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July 25, 2012

Why did 2PM’s Nichkhun just say, “I’m sorry,” in his statement?

The statement of 2PM’s Nichkhun, who recently had an accident while driving under the influence, was released to the public.
On July 24, SBS TV’s SBS 8 News reported about Nichkhun’s statement. Nichkhun only said, “I’m sorry,” in his statement. This is because Nichkhun is not good at writing Korean although he’s good at speaking. Nichkhun’s nationality is Thai.
Nichkhun crashed into a motorcycle while driving under the influence on July 24 at around 2:45 a.m. The Gangnam Police Station indicted him without detention for driving under the influence.
According to JYP Entertainment, Nichkhun’s agency, Nichkhun drank about two glasses of beer while having dinner with all the artists from JYP after practicing for a concert with them. The accident occurred while he was driving back to his place, which was located in the same block. The concentration of alcohol in his blood was 0.056%, and Nichkhun got a license suspension.
JYP Entertainment says, “If a further investigation is needed, we’ll fully cooperate. We apologize again.”
The artists from JYP were going to perform together at the 2012 JYP Nation Concert, which was scheduled to be held at the Gymnastics Arena in Olympic Park on August 4. However, it’s now uncertain if Nichkhun can participate in the concert.
Source: TV Report

Big Bang’s G-Dragon will release a new material in August

Big Bang’s G-Dragon is about to release a new material.
On July 25, YG Entertainment, G-Dragon’s agency, reported, “G-Dragon is planning to release a new material in August. We haven’t decided whether to release an EP or an album.”
They also suggested possibility of releasing a new material on August 18, which is G-Dragon’s birthday, saying, “We’ve always held an event on each member’s birthday even if it’s not a new release.” G-Dragon’s first solo album,Heartbreaker, was also released on his birthday.
G-Dragon is currently releasing some pictures of himself having meetings and staying in a recording studio, hinting at his new release.
Source: TV Report

JYJ’s Jun Su will go on a world tour in five countries

JYJ’s Jun Su (XIA) recently announced the cities in North and South America where he will hold concerts. He’s the first Korean solo singer going on a world tour.
On July 25, C-jes Entertainment, Jun Su’s agency, reported Jun Su will visit the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, and Chile for his world tour.
The first concert of Jun Su’s world tour will be held at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York on August 30.
This concert hall is a place where JYJ had their showcase in 2010. Such famous American singers as Puff Daddy, Nicki Minaj, and Nas also performed at the hall. When JYJ had their showcase, lots of Americans came to the hall to see JYJ, and Jun Su is visiting this place again in August for his concert.
Jun Su will continue the tour at the Hollywood Palladium in LA, where such popular pop singers as Jay-Z and Justin Bieber performed, on September 2.

After the concert in LA, Jun Su will immediately fly to Mexico and hold concerts at the Black Berry Auditorium in Mexico City on September 6, at the Espacio Victory in São Paulo, Brazil, on September 8, and at the Teatro Caupolica in Santiago, Chile, on September 10.
A person in charge of Jun Su’s tour of South America, says, “Many fans are excited about Jun Su’s tour of South America. His tour is currently a hot issue here. In terms of cost and profit, going on a tour in South America might not be very appealing to many artists, but Junsu’s tour will make a positive influence in North and South America as C-jes Entertainment has planned.”
Jun Su says, “I’ve lately worked on my single and music video in the U.S. I’m very satisfied with the way they came out and also very excited to see my fans from all around the world.”
C-jes Entertainment says, “Going on a world tour is an endless challenge for us. It’s even hard for many American pop singers to go on a world tour in North and South America as a solo singer, but we’re confident that we can do well again this time because there is sufficient infrastructure and we know the systems.”
Jun Su will finish his Asian tour on August 7 in Hong Kong and go on a world tour in North and South America and Europe.
Source: Starnews


2PM’s Nichkhun can no longer be seen on the website of Water Park

2PM’s Nichkhun can no longer be seen on the website of Water Park.
2PM members and Miss A’s Suzy are currently working for the brand as models. However, Nichkhun can no longer be seen on the official website of the brand.
This is because Nichkhun caused controversy by having an accident while driving under the influence on July 24.
On July 24 at around 2:45 a.m., Nichkhun crashed into a motorcycle that was entering an intersection from his right.
At that time, the concentration of alcohol in his blood was 0.056 percent, which could lead to the suspension of his driver’s license. Regarding this, JYP Entertainment, Nichkhun’s agency, explained, “Nichkhun drank about two glasses of beer while having dinner with all the artists from JYP after practicing for a concert with them.”
The police will summon Nichkhun again to investigate the exact cause of the accident.
Source: Starnews

EXO-K show off their manly looks in a pictorial

EXO-K recently showed off their manly looks in a pictorial.
SM Entertainment’s handsome boy group EXO-K showed off their mature, stylish looks in the August issue of the fashion magazine L’officiel Hommes.
In this pictorial, EXO-K members have become stylish yet tough men, getting away from their previous pretty boys’ image. Because it’s been only a hundred days since they debuted, many crew members were worried how well they could do for the photo shoot at first. However, EXO-K members revealed their strong, manly sides despite the fact that the concept was never easy.
Through this photo shoot, they cleared showed off their distinctive individuality as befitted the meaning of their group name, New Stars from an Exoplanet. Ranging from a distinctive look in a leather jacket with a hair band to a mysterious look in a wrinkled skirt with a Swarovski’s jewel on head, EXO-K members showed off their mysterious, charismatic looks.
EXO-K’s pictorial, which has come out from the seven-hour photo shoot, can be seen in the August issue of L’officiel Hommes. It can be purchased in bookstores or on the internet from July 21.
Source: Money Today

Super Junior’s Sungmin: “I’m happy to appear in a musical”

Super Junior’s Sungmin recently talked about performing in a musical.
On July 25, Sungmin attended a press conference for the musical Jack the Ripper and said, “Even though I’m an idol, I want to perform in musicals.”
When Sungmin was asked how did he feel about appearing in the same musical last year, he said, “After I finished appearing in the musical last year, I had some regrets. That’s why I wanted to give a better performance this time.”
He added, “I have been interested in musicals since I was a little boy, so I majored in acting while in university. I’m learning how to act at school. I’m happy that I get to appear in the musical.”
He also talked about the musical, “Each character has their own stories. We have various scenes, which make you feel like you are watching a movie.”
Sungmin plays the role of Daniel who is involved in a risky deal for the girl he loves.
The musical started performing on July 20 and it will be continued until August 25 in Korea. It will perform in Japan in September and will become a Hallyu musical.
Source: Starnews

JYJ members take funny picture together

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong recently took a picture with Park Yoo Chun and Kim Jun Su.
On July 25, Kim Jae Joong tweeted a picture with the comment, “The end of shooting a commercial! I’m happy to see the members. Jun Su is the reason I live. He was so funny today.”
In the picture, Kim Jun Su is making a funny face while closing his eyes and sticking out his tongue. Kim Jae Joong and Park Yoo Chun are also making funny faces along with him. Kim Jae Joong also tweeted a picture of himself wearing glasses and showing off his chic charms.
People responded: “Kim Jae Joong looks so good in the picture.” “JYJ is so funny.” “Their bizarre faces make me laugh.” “It’s good to see them close to each other.” “JYJ is a funny group.”
Source: TV Report

B1A4 looks bubbly while wearing hats

Group B1A4 recently took a pictorial as representatives for a hat brand.
On July 25, Hats On released a pictorial for their 2012 F/W products and drew a lot of attention.
The group, who is keeping busy both in Korea and Japan, created a happy atmosphere while shooting the pictorial. They showed off their professional spirit by doing their best for the pictorial.
An official for the brand says, “We believe B1A4 is the perfect model for the brand image, which celebrates diversity. We expect that the pictorial will receive many favorable reviews.”
The pictorial will be released on the brand website and at offline brand stores with various promotions.
Source: TV Report

BoA shows off her Only One, limited edition EP

Singer BoA recently showed off her limited edition EP.
On July 25, BoA tweeted a picture with the comment in Korean and English, “This is the limited edition EP Only One. OMG! Limited version of Only One! This size is really big! Enjoy my pics with this size!”
In the picture, BoA is holding her EP and sitting on a chair. She is showing off her cute charms while smiling at the camera. The big limited edition EP, which covers half of her body, drew a lot of attention.
People responded: “I’m eagerly awaiting the limited version of her EP.” “She is doing a good job promoting her limited edition.” “She looks so pretty.”
BoA will release the limited version of her seventh EP Only One, which includes songs written by herself, on and offline on July 25.
Source: TV Report

U-Kiss tours nine Japanese cities and meets over 80,000 fans

Group U-Kiss has created a sensation in Japan.
On July 25, the group’s agency, NH Media, said that U-Kiss has been touring Japan since early July and over 80,000 tickets for their concerts have sold out.
U-Kiss started touring Japan in Osaka in July. They are holding sixteen concerts in nine cities, including, Fukuoka, Sapporo, and Tokyo.
Their songs ranked high on the Oricon chart and have received a lot of attention.
A spokesperson for the agency says, “U-Kiss is the next big Hallyu group in Japan and they are expected to take the reigns from TVXQ. We think that the group has a bright future ahead of them.”
U-Kiss will hold their last tour concert at NHK Hall in Tokyo on July 28 and 29. They will also release their third Japanese single Dear My Friend on July 25.
Source: Starnews

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and f(x)’s Luna appear like a couple

Recently, f(x)’s Luna has revealed a photo taken with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk.
On July 25, the star posted the picture on Me2day and commented, “On the day of shooting SM Art Exhibition! Featuring a ‘pink’ look with Eunhyuk oppa~ I know that you’re very busy with your work lately, but I hope you take a good care of yourself! Best wishes for Eunhyuk oppa and all the other Super Junior oppas~♥ Also, good luck to Sulli with her drama shooting~^^”
In the picture, Luna appears in a pink dress which draws viewers’ attention at once. She and Eunhyuk are leaning their head towards each other in a friendly pose. Smiling big to the camera, they make the V sign with their fingers.
Netizens who saw the picture commented: “Luna and Eunhyuk both look cute.” “They look gorgeous.” “She has such flawless skin.” “You seem to make a good couple.”
Sulli, another member of f(x), portrays the character Goo Jae Hee in SBS’s new drama series To the Beautiful You(based on the comic book Hana Kimi, written by Lee Young Chul, and directed by Jeon Ki Sang) which is to premiere on August 15.
Source: Starnews

Two beauties: Miss A’s Suzy and IU captured at a restaurant together

A snapshot of Miss A’s Suzy and IU eating at a restaurant has been revealed.
On an online community board on July 25, a picture titled, ‘Suzy and IU eating comfortably with plain faces.’ has been uploaded.
Suzy and IU, who are known to be intimate friends, are eating together, sitting across each other. Suzy is wearing a white top, and IU is wearing a black top.
Netizens commented: “The pretty girls play by themselves.” “Suzy and Ji Eun are so gorgeous.” “I really wish that they would appear on TV together.” “It’s good to see them so friendly.”
Previously, Suzy and IU revealed that they are very intimate via Twitter and other broadcasts.
Source: Starnews