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May 31, 2012

Infinite praised for “The Chaser”

Infinite’s new song “The Chaser” is receiving rave reviews worldwide.
The song is from Infinite’s 3rd mini album, which was released on May 15. Since the song includes modern and refined beats and emotional lyrics and tunes, it is receiving rave reviews from in and outside of the country.
No Jun Young, a Korean music critic, reviewed the album, “Infinite colors their music with their own colors. The group is the answer for K-pop and a world wide idol, who helps people feel various sentiments through their songs.”
Media outlets overseas also highly praised the group for their music and group dancing. They said, “Their dance moves surpass Janet Jackson.”
The group ranked first on several on and offline music charts with their song “The Chaser.” Infinite is making big strides in the singing world and is becoming recognized by the public and critics.
Besides the title song, the album includes variety of genres of songs, which prove that the group has upgraded their music skills. The group is highly praised for being not just an idol group but also skillful musicians.
Source: Star Daily News

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