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May 15, 2012

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung becomes a blonde for ‘High Cut’

Popular Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung surprised fans with a chic blonde look in a photoshoot for the fashion magazine, ‘High Cut‘.

Sooyoung will be featured in the celebrity style magazine on its May 17th edition. Her slim figure and model-like legs were featured on full display as she worked a blond wig to portray a fresh, spring atmosphere while wearing pieces from the 2012 S/S Tory Burch collection.

After the photoshoot, she sat down for an interview, through which she commented on things ranging from her fashion sense to the Girls’ Generation members. “It is very tough for me to play my role in my drama since I am lacking in aegyo. The other Girls’ Generation members don’t really have aegyo in front of guys, so I can’t even learn from them.”

In regards to her members, she spared no compliments by saying, “I succeeded in life because of the members. While others my age are working part-time jobs to pay for school, I feel like I am on a ‘dream car’ with 8 others. I definitely receive much more love than what my abilities deserve.”

As the interview carried over to a discussion regarding her status as a ‘fashionista’, Sooyoung replied, “I normally do have an interest in fashion so I am thankful for that acknowledgement. Actually, I had no idea that fellow member Jessica had that much interest in fashion. When she was younger, she used to wear a simple white top and jeans, but now that she found a style that really fits her, she has become a real fashionista!”

Unreleased cuts can be found on the magazine’s official homepage, while the rest of the cuts can be seen through the 77th edition of ‘High Cut’ magazine.

Source & Image: Naver

Jessica (of SNSD)’s terrible opening pitch at baseball game is reported in the U.S.

Jessica (of SNSD)’s terrible opening pitch at baseball game was reported in the U.S.
On May 12, sports news website SportsGrid reported Jessica’s opening pitch as, “There was a a surprising opening pitch in Korea.”
The website said, “Jessica, a member of SNSD born in San Francisco, threw a terrible opening pitch even after she had an enough practice. It was so weird that all the audiences were surprised by it, including her. It was fortunate that it didn’t happen by a current player.”
On May 11, Jessica threw the first ball it the pro baseball game between LG Twins and Samsung Lions. Dressed in a baseball uniform, she took the mount as a opening pitcher and showed off a perfect wind-up. However, the ball fell only two meters away from her.
People responded: “That was an awesome pitch,” “Was it even reported in the U.S.?” “Jessica must be really embarrassed.”
Source: WikiPress

Dalmatian postpones their second mini album release

Group Dalmatian will release their second mini album on May 16, one day later than the original release date.
The mini album State of Emergency was going to be released both on and offline on May 15, but they had to postpone the album release due to unexpected problems from sound source. As a result, the album will be released on May 16.
A spokesperson for the group’s agency, says, “There were problems on sound source that we gave to the distributor so we had to re-record the songs. We worked harder and made higher quality music.”
The spokesperson added, “We are so sorry for causing troubles to the fans who have been waiting for the group. Dalmatian members also feel sad about this incident. But since they got an extra day, they are practicing hard to give perfect performances.”
A teaser for the title song “E.R” from the group’s second mini album received over 50,000 hits only in one day of its release.
Source: TV Report

Singer IU transforms herself into a sexy kitty

Singer IU recently transformed herself into a sexy kitty.
On May 14, the singer wrote on her me2day account: “To those who joined the online chatting with me: Did you guys have some fun?”
The songbird added “I wish I share a photo of myself now but I can’t. It’s because I have no makeup on, and I know I look much better with makeup on. I will show you my better look and I’ll have this kind of online fan meeting next time again. Please send me your love and support.”
In the picture, IU wears a black sleeveless shirt and a hair band with cat ears, conjuring a cat woman. Also, the cutie puts on the frowning look, staring at the camera, but she still looks adorable.
Netizens responded: “IU makes me happy.” “I’ll go to her concert and get a copy of her new album.” “I love your look without makeup, as well. You don’t need to hesitate showing it.”
The songbird is in the upper tiers on various music charts with the title “Every End of the Day” from her new studio album, proving her enduring popularity.
Source: Starnews

Sohee’s ideal body proportions missing in the absence of kill-heels

Rather unflattering pictures of Sohee, the Wonder Girls beauty, are drawing a lot of attention.
One of the posted photos titled, “What has happened to Sohee, the hottie?”
In the picture, Sohee dressed casually in black skinnies and hooded T shirt with red sneakers. Sohee and Yeeun, her fellow Wonder Girls member, looked super-casual with no makeup on.
Netizens who are new to her heel-less appearance seem to be disillusioned. Her heel-less photo has been dubbed, “Sad body proportions.”
But netizens who saw the picture are divided in opinion. One netizen, in defense mode, posted a comment, saying: “She pulled it off nicely without professional help.”
Wonder girls are set to release new track “Nobody for Everybody” in Japan on July 25.
Source: TV Report

CNBLUE ranks first on six Taiwanese charts

Group CNBLUE is drawing a lot of attention in Taiwan thanks to their album Ear Fun.
On May 15, the group’s agency, FNC Entertainment, said the album, which was released in Taiwan on May 4, ranked first on the biggest Taiwanese music site G-Music chart.
The album also ranked first in monthly album sales on (the biggest Taiwanese retail site) from April 13 to May 13.
CNBLUE ranked first on six Taiwanese charts, including Chia Chia Records, eZpeer, and other cell phone downloading charts.
Tickets for CNBLUE’s Asian tour concert Blue Storm, which was held on February 28 in Taiwan, sold out only in 13 minutes and proved that the group is very popular.
Over 10,000 people came to see the concert and helped the concert end successfully.
Source: Starnews

IU, “My song ‘Peach’ is for f(x)’s Sulli”

IU recently had a chat with her fans at an event to celebrate the release of her album.
On May 14, IU enjoyed chatting with her fans through me2day mobile chat for over 50 minutes starting around 6 o’clock in the evening. They talked about the short music movie, which was released for IU’s new album and drew a lot of attention.
Even though IU is keeping busy preparing for her concert, she had a wonderful time talking with her fans. She said that she went to Burano Island in Italy to shoot the music movie and the Island was very pretty. She also said that she wrote the lyrics for “Peach” as a man thinking of f(x)’s Sulli.
When she was asked about her acting career, she replied carefully, “I’m still scared of selecting my next work.” IU said that she is a fan of first generation idol group god. When one of her fans wrote the group name as ‘GOD,’ she said that the group name has to be written in small letters and fans are very sensitive about it.
After the chat, IU posted a picture of her wearing a cat-ear hairband while frowning.
IU will tour Korea and hold her exclusive concert Real Fantasy in June. She released her new single Spring of a Twenty Year Old and ranked first with her title song “Every End of the Day.”
Source: Xportsnews

SNSD’s Taeyeon buys her parents an apartment

SNSD’s Taeyeon is getting a lot of attention after buying her parents an apartment.
An online community posted pictures with the caption, “An apartment with three bathrooms that Taeyeon bought her parents.”
The pictures feature an apartment in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province. Taeyeon recently appeared on KBS’sHappy Together and mentioned that the apartment which has three bathrooms.
On the show, she drew a lot of attention by saying, “I bought my parents an apartment.”
People responded: “That is the apartment which Taeyeon bought her parents. She is very nice daughter.” “I want to have a daughter like her in the future.” “She is beautiful inside and out. She is perfect.”
Source: TV Report

Infinite will tour the whole country via helicopter

Group Infinite will tour the country via helicopter.
Infinite will tour five cities by helicopter in Korea starting on May 15 in Gwangju and hold their showcase ‘The Mission’ in one day.
The group will stay in each city for 2 to 3 hours to hold their showcase and move to other cities, Gwangju, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, and Seoul in turn. The group brought a private helicopter in for their tour and drew a lot of attention from in and outside of the country.
Infinite’s agency released pictures of group members, who are very excited to hold big showcase, standing together in front of a helicopter.
Infinite’s 3rd mini album INFINITIZE was released on May 15 at midnight and the title song “The Chaser” ranked first on several music sites.
Source: Xportsnews

SNSD’s Seohyun loves sweet potatoes, “Have some sweet potatoes”

SNSD’s Seohyun is receiving a lot of attention thanks to her love of sweet potatoes.
Seohyun was preparing for her performance in the May 8 episode of MBC Music’s Show Champion. Her fans visited the set early in the morning to support her and said they were hungry. Seohyun felt sorry for them and said, “Do you want some sweet potatoes?”
Seohyun is well known as a star who loves sweet potatoes. In a video, which was recently released, she even gave Ivy some sweet potatoes as a present.
The video was taken backstage for the last episode of the show, in which Taetiseo won first place. Seohyun was featured as a kind girl once again.
People responded: “The secret for her figure is sweet potato?” “She is a girl of emotion.” “I think Seohyun will become a promotional ambassador for sweet potatoes.”
In the May 15 episode of the show, SNSD-Taetiseo, A pink, F.Cuz, BTOB, Gavy NJ, December, EXO-M, Rhythm Power, and Hello Venus will appear.
Source: Xportsnews

4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun was a pretty little girl


An old picture of 4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun was recently released
On May 15, Nam tweeted a picture, which she took when she was a little girl.
In the picture, Nam is wearing an orange shirt with a hair band holding back her curly hair. She is also wearing a big happy smile. She has not changed a bit and her pictures drew a lot of attention.
People who saw the picture responded: “She was a beautiful little girl.” “She was such a cutie.” “She was born with a beautiful appearance.”
4minute is currently keeping busy with their 3rd mini album Volume Up, which was released in April.
Source: Starnews

An old picture of Brian with Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P

Singer Brian recently released an old picture that he took with Big Bang’s T.O.P and G-Dragon.
On May 15, Brian tweeted a picture with the comment in English, “Here’s a throwback moment for y’all. G-Dragon, Me, and T.O.P. I found the picture while I was arranging old pictures. I was emceeing Music Bank.”
In the picture, Brian is making the V sign with G-Dragon and T.O.P. G-Dragon. T.O.P’s younger looking appearance drew a lot of attention.
The picture was taken when Brain was emceeing a music program in the past.
People who saw the picture responded: “They are fresh.” “Big Bang has old times too.” “They have baby faces.”
Source: Starnews

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa helps Juniel debut in June

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa recently transformed into a producer and helped Juniel debut as a singer.
On May 15, CNBLUE’s agency, FNC Entertainment, said that their first female solo and singer-songwriter Juniel will debut in June.
Juniel appeared on MBC’s documentary program K-pop Star Captures the World-CNBLUE, which aired on May 21 and drew a lot of attention.
Juniel also appeared on Niziiro Supernova, the Japanese version of Super Star K, and won first place. She has been making songs and playing guitar since she was a little girl.
Jung also received a lot of attention by writing a song for Juniel and working as a producer to help her debut in the singing world.
Jung, who is a passionate singer-songwriter, completed the song, which is perfect for Juniel.
Source: Xportsnews

T-ara’s Eunjung snaps a cute picture at Garosoo Street

T-ara’s Eunjung snapped a picture at Shinsadong Garosoo Street.
On the afternoon of May 15, Eunjung uploaded a picture and tweeted, “I am at the Garosoo Street now. lol”
Eunjung is wearing a comfortable hoody and has a headset on her neck. She crouched down beside the dog, and smiled brightly. She is petting the dog with one hand and making a V sign with the other hand.
Netizens commented: “What are you up to Garosoo Street? You’re so pretty.” “Eunjung’s smile always makes me happy.” “I want to go to Garosoo Street too! Will I be able to see you if I go now?”
Source: Starnews

Singer Lee Hyo Ri’s essay book is coming soon, titled ‘Closer’

Singer Lee Hyo Ri’s essay book is coming.
On May 24, Lee will release a book, titled Closer: The Story Starting with Hyo Ri and Soon Shim.
The book has Lee’s essays about Lee’s daily life with her companion dog Soon Shim and four companion dogs along with her histories to be actively involved in a campaign for animal rights up until now.
Lee tells her candid thoughts on companions she has met during her life from the past when she was the youngest daughter of a barber to her success as a super star. The K-pop diva also talks about the changes she went through—to become a leader for a campaign for animal rights and to become a vegetarian. The socialtainer gives a speech on a better life for everyone.
Lee also brings up issues, including factory farming of animals, ill conditions of houses for abandoned dogs, boycotts to animal fur coats and others and she gives the contemporaries the topics to think about. The book includes photos taken by Lee Hyo Ri herself and photographer Kim Tae Eun, known as an animal lover.
“I’m heading for a new path. Some say, ‘Life is harsh even for human beings. How come we’re supposed to take care of animals when there are people starving out there.’ However, I think animals are weaker than human beings. They can’t take care of themselves if we don’t take care of them. That’s why they need someone to represent them, and that’s what made me involved.”
The book will be out on May 24.
Source: TV Report