normally include s only a few new tracks. What make the album more unique are the specialized design and the production process, which gives valuable meaning to the members and their dear fans.
The special album, sponsored by Hyundai Card, will be out on-and-offline shops on June 6.
Source: TV Report

Cute character T-shirts of T-ara will go on sale

Cute T-shirts of T-ara members will be available soon.
The T-shirts printed each members’ faces as cute character images.
T-ara reveals, “We’re happy that T-shirts with our appearances will launch soon. I hope a lot of fans like them.”
After hearing the news, many fans are preordering their T-shirts through T-ara’s official fan club. Fans responded: “When will it go on sale?” “Where can I buy them?” “I’m going to buy Hyomin’s shirt.”
T-ara’s character T-shirt will only be available on Core Content Media’s online shopping mall C#, G Market, and T-ara Star Shop on June 4 starting from 10:00 a.m.
Currently, T-ara is busy preparing for the Thailand concert that will be held on June 3, and all the tickets are sold out. After that, they will go on a Japanese tour starting on June 19.
Source: TV Report

Miss A cheering for JJ Project and Park Jin Young

Recently, Miss A’s Jia posted a picture with JYP Entertainment family.
On June 1, Jia tweeted the picture and commented, “Although it’s a bit late, we came here to see return performance of our producer and JJ Project’s debut stage~ Sorry for being late! Looking forward to great performances! ^^”
Miss A’s Suzy, Jia, and Fei are spotted at the center looking at the camera with bright smiles. JJ Project’s JB and Jr. are posing on the left with nervous smiles before their debut performance. Park Jin Young, the producer of both groups, is standing on the right to leave a photo with his singers before his comeback stage.
Netizens who saw the posting commented: “You look great~” “Suzy, Jia, and Fei all look pretty!” “Park Jin Young performs on the stage with his singers!”
JJ Project is currently busy performing “Bounce” while Park Jin Young returned to TV with the song “You’re The One” after taking two years off.
Source: Starnews

2NE1 gathers the most attention among returning singers in June

Because Big Bang, the Wonder Girls, 2NE1, Ailee, and Kim Jong Kook all return to TV this month, June seems to become the most competitive month in the world of singers.
According to a survey conducted from May 24 to 30 by the music website Monkey 3, netizens have shown greatest expectations for 2NE1 among all these groups.
Out of 305 respondents, 61 voted for the group, giving it first place with a 20% approval ratings. Of 2NE1’s songs, “I Am The Best,” “Ugly,” “Lonely,” and “Hate You” ranked in the top 50 (on third, sixth, sixteenth, and twenty-seventh respectively) of the annual chart last year. Because each of the songs has distinctive music and the group’s performances were impressive, 2NE1 was successful in attracting a lot of popularity.
Second place on the chart went to Big Bang. On June 3, the group releases its special album Still Alive, which contains five new songs, including “Monster.”
The Wonder Girls are planning on returning on the same day with the song “Like This.” They ranked third, earning a 16% approval ratings.
Kim Jong Kook placed fourth (15%), and his return after a two-year hiatus is boosting expectations among fans. Ailee (15%) and Lena Park(14%) followed in the rankings, and each of them are popular for showing outstanding skills in KBS 2’s Immortal Classics and for appearing in the original cast of MBC’s I Am A Singer.
Source: Starnews

Big Bang and Busker Busker have staying power

Big Bang and Busker Busker have been staying on music charts for two or three months.
On June 1, music site Melon said that 3 songs from Big Bang’s mini album, which was released on February 29, entered the Top 50 list on May chart. 8 songs from Busker Busker’s first regular album, which was released on March 29, also entered the Top 50 list.
Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” ranked 15th, “Blue” ranked 39th, and “Bad Boy” ranked 46th. Busker Busker’s  ”Cherry Blossom Ending” ranked 3rd, “First Love” ranked 9th, “Yeosu Night Sea” ranked 13th, “Loneliness Amplifier” ranked 25th, “Ideal Type” ranked 26th, “Calling You” ranked 34th, “An the Entrance to the Alley” ranked 43rd, and “Perfume” ranked 49th.
Big Bang made March their month. “Blue” ranked 1st, “Fantastic Baby” ranked 4th, “Bad Boy” ranked 5th, “Love Dust” ranked 8th, “Ain’t No Fun” ranked 15th, and “Wings” ranked 21st.
The group also ranked high in April. “Fantastic Baby” ranked 4th, “Blue” ranked 17th, “Bad Boy” ranked 21st, and “Love Dust” ranked 39th.
However, April was Busker Busker’s month. “Cheery Blossom Ending” ranked 1st, “First Love” ranked 2nd, and “Yeosu Night Sea” ranked 3rd. Then “Ideal Type” ranked 7th, “The Flower” ranked 9th, “Loneliness Amplifier” ranked 10th, “Calling You” ranked 16th, “At the Entrance to the Alley” ranked 20th, and “Perfume” ranked 23rd.
Source: Starnews

SNSD releases covers for Japanese single ‘Paparazzi’

On June 27th, SNSD will be releasing their 4th Japanese single, Paparazzi, much to the delight of their ever-supporting and loving fans.
News of their upcoming release was released earlier this week and the official Japanese website for the group has now unveiled the two covers for the single. The above picture is for the girls’ regular edition and comes in either a CD+DVD version or just a CD version. This picture shows the girls ready to go out for a clubbing night as they wear chic and fashionable clothing.
Meanwhile, the picture below is the cover for the limited special edition of the single album. The members stand outside on a wet street in front of a theater as they wear different dancing outfits as if they were about to perform on stage.

SNSD’s unit Taetiseo ranks first on May chart

SNSD’s unit group Taetiseo recently ranked 1st on the May chart with their song “Twinkle.”
On June 1, according to music site Melon, Taetiseo’s “Twinkle” ranked 1st on the May chart. The song is a title song from the mini album, which was released on April 30 by Taetiseo, composed of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun.
Among girl groups, SISTAR’s “Alone” ranked 2nd, 4minute’s “Volume Up” ranked 7th, Girl’s Day’s “Oh! My God” ranked 31st, and A pink’s “Hush” ranked 33rd. Among boy groups, Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” ranked 15th and Noel’s “Leaving” ranked 18th.
Busker Busker is also drawing a lot of attention by ranking 3rd on the chart with their song “Cherry Blossom Ending.” The song has ranked 1st on April chart and other songs from their album entered the Top 50 in May. “First Love” ranked 9th, “Yeosu Night Sea” ranked 13th, “The Flower” ranked 17th, “Loneliness Amplifier” ranked 25th, “Ideal Type” ranked 26th, and “Calling You” ranked 34th.
Ulala Session, who competed against Busker Busker on Mnet’s Super Star K 3, ranked 12th with their song “Beautiful Night.”
Solo singers are also making a good fight. Baek Ji Young’s “Voice” ranked 4th, Park Jin Young’s “You’re the One” ranked 5th, IU’s “Peach” and “Every End of the Day” ranked 6th and 8th, Heo Gak’s “The Person Who Once Loved Me” ranked 10th, Ivy’s “Torn Heart” ranked 16th, and Ailee’s “Heaven” ranked 28th.
Brave Guys, composed of Shin Bo Ra, Jung Tae Ho, Park Sung Kwang, who appear on Gag Concert, ranked 24th with their song “I Don’t Care.”
Source: Starnews

Jay Park transforms into a cute bad boy

Singer Jay Park recently showed off a different side through a pictorial.
Park took a pictorial as the representative for a clothing brand in 2012.
In the pictorial, Park is wearing colorful T-shirts and unique hats. He is portraying a bad boy through facial expressions and poses, which drew a lot of attention.
Park also presented unique spring and summer items and colors, which can complement anyones fashion style comfortably.
An official for the photo shoot says, “I felt everlasting energy from Park while shooting. Every pose he makes made the concept for the brand stand out.”
On May 19, Park joined the ‘APAHM Tour,’ which will be held in Washington, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
Source: TV Report

SNSD, U-Kiss, and B.A.P will hold a large-scale concert in Macao

SNSD, U-Kiss, SHINee, and B.A.P will spread K-pop in Macao.
The four groups will hold a large-scale concert titled K-POP Nation Concert in Macao 2012 at Cotai Arena in the Venetian Hotel on June 2 at 8:00 p.m. (local time)
Cotai Arena is one of the biggest indoor concert halls in Asia. Including such world-renowned singers as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, Chris Brown, and Celine Dion, Rain and Super Junior held concerts at the hall.
At the concert, including SNSD, U-Kiss, SHINee, and B.A.P, several K-pop artists who are popular in overseas countries will also perform.
K-POP Nation Concert in Macao 2012 is a mini-concert in omnibus format. Each singer or singing group will give special performances that couldn’t be given at their exclusive concerts or TV music shows.
DBM Meida, a co-host of the concert says, “We sold tickets for the concert on a website run by an overseas server. After hearing this, phone calls from people from Korea and overseas countries flooded in inquiring about the concert, and the work was paralyzed for a while.”
Source: Starnews

TEEN TOP members show their cute actions

Pictures of TEEN TOP members taking cute poses are currently attracting wide attention.
On May 31, TEEN TOP released some of their pictures while chatting with their fans on their official me2day account.
In one of the pictures, leader Ricky is acting cute, making rabbit ears with his hands and winking. On the picture, he wrote, “Rabbit Ricky.”
In another picture, with a short message that says, “Ricky’s cute action,” Ricky is holding TEEN TOP’s third mini-album and winking and Niel is pretending to shoot at the camera with his fingers.
People responded: “They’re so cute,” “I’m so excited about their comeback performance,” “Ricky’s so cute,” “I love you!” “Their cute actions are so awesome!”
TEEN TOP will give their comeback performance on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank on June 1 with the lead track “To You.”
Source: TV Report

SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong will hold his last fan meeting before joining the army

SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong will hold his last fan meeting on June 3 before joining the army in July.
Kim will meet around 2,000 fans through the fan meeting Thank U ThankYU with TripleS, which will be held in the auditorium of Yonsei University on June 3 at 5.00 p.m.
At the fan meeting, Kim will perform some of his songs and talk with his fans.
A spokesperson for Kim says, “This is the last one of Kim Kyu Jong’s fan meeting tour in Asia which started in February. Kim Kyu Jong is preparing a lot for the meeting because it is the last event with his fans before joining the army.”
Kim has released albums as a member of a unit group with SS501 members and a solo singer. He also performed in some drama series.
Source: TV Report

Teaser video of Big Bang’s Taeyang is released on June 1

A teaser video of Big Bang’s Taeyang was released after G-Dragon, T.O.P, and Seungri’s before the release of Big Bang’s special edition album Still Alive.
The teaser video released on YG Life blog on June 1 implies that Big Bang’s new song “Monster” will be an intense, charismatic song as it includes a soaring beat and Taeyang’s soulful voice.
While the teaser videos of G-Dragon, T.O.P, and Seungri are showing the sad part of “Monster,” Taeyang’s video is leading the song to a climax by showing Big Bang becoming monsters.
Taeyang is dressed in black accessorized with belts and showing off his moderate look. At the end of the video,   Taeyang with nervous blue eyes is highlighted, increasing people’s curiosity about the music style of “Monster.”
Big Bang are releasing Still Alive as an extension of their mini-album Alive to show their musical passion. It includes “Blue,” “Fantastic Baby,” “Bad Boy,” and “Love Dust,” which made a hit early this year.
It also includes five new songs, “Still Alive,” “Feeling,” “Ego,” “Bingle Bingle,” and “Monster.” Big Bang are releasing these songs to express their appreciation to their fans.
The lead track “Monster” is especially sensational both musically and visually. Including the large-scale music video of “Monster,” Big Bang’s new album will be released on June 3 online and on 6 offline.
Source: TV Report

Rain wins appeal against tenant

Singer Rain seems to be a winner, even when he is away fulfilling his compulsory military service. On May 31, Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of the Hallyu singer for the second time against his tenant, a local designer who had not been paying any rent and failed to move out of Rain’s building after the lease had run out.
“We maintain our ruling from the first trial that the tenant should take the money deducted from his 100 million won ($84,700) deposit and leave the premises,” the court said, ordering the tenant to vacate the premise that he has been using as a gallery.
According to the court, the singer and the designer entered into a contract back in August of 2009 with a deposit of 100 million won and 4 million won rent as well as an additional 400,000 won in maintenance fees per month.
The contract was valid until March 2011 and although the designer used this space as a gallery, he failed to pay maintenance fees from December 2009 and then stopped paying rent altogether from September 2010.
Rain brought a suit against the designer back in January to kick him out but the designer said that because of leakage in the building, he was owed money from damages and failed to vacate the building. He felt that he was the victim and appealed for the case against Rain.
By Carla Sunwoo []

EXO-K attends Calvin Klein event in Seoul

In March, rookie group EXO-K was chosen to be models for clothing brand Calvin Klein and just last week, the boys were invited to the Calvin Klein, Inc. Multi-Brand Event in Seoul.
The event was a prestigious one in which many Hollywood actors and actresses attended. It marked an honor for the boys, who are still relatively new in the KPOP industry, but have been seen as one of the ambassadors for the Hallyu Wave.
EXO-K also had the honor of posing with the Creative Director of Calvin Klein Jeans, Kevin Carrigan, and showed off their good fashion, going from the colorful orange pants and jacket to blue denim jeans, black jackets, and black attire.

The ‘trendy idol’ Infinite ranks first place on M Countdown

The ‘trendy idol’ Infinite ranked first place on M Countdown after their comeback stage three weeks ago.
Infinite’s new song “The Chaser” ranked first place on M Countdown on the last week of May.
This episode of M Countdown has been reorganized as a summer special. All the singers who ranked first place appeared and performed; Infinite revealed their thoughts about ranking first place through the video and received the fans’ congratulations.
Infinite who has been a strong candidate of M Countdown in just two weeks, finally ranked first place in three weeks.
Netizens commented: “Infinite sure is the trend.” “The song ‘Chaser’ is amazing. Congratulations on ranking first place.” “I’m proud to be a fan of Infinite.”
Infinite is establishing a strong foothold as the ‘trendy idol’ with the release of their new song “The Chaser” on various music websites.
Source: Xportsnews

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun says farewell to Catch Me if You Can

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun will be Frank Jr. no more as he wrapped up his final performance for his second musical Catch Me if You Can.
For a few months, Kyuhyun played the role of Frank Jr., who was infamous for his exquisite forgery and con artist skills. But all good things must come to an end sooner or later and Kyuhyun shared a picture with his cast as well as a farewell tweet.
He tweeted, “Catch Me if You Can Kyu-rank’s final performance..I grew on this stage a bit..To the actors, staff members and audience, thank you for such a happy time. Please give your love to the remaining performances as well!!~~Goodbye~~ㅜ ㅜ”
In related news, Super Junior finished their Super Show 4 World Tour with their encore performances in Seoul this past weekend. The group will be working on their 6th album, which will be released later this year.