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May 08, 2012

U-Kiss is invited to a music festival in South America

U-Kiss will attend EVENTO 40, the biggest music festival in South America, on May 12. Including Shakira, the top 15 singers and singing groups in South America will attend the festival.
Because of the K-pop boom in South America, U-Kiss was invited to the festival as a representative Asian singing group along with other famous singers in South America, such as Shakira.
EVENTO 40, which has been held for eight years, attracts nearly 50,000 audiences every year. It’s well-known as the largest music festival in South America.
After the Colombian media heard the news that U-Kiss will perform at the festival, they started paying attention to what kind of performance U-Kiss will give at the festival. The festival is sponsored by CaracolTV Principales, which is the biggest private broadcast in Colombia, and it will air all over Colombia and in some major countries in Central and South America.
The South American fans are excited about the news, and some fans even announced that they will come to the airport early to get the best spot to see U-Kiss when they walk in.
U-Kiss say, “We’re the first Korean idol group to visit Colombia to perform. As we are invited as a representative Asian singing group, we feel great responsibility. We’ll try to give the best performance so that the K-pop boom can be spread all over South America.
Recently coming back with the lead track “Doradora” of their sixth mini-album, U-Kiss became one of the leading singing groups of the K-pop boom in Central and South America. After attending the festival, U-Kiss will continue promoting their new album in Korea.
Source: Star Daily News

miss A’s Suzy makes reckless remarks? “I laugh a little less as I grow older”

miss A’s Suzy allegedly made some reckless remarks.
In the May 7 episode of KBS’s public talk show Hello, Suzy, Sayuri, and Shin Bo Ra appeared as guests to consult the audience.
MCs for the show asked Suzy, “We don’t think you have any worries because your movie and other your works have become very successful. Do you have any worries?” Suzy answered, “I laugh a lot now but I think I laugh little less as I grow older.”
The MCs fell into a state of lethargy and Jung Chan Woo, one of the MCs, made people laugh by saying, “Are you saying that we (old people) should die?”
On the show, a mixed martial arts fighter named Yook Jin Soo appeared and said that he is easily moved to tears.
Source: Starnews

Hyun Bin sighted in trendy part of town

Just one day after it was revealed that actor Hyun Bin was on vacation from the compulsory military service in the Marine Corps, the star has been spotted shopping in Apgujeong, southern Seoul.
The actor was dressed down and incognito, sporting sweatpants, a hooded shirt and a hat as he made his way around the upscale neighborhood, best known for its trendy boutiques.
Various pictures entitled “Hyun Bin Apgujeong” began appearing online from May 8 and the 29-year-old entertainer was captured on camera a day earlier, looking at bags at a store.
According to the source who uploaded the pictures of the star, Hyun Bin was out shopping for his parents for Parents’ Day which falls on May 8.
“What a lovely son,” said one netizen while others praised him for having maintained his good looks despite rigorous training in the Marines.
By Carla Sunwoo []

Sandara Park and SHINee parody a poster of the movie Korea—absolutely hilarious

2NE1’s Sandara Park and SHINee’s Minho recently released a poster parodying a poster of the movie Korea , directed by Moon Heon Sung.
In the parody poster that was released on May 7, Sandara appears as the role played by Ha Ji Won and Minho as the role played by Bae Doo Na. In the movie, Ha appears as Hyun Jeong Hwa, a South Korean Olympic table tennis medalist and Bae as Lee Boon Hee, a North Korean table tennis player. Both Dara and Minho put on charismatic look like the two actress.
Also, in the parody poster, the caption says, “In 2012, the first united idol group by 2NE1 and SHINee. Cool challenges during the summer.” Compare to the caption that was written on original poster: “In 1991, the first united table tennis team by North and South Korea. Beautiful challenges for the 46 days.”
Moreover, in the lower part of the poster, Dara and members of SHINee are lined up wearing pink jackets.
The hilarious poster is from a commercial for a cosmetic brand Sandara and SHINee are modeling. The models serious look is adding fuels to the already popular parody poster. The commercial will be released on May 11.
Source: TV Report

BtoB reveals some “secrets” on Studio C

Get ready to go “Insane” this coming Thursday as rookie group BtoB takes the hot seat on SBS MTV’s Studio C. Guess who they think has the most “secrets” in the group? Guess what kind of girl they like? And they’ll also be showcasing some of their hidden comic skills.
Performance + Idols
Born to Beat, as the group name stands for, is composed of IlhoonSungjaeMinhyukPenielChangsub,Eunkwang and Hyunsik. Being little brothers of some of Korea’s most successful idol groups B2ST and 4Minute and solo artist G.Na, the boys admitted that they are under a lot of pressure. Just like their sunbaes, they would also like to have their own name in the industry. They want to be known as kongyeondols (performing idols). A combination of two words kongyeon (공연/performance) and  dols for Idol, which is a group who enjoys performing, as they explained.
Hosted by Mighty Mouth (Sangchu and Shorry J) and Dal Shabet‘s Subin, make sure you tune in toStudio C this Thursday (May 10th) at 11pm on SBS MTV. You can also watch the said episode through Global Cyworld’s StudioC miniHome after signing for a Cyworld account. 

Infinite’s new song “Only Tears” sweeps various K-pop charts

Infinite’s new song “Only Tears” was recently released and is sweeping various K-pop chart.
At the midnight of May 8, “Only Tears,” the title from Infinite’s new album was recently released prior to their new album release, and has been boosting expectation for the showcases held starting from May 15.
The song ranked fist on Cyworld, second on Soribada, third on Melon, and Bug Music on second, proving the group’s considerable popularity.
The song has been partly released as Sung Kyu’s solo performance during the ‘Second Invasion-Evolution Concert held on April 1. However, the song that will be released this time is participated in by all the group members and show their variety of charms.
The group will hold showcases in five major cities in Korea in celebration of the new album release scheduled on May 15.
Source: Xportsnews

B.A.P relentlessly increases the number of its fans, multiplying the number by seven

The six-member boy band, B.A.P is taking the music world by storm.
B.A.P, under TS Entertainment, is the first all-boy idol group. It seems that the appeal of hip-hop together with their manliness has been a significant factor in attracting hordes of teenage fans.
On April 6, approximately 500 fans flocked together at the Music Trend, a music program, and blew whistles to cheer on B.A.P onstage singing their new track “Power.”
B.A.P has proven its potential value to make it big and it only has been 4 months since their debut. Fans are drawn to the tough/bad boy image in their music as well as fashion.
TS Entertainment tells Star News,” The fans in the official fan club have skyrocketed from 5,000 to nearly 37,000. And they are most popular among teenagers.” And adds, “Unlike other idol groups whose popularity extend beyond teens, B.A.P was formed to target solely on teenagers.”
Their trend-blazing fashion, music and images are the result of combined efforts of many.
One of the new trends set is blowing a whistle while cheering. The idea came from the Vuvuzela, the famed soccer horn. The blowing horn has loved by sports fans because of its ability to achieve togetherness.
B.A.P has released its second single “Power” and is currently promoting the album.
Source: Starnews

SHINee appears in a webtoon

Idol group SHINee, composed of 5 members, will appear in a webtoon.
Webtoon ENT. is produced by Writer Yoon In Wan in cooperation with SM Entertainment. The third Illustrations for the webtoon were released on May 8.
SHINee’s Onew, Jong Hyun, Min Ho, Key, and Tae Min were illustrated and portrayed in the webtoon . SNSD members were illustrated at the end of April and drew a lot of attention.
Besides SHINee and SNSD, illustrations for f(x) will also appear in the webtoon as friends of the main characters.
The webtoon is about a high school student who is secretly a member of a new group from SM Entertainment and a writer who finds out his secret. The writer writes a fictional story about him and his agency and releases it into the world.
Artists from SM Entertainment will appear in the webtoon with their real names.
The webtoon will be pre-released as a black and white version on the online cartoon site Club Sunday. It will start appearing on Naver Webtoon on July 4. The color version of the webtoon, which readers can see by scrolling down, will also include songs from SM.
Source: Starnews

2PM and 2AM will collaborate on song for Japanese movie

Boy idol groups 2PM and 2AM will will collaborate on a song together for the first time after their debut.
On May 8, major Japanese media outlets said that the two groups will sing the theme song “One Day” for the Japanese documentary movie Beyond the One Day ‘Story of 2PM & 2AM.’ Their team name is 2PM + 2AM One Day.
The theme song has an uptempo beat, which complements 2PM’s dancing skills and 2AM’s vocal skills.
The movie is about 2PM and 2AM, who have become some of the best performance boy bands and vocal groups in Asia.
It also includes their lives behind the scenes from the ‘JYP Nation in Japan 2011,’ in which the two groups performed together last summer in Japan. The members will show their fun and real sides while resting, working, and living their everyday lives.
The two teams flew to Japan to shoot the movie on April 10. 2PM’s Jun Ho said, “Since this was the first time we have worked together, we really enjoyed it.”
2PM and 2AM debuted in 2008 from the same agency and have become beloved groups both in Korea and Japan.
Source: Starnews

T-ara shows off their charisma while shooting pictorials for Gangkiz

Girl group T-ara assisted Gangkiz in shooting their pictorials and music video in Europe.
On May 8, a spokesperson for T-ara released pictures of Hyomin, Eunjung, and Ji Yeon, who traveled across Europe, including Italy and Swiss, to shoot a music video and pictorials for the new girl group Gangkiz, which is composed of 7 members.

In the pictures, Hyomin has her hair tied back while shooting with a camera. Ji Yeon looks like she is shouting like a director while standing next to Hyomin. Both of them look charismatic rather than their usual sexy onstage look.
Eunjung, however, is smiling and also made people smile by holding a slate saying ‘Director Ji Yeon’ and ‘Cameraman Hyomin.’

Hyomin went to Japan to do T-ara’s Japanese schedule right after traveling in Europe. When she arrived in Korea on May 7, she visited the editing room where the music video for Gangkiz was being edited.
Gangkiz, which is made up of colorful career girls, including, Hwan Ji Hyun, Choi Soo Eun, Kim Hye Ji, So min, Cho Eun Byul, and Esther, will debut at the end of this month.
Source: Starnews

miss A’s Suzy makes male entertainers popular?

Many people are saying that miss A’s Suzy makes male entertainers popular.
An online community posted pictures of many popular male entertainers and drew a lot of attention. All the male entertainers may not know each other but they all have one thing in common. They have all performed in TV dramas or movies with Suzy.
For example, Kim Soo Hyun and 2PM’s Taec Yeon appeared on KBS’s series Dream High and Lee Jae Hoon appeared on the movie Introduction to Architecture with Suzy. Shinhwa’s Eric and CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa also appeared on KBS’s Invincible Youth 2 with Suzy.
Not all of them have become popular only because of Suzy but many people agree that after working with Suzy their popularity increased.
She recently appeared on MBC’s Sent From Heaven with new actor Park Min Woo and made the audience curious about Park’s future.
People responded: “I want to look like her.” “More male entertainers will fall in love with Suzy.” “She is lucky to meet all of those men.”
Suzy is cast in KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday series Big with Baek Sung Hyun. The first episode of the series will air on June 6.
Source: TV Report