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February 08, 2012

B2ST’s first exclusive concert is set to hit theaters on February 23

Group B2ST’s concert will be released as a 3-D movie.
On February 8, B2ST’s agency, Cube Entertainment, said that B2ST’s encore concert, Welcome Back to Beast Airline, which was held in 2011, is set to hit theaters on February 23.

B2ST’s first concert, ’2011 Encore Concert,’ which was held at Olympic Park in Seoul in February of last year, was made into a 3-D movie, including explosive sounds.
The behind the scene video for the concert will also be included in the movie. A spokesperson for the agency says, “We tried to make the movie realistic so that people could really feel the energy of the concert through a big screen with special technologies.”

Since B2ST is currently on their world tour, so, for fans who want to remember the group’s first concert, the movie will be a great present.
B2ST started their world tour on February 4. They held the ‘Beautiful Show in Seoul’ at Olympic Park on February 4 and 5.

Over 24,000 captivated fans came from all over the world to see their concert, with a variety of performances and great songs.
B2ST will continue their world tour in Berlin on February 12.
Source: Starnews

SHINee’s “SHINee World” album realeased on February 1

SHINee’s new album package includes the video image of its live concert, SHINee THE 1ST CONCERT-SHINee WORLD, held for two days on January 1 and 2 at the Olympic Hall in the Olympic Park.

The double-CD album consists of 34 tracks in total including performances; of newly arranged “Juliet,” “Ring Ding Dong,” “Lucifer”; of hit songs, “Nuna, You Are So Beautiful,” “Love Like Oxygen” and “Hello”; and of completely new songs for this album. Thanks to the album’s wide range of attractions, an intense response is highly expected among fans from across the world.

The album also includes each member’s performances with unique characteristics: Onew’s “Nessun Dorma,” Jong Hyun’s “Girls,” Key’s “My First Kiss,”MinHo’s “OMG,” and TaeMin’s “Boys Meet Girls.”

In addition, the re-recorded three songs, “The SHINee World,” “Amigo,” and “Lucifer,” were also included as bonus tracks, which will surely help listeners appreciate SHINee’s contemporary music style.

Big Bang will go on ‘Big Bang Alive Tour’ in March

Boy group Big Bang will go on world tour, ‘Big Bang Alive Tour 2012.’
On February 7, YG Entertainment said that Big Bang will hold their concerts in 25 cities in 16 countries, including Asia, North America, South America, and Europe, starting on March 2 at Olympic Park in Seoul.

Live Nation, world wide entertainment company, will help Big Bang to go on their first world tour. The company is one of the best companies in the world that held Maddona and U2′s concerts.

This is the first time for the best direction team to help Asian singer by jointly investing and producing the concerts.
Alan Ridgeway, president of Live Nation International, says, “We are very happy to join with YG Entertainment and Big Bang to present the group for K-pop fans in all over the world. This will be a good start for our Korean branch and we will help to spread K-pop fever.”

International director Laurieann Gibson is a general manager for Big Bang’s tour. He is a world wide creative director who directs, creates choreography, and acts as well. He was also a general manager for Lady GaGa’s ‘The Moster Ball Tour.’
He created dance moves for Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face,” “Judas,” and “Telephone.” He also worked with world famous stars, including Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, and Katy Perry.

Leroy Bennett, stage and light designer, who has worked with Madonna and Paul McCartney, Ken Van Druten, who was in charge of sound for Eminem and Linkin Park’s concerts, and Possible Production, visual contents producer team, will help Big Bang’s world tour.

YG Entertainment says, “We are working hard to hold the best concert with the best staff. The tour will start when Big Bang’s new album is released. People will see how mature Big Bang members’ abilities are.”
Big Bang will be back performing with their fifth mini album Alive on February 29.
Source: Starnews

JYJ documentary will be released on February 9.

A documentary movie, featuring JYJ’s everyday life, will officially hit theaters soon.

On January 19, JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, said, “JYJ’s documentary will be released in theaters. The Day is a Valentine’s Day present for fans and this is a perfect version of the JYJ story.”

JYJ has been meeting their fans with a variety of contents, which include their honest stories. JYJ members wrote essays and songs and released them as a music essay, which has become a bestseller. They also held their world tour photo exhibition at a gallery in Insa-dong.

The 90 minute movie will feature the three men’s honest life, including, their everyday life, dreams, friendships, and happiness.

The agency says, “JYJ members provided audio commentary for the movie. They recently recorded the movie harmoniously with lots of laughter. Since we held a sweet fan meeting for White Day last year, JYJ will also meet their fans at several theaters in Korea for Valentine’s Day.”

JYJ says, “We are happy to release our movie for fans. When we were recording commentaries for the movie, we realized that we smile a lot. The movie features us as ourselves and our true friendship. We hope that the movie will give our fans happy and special memories.”

The Day will be released on February 9 in roughly 20 theaters in Korea.

Tickets for JYJ’s South American tour, which they will start in March, sold out in only one minute and drew a lot of attention.
Source: TV Report

MBLAQ’s G.O asks, “Who would like to become a mommy?”

MBLAQ’s G.O is looking for a “mommy.”
On February 8, G.O tweeted some picture and the comment, “I’m looking for a person who would like to become their mom!”
In the picture, Mir and Chun Dung are holding children in their arms while Seung Ho and G.O are giving an appealing gaze towards the camera.
On reading his tweet, fans gave off explosive reactions: “They’ve got mommy G.O~” “Here’s a mommy for them!” “What about me? I’m good at cooking and taking care of kids!!”
In a recent shooting for KBS Joy’s MBLAQ’s Hello Baby, the group posted some flyers around Gangnam station to search a mom for the children.
Source: Starnews

The global stages are waiting for SNSD

SM Entertainment, SNSD’s agency, has announced on February 8 that SNSD is planning to appear on Le Grand Journal, a renowned French talk show, which episode is scheduled to air on February 10 (local time). On the show, the girls show off a live performance with “The Boys.” This is the first time for a Korean singer to appear on a French talk show as a guest singer.
Le Grand Journal is one of the most popular French talk shows, which airs at 7:00 p.m. on weekdays on the Canal Plus French network. Not to mention French favored, sensational stars, the talk show invites global pop singers and Hollywood big-name actors including Beyonce, Justin Drew Bieber, Lady Gaga, Usher, Rihanna, The Black Eyed Peas, Robert Pattinson, and Jodie Foster.
During the recent visit to France, SNSD will hold an interview with a major news channel airing at 8:00 p.m. every day.
Through the interview with Le Journal De 20H, the main news channel, scheduled to air on February 9 (local time), SNSD will introduce SNSD’s special album, expected to release in France as well, and express their sincere gratitude toward European fans who has offered enthusiastic support and interest to the Korean girl group and Korean songs.
A representative from the agency says, “This is the first time for a Korean singer to appear on the renowned French talk show and hold an interview with a main news channel. Following the invitations to the American major TV networks, the calls from European TV channels are a reasonable reason to raise our expectations for the future of SNSD.”
SNSD’s special album, The Boys will be released on February 13 in France in partnership with France’s largest label Polydor.
Source: Starnews

SNSD receives an explosive response in the United States

SNSD recently received an explosive response in the United States.

SNSD took the United States by storm, by appearing on CBS’s The Late Show with David Letterman and ABC’s popular talk show Live! with Kelly on February 1 at 9:00 a.m. (local time).

On the show, SNSD performed their song “The Boys” and the audience cheered wildy in Korean. Their cheer was loud enough that people who are watching the show at home could hear it on TV.

Kelly, MC for the show, introduced SNSD by saying, “SNSD is a top K-pop singing group and the group is now a sensation in the United States. SNSD will give ‘The Boys’ performance.” Then after the performance, she said, “That was a great performance. I think there are lots of your fans here. SNSD is a girl group from South Korea and they are debuting here on the morning show.”

Kelly also praised SNSD by saying, “I’ve never seen people cheering this active in my life. SNSD member are truly so beautiful.”

SNSD gave an interview and taught people the dance for their song ‘The Boys.’

Neil Jacobson, vice president of A & R, the company that represents SNSD, says, “SNSD’s performances on TV talk shows were a great success for SNSD, SM Entertainment, and us. It was a great advance and was perfect. We hope to get more of these opportunities in the future.”
Source: Star Daily News

B2ST’s Jun Hyung once again releases own written song “Living Without You”

B2ST’s rapper Yong Jun Hyung will be releasing a solo song.

Before starting their world tour ‘Beautiful Show’ on February 4, they plan to release another new song “Living Without You” after releasing “I Knew It” as their title song for their first concert.

“Living Without You” is a collaboration between Yong Jun Hyung and rookie songwriter Kim Tae Joo. Many people are paying attention because it’s Jun Hyung’s own written song and is also his first solo song since the debut.

“Living Without You” is a frank confession of a betrayed man and will be released on various music charts on February 3 at midnight.

This song has hip hop rhythms and the honest lyrics of a man talking to the girl who betrayed him stand out.

Ironically, the hip hop rhythm that goes along with Jun Hyung’s emotions and malicious remarks makes the song sound sadder.

Jun Hyung has been acknowledged as a talented rapper with his honest lyrics, and also featured for many other singers’ title songs and helped make many songs.

Jun Hyung proved his popularity by ranking first place in various music charts when his solo song “I Knew It” was released. Therefore, he plans to sweep the music charts once again with his second song “Living Without You.”

B2ST’s world tour ‘Beautiful Show’ will start with their performance at Seoul Olympic Gymnasium that will be held on February 4 and 5.

B2ST start their world tour amid enthusiastic cheering of nearly 12,000 fans

B2ST has started their world tour amid enthusiastic cheering of nearly 12,000 fans.

B2ST (Du Jun, Gi Kwang, Hyun Seung, Jun Hyung, Yo Seop, and Dong Woon) held an exclusive concert, under the title of “B2ST 1st World Tour – Beautiful Show in Seoul,” at the Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Park on February 4 from 6 p.m. for about 2 hours.

This concert in Seoul has attracted special attention from people in the music scene because it’s the first concert of B2ST’s world tour, which will take place in about twenty cities all around the world.

As befits a concert that has received wide attention, the Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Park, which is the biggest indoor concert hall in Korea, was filled with nearly 12,000 domestic and overseas fans. They cheered B2ST members on the stage with an enthusiastic response.

B2ST started the concert with their hit songs, “Breath” and “Shock.” Their performances were very intense as befits the group’s character.

After the opening, B2ST said hi to the audiences, saying, “Did you miss us a lot?” They also got a laugh and hearty cheers from the audiences, saying, “The title of this concert is ‘Beautiful Show,’ and we can see so many ‘Beauties’ here.” Beauty is a name of B2ST’s official fan club.

At the concert, B2ST also performed rock versions of “Lights Go On Again,” “B2ST Is Best,” and “Master Mind.”

They also got the audiences excited by performing their new R&B song, “I Knew It,” released at the end of January, for the first time at the concert. Jun Hyung, a member and a producer of the group, also performed his solo song, “Living Without You,” for the first time at the concert.

Except for group performances, B2ST also had unit performances: Du Jun and Dong Woon’s “When The Door Closes,” Gi Kwang and Hyun Seung’s “Let It Snow,” Yo Seop and Jun Hyung’s “Thanks To,” Du Jun, Gi Kwang, and Jun Hyung’s “Should I Hug Or Not.”

Including their hit songs, “Fiction,” “The Fact,” “Bad Girl,” “On Rainy Days,” and “Beautiful,” B2ST performed nearly 30 songs at the concert.

The audiences cheered the six members on throughout the concert.

B2ST will hold another concert in Seoul on February 5 at the Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Park.

Successfully finishing their first concert in Seoul, B2ST will continue their world tour at Columbiahalle in Berlin, Germany, on February 12. Columbiahalle is well-known as a concert hall where many famous musicians, like Sting and Boyz II Men, have performed. B2ST is holding next concert in Shanghai, China, on February 25.

After that, they will hold concerts in Spain, LA, New York, and San Francisco (U.S), Vancouver and Toronto (Canada), Singapore, five cities in Japan, Bangkok (Thailand), Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

CEO Hong Seung Sung of Cube Entertainment, B2ST’s agency, says, “B2ST are currently receiving attention from many other countries, where K-pop boom has recently started, besides Asian countries. In the year 2012, we will see how potential B2ST are and also prove the sustainability of K-pop through B2ST’s world tour.”
Source: Starnews

Girls’ Generation(SNSD) brings electronics retailer Best Buy to a stand-still

After making three television appearances in the United States, Girls’ Generation took the time to say hello to fans at a branch of the consumer electronics retailer Best Buy. SM Entertainment confirmed that the band stopped by a Best Buy store at Union Square in New York on Thursday to hold its very first fan meeting in the States.

More than 1,300 fans came to meet the girls and ask for autographs, resulting in a temporary stoppage of operations in order to accommodate the influx of people. Police were also called in for crowd control. Despite the chaos, the K-pop group politely greeted its U.S. fans and signed autographs for a full 90 minutes.

“Fans lined up from early morning in order to see the band. Best Buy has informed us that this is the first time since Lady Gaga’s visit that they had to stop operating the store temporarily,” said a representative from SM Entertainment.

The nine-member girl group was in the United States to perform on the legendary U.S. late-night talk show “Late Show with David Letterman” and other shows.

Over 12,000 fans gather at CNBLUE’s Japanese concert.

Over 12,000 fans recently gather together to see CNBLUE’s Japanese concert.
CNBLUE held a live event on February 4 and 5 in Japan to celebrate the release of their second single album Where You Are,  which was released on February 1. They invited people who bought the album by lottery and over 12,000 people attended the concert over a two day period.
CNBLUE started performing with their debut song “In My Head” and then they sang new songs, including, “Mr. KIA (Know it All),” “Rain of Blessing,” “Feeling,” and “Get Away.” The last song they performed was the title song “Where You Are” from their new single album.

After the concert, CNBLUE members said, “We were so happy because people seemed to love our new songs. Thanks to our fans, our new album ranked first on the Oricon chart. We will keep working hard on our music in the future.”
CNBLUE ranked first on the Oricon single daily chart with their second major single by selling over 16,000 copies on February 1.
CNBLUE will start going on their fan club live tour on February 13 in Japan.
Source: Xportsnews

IU stands on stage of Japan’s most renowned music & fashion event

IU was invited to the Girls Tokyo Collection 2012 to hold in Tokyo on March 3. In January last year, IU held a showcase to celebrate her Japanese debut, leaving an intense impression. In time for the upcoming release of her debut album, the recent invitation to the Collection will be a good chance for her to meet Japanese music fans in advance.
The Girls Tokyo Collection is the biggest event for both fashion and music in Japan. Following Kara and After School, IU was invited this year as a guest singer to show off a sophisticated performance with her high-quality music and trendy fashion.
A representative from IU’s agency says, “In time for the upcoming release of her Japanese debut album, IU was given a great chance to stand on stage of the renowned Japanese fashion and music event, which will definitely help improve her publicity among Japanese music fans”
On January 24, IU held a show case in Tokyo to celebrate her upcoming debut in Japan. Her debut song will be the Japanese version of the Korean hit song, “Good Day.”
Her image as both a cute ‘idol’ singer and a competent musician seems to appeal to Japanese music fans. In fact, artistically talented pretty ‘idol’ singer must be of a real value in the music world. Japanese media as well is showing an active interest in her future music-related journey in Japan.
Her debut single, “Good Day,” will be released on March 21 in Japan.
Source: Starnews

K-pop stars come to Paris for Music Bank!

KBS TV has recently released some pictures of Charles de Gaulle International Airport, swarming with European fans who came to see K-pop stars.
On February 7 at night, many K-pop stars, including SNSD, 2PM, T-ara, B2ST, 4Minute, SHINee, U-Kiss, and SISTAR, arrived at Charles de Gaulle International Airport to appear and perform on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank World Tour.
When the K-pop stars arrived at the airport, many fans from all over Europe welcomed them with placards and hearty cheers. The idol groups had to stay in the airport as many fans swarmed into the airport.
KBS 2TV’s K-pop Festival Music Bank in Paris will be held on February 8 at 8 p.m. in Paris. Total eight K-pop groups will appear and perform in front of numerous European fans.
KBS TV says, “This is our first time to hold a K-pop concert in a European country. We’ve just held a concert at Tokyo Dome in Japan. Music Bank has entered the world market as it has become the best TV music program that leads Hallyu.”
Music Bank is a representative music program of KBS TV, which airs live in 72 countries. The concert hall, Bercy, where the Music Bank concert will take place, is the biggest indoor multipurpose event hall that can accommodate over 17,000 audiences.
Source: TV Report

A music video of Se7en’s “Somebody Else” is unveiled.

A music video of Se7en’s “Somebody Else,” which shows Se7en’s mature look, has recently been unveiled.
Having recently come back to the music scene with “When I Can’t Sing,” a song created in collaboration with Park Jin Young, Se7en is currently topping the charts and receiving favorable reviews. Through another song, “Somebody Else,” Se7en is again attracting attention with his powerful voice and remarkable ability to express himself.
“Somebody Else,” a classy electronic pop genre that has attracted wide attention with the fact that YG Entertainment’s hit song maker Teddy and Big Bang’s Taeyang co-composed and wrote lyrics to the song, starts with an appealing guitar riff and provides a powerful, rhythmical, addictive sound in the chorus.
“When I Can’t Sing” is a song that highlights Se7en’s sentimental voice, whereas “Somebody Else” highlights Se7en’s charms as a pop dance singer.
Coming back to the music scene after a year and a half with his new mini album, Se7en is performing his new song for the first time on Mnet’s M Countdown on February 9 and SBS TV’s Inkigayo on February 12.
Source: TV Report