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March 27, 2012

U-Kiss returns in April

Boy group U-Kiss will be back performing in Korea in mid-April.
On March 27, according to the group’s agency, U-Kiss recently held their first tour concert in Japan and met over 30,000 fans. Then they returned to Korea to prepare for their comeback.
Many popular songwriters from inside and out of the country worked with U-Kiss and the only thing that the group has to do is choose their title song among over 100 songs.
The agency, NH Media, says, “Since U-Kiss will be back performing for the first time in a long time, many fans are eagerly anticipating their return. The group members are working hard to live up to their expectations.”
U-Kiss will return to performing in Korea in about 7 months. Because the group has been keeping busy in other countries, they couldn’t spend much time with Korean fans. Therefore, U-Kiss is planning to spend a lot of time with Korean fans through their new album.
Along with the group’s return, the youngest member Dongho of the group will appear in cable channel Super Action’s series Holy Land.
Source: Starnews

After JYJ perform at the Blue House, president’s wife greets Yoo Chun and says, “I’m really enjoying The Rooftop Prince.”

JYJ held a special concert at the Blue House for Seoul Nuclear Security Summit.
According to their agency, C-Jes Entertainment, on March 27, JYJ performed on the afternoon at the reception hall of the Blue House for the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit Spouse Event.
Park Yoo Chun, Kim Jun Su, and Kim Jae Joong captivated the guests eyes and pleased their ears by performing “Be My Girl” and “In Heaven.”
The event manager reveals, “I know JYJ as the only group who gained popularity in North Amercia, Europe, and even South America. I really want to express my gratitude to JYJ because the guests including the first lady loved the concert. This has been another opportunity to once again to let the world know of K Pop.”
Sixteen summit couples attended as guests for this event: Bagon, Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Swiss, Singapore, Italy, India, Indonesia, China, Chile, Philippines, UN, and EU.
JYJ states, “We are glad to have been invited to such an important event and introduce the excellence of Korea. We’re happy that we were able to enhance the prestige of Korea after our World Tour. We really wish that the guests make significant memories about Korea even though it has been a brief moment of time.”
The representatives of Swiss, Vietname, Philippines, Chile, South Africa attracted attention because they waited for JYJ and asked to take a picture together. The president’s wife Kim Yoon Ok greeted Park Yoo Chun by saying, “I’m really enjoying the series, The Rooftop Prince.”
JYJ has recently wrapped up their world tour after touring 15 cities. They will be focusing on personal activities such as acting on a TV series, and a musical.
Source: Starnews

2PM will hold a fan meeting on April Fool’s Day “Really?”

2PM will be meeting the fans through an official fan meeting.
On March 27, their agency JYP Entertainment revealed, 2PM plans to hold a fan meeting ‘2PM’s The Hottest Party’ with their official fan club ‘Hottest’ on April 1.
This event will be for the third class of 2PM’s fan club, Hottest. 2PM will provide entertainment and give a powerful concert that many fans will look forward to.
A representative of JYP Entertainment reveals, “All the members are working hard to prepare for the fan meeting. This will be the best fan meeting ever, providing plenty of entertainment and giving laughs. I hope many fans cheer us on and look forward to it.”
2PM’s fan meeting will be held on April 1 at Peace Hall of Kyung Hee University.
Source: Starnews

Love Rain: Jang Keun Suk transforms himself into a romantic archer

Jang Keun Suk transforms himself into an archer.
In the 2nd episode of Love Rain, which aired on March 27, In Ha (Jang Keun Suk) is portrayed expressing his heart to Yoon Hee (Yoona) through a game of archery.
Enjoying a festival with a group of a circle memners, Hye Jung stops in front of a cupid game. The cupid game is a game for a couple, in which one write down a name of his or her loved one on a sketchbook and shoots an arrow on it. If the one hits the target, it is believed that the couple’s love will go on forever, and they get a doll as a gift. In Ha gets involved in the game by Hye Jung’s urging, who wants to get a doll.
Hye Jung feels joyful at receiving a doll from In Ha, who makes it after two trials. She insists In Ha should present Yoon Hee with a doll as well. However, arrows do not help him with hitting the target easily. As Hye Sung says impatiently, “Try to do it properly,” Yoon Hee, feeling uneasy, tries to stop him, saying “You don’t’ have to. Don’t push yourself.”
Dong Wook, who also has a crush on Yoon Hee, tries to snatch the bow from In Ha, but he insists on doing it. Thereby, after three trials, In Ha finally manages to succeed it, thereby expressing his heart to Yoon Hee covertly. Chang Mo (Seo In Guk), however, notices In Ha’s heart to Yoon Hee and feels tense between Dong Wook and In Ha.
Source: TV Report

Chief producer of Invincible Youth 2 makes it clear; “SNSD’s Sunny and Hyoyeon are not getting off the show”

Recently, there has been a report about SNSD’s Sunny and Hyoyeon quitting KBS 2’s Invincible Youth 2;however it turns out to be false.
On March 27, chief producer Kim Ho Sang of the program said in a phone interview with TV Report, “As things are getting arranged on current basis, we cannot be completely open about all related issues. But what we can clearly tell you about the report. Sunny and Hyoyeon are definitely not getting off the show.
Other related issues (about Lee Soo Keun and Ji Hyun Woo quitting the show and being replaced by Kim Shin Young), however, turn out to be true, yet we are restrained from speaking about this in public for now.”
Earlier on the same day, a newspaper agency has initiated the publishing of articles titled, “Lee Soo Keun and Ji Hyun Woo quitting Invincible Youth 2.” Soon, agencies were notified about the rumor that a part of girl group members were getting off as well, specifically naming Sunny and Hyoyeon.
Regarding the issue, JYP declared, “Miss’s Suzy is not getting off,” and Sistar’s agency, Starship Entertainment, agreed by saying, “We haven’t heard a word about this matter.” Boom also keeps his position as the emcee of the show.
Besides the girl group members stated above, Kara’s Kang Jiyoung, f(x)’s Amber, Jewelry’s Kim Ye Won, and Rainbow’s Ko Woo Ri currently appear in the show.
Source: TV Report

Kim Hyung Jun will hold a concert in Japan on Mar. 29

Kim Hyung Jun is holding an exclusive concert in Japan.
On March 28, S Plus, Kim’s agency, reported, “Releasing his first solo album last year and successfully holding a concert titled Summer Festival in Japan, Kim has strengthened his position as a solo singer. This year, he’s holding an exclusive concert in Japan again. He’s flying to Japan on March 28.”
Under the title of Kim Hyung Jun 2012 1st Story in Japan, He’s holding total six concerts in such cities as Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo from March 29 to April 7. He will be meeting approximately 8,000 fans in Japan.
Because the drama series Glowing She, in which Kim played a leading role, is currently airing on KNTV in Japan, he’ll also hold a promotional concert along with his exclusive concert. Debuting as an actor in the series, he received a favorable review for his acting.
After finishing the tour in Japan, he’ll start shooting the drama series Late Blossom, playing the role of Jung Min Chae, a smart public service worker.
Source: TV Report

CNBLUE’s new album sells over 13,000 copies in one day

Group CNBLUE is showing off their power in album sales.
The group released their third mini album Ear Fun and held a press conference in Seoul on March 26. Their album sold over 13,000 copies in one day, proving that the group is very popular.
CNBLUE’s song ranked first and their album also ranked first in album sales. Through the album, CNBLUE went back to the first goals and intentions they had to enjoy music with passion and dreams.
The group released their new album, composed of modern rock, one year after their last album. The album includes six songs in total, including the title song “Hey You,” “I Still Love You,” “Dream Boy,” “Rock’n'roll,” “Run,” and “In My Head.”
The title song “Hey You” is a modern rocker, with shuffle rhythms. Bright melodies and emotional lyrics complement the song, portraying a person who misses his ex lover.
CNBLUE will appear on Mnet’s M Countdown on March 29, on KBS’s Music Bank on March 30, and on MBC’sShow Music Core on March 31.
Source: TV Report

IU opens a Twitter account: “Hey there, it’s IU”

Recently, singer IU has created an account on Twitter, gathering fans’ attention. 
On March 26, the star joined Twitter and left her first tweet, “I created a Twitter account~ Let’s get it started~!” 
She made the account with her real name “Lee Ji Eun” and introduced herself in a cute manner with the comment “Hello there. I’m IU. Bangga Bangga. 
Her default picture shows her hair particularly braided in the shape of antlers. She is also making a V sign towards the camera. 
Fans who saw her tweet comment: “It’s Ji Eunnie! Ji Eunnie!” “IU’s on Twitter!” “I love you, Ji Eun.” “Look at her picture~ She’s a cutie.”
Source: Starnews

Brown Eyed Girls look fabulous in Hong Kong.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In recently posted a picture of the group members.
On March 26, Ga In posted a picture of the group having fun in Hong Kong on her mini hompage.
In the picture, Ga In and the members are posing in comfortable clothes at a restaurant in Hong Kong. Ga In’s chic appearance drew a lot of attention.
People who saw the picture responded: “They look more beautiful than ever.” “When are you going to release your new album?” “You guys are shining in Hong Kong.”
Brown Eyed Girls flew to Hong Kong on March 21 to attend the ‘Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival.’
Source: TV Report

JYJ’s Kim Jae-joong tweets about stalker fan scandal

Kim Jae-joong from JYJ, who has been under fire for his verbal and physical attack of fans that went public on the Web earlier this month, has shared his side of the story.
On March 23, Kim used Twitter account to explain that he was taking time to reflect on his past wrong-doings.
“I thought I was strong, but to witness myself falling like this is a lesson in humility. I’m ashamed and feel sorry for those who continually support me. I’ve been thinking a lot lately. They say that you know that you are young when you feel pain, and maybe I should be open to pain during these times,” tweeted Kim.
On March 6, sound recording surfaced online of Kim swearing at and hitting female fans who had been stalking him for around two years.
Since then, Kim’s actions — as well as those of the stalker fans — have been hotly debated in the Korean media.
Then on March 20, another media outlet uploaded more sound files from the incident, which resulted in a declaration from JYJ’s agency that it would sue.
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SNSD and Super Junior become stockholders of SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment, one of the biggest agencies in Korea and a listed company on the KOSDAQ, increases its capital by issuing new stocks to artists who belong to the company. Thereby, SM’s singers, including SNSD, Super Junior, and others become stockholders of the agency.
According to the e-public disclosure made by the Korean Financial Supervisory Service on March 26, SM Entertainment is to increase its capital of a billion won by issuing new stocks to artists who belong to the company, including Kang Ta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(X), and others.
A total of 22,120 stocks are to be issued with a stock price of 44,550 won per stock. SM is to increase its capital by 978,810,000 won.
Most singers, including Kang Ta, BoA, and members of SNSD and Super Junior, are assigned 680 stocks each while members of SHINee and f(X) are assigned 340 stocks each.
SM announced, “We decided to issue new stocks to artist in order to strengthen the partnership between the company and the artists. With this stock issuing, the artists are encouraged to share SM’s visions and actively get involved with it.”
Source: Starnews

Fashion King’s O.S.T receives wide attention

The O.S.T of SBS TV’s drama series Fashion King is currently receiving wide attention.
As Lee Jin Sung (of Monday Kids)’s “I Dream of You,” which was unveiled in the first episode of the series, received a favorable review, other sound tracks are also receiving wide attention.
“I Dream of You” is produced by the popular producer RARA-AVIS and written by Kim Yi Na, and it is receiving an enthusiastic response from the viewers as Lee’s sad voice perfectly suits the series.
As befitted the big scale of the series as shown through the scenes shot in the U.S., many good songs are expected to be introduced.
Eyagi Entertainment, the production company of Fashion King‘s O.S.T, says, “The best producers and singers participated in the sound track album. The sound track will be introduced as the series goes on.”
Because the drama O.S.T market is rapidly growing now, many people are expecting that the O.S.T of Fashion King will also succeed as the series becomes more popular.
As the series recorded a two-digit viewing rate in the first episode, many people are waiting for the part two and three of the O.S.T., as well.
Fashion King is a story about four young people who dream of becoming world-renowned fashion designers, and their work and love. It stars Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Lee Je Hoon, and SNSD’s Yuri.
Source: TV Report