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March 09, 2012

SHINee’s Tae Min transforms into a woman

SHINee’s Tae Min is creating a stir by dressing up as a woman.
Recently on an online community board, pictures titled ‘Snapshots of Tae Min on The Salamander Expert’ have been uploaded.
Tae Min dressed up as a woman for SBS’s The Salamander Expert and the Shadow Operation, which started airing in February.
Wearing a blouse and a skirt, Tae Min has curly hair in the picture. His body that is slim as any other girl’s and his wig completed his look as a full woman.
Netizens commented: “He’s prettier than most girls.” “I didn’t know Taemin had this look in him.” “He also looked good when he dressed up as a grandpa.”
Previously, Tae Min also dressed up as a 70 year old man and acted on the series.
Source: Starnews

ZE:A’s Lim Siwan challenges himself to act in a sitcom!

ZE:A’s Lim Siwan will challenge himself to act in a sitcom series.
Siwan will play the role of the high schooler Siwan on MBC’s daily sitcom Standby that will air on April.
Standby will have an imaginary broadcasting station V11 as its settings and will be about the joys and sorrows
of many people’s lives including producers, writers, and announcers.
In the series, Siwan is popular because excels in studies, sports, and music but he himself does not care about the
Standby will air in the beginning of April, after the ending of the series High Kick! Short Legs Counterattack.
Source: JTN

Croatia is crazy about Hallyu (K-POP)

It’s been some time since K-pop began forming an army of fans in the little country of Croatia, but the first time it was clearly visible was when a group of girls called Chicats started organizing the very first public K-pop parties in Croatia’s capital, Zagreb.
After the first shock, the need to keep the new “scene” moving became apparent, and so came yet another party, which was even more successful. After the second one, K-pop parties started getting more attention from other clubs who wanted to participate in this new “trend,” which is how they pegged K-pop immediately.

Even though Hallyu reached Europe some time ago, we are proud to say that it has finally reached even the smallest of countries.

Credit : Eva Durovic(Contributor in Croatia)

Girls’ Generation promotes Gangnam

Girls’ Generation, which has, in many ways, led K-pop’s spread overseas, has now become an icon of a different sort, this time as the new face of the posh Gangnam District in southern Seoul.
The band was picked by the area’s district office to take part in tourism promotions as it aims to attract more foreign tourists to the area, known for its concentration of entertainment agencies. On behalf of the whole group, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Jessica and Seohyun were present at an inauguration ceremony at the office on Wednesday to celebrate their new role.
“I was born and bred in Gangnam, and still live in the district,” Sooyoung said. “It feels great to become the face of home, and we’ll try our best to make Gangnam known to the whole world.”
Electronic displays of the girl group will be placed around Incheon International Airport as well as in major subway stations and other tourist hot spots around the city.
A district official said that the office also hopes to recruit the help of boy band Super Junior.
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

Stardaily Hallyu News(The 2nd Week of March)

1.The oldest Super Junior and the youngest TEEN TOP
2.Super Junior holds an independent concert in France in April
3.Big Bang’s music video “Fantastic Baby” features unconventional style
4.Japanese TV series, starring Kara’s Kang Ji Young, is to air staring from April 13
Source: Star Daily News

MBlaq enters Oricon Top 10

Korean boy band MBlaq’s best-of album reached the ninth spot on Oricon’s daily album chart on the day of its release on Wednesday.
The album, titled “Memories Best in Korea,” comprises of the group’s hit songs “Y” and Mona Lisa,” both sung in Japanese.
The Korean band is no stranger to the Japanese music charts, having secured second place on the singles chart on October 26 with its second single “Baby U!” The song achieved the phenomenal feat on the day that it was released.
On March 14, the five-member group is slated to release a second best-of album. The band is currently promoting its song “Run” in Korea.
At a recent taping of the song on “M Countdown!” on March 1, band member Seung-ho was rushed to the hospital after collapsing. MBlaq’s agency calmed fans, telling them that he was in stable condition.
By Carla Sunwoo []
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

Fat Cat gives a romantic kiss to MBLAQ’s Joon

Fat Cat gave a kiss to MBLAQ’s Joon.
On March 9, a picture of Fat Cat giving a kiss to Joon was released and has become hot online. The picture is a jacket picture of Fat Cat’s third single album called It’s Like a Dream. The song “It’s Like a Dream” is a medium-tempo hiphop song, characterized by a beautiful, magnificent arrangement for the strings. It’s about the thrill and joy of first love.
Composed by Kim Do Hoon and Liver who also composed T-ara’s “TTL” series and Mighty Mouse’s “Love Is,” “It’s Like a Dream” is currently receiving favorable reviews that it beautifully describes the emotion of a girl who has just fallen in love with someone for the first time.
Yuri Entertainment, Fat Cat’s agency, says, “We asked Joon for the photo shoot and he kindly said yes. You can also see Joon and Fat Cat together in other pictures contained in the album.”
People responded: “I envy Fat Cat kissing Joon on the cheek,” “Fat Cat and Joon look like lovers,” “I’ve never thought about this before but Joon and Fat Cat look nice together.”
Source: TV Report

Infinite’s music trailer increases expectations for its new song

Before the May release of its new album, Infinite released the music trailer of its new song.
On March 9, Woollim Entertainment, Infinite’s agency, posted the music trailer of its new song via YouTube. In black clothes, Infinite’s members look chic. Their defiant hair style and makeup showed that their makeover for the new album was successful.
As soon as the music trailer was unveiled, overseas fans as well as Korean fans demonstrated their interest in the new song and the relevant website has been hit by so much traffic. Someone in the know says, “It is just a year since they made a debut. During the year, they have gained exponential love and support from fans of all age groups. Through this high-quality album, Infinite is firmly determined to show the peak of their magnetism.”
Currently Infinite is striving for the finishing touch to the album. On April 1, they will hold an independent concert, Second invasion Evolution, at the Olympic Hall in the Olympic Park.

Source: TV Report

SNSD’s Yoona portrays two different characters in Love Rain

On March 9, the production company of KBS 2TV’s new drama series Love Rain (written by Oh Soo Yeon and directed by Yoon Suk Ho) released some pictures of the leading actress SNSD’s Yoona having changed into a lively girl named Hana.
In the series, Yoona is going to portray two different characters – Yoon Hee, a nice-looking college student in the 70s, and Hana, a lively girl and also Yoon Hee’s daughter who majored in gardening in Japan. She is going to show two different charms as a heroine of this fresh, beautiful love story.
While Hokkaido of white snowy fields and Yoona’s ponytail and bright smile are attracting attention, Yoona is portraying the cute, lively character of Hana in the pictures. She looks so much like the positive, lively girl Hana in the series that the pictures make many people smile.
The pictures of Yoona having changed into the campus goddess Yoon Hee in the 70s were also released before and attracted wide attention. As the pictures of Yoona portraying the attractive, lovely girl Hana in 2012 have finally been released, many people are wondering how she is going to portray the two different characters in the series.
Yoonscolor, the production company of Love Rain, says, “Yoona has recently changed into Hana through the shoot in Hokkaido, where Seo Jun and Hana meet each other by destiny. She showed various charms that are different from shyly-smiling Yoon Hee in the 70s. As she deeply focused on portraying the lively character Hana, she also made the atmosphere of the set bright.”
Love Rain will start airing on March 26 after Dream High 2 goes off the air.
Source: TV Report

Music Bank: Do B.A.P secretly love Ailee?

Do B.A.P secretly love Ailee?
In the episode of KBS 2TV’s Music Bank that will air on March 9, B.A.P perform in collaboration with Ailee. “Secret Love” is a song that has recently become hot as Secret’s Song Ji Eun was featured in it. Instead of Song, Ailee is going to perform with B.A.P this time.
This performance will be the last activity of B.A.P for their debut album. Having performed and promoted their debut songs “WARRIOR” and “Secret Love,” B.A.P are meeeting their fans for the last time through the performance with Ailee before taking a break.
B.A.P and Ailee have recently been attracting attention as the hottest idol singer and singing group debuted this year. People responded: “Is this the last performance of B.A.P?” “B.A.P and Ailee perform together? That’s awesome,” “Ailee’s secret love is B.A.P.”
Source: TV Report

SHINee’s Taemin bares his upper body

SHINee’s Taemin has bared his upper body. SHINee’s agency has recently released some pictures of Taemin in advance of SHINee’s comeback.
SHINee is coming back to the music scene on March 21, releasing a new album called Sherlock. It’s their first full-length album to be released in Korea in a year and a half after the repackaged album of their second full-length album.
On March 9, Taemin has released teaser pictures of himself on SHINee’s official website to announce SHINee’s comeback to the domestic music scene.

In the teaser pictures, Taemin looks mysterious with a dreamlike setting. These pictures are especially attracting attention as they have been released after Minho released pictures of himself also baring his upper body on March 8.
SM Entertainment, SHINee’s agency says, “Taemin tried something new for the concept of SHINee’s new album.”
Source: Starnews