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May 11, 2012

BtoB releases special MV version for “Father”

BtoB released the original music video for their new digital single “Father” last week, and now a new special version of the music video has arrived.
“Father”, released May 3rd, is a part of the group’s ‘Emotions, Human Project Part 1‘ album. This new MV features several childhood pictures of the BtoB members.
The track is a ballad that touches upon the belated realization of the love and gratitude for one’s father. The delicate vocals help envision the feelings of a father’s heavy footsteps and the view of his back. It was released in part to celebrate Parents’ Day in South Korea.
Check out the special MV for “Father” below.

Source : allkpop

SECRET’s “Twinkle Twinkle” PV released

SECRET has released the PV for their newest Japanese single “Twinkle Twinkle“.
“Twinkle Twinkle” is reported to be the ending theme song for ‘Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden‘, a gag spin-off of the popular ’Naruto Shippuden‘ series. The single will go on sale June 13th.
Fit for an anime, “Twinkle Twinkle” features an upbeat J-pop sound, and the PV hops from a more sci-fi to a garden setting with the girls of SECRET wearing adorable outfits for each scene.
tkltkl by keitang1

YouTube Presents : K-Pop concert

Last December, the first step YouTube made towards Korean music was added K-Pop as a musical genre.
And now it dedicates to this kind of music a special day of live performances. The name of the event is “YouTube Presents MBC K-Pop Concert” , since YouTube organized it with the Korean broadcaster MBC , and it will be held on May 21st at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA . It will start at 7 pm Pacific Time and will see on the stage some of the most important K-Pop artists : Girls’ Generation, Wonder Girls, TVXQ, Super Junior, f(x), BEAST, KARA, MBLAQ and Sistar. The ticket price is completely free and people can reserve tickets from this website .
If you cannot go to the concert, don’t worry , you can watch it live streaming on the YouTube Presents channel. 

Tickets sell out for Kim Jae Joong’s Taiwan fan meeting

Tickets for Kim Jae Joong’s Taiwanese fan meeting sold out as soon as they went on sale.
On May 10, Kim’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, said, “Tickets for Kim’s exclusive fan meeting, which will be held on May 23 at ATT Hall in Taipei, Taiwan, sold out right after they went on sale. We decided to hold a fan meeting to thank Kim’s fans for loving his TV series Protect the Boss.”
Kim will talk about the behind the scene stories for the series. He will also play games with his Chinese fans and sing his songs, including “I’ll Protect You,” which he personally wrote for the series.
Kim sold out his fan meetings in Shanghai and Turkey last year. He also proved his high popularity by being chosen as one of the most searched Hallyu stars on Twitter by a K-pop online site.
A spokesperson for SBS says, “Thanks to the internationally famous Kim, the series is very popular in foreign countries. The series is even been sold to Ukraine for the first time as a Korean TV series. We also felt Kim Jae Joong effect is powerful because he helped the series become the most popular series in Asia.”
Kim is currently shooting MBC’s series Dr. Jin, which will start airing on May 26.
Source: TV Report

Kim Beom to release his first album in Japan

Actor Kim Beom will release his first Japanese album in June.
On May 10, Kim’s agency, King Kong Entertainment, said, “Kim will release his album in Japan in June. It will be his first regular album.”
The agency added, “Kim released his single in Japan last year but he has never released his regular album before. The album, however, doesn’t mean that he will become a singer. It’s just to thank his Japanese fans for supporting him a lot.”
Kim proved that he is a talented actor by appearing on the TV series Padam Padam… His and Her Heartbeat Sound, which went off air in February.
Source: Starnews

Big Bang Shake released in both App Store and Google Play Store

Big Bang Shake, a rhythm action game, including all the songs from Big Bang’s album Alive, was recently released.
On May 10, Dooub, the mobile contents company, released the Big Bang Shake and received an explosive response. The game was released in both the App Store and Google Play Store as a thank you to fans who have waited for the release of the game.
The game includes all songs from Big Bang’s 5th mini album Alive and three songs, including “Love Song,” from their special edition album.
Since Big Bang’s newest album Alive ranked second and fourth on the Japanese and the USA iTunes, the game is expected to receive an explosive response in the App Store as well.
Other hit songs from Big Bang and each member’s solo will also be added to the game later.
The game allows users to make their own notes and enjoy them anytime they want. This awesome feature will bring an unlimited amount of new content.
The game also offers traditional ‘Tap’ style of gameplay as well as a new ‘Shake-Wheel’ mode, using seamless-gesture technology. The ‘Shake-Wheel’ mode will make users feel like a DJ scratching a turntable.
Dooub has created Big Bang Shake’s official Facebook account ( to exchange views with users on the game.
A special teaser video for the game was released on YouTube and Facebook and is receiving a lot of attention even from fans who do not usually play games.
Source: TV Report

TaeTiSeo’s new song downloaded over 600,000 times

SNSD’s unit group TaeTiSeo has ranked at the top of a download chart.
According to Gaon Chart on May 10, the title track of TaeTiSeo’s first mini-album, “Twinkle,” was at the top of a download chart for the second week of May.
The music chart says, “The number of downloading for TaeTiSeo’s ‘Twinkle’ reaches 604,870.”
The group has already grabbed attention for being the first unit group of SNSD. It continues to build reputation with its sophisticated, soulful dance song by giving more emphasis on each member’s distinctive voice.
Last week, Park Jin Young ranked at the top of the download chart leaving “idol” singers behind him. However, he was placed second this week with his new song “You’re the One.” Weekly download hits for this song record 320,845.
His previous song, “Someone Else,” which ranked first last week dropped to sixth with 220,231 hits on download.
IU’s pre-released single “Peach” made its way to the third with the number of 293,888 on download. It became very popular because the singer herself composed it. On the 11th of May, she will release her single Spring of a Twenty-Year-Old.
Ivy’s “Torn Heart” was on the ninth last week, but it went up five rankings to the fourth. Its download hits marked 276,535. The fifth, seventh, and eighth were followed by Sistar’s “Alone” (270,089 downloads), December’s new track “She’s Gone” (204,109 downloads), and Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending” (190,404 downloads).
In the meantime, the top ranking of the album chart for April belongs to the rookie group of SM Entertainment, EXO-K; its first mini-album Mama sold over 61,333 copies. The other team EXO-M’s Mama ranked sixth with the sales record of 32,022 copies.
Source: Starnews

BEAST to visit Thailand B2UTY’s this May!

Good news, Thai B2UTYs! The handsome boys of BEAST will be coming to Thailand this May 26, 2012 (Saturday), for their BEAST World Tour: Beautiful Show concert. As everyone already know BEAST is a popular Korean boy group under Cube Entertainment. They are label mates with 4Minute, G.Na, Huh Gak, APink and BtoB. The group is composed of six charismatic boys namely Dujun, Hyunseung, Junhyung, Yoseob, Gikwang and Dongwoon.
The Beautiful Tour has been going on for three (3) months already. In these three months, the boys did some surprising things that certainly delighted B2UTYs all over the world. Examples would be singing new songs, giving hugs, walking on-stage topless and even taking a lucky fan with them on-stage! Leader Dujun even left a message for Thai B2UTYs, encouraging them to attend the concert, “On this 26th of May, we’re going to have the 2012 BEAUTIFUL SHOW in Bangkok. Please come to our concert. We will show you our full live concert for the first time in Thailand.”
Honestly, with leader Dujun leaving a message such as that how can you possibly not go? Who knows, maybe they’ll delight you with surprises hidden on their sleeves. See below pictures for reference!
Source: M.Y. Entertainment

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk says Ryeowook is pretending

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk made a biting remark on Ryeowook.
On May 10, Ryeowook uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “D-2 Super Show 4 in Tokyo Dome. I’m pretending to be cool. I wasn’t going to upload this one but this was the only picture I had. Have a good day.”
In the picture, Ryeowook and Donghae are staring at the camera in a friendly pose. Ryeowook is lifting the corner of his mouth to make dimples in his cheeks.
At this, Eunhyuk said, “That pretending mouth. I understand. You might want to do that.”
However, Ryeowook wasn’t daunted by Eunhyuk’s biting remark at all but uploaded another picture of himself with Sungmin with the comment, “I’m pretending again. Let’s have fun at Tokyo Dome!”
In the picture, Ryeowook is again lifting the corner of his mouth. At this, Eunhyuk got laughs saying, “I don’t like this one.”
People responded: “They’re so cute,” “He’s not pretending,” “I like their conversation,” “I like when Ryeowook makes his face like that,” “This conversation is so funny,” “Ryeowook is so witty,” “I guess Eunhyuk was sad because Ryeowook didn’t take a picture with him.”
Source: TV Report

SNSD’s Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Jessica say, “We never go on a diet”

SNSD’s Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Jessica revealed how much they weigh.
In the episode of KBS 2TV’s Happy Together 3 that aired on May 10, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Jessica made a guest appearance and frankly said how much they weigh as they were asked why women always keep their weight secret.
In the episode, Jessica said, “My agency said that I weigh 45 kilograms but I sometimes weigh one or two kilograms more.”
Tiffany said, “I weight 46 to 47 kilograms,” and Taeyeon said, “I never go on a diet. I hate exercising.”
At this, host Yoo Jae Suk asked about the SNSD members’ menu, which once attracted wide attention. Tiffany said, “We eat like that when we’re preparing for a new album. We can’t work if we really eat like that.”
In the episode, Tiffany got laughs by saying she somehow looks like comedian Park Ji Sun.
Source: Starnews

Super Junior’s Heechul says he’s now thirty

Super Junior’s Heechul recently said that he’s now thirty years old in Korea.
On May 11, Heechul uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “When I met SHINee’s Taemin at first, he was only 16. My managers said he was the anger version of me. I can’t believe he’s already twenty. But what’s really surprising is that I’m thirty now! I hate to get old!”
The picture shows Heechul and Taemin, comparing the two. Tying their hair back, they both are having big eyes, sharp noses, and nice and thick lips. Heechul is especially attracting attention by complaining that he is thirty this year.
People responded: “The main point of this comment is that Heechul is now thirty years old,” “Guys become real men when they turn thirty,” “Wow, they look so much alike!” “Heechul looks so young!”
Heechul was born on July 10, 1983, and he’s now 28.
Source: Starnews

4Minute’s Hyun Ah and So Hyun pull each other’s hair

A picture of 4Minute’s Hyun Ah and So Hyun pretending to fight, pulling each other’s hair, was recently released.
On May 10, 4Minute’s Ji Hyun uploaded a picture on her Twitter account with the comment, “Please stop our youngest members!”
In the picture, Hyun Ah and So Hyun are frowning, pulling each other’s hair. It seems like Hyun Ah is trying hard not to laugh and So Hyun is making a cute face with her eyes closed. This cute picture attracted many people’s attention.
People responded: “They both are so cute,” “Look at So Hyun. She’s so cute,” “It seems like Hyun Ah will cry soon.”
4Minute are currently promoting their third mini-album Volume Up, released in April.
Source: Starnews

SNSD-Tae Ti Seo enter the top five on the Billboard World Albums Chart for two weeks

Tae Ti Seo, SNSD’s first unit group, entered the top five on the Billboard World Albums Chart for two consecutive weeks with their debut mini-album.
On May 11, the latest chart of the Billboard showed that Tae Ti Seo’s first mini-album Twinkle ranked fifth on the Billboard World Albums Chart. The lead track of the album “Twinkle” was released on iTunes on April 28.
It has dropped to fifth from first last week. However, it entered the top five for two consecutive weeks and proved SNSD’s popularity on a global scale.
Tae Ti Seo ranked 126th on the Billboard 200, the main chart of the Billboard, with Twinkle last week. It was the best record of all Korean artists’. However, they failed to enter the top 200 this time.
Tae Ti Seo’s Twinkle also ranked 27th on Heatseekers Albums Chart, which ranks the latest albums of new artists.
Source: Starnews