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March 19, 2012

Big Bang’s “Feeling” is selected as a opening theme song of animated Transformer

Big Bang’s “Feeling,” their new song released in Japan, has recently been selected as an opening theme song of animated Transformer.
In Big Bang’s new album ALIVE, scheduled to be released on March 28 in Japan, “Feeling” and “Ego” are included with the seven songs released in Korea. Out of the songs, “Feeling” was selected as an opening theme song of animated Transformer.
Big Bang’s “Feeling” is a rhythmical uptempo song, composed by German DJ and producer Boys Noize and G-Dragon.
Transformer Prime, an animated version of Steven Spielberg’s box-office smash Transformer, is a full 3D CG series that will air in nearly 140 countries. It will also air in Japan on various channels such as TV Tokyo.
In addition to “Feeling” and “Ego,” “Fantastic Baby,” “Blue,” and “Bad Boy” are also included in Japanese in the Japanese version of their new album. m-flo’s VERBAL wrote Japanese lyrics to the songs. Including the bonus track “Haru Haru,” total 10 songs are included in the album.
Successfully finishing their concert, titled 2012 Big Show – Big Bang Alive Tour, held from March 2 to 4, Big Bang received wide attention from the Japanese press. Many Japanese newspapers headlined Big Bang’s world tour. They reported Big Bang held a perfect comeback concert for their new album ALIVE and will hold more concerts in 25 cities in 16 countries.
Big Bang are planning to hold 2012 Big Show – Big Bang Alive Tour in five cities in Japan (Nagoya, Yokohama, Osaka, Saitama, and Fukuoka) from May, and they are also planning to attend 2012 Spring Groove Festival, which will take place at World Memorial Hall in Kobe on March 31 and at Makuhari Messe in Chiba on April 1.
Receiving wide attention in both domestic and overseas markets, Big Bang was recently introduced on the main page of Grammy’s official website as a first Korean singing group. Big Bang also topped the K-pop Chart of the U.S. Billboard Chart with “Blue” for two consecutive weeks. All these were achieved without any special promotions.
Big Bang will also make a guest appearance on SBS TV’s Inkigayo, You & I, and Kang Shim Jang.
Transformer Prime, an animated movie that selected Big Bang’s new song “Feeling” as its opening theme song, will start airing in Japan on April 7 at 8 a.m.
Source: TV Report

B2ST rocks Indonesia: Jun Hyung says, “It was a blast”

B2ST’s Jun Hyung recently released his self-portrait.
On March 18, the B2ST heartthrob tweeted a photo with the comment, “It was such a blast. I really enjoyed myself during the concert in Indonesia today.” As a part of their world tour, the six-member boy band held a successful concert in Indonesia on March 17.
In the picture, he is putting on a cute look while staring at the camera. The singer looks radiant even when he dresses down. He seems to have taken this photo while taking a rest at a hotel after the concert.
Netizens responded: “Oppa, you look tired. Take a good rest.” “He looks dazzling wherever he is.” “Yong Jun, go!” “B2ST rocks Indonesia.”
Source: TV Report 

SHINee Reveals ‘Sherlock’ MV Teaser!

After heightening the curiousity of fans with unique concept photos, a short medley of the upcoming track and having vocalist Jonghyun sing a 5-sec highlight, a music video teaser is finally released! SM Entertainmenthas uploaded the latest MV teaser for title track ‘Sherlock’ on their official youtube channel.
Gearing for their 4th mini-album ‘Sherlock‘, the SHINee boys are back with a risque image. True to the detective concept of ‘Sherlock Holmes’, the MV hints at a mystery surrounding Girls’ Generation Jessica, who was featured.
SHINee’s comeback will be on 22 March, so keep a look out for it! Meanwhile, tell us what you think of the MV teaser! Did it pique your curiousity?
Source: SMTOWN

Miss A’s titillating black-white costumes wow TV viewers

On the March 18 episode of SBS’s popular music show Music Trend, Miss A passionately sung its new song “Touch,” displaying a magnetic sexy performance.
On the show, Miss A’s Jia, Min, Suzy and Fei showed off their flawless, slim figures in black short pants. Compared with white-mixed clothes of Suzy and Jia, Min and Fei’s all black look added chic and sexy appeals.
Each member applied different hairstyles and costumes appropriate to each one’s image. They look gorgeous enough to captive male fans’ hearts at the first attempt.
Miss A’s “Touch” is a doleful ditty based on a sad love story. Listening to the song, you can feel like watching a sad film. Miss A’s members returned as full-grown mature women to convey the song’s feelings of depth. The lyrics sound bitterly empathetic because it was well mixed with its addictive melody.
Source: TV Report 

IU’s cute interactive music video is released

IU’s interactive music video for a kalguksu brand was released on March 19. IU is working for the kalguksu brand as a model.
In the video, IU meets a man by chance and completes “Hururuk Kalguksu Song.” Viewers can choose stories and put their names on business cards and posters in the video.
The song sung by IU is perfectly harmonized with its lively lyrics and melody, and IU’s cute looks also stand out in the video. A spokesperson for Nongshim, the kalguksu brand, says, “The reason we chose a new way of marketing instead of TV and newspaper commercials is because we want to approach to the people in their 20s and 30s who are more used to SNS and online media.”
IU says, “The interactive movie about Hururuk Kalguksu can only be completed beautifully with the participation of the viewers. I wish more viewers can enjoy making a Hururuk story with me.”
IU’s love story with Hururuk Kalguksu will be released on an official website of Hururuk Kalguksu and also on Nongshim’s website and Well-being Mania Cafe. It can also be watched on Facebook and Twitter accounts of Well-being’s.
Source: TV Report

SNSD’s Yoona changes into a nice-looking campus beauty

SNSD’s Yoona changed into a campus beauty, who has long hair and an innocent look.
On March 19, Yoonscolor released some pictures of Yoona, changed into Kim Yoon Hee, a campus beauty of the 70s, on KBS 2TV’s drama series Love Rain.
In the pictures, Yoona is showing off her beautiful looks as a campus beauty who used to captivate number of men in the 70s with her long hair and elegant style.
In front of a library and a building of a college of fine arts, Yoona shows off her innocent looks with long straight hair and simple clothes. Her profile, which is slightly covered, especially attracts many people’s attention.
A spokesperson for Yoonscolor, the production company of Love Rain, says, “Yoona surprised all of the crew as she perfectly changed into Yoon Hee of the 70s. To perfectly portray Yoon Hee, a girl who is simple yet elegant, she paid careful attention to her style from head to toe.”
Love Rain talks about the essentials of love by telling love stories of young people in the 70s and the present. It will start airing on March 26.
Source: Starnews 

KARA’s Goo Hara changes into a dreamlike, rebellious girl

KARA’s Goo Hara has recently attracted wide attention by showing off her abs.
Goo recently changed into a dreamlike girl at the photo shoot conducted in Hong Kong with the global denim brand Levi’s and the fashion magazine W Korea.
At the shoot, Goo showed off her chic and dream like looks and rebellious poses, getting rid of her innocent and bright image.
Goo also surprised the crew by perfectly getting herself styled in rock chic denim jeans to striking red ankle skinny jeans and a feminine denim dress. She especially fascinated everyone on the set with her abs slightly exposed and chic eyes.
KARA will hold six concerts in Japan, starting in Yokohama on April 15.
Source: Xportsnews 

K-Pop Hot 100: BIGBANG Is Unstoppable

Debuting at No. 1 last week, with their lead single “Blue,” BIGBANG – as predicted – has gone on to dominate the top of the chart taking no less than half of the spots of the Top 10 on this week’s K-Pop Hot 100 chart.

The excitement around the new EP “Alive” has translated elsewheredebuting at No. 150 on the Billboard 200 from just digital downloads as the music video for “Blue” racking up over 14 million views so far. Capitalizing on these successes, the boys just kicked off their world tour, titled “ALIVE TOUR 2012,” in Seoul which drew more than 30,000 fans to the three-day event. BIGBANG will hit 16 different nations and 25 cities in Asia, North and South America, and Europe.

While every track from the EP charted with “Bang,” a track featuring only member Daesung, missing the Top 10 at No. 13 and the EP’s “Intro (Alive”) at No. 19, we look into three singles from the album that landed at the top of the chart.

While “Blue” spends its second week at the top, “Love Dust” shot up to the No. 2 spot, pushing miss A’s, “Touch” down to No. 4. “Love Dust” is a collaboration between producer Teddy and BIGBANG member G-Dragon. In this song, they put a rock twist, over the electro-pop, sample-heavy beat to compliment the soothing vocals and rap.

Looking down one spot on the chart one finds “Bad Boy,” debuting at No. 3, is a concoction of R&B melodies, hip-hop beats and little bit of jazz piano. The track was produced by G-Dragon and Choice 37, an in-house YG Entertainment producer. In the accompanying video, the boys stride down the streets of Brooklyn while adding in some free-flowing raps and sensual vocals. The members each get their own turn in the spotlight with G-Dragon and TOP’s singing/rapping combinations, Taeyang’s charismatic tone, and Daesung and Seungri’s melting voices all flow well together.

Unlike, “Blue” or “Bad Boy,” the next highest charting single, “Fantastic Baby,” is a big-time head-banger, with its catchy beats and infectious chorus verse, that is sure to make all types of pop fans happy. With a breakdown that sounds similar to the will.i.amJennifer LopezMick Jagger collaboration “ T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)” and a catchy chorus (“I wanna dan- dan- dan- dan- dance”) the song is perhaps the most accessible to American audiences. In the music video, the boys flaunt their over-the-top personalities that made them famous in Korea with some eye-popping outfits, props, and hairpieces.

BIGBANG’s big splash on the charts this week is obviously creating waves and a big shake-up in the rankings. Ailee (No. 5 – No. 6), K. Will (4 – 9), John Park (6 – 11), all slipped down the chart. An interesting note does come for the four-week chart topper Lyn, however, who debuts at No. 20 with her new single, “Let it Rain.” But for now, BIGBANG rules.
(Additional reporting and editing by Jeff Benjamin, Billboard)
Source: Billboard