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March 14, 2012

SNSD’s Yoona wears a wedding dress and sheds tears in the middle of the street “Why?”

SNSD’s Yoona wearing a wedding dress is creating a stir.
Yoona revealed herself wearing a wedding dress in the music video of “Time Machine.”
Wearing a wedding dress, Yoona is walking down a snowy street in the video.
Yoona is wearing a pure white dress that shows her bare shoulders and crying in the middle of the street.
Netizens commented: “You are pretty whatever you do.” “You are just so innocent.”
“Time Machine” is a ballad song included in the first official Japanese album that thinks back to the old memories of
one’s love that cannot be forgotten.

Source: Xportsnews  

Rooftop Prince’s “fan arts” are pouring out even before it began showing

Before SBS’s most anticipated drama series Rooftop Prince starts airing, a special White Day event was designed to present expected viewers with male actors’ signatures and chocolates.
There were 123 entries to become the winners of the event. One of the applicants went out into the street with a promotional picket, wearing Korea’s traditional dress Hanbok. There was a fan who hung a large promotional banner on the front porch of her apartment house, while another fan handed out promotional materials around her house.
An idea caught eyes of passers in downtown Seoul as she danced to TVXQ’s “Balloons.”
A variety of “fan arts” including creative illustrators and clay arts as well keep being created by ardent fans. The production staff was surprised as they saw a professional clay art that exactly reproduced JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun and actor Han Ji Min, displayed at the press conference for Rooftop Princess.
Someone of the SBS broadcasting network says, “There are a great deal of fans who are sending their won ‘fan arts’ to the SBS Twitter page. Some make us totally surprised for their innovation and originality. I’m well pleased that even before the drama series stars off, viewers seem already to be hooked on it.”
Source: TV Report 

FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki visits a plastic surgeon: “The doctor says I have nothing to fix”

The band FT Island has released the fourth mini-album Severely and ranked at the top of various music charts. It also visited MBC’s Weekly Idol lately, spending some fun time shooting an episode.
It was the second time for FT Island to visit Weekly Idol since its song “Like The Birds.” In a recent shooting for the segment called Idols Say So some rumors about the members were brought up, finding out whether they were true or not.
Living up to its reputation as a “pretty boy” band, members ranked one another according to their looks and eventually the leader Choi Jong Hun was selected as the best-looking guy in the team. He said, “All members are quite confident of their looks. We’ve never had a plastic surgery.” His comment showed confidence in their “superior” looks, and Lee Hong Ki added, “I went to a plastic surgeon before the debut, but he said I have nothing to fix on my appearance.” On hearing this, the emcee Jung Hyung Don could not hide his jealousy and seemed to feel the dignity of a pretty boy band.
Besides this, FT Island frankly shared some of the personal stories, such as creating a stir with some complaints they had for one another and accusing a member with a “Severly” body odor. Weekly Idol featuring FT Island will be broadcast on March 14 at 6:00 p.m. on MBC Everyone.

MBLAQ’s Seung Ho is feeling better… will perform on ‘Music Bank’

MBLAQ’s Seung Ho, who hurt his back, is ready to start performing again.
On March 13, MBLAQ’s agency said that Seung Ho will appear in the March 16 episode of KBS’s Music Bank to perform their follow up song “Run” with the group members.
A spokesperson for the agency said, “Seung Ho’s condition is much better. He underwent a close medical examination but it’s not enough to worry about.” The group members also announced Seung Ho’s return through social networks.
MBLAQ posted a note on their me2day account saying, “Seung Ho will perform “Run” with us on KBS’s Music Bank. Please cheer him on.”
On March 1, Seung Ho fainted onstage because of his back while shooting Mnet’s M Countdown and was brought to a hospital.
As a result, the remaining 4 group members have been appearing on music programs without him.
A spokesperson for the group said, “It was the first time performing the powerful moves for “Run” on a TV show. Even though Seung Ho was suffering from herniated discs, he was absorbed in performing “Run” on the stage and was complaining of a backache prior to his collapse.”
MBLAQ is currently keeping busy with their follow up song “Run.”
Source: Starnews 

FT Island tops nine charts in Taiwan

FT Island has conquered the Taiwanese music scene, with its new album “Grown Up” topping nine different charts in the country.
The album was released on Jan. 31, and since then the band has topped various charts in Taiwan ranging from MTV Taiwan’s and record retailer G-Music’s top-selling albums charts. “Grown Up” also topped the K-pop album list of the well-known music chart Kuang Nan Record.
In addition, the album reached the top spot on music Web site eZPeer+’s K-pop singles and album charts.
The album is also a popular choice for ringtone downloads on mobile phones, as it rose to No. 1 on the list of three major ringtone Web sites: eMoME Mobile, TAIWAN Mobile and FETNet Telecom.
The band performed its first U.S. show in Los Angeles on Friday alongside fellow FNC Music agency member CN Blue. Upon returning home to Korea, the band will kick off its Asia tour.
By Carla Sunwoo []
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

At end of world tour, JYJ captivates in Chile

Fans cheer on K-pop group JYJ during the group’s concert at the Teatro Caupolican in Santiago, Chile, last Friday. Provided by CJeS EntertainmentSANTIAGO, Chile – The Teatro Caupolican in Santiago was packed with screaming fans from all over Chile and abroad, cheering on K-pop group JYJ last Friday.

JYJ members, from left, Jae-joong, Yu-chun and Jun-su, perform in Chile last Friday.
As the crowd shouted, “La colita [Shake your booty]! La colita!” the three members of JYJ – Jae-joong, Yu-chun and Jun-su – turned around and did a short booty dance in response.
“It is amazing that JYJ is in Chile performing and also amazing that you guys even know about us,” said Yu-chun. “After receiving such great enthusiasm from you all this time, I don’t think we can exclude Chile from any future world tours.”
The concert was a first, not only for the group, but for any Korean pop group to perform as a solo act in Chile.“It is amazing that JYJ is in Chile performing and also amazing that you guys even know about us,” said Yu-chun. “After receiving such great enthusiasm from you all this time, I don’t think we can exclude Chile from any future world tours.”
The group’s agency, CJeS Entertainment, said that JYJ’s 14-city world tour is the first solo concert for any Korean musical act in Spain, Germany or South America.
“The members of JYJ are the first Korean artists to hold a solo concert in these parts of the world and also the first Korean act to complete a world tour of this scale,” CJeS Entertainment said in a press release.
The 3,000 available seats at the Teatro Caupolican were sold out for last Friday’s concert. Fans wore red T-shirts, for JYJ’s official color, and many were wearing handkerchiefs decorated with the Korean flag on their wrists. Signs reading, “I will keep you safe Jae-joong” and “Will you marry me?” in Korean could be seen amidst fans yelling out, “Mi hijito rico [My love].”
During the show, JYJ performed hit songs including “AYYY Girl,” “In Heaven” and “Get Out,” as fans from around the world sang along in English and Korean.
The concert went on for an hour and 50 minutes, but the crowd was reluctant to leave the stadium even after it was over.
Camelia Rodriguez, 19, who is a member of two JYJ fan clubs in Chile, including JYJ Chile and Cassiopeia Chile, said that she was almost in tears to see JYJ perform, after waiting to see them live for more than seven years.
Ana Maria, 54, said that she became a JYJ fan six years ago when her 19-year-old daughter, who accompanied her at the concert, introduced her to the group.
“JYJ is a fantastic group, and the members have beautiful voices and sing and dance really well,” she said, adding that in her opinion, there is no pop act that can compare with JYJ.
To secure good seats at the stadium, some hardcore fans even camped outside the venue starting last Monday.
Andrea Briceno, 19, said she had saved up all her money from doing part-time jobs in order to fly 10 hours from Sweden to Chile, just to see JYJ in person.
“My dream is to sing with JYJ before I die,” she said.
Another 19-year-old, Carolina, said she came to the concert in Chile with two other friends from Bolivia and that she gets a sense of hope whenever she watches JYJ concert footage.
“It is like a dream to see them perform in real life instead of through the Internet,” she said.
JYJ’s world tour, which started last April, has been a hot success.
Besides the sold-out concert in Santiago, its concert in Lima, Peru, the last city on the group’s world tour, was sold out as well. And with requests from fans pouring in for more seats, the organizers sold an extra 1,000 tickets on top of the original 5,000 available.
The tour was attended by more than 200,000 fans, and the band played an average of 18 songs per concert.
Influential Peruvian newspaper El Comercio wrote a big feature story on the group’s success, writing, “It wasn’t Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus, but the Korean group JYJ that saw record sales of concert tickets in Peru.”
Source: Korea Joongang Daily 

CN Blue returns to Korean fans as singers and actors

The four-boy band CN Blue will start in earnest its domestic activities.
The FNC Music, CN Blue’s agency, announced on March 14 that Jung Yong Hwa’s own songs and relevant videos that are embodied in CN Blue’s new album will be released in advance on March 16 via CN Blue’s official YouTube page. Around the end of this month, CN Blue is planning to come out with the new songs for Korean fans.
During the period of their absence in Korea, CN Blue has conducted enthusiastic activities in overseas countries.
At the first half of this year, CN Blue’s members are expected to appear in a Korean drama series.
Kang Min Hyuk, who has charge of drum in the band, is poised to transform himself into an attractive womanizer in the hit drama series You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly, currently airing on the KBS network with over 30% viewing audience. For the upcoming episodes, we can see him playing the appealing character.
Lee Jong Hyun, who plays the guitar and sings songs in the band, was selected to play as an actor in SBS’s most anticipated weekend drama series A Gentleman’s Dignity, scheduled to air in May, featuring big-name stars such as Jang Dong Geun, Kim Ha Neul, Kim Min Jong and Kim Su Ro.
Source: Starnews 

B1A4′s Jin Young writes the title song “Baby I’m Sorry”

B1A4′s Jin Young is drawing a lot of attention by producing and writing the title song “Baby I’m Sorry” for the group’s new album.
B1A4′s first regular album The B1A4 I – Ignition was released on March 14 and all of the songs from the album entered the Top 10 lists on several music charts.
The title song ”Baby I’m Sorry,” which is written by Jin Young, includes addictive melodies and several twists.
Since Jin Young has been writing songs for the group’s albums, he earned the nickname ‘Monster’ by producing the regular album.
People responded: “I can’t wait to listen to Jin Young’s song. “Baby I’m Sorry” will be successful.” “Jin Young’s song? Wow! I like it.” “B1A4′s new album will be amazing.”

Who is the cutest star ever?

Since MBC’s sitcom High Kick 3 became popular, stars are using the ‘Bbooing Bbooing’ pose from the sitcom as well.
Many stars are uploading pictures of themselves posing ‘Bbooing Bbooing’ on their Twitter or me2day accounts. This proves that the sitcom is popular among stars too.
On March 13, Big Bang’s G-Dragon posted a picture of Seungri posing the upgrade version of ‘Bbooing Bbooing’ on his me2day account.
Yeo Jin Goo, who appeared on MBC’s series The Moon Embracing the Sun, posed ‘Bbooing Bbooing’ and f(x)’s Sulli and Amber also took a self portrait posing the same pose.
Kim Yoo Jung and Jung Il Woo, who also appeared on MBC’s series The Moon Embracing the Sun, and T-ara’s Ji Yeon also posed for the camera.

Source: Starnews

“Love Day” of B2ST’s Yo Seop and A Pink’s Eunji hits the charts

“Love Day” of B2ST’s Yo Seop and A Pink’s Eunji, released on March 4, has hit the charts.
Yo Seop and Eunji have recently released “Love Day,” the first story of A Cube’s new project called A Cube for Season, in advance of the White Day (March 14). Right after “Love Day” was released, it has entered the upper ranks of all major charts, such as Mnet. Melon, Soribada, and Olleh Music.
People responded: “Yo Seop and Eunji are so cute!” “Yo Seop and Eunji look good together,” “Yo Seop and Eunji’s voices match well,” “Yo Seop and Eunji’s ‘Love Day’ makes me fall in love on the White Day.”
A spokesperson for A Pink says, “‘Love Day’ will be loved by many people who have just fallen in love this spring or who want to confess their love on the White Day. It will also provide sweet spring to many music fans who dream of falling in love.”

Source: TV Report

Park Yoo Chun's Younger Brother: "It Was Difficult Watching My Brother Having a Hard Time Because of Sasaeng Fans"

JYJ Park Yoo Chun's younger brother, Park Yoo Hwan opened up about the recent JYJ sasaeng fan controversy. On March 13, Park Yoo Hwan participated in the press conference of Channel A's upcoming drama "The Strongest K-Pop Survival" and talked about his experience of watching Park Yoo Chun struggle with Sasaeng fan problems. 
Park Yoo Hwan stated, "I've seen my brother struggling with that kind of issue since I was young, so I am well aware of how difficult it is to deal with it. It breaks my heart to watch my big brother always feeling down. Sasaeng fans took away his liveliness and smile. All I can do for him is just to laugh with him, fool around, and be as lively as possible. I'm trying my best to help him out."
He also commented on the upcoming show "The Strongest K-Pop Survival," "Many people compare my character in the show with my brother Yoo Chun, but I just want to make it clear that there's nothing to compare. They are very different. I think everyone can be fake from time to time. My character is a good person, but has that fake side, too. I'm trying my best to portray such double identity in my character."
Park Yoo Hwan added, "My brother is starring in upcoming SBS drama 'Rooftop Prince.' I watched the trailer and it looked good. Since my show 'the Strongest K-pop Survival' is on Mondays and Tuesdays, and 'Rooftop Prince' is on Wednesdays and Thursdays, I wish both of our shows have a great turnout." 

Tony Testa delivers his choreography secrets for SHINee’s Sherlock

SHINee’s new mini-album Sherlock involved a globally renowned choreographer Tony Testa.
Tony Testa has gained an international reputation by choreographing for big-name pop stars such as Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue and Janet Jackson. Most of all, he was the very choreographer who was responsible for Michael Jackson’s “This Is It.”
Tony visited Korea last month to hand down his secret of choreography for SHINee’s new album Sherlock. It is said that he spared no advice by delivering all his know-how from detailed moves to facial expressions.
SHINee’s Sherlock will be released on March 19 via major mudic-downloading sites and hit the offline shops on March 21.
On March 22, SHINee is planning to first stand on stage of M Countdown with its new song.
Source: TV Report