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May 31, 2012

B1A4 Gongchan becomes a bartender and Bigbang’s G-Dragon on MTV The Show?

You may know Gongchan as the silent-type member of B1A4 but he is also capable of being funny and “dorky” at the same time. Together with Baro, they were seen enjoying their time while waiting for their turn to perform at the recording of SBS MTV The Show yesterday (May 29th). Backstage, they found a big chair and pulled it out to the center. Gongchan immediately sat down and tried imitating G-Dragon’s role in Bigbang’s music video for Fantastic Baby while Baro was standing at the back.
Before the G-Dragon scene, Gongchan also initiated another role-playing scenario. He went inside a bar area and pretended to be a bartender. CNU who was doing his own version of push-ups, stopped and joined the other members who started acting as customers. He then ordered “Iced Americano.”
B1A4 is currently promoting their comeback single “Baby Goodnight.” SBS MTV’s The Show is unique from other music shows because the filming takes place in a real club in Cheongdam. The audience can enjoy watching performances from many K-Pop celebrities in a relatively very proximate distance. The Show is aired on SBS MTV every Friday at 8pm (KST) with replays on Mondays (8am), Wednesdays (4:30pm) and Saturdays (1pm). The role-playing scenes mentioned above may also appear on MTV Behind the Show, which is aired every Friday at 9pm.

2PM’s Nickhun wears a fedora and takes a self portrait

2PM’s Nickhun recently took a self portrait.
On May 30, Nickhun tweeted a picture with the comment in English, “Here’s a picture for you guys! Have a great one!”
In the picture, Nickhun is wearing a unique T-shirt and a fedora. He is making a funny face while looking up at the camera. He seems like he has lost some weight.
People who saw the picture responded: “He is so cute.” “You look good in a fedora.” “I thought your T-shirt is just simple but I noticed a unique drawing.” “You have really big eyes.” “Good luck on your Japanese concert!” “2PM will be successful.”
2PM will hold their concert in Tokyo, Japan, starting on May 30 for 3 days.
Source: TV Report

TEEN TOP reveals the official MV for ‘TO YOU’

Boy group TEEN TOP is officially back with their third mini-album aRtisT as they turned heads with their new bad boy look seen in the official teasers.
T.O.P. Media, the agency of TEEN TOP, released the official MV for ‘TO YOU’ at 4:00 PM KST and already, the MV has been met with much excited praise and comments from fans, who flocked to the MV the moment it was released. They gushed that the MV was beautiful and the boys looked amazing with their different hairstyles and grown-up look. And thanks to these fervent fans, they got TEEN TOP trending with ‘#toyouteentop’ at #1.
Check out the MV below!

Big Bang’s G-Dragon ‘Monster’ Teaser Unveiled!

Following the release of T.O.P‘s video teaser for Big Bang’s newest track ‘Monster’, leader G-Dragon was next to surprise and impress. On 29 May, YG Entertainment released the second teaser for ‘Still Alive’ – Special Edition through their official Youtube channel.
The video had the same narration as the first teaser and G-Dragon seemed lost in a dark enclosed space. The main surprise factor in the teaser was G-Dragon’s new hairstyle, a blonde ‘mushroom’ bob. Known for his crazy trademark hairstyles that are unique from others, G-Dragon did not fail to surprise yet again.
In the photo teaser released earlier however, he was seen with a flaming red mohawk that complements the big fire in the scene. Which hairstyle did you like better?
Monster’ is written and composed by G-Dragon himself and is expected to be different from their previous tracks. So stay tuned for more teasers and the final anticipated release!

SNSD’s fans gives Yoona a special birthday present

SNSD’s Yoona had her 23rd birthday and received a special birthday present from her fans.
On May 30, SNSD’s official fan club Smile Yoona published an advertisement in a daily newspaper to celebrate Yoona’s 23rd birthday.
The advertisement says, “Flower rain is falling. It’s goddess Yoona’s Love Rain. The fragrance of Yoona makes us forget ourselves and we fall in love with her all over again. We became fans of her under the name of SONE.”
People responded: “Happy birthday to Yoona.” “That’s a nice present from the fans.” “Have a happy birthday.” “Cheer up, Yoona. We support you.”
Yoona appeared on KBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Love Rain, which went off air on May 29. She will devote herself to perform as a member of SNSD.
Source: TV Report

Infinite praised for “The Chaser”

Infinite’s new song “The Chaser” is receiving rave reviews worldwide.
The song is from Infinite’s 3rd mini album, which was released on May 15. Since the song includes modern and refined beats and emotional lyrics and tunes, it is receiving rave reviews from in and outside of the country.
No Jun Young, a Korean music critic, reviewed the album, “Infinite colors their music with their own colors. The group is the answer for K-pop and a world wide idol, who helps people feel various sentiments through their songs.”
Media outlets overseas also highly praised the group for their music and group dancing. They said, “Their dance moves surpass Janet Jackson.”
The group ranked first on several on and offline music charts with their song “The Chaser.” Infinite is making big strides in the singing world and is becoming recognized by the public and critics.
Besides the title song, the album includes variety of genres of songs, which prove that the group has upgraded their music skills. The group is highly praised for being not just an idol group but also skillful musicians.
Source: Star Daily News

BtoB Minhyuk and his muscles?

BtoB’s Minhyuk has been receiving a lot of attention these days for having a more “manly physique” than before. In this week’s episode of SBS MTV’s The Show, Minhyuk will be slightly revealing some of his arm muscles while hosting the show.
Minhyuk said they (BtoB) exercise. And when asked whether they will all be like their B2ST sunbae Lee Gikwang, Minhyuk answered that he is more like B2ST Dongwoon. He added that BtoB’s Hyunsik is the one following the footsteps of Lee Gikwang. Sungjae butt in and said Hyunsik is exercising so hard these days.
It seems that BtoB fans can expect more and more from the group . Watch Sungjae and Minhyuk hosting the club-themed music program The Show. Aired on SBS MTV every Friday at 8pm (KST) with replays on Mondays (8am), Wednesdays (4:30pm) and Saturdays (1pm). You can also watch the happening behind the scenes through the program MTV Behind the Show aired every Friday at 9pm.

G.Na imitates Lady Gaga’s ribbon hair?

Sexy queen G.Na imitated Lady Gaga’s ‘ribbon hair.’
On the afternoon of May 30, G.Na uploaded two pictures and posted on her Twitter, “Before the shooting yesterday, I tried little Lady Gaga’s ribbon hair with a bright smile. In truth, I tried to wear my hair in a bun, but my hair and make-up stylist told me that it looks like a ribbon. At a second glance, it really does look like a ribbon.”
In the picture, G.Na looked more mature with her wavy hair dyed in two colors. She tried a whole new style by imitating Lady Gaga’s ‘ribbon hair.’
Netizens commented: “You said that you gained weight, but you look skinnier. So beautiful.” “You have the perfect body and face.” “You look more innocent now. You must’ve taken good care of yourself.”
G.Na recently made a comeback with her third mini album, and is actively performing her title song “2 Hot.”
Source: Starnews

Super Junior becomes part of Thai curriculum!

Boy band Super Junior has dominated the academic world by landing a spot inside a Thai textbook.
In the music textbook for high school seniors, the Korean band was mentioned with an accompanying picture as “The artist who performed the biggest concert in Thailand.”
The mention was in reference to the band’s “Super Show 4” concert, which took place in Bangkok from March 16 to 18.
The Thai concert run was extended by one night due to fans’ demands and amassed more than 40,000 audience members in total.
The show was noted for bringing the most number of audience members to a concert. With three concerts in a row, it was also the longest-running consecutive show in Thailand.
By Carla Sunwoo []

On her birthday, T-ara’s Hyomin takes a cute picture with SNSD’s Sunny

On her recent birthday, T-ara’s Hyomin revealed a “bestie” picture with SNSD’s Sunny.On May 30, Hyomin tweeted three pictures with the comment “Today is May 30 a.k.a my birthday. I received a birthday present. Hey. The rebirth of ‘Su-Byung’ (the nickname of Sunny and Hyomin when they are together).”
In the picture, Sunny is covering her face with a hand and making a distinctive look while Hyomin smiles with her eyes closed. In addition, the drawing of a girl named Sunny on the wall and some scribbles next to it, which seem to have been written to Hyomin, inspire laughter.
Netizens who saw the posting commented: “Happy birthday. Hope your friendship will last forever.“ “Go T-ara’s Hyomin! You look so pretty.” “You two look so close. I wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.”
On the 30th of May, Hyomin turned 23.
Source: Starnews

TVXQ drops a cluster bomb of success on Japan

Hallyu boy band TVXQ has again shown its force in Japan by topping various pre-order charts with its limited edition DVD and CD “Android.”
As at May 30, even before being released, the DVD containing moments from the duo’s concerts topped the pre-order DVD chart on Japan’s leading music Web site as well as on Tower Records’ Web site.
Meanwhile, the band’s upcoming song “Android” managed to achieve the same result in the CD segment of the Web sites.
On other Japanese music Web sites such as HMV, Amazon Japan the band is performing within the top 1-3 spots.
Meanwhile on July 11, “Android” will be launched officially and the EP will contain two tracks.
On July 25, a special edition DVD containing moments from the duo’s “Tone” tour will be released.
By Carla Sunwoo []

Jang Keun-suk No. 1 in one day

Hallyu actor-turned-singer Jang Keun-suk released his solo debut album on May 30 in Japan.
The 11-track album entitled “Just Crazy” usurped the No. 1 spot on Tower Records’ chart, after 130,000 copies of the album were pre-ordered before the release.
The album is being heralded as a mix of classic and British rock.
The track “200 Miles” from the album will also be the opening song to Japanese animation “Fairy Tail” to open in cinemas on Aug. 18.
Meanwhile the title track “Crazy Crazy Crazy” was released in April and was the No. 1 song on the weekly Oricon chart.
“Let Me Cry” was designated as the commercial song for Suntory’s line of makgeolli.
Jang will kick off his “2012 Jang Keun-suk Asia Tour — The Cri Show 2” in Seoul in July and take to Japan, China, Taiwan and Thailand.
By Carla Sunwoo[]

miss A Suzy stands out among other celebrities

A photo of miss A’s Suzy taken along with Chinese celebrities was recently revealed.
On May 30, a photo was posted on community site with the caption, “Suzy along with Chinese celebrities.”
In the photo, the miss A youngest shows off her beauty among Chinese celebrities. Suzy looks fabulous in a colorful outfit and long straight hair. Also, she strikes a pose while making a v-sign.
The post says, “Suzy took a picture along with Chinese celebrities, and this can be dubbed ‘Suzy Effect’—Suzy looks outstanding, but the other celebrities look like ordinary people of her fans.
Netizens responded: “Suzy is the best.” Suzy rocks China,” “Right. That’s what we call ‘Suzy Effect.’”
Source: Starnews

Big Bang’s Seungri’s MV Teaser for “Monster” unveiled

Following the MV teaser of G-Dragon, Seungri MV teaser is released.
In the video, released through YG LIFE blog, Seungri unveiled a snippet of the song while seeming to be in a desperate search for something. Sporting a black and white long coat, Seungri shows off his charisma by emphasizing his blue eyes.  
When he sings, “Don’t go, Don’t go, Don’t go. Don’t leave me alone. Don’t do this to me. Don’t act like a stranger,” it is inevitable that the hearts of his fans would be melted.
With three MV teasers for “Monster” released, fans are highly anticipating how each piece would fit together.
Big Bang’s upcoming music video features individual stories of each member and promises to show a blockbuster performance.  
With “Monster” as a title song, Big Bang’s Still Alive- Special Edition includes “Still Alive”, “Feelings”, “Fantastic baby”, “Bad boy” and “Love Dust.”  
Meanwhile, Big Bang will be holding their first World Tour performing 16 cities in 24 countries. Still Alive- Special Edition will be available digitally on June 3.
Source: TV Report

SNSD’s Yoona: “Thank you for all the birthday wishes”

SNSD’s Yoona, who celebrated her 23rd birthday, said thank you to her fans.
On May 31, Yoona posted a picture on the group’s official website and said hello to her fans. She said, “Thank you for watching and supporting the series Love Rain and for wishing me a happy birthday.”
She added, “Thanks to you, I have a lot of energy and many chances to work. I’m so happy because I finished shooting my series and received many birthday wishes. I also had dinner with the group members.”
Yoona also said thank you to her fans from other countries.
“I’m so happy that many fans from all over the world also wished me a happy birthday. Thank you, SONEs. I have learned many things from your love. Please support me like you have so far in the future and have positive thoughts about everything around me. Thank you and love you always.”
Yoona previously appeared on KBS’s Love Rain with Jang Keun Suk and she will release the new single “Paparazzi” in Japan on June 27.
Source: Starnews

SNSD’s Seohyun wears a beauty mark on her face

SNSD’s Seohyun is getting a lot of attention thanks to her beauty mark.
SNSD’s unit group Taetiseo appeared on KBS’s ’2012 I love the Republic of Korea Dream Concert,’ which aired on May 30, and performed their song “Twinkle.”
Taetiseo gave a perfect live performance in twinkling gold and flower printed clothes, which complemented the song “Twinkle.”
Seohyun wore a beauty mark under her left eye and showed off her cute charms.
People responded: “With just a single beauty mark, her look different is completely different.” “What if wearing a mole becomes popular?” “Her beauty mark looks sexy.”
Source: Xportsnews

Teen Top’s Niel calls a radio program, “I want to catch two hares”

Teen Top’s Niel recently talked about his worries on a radio program.
The May 31 episode of MBC Radio FM4U This is Sweet Sorrow received a surprise phone call. Sweet Sorrow asked the caller to tell his name, and he surprised the audience by saying, “I have the same name as Teen Top’s Niel.”
He added, “I’m in my third year of high school and I also have another job. I want to catch two hares.” Sweet Sorrow finally heard that the group will appear on the radio program.
People responded: “I was surprised to hear Niel.” “It was the real Niel! This is daebak.” “It was so funny that I laughed out loud.”
Teen Top will return performing by appearing in June 1 episode of KBS’s Music Bank.
Source: TV Report

4minute’s Heo Ga Yoon shows off her sexy emo style

4minute’s Heo Ga Yoon recently showed off her dark attraction while shooting a pictorial for stylish magazineFast.
In the pictorial, which was released on May 31, Heo is portraying a charismatic girl with a ‘black’ theme. Her figure, which is well known as the best figure among idols, put more sexy charms into her black charisma.
Heo also appeared on the magazine cover for its June edition. Since she is a talented singer and a wonderful fashionista, she arranged the concept and style herself, while shooting the pictorial.
The concept for the pictorial was the color ‘black’ because Heo looks chic on stage while performing as a singer and an actress.
Even though the shooting took place late at night, she did her best to make the pictorial perfect and received a standing ovation from the entire crew
Heo plays the role of a singer and style icon named Hyun Kyun in the 1980s in MBC’s series Light and Shadow. She pleases the audience by wearing retro style clothes.
Heo, however, showed off her chic and modern black charisma through the pictorial unlike her cute and innocent charms in the series.
The pictorial will be included in the June edition of the magazine.
Source: TV Report