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July 31, 2012

How much do you know about the coffee that you drink every day?

Coffee has become one of everyone’s favorite drinks these days. New franchised coffee brands are constantly coming out, and coffee shops are filled with coffee lovers.
How much do we know about coffee, though? In 16th-century Italy, coffee was suppressed as “a beverage of Satan.” While in the UK, coffee was supported as a panacea or considered as a potential poison.
All About Coffee tells the whole story, including background and history, about this drink that has become such an indispensable part of our lives. The book includes anecdotes about coffee and reveals related political, social, and cultural traits and customs of communities that adopted coffee in the old days.
It tells about the origin of coffee and how it has been handed down, coffee sets that have been developed from the time it became popular to the present, and ways of making coffee before the extracting technology came out as well as how the technology has changed. In addition, the first TV commercial for coffee, literary works that describe coffee and coffee shops, and various musical pieces, art works, plays, and musicals that are devoted to coffee are also told about in the book.
The author says, “The real work of baristas is selling culture along with coffee.” He has collected, investigated, and studied materials from various countries for 17 years in order to compile this educational book. A chronicle of coffee and coffee sets is listed in every chapter in historical order, and there is a coffee glossary at the end of the book. If you dream of becoming a barista or simply enjoy coffee, you might want to consider reading this book.
All About Coffee, by William H.Ukers.Translated by Park Bo Kyung.Published by The Morning of the World.542 pages.18,000 won
Source: Money Today


Hot eateries snub big retailers seeking prestige

Department stores feeling the pinch of the economic downturn are in heated competition to persuade popular restaurants to open branches in their stores.
But it’s a hard task. Retailers say nine out of ten of the restaurants they approach turn up their noses, thinking they will lose the cachet of exclusivity if their branches are patronized by the hoi polloi or even relatively upper-class department store shoppers.
The reason the department stores care is they’ve discovered that shoppers who have a meal in their stores tend to buy more than people who don’t.
One afternoon last August, Lee Jae-cheol, a member of a food team from Shinsegae Department Store, cooled his heels at Baljae Banjeom, a Chinese restaurant in Ichon-dong, central Seoul, hoping to get a word with its owner.
Baljae Banjeom, which opened eight years ago in Ichon, became a hot foodie destination after bloggers praised the restaurant’s bingwha mandu, fried dumplings arranged in a snowflake pattern.
The owner had refused to make an appointment to see Lee, and he dropped by to try his luck face-to-face. The staff lied that the owner was busy eating, even though he had actually finished his lunch of jjajangmyeon, black bean noodles, a few hours before.
Lee pleaded with the staff to give his business card to their boss. As the days went by, he didn’t receive a call.
Lee didn’t give up. He visited the restaurant four times a week and made countless phone calls until he finally corralled the owner four months later.
Shinsegae managed to open Baljae Banjeom at its Uijeongbu outlet in April. Baljae Banjeom refused to open outlets at the retailer’s Incheon or Gyeonggi stores.
“I finally got the green light from the owner after I promised that the restaurant would get a prime location near the escalator and high sales,” Lee said. “I also promised that his restaurant would be advertised in the shopping booklets we mail to customers to notify them of sales and special events. I insisted he could expand his influence from Seoul to Gyeonggi. You have to be a master of psychological warfare to win the hearts of restaurant owners.”
The other restaurants that Shinsegae lured into its Uijeongbu outlet include Wataru, a ramen house from Busan, and Saint Augustin, a French-style Thai restaurant in Seorae village, southern Seoul.
Shower effect
Aside from Shinsegae, which is Korea’s No. 3 department store, Lotte and Hyundai, the No. 1 and No. 2 players, are also trying to lure hot restaurants into their buildings. Customers who dine on the ninth and tenth floors of department stores, the restaurant floors, will spend more.
Lotte said 45 percent of the customers who dined in their top floor restaurants last year bought more than one product at the store, often on the way down after eating.
Interestingly, 10.9 percent of the customers who ate at the retailer’s restaurants bought imported fashion items and 8.1 percent bought cosmetics.
“The figures show that 19 percent of customers who used our restaurants bought the store’s top-selling items,” said Na Jae-woong, spokesman for Lotte.
Retailers say this is a typical part of the “shower effect” marketing strategy. By placing popular goods on the very top floor of a store, sales on the lower floors increase.
Hyundai Department Store said people who dine at its restaurants spend more, have higher loyalty and come from farther away. The restaurants lure them in.
Shinsegae said customers who ate at the retailer’s restaurants more than 10 times last year and paid with a Shinsegae credit card accounted for 75 percent of the retailer’s entire sales.
Treasure hunt
Hyundai’s Apgujeong store opened Nadri kimbab (seaweed-rolled rice) restaurant in 2008, and a second branch was opened at its Kintex branch last year.
Nadri wasn’t featured in newspapers articles or blogs. A Hyundai employee fell in love with the kimbab at Nadri restaurant, which was located near Jamsil Girls High School, and he mentioned the place to a colleague in the food department.
To get more of those winning suggestions, Hyundai has been running a “gourmet network” Web page on its internal network since 2008. Hyundai employees can post reviews and pictures of restaurants they have visited.
“The Web page helps us to find authentic gourmet restaurants and avoid restaurants that became famous only after doing intensive promotions,” said Shin Hyun-goo, the Hyundai official who created the Web page.
Lotte is expanding what it calls its “Food Street.”
The food court and restaurants at Lotte’s Pyeongchon branch opened in March, and they take one-fifth of the store’s entire space.
Lotte’s Jamsil branch opened a Mos Burger outlet in March when the retailer finished renovation of its food street.
Mos Burger originally intended to open its first Korean store at a stand-alone location in Gangnam in April, but it changed its mind after Lotte negotiated with the Japanese burger giant for six months.
Lotte said its Mos Burger outlet had 1.7 billion won ($1.5 million) in sales last month, making it the most popular among the 13 restaurants in the store.
“Our main target, young consumers, flock to restaurants and we’ve been making more investments in this sector,” said Na of Lotte.
By Kim Ho-jeong, Kim Mi-ju []

Coordinate your style with casual clothes for summer vacation

One of the most popular summer vacation spots is the beach. Because so many people go to beaches in summer, some people choose to go to mountain areas to avoid the crowds of people. However, you cannot spend your summer vacation in old-fashioned clothes even if you’re in the mountains and valleys.
There are lots of people who are concerned about what to wear because they’d be embarrassed to be seen in beach wear in mountain areas.
The way you dress should depend on the time and place., an online community website on fashion and part of G&G Commerce Inc. (Mo Young Il, CEO), tells about some comfortable casual clothes that are appropriate to wear on vacation trips to the mountains.
No matter where you go, whether to the beach or a mountain resort or some trendy tourist spots, it’s always better to wear comfortable casual clothes so that you can be more active.
Ankle-length cropped pants and roll-up jeans are good because they’re comfortable and stylish.
If you pair them with a striped shirt or a print shirt, you can create a lively, cheerful look.
A floral-patterned jacket is also nice. Its feminine flower designs and loose-fitting cut will make you look cool in all meanings of the word. If you compliment your outfit with a broad-brimmed straw hat and wedge heels, you can create a lovely look.
Short pants are also important. If you haven’t worn them before, why don’t you try them this summer? If you pair them with a tight tube-top and a halter-neck T-shirt, you can create a cool, sexy look.
For shoes, sneakers will be better than heels. Pair them with a simple T-shirt or a sleeveless shirt in a fluorescent color. Because it gets chilly at night, take a hoodie or a cardigan with you.
If you’ve chosen to go to a mountain area, you’ll need to bring a windbreaker that is light and easy to carry with you. Thin pants and light aqua shoes are also indispensable for such spots.
Source: Money Today

Make those feet pretty for summer

The summer heat can make feet sweat, so most females wear sandals to beat the heat and avoid letting their feet smell bad. Sandals serve a double purpose because they are practical and beautiful, coming in a variety of appealing designs.

There is one important tip to follow before wearing sandals: color your toenails. Neutral-toned colors are calm and warm, but for more daring styles, bubbly, bright colors can look cool in summer. Black pop color and bling-bling style toenail polish come highly recommended this season.
◇ Black polish looks good with any kind of shoe
Black toenail polish is not just good for a sexy concept. Black is the very definition of an achromatic color, and it can produce countless looks with various accompanying colors. It looks cute when matched with pink sandals as worn by SNSD’s Tiffany, and it looks chic and elegant when matched with black shoes.
◇ Bubbly, eye-catching toenail polish
Eye-catching colors are good to use when trying to create a focal point. Actress Park Shin Hye’s sky-blue polish makes her feet stand out even though she is wearing all black.
To make eye-catching colors work the best, choose colors similar to your sandals or clothes. Contrasting colors, however, are always cute, so you can choose whichever you like.
◇ Bling-bling polish adds life with light

Adding drawings or attaching jewels to toenails are popular because the give greater detail than just a single-color polish. Since glitter nail polish has become available, it’s easy to make your toenails twinkle.
If you think making all your toenails twinkle is overdoing it, just highlight one or two toenails with glitter.
Source: Money Today

SS501′s Park Jung Min wins a suit against his agency

SS501′s Park Jung Min recently won a suit against his agency, the CNR Media.
As the court accepted Park’s application for provisional disposition to terminate the validity of his contract with the CNR Media, which was submitted in April, he can now be free from his agency.
On July 30, the Seoul Central District Court accepted Park’s application for provisional disposition to terminate the validity of his contract with the CNR Media, making it take legal responsibility for not paying Park for his work.
Park says, “It took a long time to set myself free. I felt bad because I had to fight against my agency because they didn’t pay me for my work, but I feel better now.”
Park is currently planning for the second half of 2012.
Source: TV Report

SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun will go on the second tour of Japan

Singer Kim Hyung Jun will go on the second concert tour of Japan this year.
On July 31, S Plus Entertainment, Kim’s agency, reported that Kim will go on the second national tour of Japan in celebration of the release of his new album, Escape, under the title of Kim Hyung Jun 2012 2nd Story in Japan.
Kim successfully held his first concert tour of Japan, under the title of Kim Hyung Jun 2012 1st Story in Japan, from the end of March to early April this year.
Kim will fly to Japan on August 1 and hold a total of nine concerts at ZEPP concert halls in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, and Sapporo from August 3 to 26.
Because Kim’s new album, Escape, will be released on August 8, many fans of Kim and people from the Japanese music scene are paying close attention to his new solo album and national tour.
A spokesperson for SWAVE E&T, a company that will conduct Kim’s tour, says, “This is Kim Hyung Jun’s second national tour of Japan. This will lead him to consolidate his position in Japan as a soloist and a Hallyu star and to have a larger fan base.”
Source: Starnews

Infinite Teases with Video of Upcoming Summer Concert

Hot boygroup Infinite, known for their powerful choreography, is back with a summer concert just for fans. Called‘That Summer’, a video teaser was revealed on 31 July to hype Inspirits (fans) up.
Having successully sold-out their previous concerts, this one was no different. This upcoming concert sold like hotcakes with all the tickets being snapped up in just 15 minutes. Wanting to have more interaction and intimacy with fans, a smaller venue is being used and a limited 10,000 tickets (for 5 days) were sold.
The concert will be held from 8 August to 12 August at AX-Korea. The teaser reveals the boys preparing to go camping with their surfboard, guitar, kerosene lamp, bicycle. A mini campfire was even built to give a real setting.
Are you ready for a day out with Infinite boys under the sun?


The Wonder Girls are selected as a singing group to represent Korea by the U.S. Billboard

Amid the world’s great interest in the London Olympics, the world music scene also held Musical Olympics.
On July 30 (local time),, the most renowned music magazine in the U.S., selected musicians that represent 40 countries under the title of Musical Olympics: 40 Countries’ Top Stars. has selected musicians that represent each country based on the chart data and the sales record reported by the Nielsen Soundscan. It’s an interesting data that show each country’s representative musician who has ranked on the Billboard Chart.
The Korean musician selected by was the Wonder Girls. It’s because they made it to the Billboard 100 with an English version of the hit song “Nobody” in 2010. The Wonder Girls, currently active in Korea and Japan, are again mentioned by the Billboard Chart before releasing a new album in the U.S.
Rihanna has been selected as a singer that represents Barbados, an island near by Venezuela, and the world-famous diva Celine Dion and the teen idol Justin Bieber have been selected as singers to represent Canada.
Bob Marley for Jamaica, The Beatles for the U.K., Santana for Mexico, and Nicki Minaj has been selected for Trinidad and Tobago. Especially four singers, Elvis Presley, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Garth Brooks, have been selected to represent the U.S.
Source: Starnews

Kim Hyun Joong finishes successful Asian tour

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong recently finished a successful Asian tour.
On July 31, according to Kim’s agency, Key East, Kim finished touring Asia on July 29 with fan meetings in eight cities across five Asian countries.
Kim started his tour in Singapore in May then he went to Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Thailand and sold over 40,000 tickets in total.
Kim received many favorable reviews by giving the best performances with perfect stage, sounds, and progress. He sang almost twenty songs live and prepared a laser show like they were some kind of concert. Kim also participated in several programs with his fans and made them go wild.
He drew a lot of attention by directing special performances for his fans. He parodied a scene from a movie with his fans and invited a fan on the stage to sing a song for them.
Kim says, “I was so happy because I could feel your warmth through the fan meetings. I will never forget and I will always try harder to become a better singer and actor.”
One of the local officials said, “Kim is the best artist, who satisfies fans and officials by giving high quality performances and fan services.”
He added, “Since his successful Asian tour, more people are paying attention to his next step as a global Hallyu star.”
Source: Starnews

T-ara will appear at the ‘Yeosu Super Concert’ as scheduled

T-ara will appear at the ‘Yeosu Expo Super Concert’ as scheduled.
T-ara will appear at the ‘SBS K-pop Yeosu Expo Super Concert,’ which will be held on August 1 in Yeosu. Besides T-ara, many K-pop singers, including, Wonder Girls, f(x), SISTAR, After School, Secret, A pink, ZE:A, B.A.P, Dalshabet, Girl’s Day, and EXO-K will appear at the concert.
On July 30, T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, announced that they decided to cancel Hwa Young’s contract causing a strong controversy among the public. Initially they worried about the concert, but they finally decided to appear at the concert as scheduled.
Since this will be T-ara’s first official performance without Hwa Young, many people are wondering how they will perform their songs.
According to the agency, T-ara is not making any further plans after the concert. As a result, T-ara will not appear on several live music programs this week.
Source: Starnews

miss A’s Suzy brightens up the Airport

miss A’s Suzy is receiving a lot of attention by showing off her fashion sense at the Airport.
An online community posted a picture with the caption, “Suzy at the Airport.” In the picture, Suzy is wearing a light pink T-shirt and polka-dot pants.
Her milky white skin captured many people’s attention at the Airport. Her long black hair and light smile proved that she is a typical icon of first love.
People who saw the picture responded: “Suzy is the current trend.” “She shines in any clothes.” “How can she look so beautiful?” “She is the most innocent girl! She is so pretty.”
Source: TV Report

2NE1′s Sandara Park supports Korean Olympic athletes

2NE1′s Sandara Park recently sent a cheering message to the national athletes.
On July 31, Park posted a picture on her me2day account with the comment, “With love from 2NE1 and Blackjack. I want to send a cheering message to the Korean national athletes, who are trying hard in London! Cheer up while listening our songs and good luck to all of you on receiving good results without getting hurt! Korea is the best! Fighting! I love you.”
In the picture, Park is making a desperate face and a photoshopped note says, “Blackjack is beside you.” Park drew a lot of attention with her unique hairstyle, earrings, and costumes.
Blackjack is 2NE1′s fan club name. Park often shows her affection towards the fan club.
People who saw the picture responded: “Go Korea! Go Sandara Park!” “Cheer up Korean athletes.” “I had so much fun at your concert.”
2NE1 went on a global tour and held ‘New Evolution’ on July 28 and 29 at Olympic Park in Seoul.
Source: Starnews

NS Yoon G shows off her perfect figure in undisclosed photos

Undisclosed photos of singer NS Yoon G are drawing a lot of attention on online.
On July 31, the photos were released on her official website and are receiving considerable attention from the public. They were included in her second EP Skinship, which was released on July 18.
NS Yoon G released a pictorial that she took under the concept of sexy rock chic prior to her EP release. She is currently keeping busy showing off her sexy charms while performing her title song “I Got You.”
Her fabulous abs captured the public and her sexy eyes made many male fans hearts flutter.
People who saw the pictures responded: “She has the perfect figure.” “I can’t help but look at her abs.” “She is a rising sexy charisma.”
Source: TV Report

Big Bang Seungri ‘Fan-cams’ Encore Stage of Alive Galaxy Tour

Big Bang have been on their asian leg of ‘Alive Galaxy Tour’, with the most recent stop being Guangzhou, China. And this time, youngest member Seungri took upon himself to video the amazing concert moment on stage. The 2-minutes long ‘fancam’ was shot by Samsung Galaxy SIII, a sponsor of the concert.

Performing an encore of their hit track ‘Fantastic Baby’, the ever wild-on-stage Big Bang got fans screaming along to the song. With closeups of the members singing and dancing, the filled-up concert venue lighted up with the official yellow crownsticks, the fancam was indeed the closest one can ever enjoy.
Have you secured your tickets to one of Big Bang’s Alive Galaxy concert? Definitely, not to be missed!


T-ara ends their activities of “Day By Day” and reveals, “We don’t have any further plans yet…”

Girl group T-ara will be ending their activities of their new song “Day By Day” earlier than planned.
T-ara planned to continue the activities of their new song “Day By Day” until the second week of August. However, they have made a final decision of not doing any more activities of the song.
In other words, the activities of T-ara’s “Day By Day” which was released in the beginning of this month, has come to an end in four weeks with the last appearance of SBS’s Inkigayo on July 29.
On the afternoon of July 31, a senior member of T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, revealed to Starnews, “We planned to continue the activities of ‘Day By Day’ until August 12. However, it has been decided that the activities be wrapped up earlier due to many mishaps.”
T-ara, who has been one of the most popular girl groups, ranked the top of various music charts with the release of their new song “Day By Day.”
He added, “No other broadcasting schedules have been decided after August 12. I don’t think the term temporary suspension is the right way to describe the situation since it does not give the exact dates.” He emphasized that all they have decided is the early ending of the activities of “Day By Day.”
After announcing the removal of Hwayoung on the afternoon of July 30, the agency, Core Contents Media, decided not to appear at the recording shoot of SBS’s K Pop Yeosu Expo Super Concert because of a large backlash.
Core Contents Media talked with Starnews on the phone at 6:25 p.m and revealed, “About 30, 40 minutes ago, we decided not to appear on the concert for several reasons. We discussed this matter with the production crew of the show.”
Before this decision was made, T-ara was to perform on the show with Wonder Girls, f(x), Sistar, After School, Secret, A Pink, ZE:A, B.A.P, Dalshabet, Girl’s Day, and Exo-K. Many people were paying attention to this upcoming stage since this would have been their first concert without Hwayoung on the team.
T-ara will not be appearing on the main three musical programs.
Source: Starnews

The six idols who are mistaken as ‘the youngest members’ because of their young appearances

A post titled “Idols who are mistaken as the youngest members.”
Recently on an online community board, six idols’ pictures titled, ‘Idols who are mistaken as the youngest members’ has been uploaded.
The first idol is B2ST’s Yang Yo Seop. He is mistaken as the youngest member because of his round face and cute image even though he is 23 years old. 2NE1’s Sandara Park turne 29 this year, but she looks as young as the youngest member Gong Min Ji.
T0ara’s oldest member Boram also is recognized as the youngest member because of her small body. 2PM’s Jang Woo Young is one year older than the youngest Hwang Chan Sung, and Kara’s Han Seung Yeon is older than the youngest Kang Ji Young by six years, but they all look like friends.
SNSD’s leader Taeyeon is also mistaken as the youngest member because of her young looks.
Netizens commented: “They all look like they are the youngest.” “I never imagined that they are this old.” “The similarity of these idols is the ‘young look.’”
Source: Xportsnews

Hwayoung’s out while Dani’s in: T-ara stays with eight member system

Recently, the girl group T-ara decided to keep its members up to eight by replacing Hwayoung with Dani.
On July 30, the group’s official Japanese website made an announcement along with a posting regarding the cancellation of Hwayoung’s contract.
The announcement read: “Having Ah Reum as its seventh member, T-ara will perform for some time. Dani will be joining the group after a period of preparation which will make the group composed of eight members in total.”
Since its debut in 2009, T-ara has changed members several times.
The group debuted in April 2009 with a song for the sound track of TV series Cinderella Man. The original members were Jiwon, Jiae, Ji Yeon, Eunjung, and Hyomin; however, in July of the same year, Jiwon and Jiae quit the group and were replaced by Boram, Soyeon, and Qri.
In July 2010, Hwayoung joined the group as its seventh member and Areum as the eighth in 2012.
Along with the change of its members, leadership moved from a person to another. Eunjung was the first leader while Boram, Hyomin, and Soyeon each held leadership consecutively after thoroughly considering each of their effect in leading the overall atmosphere of the group and in Japanese activities.
Source: Xportsnews

Check out Teen Top’s new “traffic light” hair

Recently, Teen Top members revealed their new hair which became known as the “traffic light” hair.
Before the release of the song “Be Ma Girl” on August 3, the group has built up more expectations over the song by giving some change to their hair which reminded viewers of a traffic light.
On July 31, a picture was posted on the account of Teen Top on Me2day with the comment “I immediately came up with this word when I saw the colors of Chang Jo, Chun Ji hyung, and Ricky’s new hair. Guess which of the following words I’m thinking:  no.1 the Olympic flag or no.2 traffic light. It you get it right, you’re the cool guy.” The picture shows members with new hair of red, yellow, and blue color.
Teen Top will release the second teaser of “Be Ma Girl” on August 5 on its official website.
Source: TV Report

2AM’s Jo Kwon and Sun Ye of the Wonder Girls look like brother and sister

2AM’s Jo Kwon recently showed a friendship with Sun Ye of the Wonder Girls.
On the afternoon of July 31, Jo Kwon tweeted some photos with the caption “Dear my friend, Sun Ye—I think we’ve been getting similar to each other after a long while.
In the photo, Jo Kwon and Sun Ye stare at the camera while keeping themselves close with their faces. The JYP idol stars look like brother and sister.
In another photo, the 2PM member is taking a photo of the Wonder Girls member grabbing a bite.
Netizens responded: “They resemble each other.” “Friends get similar to each other as time goes by.” “They must be practicing for JYP Nation.”
JYP Nation is an event that all the acts represented by JYP will take part in, including the Wonder Girls, miss A, 2PM, and 2AM. The show will be held at the Olympic Gymnasium in Seoul on August 4 at 6:00 p.m.
Source: Starnews