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August 27, 2012

SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun successfully finishes a national tour of Japan

SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun recently finished a national tour of Japan successfully.
On August 28, S Plus Entertainment, Kim’s agency, reported that Kim recently finished a national tour of Japan, which he went on in celebration of the release of his second Japanese EP, “Escape.”
Starting in Tokyo on August 3, Kim made a stop in Fukuoka, Osaka, and Nagoya under the title of Kim Hyung Jun 2012 2nd Story in Japan.
“Escape” is Kim’s first solo EP released in a year and four months.
During the tour, Kim performed “Sorry, I’m Sorry,” the lead track of his new EP, and soundtracks of his drama seriesGlowing She and Late Blossom.
Kim also met his Japanese fans by making guest appearances on TBS’s Akasaka Sakasu and Fuji TV’s United States of Odaiba and by holding autograph events all over the country.
Source: Starnews


Infinite’s Sung Yeol captured during his sleep « KoreaDotCom infinite

Group Infinite(Woo Hyun, Hoya, Sung Yeol, L, Sung Jong, Dong Woo, and Sung Kyu)’s Woo Hyun revealed a picture of Sung Yeol, who turned 22, sleeping.
On the afternoon of August 27, Woo Hyun uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “Happy birthday Sung Yeol. You are so handsome even when seen from the side. And don’t worry about your bad character image. I love you forever, oh I love Inspirit too!”
In the picture, Sung Yeol is sitting on a chair and sleeping. His ear that is full of piercings attracts attention.
Netizens commented: “Happy Birthday.” “Doesn’t your ear hurt?” “You are handsome even from the side.”
Previously on August 18 and 19, Infinite performed at 2012 Summer Sonic that was held in Japan.
Source: Starnews


ZE:A’s “Phoenix” tops an online music chart in just four hours

The “idol” group ZE:A’s new song “Phoenix” ranked at the top of a music website only four hours after its release on August 27 at noon.
According to Bugs Music (, “Phoenix” appears in the first place of a real time chart from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Kara’s “Pandora” and Girl’s Day’s “Blue Rain 2012” follow the rankings.
ZE:A’s leader Moon Jun Young, Ha Min Woo, and Kim Dong Jun worked on writing this song and put vintage synth sound and acoustic bass in a beautiful harmony, creating a French pop-style music.
Kim Dong Jun said, “I was very attached to this song because I composed it with some other members, and now it has become even lovelier to me as it ranks first. We’ll live up to the ranking with a great performance, so play stay with us.”
It is first time for ZE:A to rank at the top of a music chart since its debut. They will be giving a spectacular performance on’s M Count Down on August 30.
Source: TV Report


Super Junior’s Leeteuk grateful, emotional during MoA concert

As Super Junior wrapped up their concert in Guangzhou, China last August 26, their leader, Leeteuk broke down in tears as he thanked the crowd.
Haven’t come to Guangzhou in a long time, you are the ones who gave us all the love and support in the world,” said Leeteuk as he addressed the fans in attendance. “Can you wait for me for 2 years?” he asked. Sensing the emotions in his voice, the crowd began cheering, “Uljima, uljima“, a Korean phrase meaning “Don’t cry“. Even fellow member Donghae was asking Leeteuk not to cry.
We’ve already been together for 8 years…I will return with an even more handsome image!” After saying this, Leeteuk kneeled, bowed to the crowd, and cried.
Later that evening, Leeteuk sent a message to his Chinese fans via his Twitter account. His tweet read, “China ELF who have given us so much, thank you and I love you! The happiness and love that we shared today, in two years’ time I will return it even more! Xie xie!
The Guangzhou leg of the MoA Concert is Leeteuk’s last overseas stage prior to his military enlistment.
Source: Twitter 


Super Junior’s Choi Siwon earns support from Korean fans for mentioning Dokdo

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon earned vast support from Korean fans for mentioning Dokdo.
On August 10, Choi re-tweeted the comment from the Blue House, “Dokdo is truly our territory and it is worth it to risk our lives to keep it. Let’s have national pride for Dokdo.” President Lee Myung Bak visited Dokdo on the same day.
Choi’s father Choi Ki Ho also blamed Japanese mayor Osaka Hashimoto Toru for saying that there is no proof that Japan assaulted and intimidated Korean comfort women into following the Japanese army.
Japanese fans were not happy to hear those sayings from Choi and his father. A local media outlet even reported that K-pop market has faced winter.
However, Super Junior’s EP Sexy Free & Single ranked second on the Oricon Daily Chart and the group sold over 600,000 copies on the first day of its release.
People responded: “I feel much better to hear that.” “Japanese fans are angry but Korean fans are supporting him.” “I hope that he keeps his opinion even though there are many barriers around him.” “He is firm in his convictions. He is a great Hallyu idol.” “Choi Siwon is the best.”
Source: TV Report


Big Bang’s G-Dragon shows off his power on YouTube

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently showed off his power on YouTube.
A music video for his new solo “One of a Kind” was released on YouTube on August 25 and received over 4.5 million hits, as of August 27.
G-Dragon wrote the lyrics for the song and he worked with producer Choice 37 from YG Entertainment to write the melodies. It is a hip-hop song, which includes unique and trendy sounds.
The song is drawing a lot of attention with confident rap saying, “I’m obnoxious and expensive.” “Yes, brother, yes, sister. Ah, sorry, ah, for being popular.” “Please love me.”
The music video ranked first on credible UK Viral Video Chart, which introduces music videos, home videos, and commercials from all over the world. G-Dragon ranked first as soon as he released the music video.
G-Dragon released his first solo “Heart Breaker” in mid-August of 2009 and sold the most copies of the year. He will set the date for his return and start performing the new song.
Source: Starnews


VIXX receives over a million hits on YouTube

Group VIXX is drawing a lot of attention with their second single “Rock Ur Body,” which is written by songwriter Sinsadong Tiger.
A music video for the song received over a million hits on YouTube ( and proved their popularity.
Many people from Korea and other countries are paying a lot of attention to the new group.
Their first single “Super Hero” impressed the public and they showed off their fresh yet manly charms through the second single “Rock Ur Body.”
The group is the first idol group from Jellyfish Entertainment, which features top male solo singers, including, Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, Lee Seok Hoon, and Seo In Gook.
SISTAR’s Da Som recently appeared in VIXX TV, which aired on their official YouTube channel, and proved that the group is composed of sweet handsome boys.
Source: Star Daily News

SHINee’s Jonghyun appears to have his hands locked up for ‘Dazzling Girl’ teaser

Fans were most likely wondering when and who would appear on the next teaser for SHINee’s upcoming Japanese single, Dazzling Girl, and they have gotten their answers.
SHINee’s official Japanese website updated with Jonghyun’s teaser, leaving only Onew’s teaser to be released. Like his members before him, Jonghyun appears in a monochrome state, his arms showcased by a sleeveless shirt, though his muscles seem to have been edited out of the picture. While glancing to the side, he hold his arms up as if he were chained from the top as several chains can be seen wrapped around his hands and fingers. With a mysterious look on his face, it looks as if Jonghyun were dazzled by the ‘dazzling girl’.
SHINee’s 5th Japanese single will be released on October 10th.
Source: SHINee Japan


ZE:A returns with “Phoenix” on August 27

ZE:A returned to performing their new song “Phoenix.”
On August 27, the group released four songs, including their new song and the R & B version of the song “Aftereffect,” on several online music sites.
The song “Phoenix” is a french pop, which includes vintage synth sounds with acoustic bass. Moon Jun Young, Kim Dong Jun, and Ha Min Woo helped write the lyrics for the song.
The song fiercely competed against “Aftereffect,” which is about ZE:A’s passionate desires to become the best, to be the title song for their second EP Spectacular.
The agency, Star Empire, says, “Main vocal Kelvin, rapper Jung Hee Chul and Kim Tae Hun will show off their talents through the song. The group will also show a different look as manly men through powerful performances and charismatic group dance.”
The group was selected as an honorary ambassador for the Korea National Tourism Organization and proved that they are blue chip K-pop artists. Their new song “Phoenix” was pre-released in Japan on August 24 and ranked second on the Oricon chart.
ZE:A will appear on Mnet’s M Countdown on August 30 to perform the new song for the first time.
Source: TV Report


B1A4 hold a concert to donate their talent

B1A4 will hold a concert to donate their talent.
On September 1, B1A4 will hold a concert to donate their talent at the Central Market in Wonju. This concert, which will be held nearly four hours from 6:00 p.m., is part of Gangwondo’s celebrity marketing conducted in order to vitalize the province’s traditional markets. B1A4 members will meet people in Wonju, having an one-day sales experience and going shopping at the market with Governor Choi Moon Soon and Mayor of Wonju Won Chang Mook.
B1A4 members say, “This is our first time holding a concert to donate our talent. We’re not very much familiar with the concept of talent donation yet, but we’re happy and honored to be able to do something for our society and people. Because this event is part of a project to vitalize traditional markets around us, we wish we can do something to vitalize this market. We hope people of our age, who are more used to large grocery stores or convenience stores, pay more attention to traditional markets around us.”
Such celebrities as U-Kiss, Jang Yoon Jung, Song Dae Gwan, and Park Sang Cheol have participated in the celebrity marketing for Gangwondo’s traditional markets, and they helped vitalize the economy of the traditional markets. This project is to develop 53 traditional markets in Gangwondo as new centers of travelling and shopping trends in Korea.
Source: TV Report


IU shows off her innocent look, “It’s fun to live”

IU recently showed off her innocent look.
On August 27, IU uploaded a picture of herself on her Twitter account with the comment, “The… End. I was really tired today. It wasn’t a perfect day, but it’s still fun to live! Good night.”
In the picture, IU is showing off her innocent look with wavy hair and natural makeup that gives an accent to her lips.
People responded: “IU’s the best.” “IU is becoming prettier.” “Please come out with a new release.”
IU came back to SBS TV’s Inkigayo as a host in the August 26 episode of the show. She attracted a lot of attention in an outfit that reminded many people of Tinker Bell.
Source: Starnews