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July 09, 2012

f(X)’s Vitoria recently talks about the embarrassing moment caused by her poor Korean

f(X)’s Vitoria recently talked about the embarrassing moment caused by the blunder she made relating to speaking Korean.
In the episode of MBC’s Come To Play that aired on July 9, the Chinese member of f(X) looked back, saying “It was really hard to learn Korean at first. I used to make loads of mistakes.”
When emcee Yoo aksed what kinds of mistake she had made, the f(X) leader hesitated for a while.
In a few seconds, the adorable singer fessed up, “I made a horrible mistake when I appeared in MBC’s We Got Married. I was putting a signature for a taxi driver, whose name is a Goo Ja In. But what I wrote down below my signature was Go Ja In.” (Go Ja means a guy with no sexual ability in Korean.) Her confession about the embarrassing moment made everyone laugh hard.
Most of the time, the adorable Chinese singer speaks good Korean though.
In the episode, leaders from various girl groups appear and provided some lively entertainment.
Source: Starnews

Top idol stars appear on Running Man

Pictures of top idol singers shooting SBS’s Running Man were recently released.
On July 9, pictures of idol stars spread through social networks and drew a lot of attention. In the pictures, 2PM’s Nickhun, T-ara’s Eunjung, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, MBLAQ’s Lee Jun, CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa, B2ST’s Yoon Doo Jun, and ZE:A’s Lim Si Wan are gathered together.
In the special episode with Hallyu idols of the show, the idol stars will compete against the original cast members from the show with various games.
People responded: “Wow! All the top idols are appearing. I can’t wait to see it.” “I’ll watch the show right on time.” “Go, Running Man!” “The show will be so much fun.”
In the July 16 episode of the show, Shin Se Kyung, No Sa Yeon, and Yoo Jun Sang will appear as guests.
Source: TV Report

B2ST meets world famous choreographer

B2ST, who are working hard to prepare their new album, released their recent pictures.
On July 9, according to their agency, the group met an international choreographer named Robert Steinbacher to shoot DVD B2ST bodyART, which will be released first in Japan, in September.
Robert is a worldwide famous choreographer, who has worked with Janet Jackson and Toni Braxton. He was a former national gymnast in Germany and as a movement therapist he created the bodyART™ training system, which is very popular in Europe.
B2ST met Robert on June 25 in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province. Robert watched videos of B2ST performing their songs in Europe and was welcomed by the group members.
B2ST showed choreography for their new album to Robert and they all worked hard together in great harmony. They discussed in detail how to shoot the DVD and showed their professional sides.
Yoon Doo Jun, leader of the group, says, “Unlike his first impression, he was very exquisite and we all were surprised by him. He showed us new choreography for the DVD. It was very powerful and it was little hard to learn but we all enjoyed working with him.”
The bodyART training system is a combination of yoga, Pilates, and stretching. The more powerful and  cardiovascular exercise was created in 1998 in Germany by Robert.
Source: Starnews

Kim Hyung Joon holds surprise mini showcase

Last weekend, Kim Hyung Joon held a surprise mini showcase and brought every venue he went to, to a halt. He promoted his second solo album Escape on July 7 and 8 by holding a surprise showcase and drew a lot of attention.
Prior to his album release on July 10, Kim went all over Seoul, including, Hongdae, Sinchon, Daehangno, Insa-dong, and Myeondong by riding a huge stage bus.
The showcase began in Hongdae when Kim appeared with the stage bus, which was covered with posters of his new album. Many people who were having fun at night stopped in front of the bus and cheered for him.
Kim said, “I always wanted to hold this kind of surprise event. I’m so excited and happy that I’m really holding the event.” He also performed his title song “Sorry I’m Sorry” a little and showed that he has confidence in his new album.
Every place he appeared, there were many people gathered to see him and they even brought the place to a halt. The people also sang the title song along with Kim and enjoyed the surprise event.
Kim will release his new album Escape on July 10.
Source: Star Daily News

Super Junior top the on and offline charts with their sixth album

Super Junior topped the on and offline charts with their sixth album.
Super Junior’s sixth album, Sexy, Free & Single, which was released on July 4, ranked first on the real-time, daily, and weekly charts of Hanteo Chart and Hot Tracks.
The music video of “Sexy, Free & Single,” the lead track of Super Junior’s sixth album, also received approximately five million hits on YouTube.
Super Junior recently gave an energetic performance of “Sexy, Free & Single” with a distinctive group dance and also appealed to the viewers with “From You” on a TV music program.
Super Junior are currently promoting the lead track of their sixth album, “Sexy, Free & Single.”
Source: TV Report

4Minute will release a new EP, “Love Tension,” in Japan on Aug. 22

4Minute will target the Japanese market again with a new EP.
On July 9, 4Minute released a main jacket photo of their new EP, “Love Tention,” which will be released in Japan on August 22, on their official fan cafe and Japanese fan club site.
In the photo, 4Minute are showing off their strong yet feminine looks in slim outfits in beige and grey.
“Love Tension” is 4Minute’s first song released in Japan in eight months after “Ready Go” was released in December last year. It includes total four tracks, including the Japanese version of “Volume Up,” which made a hit in Korea.
Composed by the hit song maker Kim Do Hoon, ”Love Tension” is characterized by an electronic sound and a melodic chorus.
Cube Entertainment, 4Minute’s agency, says, “Continuing from ‘Ready Go,’ which became popular as a soundtrack of a Japanese drama series, 4Minute will target the Japanese market again with a new song that will be released in Japan for the first time.”
4Minute will soon fly to Japan to shoot a music video of “Love Tension.”
Source: Starnews

The Wonder Girls release a new album jacket photo of their new U.S. single with Akon

The Wonder Girls recently released a new album jacket photo of their new U.S. single with Akon.
The Wonder Girls will release a new single in the U.S. on July 10 (local time). Before that, they announced their comeback by releasing three teaser videos and an album jacket photo of their new single, “Like Money,” in which Akon is featured.
In the jacket photo, the Wonder Girls are dressed like girls in the future with Akon positioning himself in the center. In this futuristic photo, the Wonder Girls are showing off their sexy looks in unusual outfits.
Raising their profile by performing at the opening of Jonas Brothers’ national tour concert in the U.S. in 2010, the Wonder Girls will promote their new song with the famous pop star Akon this time. Because they will also release a new album in the U.S. soon, it’s expected that many people will pay attention to their U.S. Billboard Chart ranking.
Besides Akon, American Grammy Award-winning songwriter Cristyle, composer Lee Woo Suk and Rainstone participated in the Wonder Girls’ new single. Jonte, Beyonce’s choreographer who created choreography of “Be My Baby” and “The DJ Is Mine,” and Ethan Lader, the director of an American TV movie that stars the Wonder Girls also participated in the Wonder Girls’ new project.

Ranking 76th on the Billboard Chart 100 with their hit song “Nobody,” the Wonder Girls also appeared in a TV movie series early this year. The TV movie Wonder Girls at the Apollo, which stars Asian singers for the first time in American TV history, aired on MTV Network early this year.
On July 10 at midnight, “Like Money” and its music video will be released. The Wonder Girls will also release “Nobody” in Japan this month and start promoting the song.
Source: Starnews

Jay Park will meet Justin Bieber on MTV’s World Stage Live

Jay Park recently attracted wide attention as it was reported that he will perform with Justin Bieber on the same stage.
On July 9, Sidus HQ, Park’s agency, reported that Park is going to perform on MTV’s World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012, which will be held at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on July 14, to represent Korea.
On MTV’s World Stage Live, many world-famous musicians appear and perform live. Being held for four years, it invites global superstars every year and attracts wide attention from people all around the world.
Park is especially attracting wide attention because he’s the third Korean singer to perform on MTV’s World Stage Live after the Wonder Girls in 2010 and B2ST in 2011.
Park says, “I feel so honored to perform on such a great show. I’m nervous yet very happy to give my performance to people all around the world. I’ll try my best to make my performance the best.”
Besides Park, the world-famous singer Justin Bieber, KARA, and a Malaysian singer Mizz Nina will also perform on MTV’s World Stage Live this year.
Starting with the concert, titled New Breed Asia Tour in Seoul, which will take place at the Olympic Hall in the Olympic Park on August 18, Park will have a concert tour in Asia.
Source: Xportsnews

Infinite’s L says, “I’m the most handsome and the highest-paid member in my group”

Infinite’s L says he is the most handsome and the highest-paid member in his group on Mnet’s Beatles Code 2.
L makes a guest appearance on Beatles Code 2 and says he makes more money than other members and is the most handsome member in his group.
Infinite’s Woohyun says, “Because L has the highest income, he mostly buys dinner for our staff members.”
At this, L bashfully says, “I think I should be kind to people as much as I earn so that it can come back to me later. I have the highest income but I only make 10,000 won more than other members.”
However, L shows strong confidence in his good-looking face.
As host Tak Jae Hoon asks to pick the most handsome member in Infinite, L says, “I don’t think anyone here is more handsome than me.” His answer reminds people of the Wonder Girls’ So Hee, who said she was the prettiest member in her group in the recent episode of Beatles Code 2. 
However, L soon says, “I don’t think I can pick the most handsome member though because all Infinite members are attractive in different ways.”
At this, host Tak gets laughs by saying, “I’m confused because your answer changes every time.”
In the episode, Infinite’s Dongwoo surprises everyone by revealing a memory about his kiss with a candy. Saying he did a kiss with his girlfriend, whom he got to know at a dance school before his debut, he gets laughs by saying his girlfriend prepared a candy to have a kiss with him.
Source: TV Report