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September 23, 2012

TVXQ will release their new album on Sep. 24

TVXQ’s new album, Catch Me, will be released on September 24 at noon.
This new album of TVXQ contains a total of eleven songs of such various genres as R&B, dance, ballad, and metal, including the lead track, “Catch Me.” Such famous composers as The Underdogs, Yoo Young Jin, Kenzie, and hitchhiker have participated in this album.
The lead track, “Catch Me,” is a dance, which is accompanied by a trendy electronic sound, an orchestral melody, and a strong Dubstep melody.
“Viva” is composed by The Underdogs, the world-famous production team that has worked with such famous artists as Chris Brown, Beyonce, and Justin Timberlake. It combines classic R&B, pop, and hip-hop sounds. The lyrics of “I Swear” are written by Changmin, expressing his appreciation for his fans who always support TVXQ.
“I Don’t Know,” a Korean version of their Japanese single, is characterized by a strong rhythm, and “Dream,” a cover of Chanimini’s song released in 1999, is a rock accompanied by an acoustic sound.
In addition, this new album contains “Destiny,” which is characterized by Yunho and Changmin’s improvisation; ”Like A Soap,” which likens secret love to a soap lying in the corner; “How Are You,” a slow-tempo ballad; “Getaway,” which is similar to the British metal; “Gorgeous,” a synth electronic song; and “Good Night.” a romantic R&B.
TVXQ will promote the lead track, “Catch Me.”
Source: TV Report

Psy and LMFAO’s Redfoo show off their friendship

The “Gangnam Style” singer is in the limelight with his friendship with LMFAP’s Redfoo.
On the afternoon of September 23, Redfoo tweeted a photo with caption “Hey sexy ladies! At @taolasvegas with @psy_oppa #yeeeaahbaby”
In the photo, Psy stares at the camera with Redfoo while the LMFAO member. is putting his arm around Psy. The “Gangnam Style” singer is putting on a unique, funny look.
The two world-famous stars’ fashion also catches the eye. The Korean singer looks dandy in a white dress shirt with a black collar. The American singer shows off his unique, outstanding style with a funky hairdo.
Netizens responded: “Psy with LMFAO? Awesome!” “Psy doesn’t seemed to be overshadowed by Redfoo.” “They must have met in Las Vegas.” “Psy rocks.”
The high-profile singer is to come back to Korea on September 25, and will hold a press conference for U.S. promotion.
Source: TV Report

Super Junior’s Leeteuk apologies, “I wasn’t feeling well and it makes me frustrated” What happened?

Recently, Super Junior’s Leeteuk apologized for not being able to attend to the end of the latest concert.
On September 22, the star tweeted, “For the SM Town concert in Jakarta, I wasn’t feeling well so I couldn’t be there to the end. I’m truly sorry and apologize for the absence. I should’ve gotten crazier and had more fun at the concert, and it makes me feel very frustrated. I’ll try to pay back with a better performance in the future.”
The posting is basically about the singer apologizing for not participating to the end of the SM Town Live World Tour III which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Prior to this, he had shown his expectations for the concert as he posted, “I’ll go back to Korea after an enthusiastic performance in Jakarta. It’s so hot outside.”
Netizens who read his posting commented: “I see Leeteuk apologizing, but I’m more concerned about his condition.” “Super Junior rocks.” “I feel frustrated too reading his written apology.” “Hope you’ll cheer up and be back in a better condition.”
The SM Town Live World Tour III in Jakarta also featured performances by Kang Ta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, and f(x).
Source: TV Report

TVXQ reveals a highlight medley for 6th Korean album ‘Catch Me’

Boy duo TVXQ is just days away from their official Korean return and they have just released a highlight medley for their upcoming 6th album Catch Me.
Earlier in the week, the duo had released individual image teasers as well as group image teasers, and following the release of their MV teaser, TVXQ has now revealed a highlight medley that features the 11 songs to be found on the album. From the medley, it can be assumed that the duo will include a variety of song genres, from fast-paced melodies to the soft and harmonious tones of ballads.
TVXQ will be releasing their 6th album online on September 24th and in stores on September 25th.
Source: SMTOWN

CN Blue attract a total audience of 4,000 for their first concert in London

CN Blue successfully held their first live concert in London, the UK.
On September 23, FNC Entertainment, CN Blue’s agency, reported that CN Blue successfully held their first concert at the Indigo2 in London on September 22 at 7:00 p.m. CN Blue performed “Intuition,” “Love Girl,” “One Time,” “Tattoo,” “In My Head,” and “I’m A Loner” for two hours, getting a total audience of 4,000 excited.

Some of the audience got exhausted and were given emergency treatment at a medical center in the concert hall.
FNC Entertainment says, “All tickets for the concert were sold out, and tickets for standing-room-only were available for purchase on a first-come-first-served basis. A lot of fans came to the concert hall a day before and waited for the concert. The response from the audience was more than we expected.”

CJ E&M, a sponsor of this concert, says 95 percent of the audience were non-Asians and many of them came from all over Europe.
CN Blue will now go on a tour of Japan from October 2 to 21, making stops at six cities.
Source: Starnews

CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shin gets shocked culturally

CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shin was recently surprised by a pair of lovers kissing each other.
On September 23, a picture of Lee culturally getting shocked at the Heathrow International Airport in the UK was released by CN Blue’s agency.
The picture shows Lee visiting London for CN Blue’s live concert in London on September 22.
Because he had a shooting schedule for KBS 2TV’s drama series My Daughter Seo-yeong, he had to fly a day later than other members.
At the airport, many fans of CN Blue were waiting for Lee. Some fans of Lee held a surprise event on September 15 to celebrate Lee’s birthday. A week has passed since then, but the fans in the UK still celebrated his birthday at the airport.
While he was getting a warm welcome from his fans, he saw a pair of lovers standing next to him. They were tightly hugging and kissing each other. He got laughs because he couldn’t take his eyes off them.
CN Blue successfully held their first live concert in the UK.
Source: Starnews

Psy takes a picture with Bon Jovi

Psy recently released a picture of himself with the world-famous rock group Bon Jovi’s vocalist Jon Bon Jovi.
On September 22, Psy uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “Jon Bon Jovi and his big fan have recently met. I was surprised by the fact that Jon already knew about me when I met him.”
The picture was taken when Psy performed at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, which was held in Las Vegas. In the picture, Psy is starting at the camera with a bright smile on his face in a friendly pose with Jon Bon Jovi.
Psy has released many pictures of himself with such famous celebrities as Britney Spears, John Mayer, and Ellen DeGeneres.
Psy ranked 11th on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the U.S. iTunes with “Gangnam Style.” The music video of “Gangnam Style” has received over two hundred million hits on YouTube.
Source: Starnews

A duet by singer and actor Seo In Guk and A-Pink’s Jung Eun Ji ranks first on the Billboard K-Pop chart

A duet by singer and actor Seo In Guk and A-Pink’s Jung Eun Ji recently ranked first on the Billboard K-Pop chart.
The duo made it to the Billboard chart for September 29, with the song “All For You,” a sound track from tvN’sReply 1997.
With this, the sound track, which was released on August 28, has perched at no. 1 for two weeks in a row.
The duet, a remake of the song originally done by Cool (active in 1990s), also recorded 409,284 downloads number for the second week of September.
Orange Caramel’s “Lipstick” ranked the runner-up and G-Dragon’s “Missing You” ranked third.
Causing a global sensation, previously winning the top on the K-Pop Hit 100 Chart for five weeks in a row, ranked fourth, placing at no. 11 on the Billboard’s main Hot 100 chart.
Source: Starnews

Psy’s “Gangnam Style listed on Guinness Book of World Records

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” has been listed on Guinness Book of World Records.
On September 20, Guinness Book of World Records revealed on their official homepage, “Gangnam Style has the most likes in the Youtube history.”
Psy’s “Gangnam Style reached 2,238,838 likes. The previous record holder was Electric Duo, LMFAO which had 1.5 million likes.
Dan Barrett, the manager of World Record community praised the song by saying, “I would have never imagined this would happen one year ago. This is an outstanding remark. I hope that people will commemorate this song when they look at other K pop hit songs.”
Psy’s “Gangnam Style” has brought “Psy fever” across the world by ranking first place on iTunes in eighteen countries and exceeding 200million views on Youtube.
Source: Xportsnews

CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa says hi from London

Recently, CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa sent his greetings.
On the official Twitter account of the band, Jung posted, “It’s London Yong Hwa. Hahahahahahaha. The concert is tomorrow, and I’m sightseeing at the moment. I’ll go back to Korea after having a great time at the concert. For those who will be at the concert tomorrow, let’s have fun,” and attached a photo.
On September 22, CNBlue is to hold “CN Blue Live in London,” the first performance in U.K., as a part of the global concert brand M-Live by CJ E&M.
In the picture, Jung is smiling brightly toward the camera. He is wearing a vintage navy jacket, revealing his masculine charm.
Netizens who saw the posting commented: “I want to see a video clip recorded by those who attend the concert.” “You look great under the natural sunlight.” “He’s good-looking and competent.” “Have fun on your concert in U.K.!”
From 7:00 p.m. (local time) on September 22, CNBlue is to hold its first concert in U.K. at the Indig02 arena located in Greenwich peninsula in London with the expected audience of 3,000.
Source: TV Report

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In will return as a solo artist on October 5

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In will return to performing as a solo artist.
On September 21, the agency, Loen Entertainment, said that Ga In will release her second solo EP Talk About S on October 5.
She previously released her first solo EP Step 2/4 in 2010. The new EP is her first solo EP after she signed a contract with the agency.
The new EP is produced by producer Jo Young Chul, who created Ga In’s first solo EP, IU’s “Good Day” and “You And I,” and Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra.”
Ga In announced her solo comeback by releasing an attractive black and white picture on her agency’s official Twitter account.
The picture features Ga In wearing a black costume with a sexy look on her face under the lights.
A spokesperson for the agency says, “Ga In prepared music and a performance that only she can give as a solo artist. Please look forward to listening to her second solo EP.”
Prior to the EP release, Ga In will release teaser videos starting on September 25.
Source: Starnews

Reply 1997 star Seo In Guk supprts Baek Chung Gang

Reply 1997 star Seo In Guk recently supported singer Baek Chung Gang.
On September 19, Seo posted a photo on his me2day account with the caption “Cute Angga Chung Gang. Nice meeting him on M!Countdown. “
In the photo, Seo and Baek strike a friendly pose, staring at the camera while making the V sign. The two singer look close despite the fact that they became singers from different audition programs―Seo from Mnet’s Super Star K1 and Baek from MBC’s Great Birth.
It‘s been also reported that Seo revealed his worries about Baek, who had recently received surgery for cancer at its early stage. That seems to have made Seo more excited about seeing the Chinese singer.
Netizens responded: “Seo In Guk supports Baek Chung Gang. So touching.” “They look good together.” “Seo is such a heartthrob.” “Beautiful guys.”
Source: TV Report

Jang Keun Suk successfully completes his Japanese concert

Actor Jang Keun Suk recently made over 36,000 Japanese fans wild with excitement.
Jang flew to Japan on September 13 to hold ‘The Cri Show 2′ starting on Septmeber 14 for eight nights and nine days.
Over 36,000 tickets for four concerts, which were held in Osaka on September 14 and 15 and in Nagoya on September 19 and 20, sold out in total.
Since Jang gave live performances throughout all his concerts during the Asian tour, his throat was not feeling very well. Jang, however, did his best to make the concerts perfect for the Japanese fans.
His fans also held a surprise event for Jang. At the Nagoya concert on his lunar birthday, September 19, the fans impressed Jang by singing a birthday song.
After giving an encore at the second concert in Nagoya, Jang completed his four Japanese concerts by thanking his fans.
Jang will also hold ‘The Cri Show 2′ in Fukuoka on October 6 and 7.
Source: Starnews

Big Bang’s G-Dragon appears in gold from head to toe: “I’m the real Fashion King

Recently, the unique gold fashion of Big Bang’s G-Dragon has drawn people’s attention.
In the afternoon on September 20, the star appeared at the launching party of “My Boon, Ambush X G-Dragon Collaboration” at the My Boon, in Cheondam-dong, Seoul.
He showed up in a flood of flashlights wearing a glossy, golden outfit from head to toe. His unusual hairstyle, that soared in the air, dyed in blue and pink, also attracted attention.
The fashion icon Milan Vukmirovic also participated in the opening of the lifestyle store My Boon, and products made in a collaboration between the accessary brand Ambush (created by the famous hip hop group M-flo’s rapper and his wife) and G-Dragon will be launched at the store.
The Ambush X G-Dragon product has gained attention as M-flo’s rapper Verbal created it with G-Dragon. It became an even bigger issue when G-Dragon appeared in the music video for his new title song “Crayon” wearing it.
The special edition that resulted from Ambush and G-Dragon’s collaboration will be displayed and put on sale exclusively at the My Boon store, which opened in July.
Source: Money Today

TVXQ releases the teaser video for comeback album ‘Catch Me’

SM’s duo TVXQ has now released the teaser video for their upcoming title track, Catch Me, which is also the name of their 6th Korean album.
TVXQ kicked off their comeback teasers earlier in the week by releasing a couple of individual teaser images as well as a couple of group teasers. The duo hasn’t released any new Korean material since their release of Keep Your Head Down last year, making it nearly two years since they stood in front of their Korean fans. The teaser video showcases some new snazzy, well-executed dance moves and new sound. SM also will be using their 360 slow-motion matrix cameras for the music video.
Catch Me will be released online on September 24th and offline on September 26th.

Source: SMTOWN

JYJ show off their clean skin in white clothes

JYJ recently did a TV commercial shoot.
Having recently started working as models for the cosmetics brand Tony Moly, JYJ did a TV commercial shoot for the brand. In the shoot, JYJ showed off both a classy, charismatic look and a gentle, warm look.
Kim Seung Chul, the director of the Marketing Department of Tony Moly, says, “We could conduct the commercial shoot in a friendly mood because of JYJ’s professional attitude and enthusiastic cooperation. Through this commercial of JYJ with some other great models, we’ll promote the trendy, urban image of Tony Moly globally.”
JYJ will continue working as models for the brand in Asia, except for Japan. The commercial can be seen on TV and papers from next month.
Source: TV Report

A teaser video of TVXQ’s “Catch Me” will be released

TVXQ will release a teaser video of their new song, “Catch Me.”
SM Entertainment, TVXQ’s agency, will release a teaser video of “Catch Me,” the lead track of TVXQ’s new album, on September 21 on the official website of TVXQ, SM Town and TVXQ’s official YouTube channels, and its official Facebook page.
TVXQ, who have increased music fans’ curiosity about their new album through some teaser photos of themselves, are again promoting their new song with a teaser video. This video contains various looks of TVXQ with a new song and a new strong performance.
On September 22, TVXQ will release a medley of all eleven songs of their new album, Catch Me, and various photos of themselves.
TVXQ’s new album, Catch Me, will be released on such online music sites as Gini, Melon, and Naver Music on September 24 at noon and offline on September 26.
Source: Starnews