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February 20, 2012

Dal★shabet becoming “goddesses of spring” on Men’s Health

Dal★shabet, which is giving performances of “Hit U,” made a new appearance as “goddesses of spring.”
In the latest issue of men’s magazine, Men’s Health, which commemorate its sixth anniversary, Dal★shabet covers a page with a “goddess-of-spring” look in a cheerful and lovely mood. The pictorial surprises the fans since the group projects a completely different image from their strong, charismatic performances of “Hit U.”
As the latest issue is about celebrating the sixth anniversary of the magazine, the pictorial shooting ran under the concept of a party. Each member features a party look, holding a balloon in a hand. The red and white mini-dresses show their lovely charms, also appealing their gorgeous figure.
On White Day last year, Dal★shabet shot pictorials with Men’s Health, and the company decided to shoot another one with them to celebrate their sixth anniversary this year. Because it has been a year since the last shooting, all members of Dal★shabet surprised staff and crew at the set with more a mature look than last year.
In addition, Dal★shabet is said to have not lost smiles and kept the mood lively at the set.
The group is to continue its activity with their fourth mini-album “Hit You,” and the latest pictorials will be available in March issue of Men’s Health.
Source: Star Daily News

The gentleman T.O.P of Big Bang says in a suit, “If I find my true love, I’ll get married whenever possible”

Big Bang’s T.O.P changed into a witty gentleman.
Actor and singer T.O.P recently shot pictorials for the special edition of Cosmopolitan. T.O.P wears a New York styled suit of stylish men’s favorite brand of this generation, Thom Browne. He poses in a unique fit with originality showing somewhat mischievous look.
In the interview after the shooting, T.O.P said, “I will never play the ‘star’ that will threaten my position as an actor. I don’t want to play boring and popular roles like a singer, bad boy, or son of a rich family.”
When told that he would fit well in every character, he said, “I’ve always thought that I don’t quite fit in my career as an entertainer. I’m not that talented, but I’m building up what I’ve studies and learned within my ability.”
He also said that he likes women who are easy-going and who can bear him, adding that he does not want to get married at an early age, but he will do that whenever possible if he finds his true love.
The pictorial and interview of the gentleman T.O.P will be available in March issue of Cosmopolitan.
Source: Sports Korea

A heated debate on rankings of K-Pop girl groups for fun is going on

Rankings of girl groups with their popularity for fun is causing a sensation online.
Recently, a post was posted online with the title, “Ranking of Girl Group for Fun.”
Published on February, 2012, the chart shows ranking of K-Pop girl groups active in domestic or overseas market.
SNSD, which tops the chart, is currently active throughout the world. The person who posted the chart, placed 2NE1 in the second.
Next, T-ara ranks the third, Wonder Girls the fourth, Kara the fifth. Wonder Girl, which is active in the States, is placed slightly below T-ara.
The five girl groups are followed by f(X), miss A, Brown Eyed Grils, Sistar, Secret, 4MINUTE, After School, A-Pink, Girls Day, Rainbow, and Dalshabet.
Netizens showed a mixed response: some approve of the rankings on the chart, while other strongly disapprove of it. A heated debate about the issue is going on.
Source: TV Report

B.A.P attract nearly 1,000 people to their first fan signing

B.A.P, a new promising boy group, attracted nearly 1,000 people to their first fan signing.
B.A.P held their first fan signing to celebrate the release of their debut album WARRIOR at Yeongdeungpo Times Square, sponsored by Hot Tracks, on February 19 at 7:30 p.m. Because it was B.A.P’s first signing, a lot of people came to see B.A.P. Even before the signing started, many people formed a long line. After B.A.P appeared on the stage, nearly 1,000 people swarmed around to have B.A.P’s autographs.
People who came to B.A.P’s signing were drawn randomly from the people who bought B.A.P’s album at Hot Tracks in Yeongdeungpo from Feburary 14 to 17. During the event, about 1,500 copies were sold, so the competition rate was one out of ten according to Hot Tracks.
The fans were mostly in their teens or 20s. Dozens of people were from such countries as Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia, including Americans and Canadians who live in Korea, which showed B.A.P’s international popularity.
According to B.A.P’s agency, B.A.P have sold 10,000 copies of their debut album WARRIOR in first two days and about 20,000 copies in three weeks.

Picture : Super Junior’s Super Show 4 In Taiwan

Super Junior’s Super Show 4 In Singapore ends in great success

Super Junior held an independent concert, Super Junior World Tour-Super Show 4 in Singapore, in Singapore for two days on February 18 and 19, following the successful Super Show 4 concerts in Korea, Japan and Taiwan.
SM Entertainment, Super Junior’s agency, announced on February 20 that Super Junior drew up the curtain with “Super Man” and displayed performances with 36 songs in total including “Sorry Sorry,” “Bonamana,” and “Mr. Simple.”
At the Singapore concert, from start to finish, Super Junior electrified the audience by revealing characteristic appeals of each member, especially employing eye-catching stage props such as wire and fountain.
Source: Starnews