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March 04, 2012

B1A4′s Baro and Gongchan in animal costumes: What’s happening?

B1A4′s Baro and Gongchan have recently attracted attention by getting around the downtown areas in Seoul in animal costumes.
B1A4 appeared on Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News, which will air on March 2, and received a mission to make two million Twitter followers in twelve weeks.
To promote themselves, Baro and Gongchan decided to make a UCC to promote the city of Seoul and filmed the UCC, getting around nearly ten downtown areas in Seoul in squirrel and tiger costumes. They also danced and sang “Princess Squirrel,” which they made for this UCC, with people.
Sandeul decided to become Shinwoo’s one-day manager and went to a production report conference of KBS 2TV’s sitcom I Need A Fairy, having a hard time to distribute his business card to reporters.
Source: TV Report

Big Bang says, “All songs from our new album are the title songs”

Big Bang have attracted attention by announcing that all songs from their new album are the title songs.
On March 2 at 5 p.m., Big Bang had a press interview in advance of their world tour, 2012 Big Bang Alive Tour, which takes place at the Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park, Seoul.
At the press interview, Big Bang’s T.O.P talked about how they are going to promote and perform the title songs of their new album. He said, “We’ll perform one or two songs every week on TV music programs. Rather than fixing the period of time to promote each song, we’ll just perform one or two songs a week.”
G-Dragon said, “Because all tracks of our new album are very different in style, our performance for each song will also change. I think many people will like our performances. Because all tracks from our new album are the title songs, we’ll perform different songs every week. You’ll see.”
Big Bang’s fifth mini album ALIVE has attracted wide attention as all songs from the album are the title songs. As each song has its own distinctive style, Big Bang will give a different performance for each song.
Along with the release of their new album, Big Bang are also having their first world tour. In collaboration with Live Nation, the world-renowned production agency that produced concerts of such world stars as Lady Gaga and Madonna, Big Bang are holding 2012 Big Show – Big Bang ALIVE Tour at the Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Park from March 2 to 4.
Source: TV Report

U-KISS enter the top 10 on Oricon Chart

U-KISS, having recently released an album in Japan, has entered the top 10 on Oricon Chart.
On March 2, NH Media, U-Kiss’s agency, said U-KISS’s new single Forbidden Love, released in Japan on February 29, ranked ninth on Oricon Daily Single Chart, and their full-length album A Shared Dream ranked sixth on Oricon Daily Album Chart.
Because U-KISS are planning to do a national tour in Japan, starting from Sapporo on March 2 to Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Tokyo, entering the top 10 on Oricon Chart will be a dynamic force for their tour.
U-Kiss’s agency says, “Many countries, such as Thailand, Taiwan, China, U.S., and Vietnam, are inquiring about the availability of U-KISS to visit their countries. Because we don’t just want to visit the countries for promotional events, we’re currently finding ways to do volunteer work together in collaboration with some relief organizations.”
U-KISS are going to finish their national tour in Japan at the end of this month and come back to Korea to start promoting and performing their new album from April.
Source: Starnews

This week’s MBC Music Core March 3, 2012

This week’s MBC Music Core March 3, 2012
Today MC : SNSD Taeyeon, Seohyun, Tiffany
Hot Stage : FTIsland “Severely”, miss-A “Touch”, MBLAQ “RUN”, B.A.P “Secret Love”
Comeback Stage : TONY & Smash “Get Your Swang On”
Goodbye Stage : Miryo “Dirty”, Teen Top “Girl Friend”
This week’s cats were WE, JIGGY DOGG, ChoColat, Yeon Ji Hoo, Stellar, ChAOS, TONY & Smash, Brave Girls, EXID, SPICA, Ailee, Miryo, Brian Joo, B.A.P, Dal Shabet, SunnyHill, MBLAQ, Teen Top, miss-A, FTIsland and K.will.

K.will “I Need You”

FTIsland “Severely”

miss-A “Touch”


B.A.P “Secret Love”

Miryo “Dirty”

Teen Top “Girl Friend”

Dal Shabet “Hit U”

Ailee “Heaven”

EXID “Whoz That Girl”

Brave Girls “Whay You Been Up To”

ChAOS “Last Night”

Stellar “U.F.O”

Yeon Ji Hoo “She’s Going Follow Me”

ChoColat “Same Thing to Her”

JIGGY DOGG “Empty Your Mind”

WE “Party”

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SNSD and Dangerous Boys broadcasts unveiled scenes

SNSD and Dangerous Boys is to broadcast some of the unveiled cuts of SNSD.
For two episodes in a row, from March 4 to 12, JTBC’s SNSD and Dangerous Boys programs to air some unveiled scenes and the most interesting episodes selected by viewers.
The upcoming broadcasts are expected to entertain audience with interesting and touching scenes by including an episode in which SNSD and mothers of the “dangerous boys” are gathered together in some activities to bond with each other.
The four “dangerous boys” of the program began their first shooting on November 20 last year and put their foot in the world of dance. After eleven weeks of camp training, they ended the program with a successful performance on Street Jam Dance Contest on February 5.
Source: TV Report

Average height of Korean pop idol groups

Recently, a summary of the average height of Korean male and female idol groups surfaced on the internet. They were categorized in five different categories: Giant, Tall, Average, Short and Super Short. Let’s find out which idol groups are the giant and which idol groups are the shortest!
K-pop girl groups
Nine Muses
Nine Muses (Photo: Nate)
Nine Muses – 171.9 (5 feet and 7.67 inches)
Dal Shabet – 169.3 (5 feet and 6.65 inches)
Rania – 168.8 (5 feet and 6.45 inches)
After School- 168.5 (5 feet and 6.33 inches)
Tall Groups
CSJH – 167.5 (5 feet and 5.94 inches)
SPICA – 167.4 (5 feet and 5.90 inches)
Chocolat - 167.0 (5 feet and 5.74 inches)
f(x) - 166.8 (5 feet and 5.66 inches)
Average Height Groups
SISTAR – 166.0 (5 feet and 5.35 inches)
A-Pink – 165.4 (5 feet and 5.11 inches)
5 Dolls – 165.2 (5 feet and 5.03 inches)
Davichi - 165.0 (5 feet and 4.96 inches)
Short Groups 
T-ara (Photo: Naver)
miss A – 164.2 (5 feet and 4.64 inches)
T-ara – 164.1 (5 feet and 4.60 inches)
Jewelry – 163.8 (5 feet and 4.48 inches)
4minute - 163.8 (5 feet and 4.48 inches)
Piggy Dolls – 163.7 (5 feet and 4.44 inches)
Wonder Girls - 163.6 (5 feet and 4.40 inches)
Girls’ Generation – 163.5 (5 feet and 4.37 inches)
Very Short Group 
Brown Eyed Girls (Photo: Naver)
KARA - 162.6 (5 feet and 4.01 inches)
2NE1 - 162.5 (5 feet and 3.97 inches)
SECRET – 160.8 (5 feet and 3.30 inches)
Brown Eyed Girls – 160.0 (5 feet and 2.99 inches)
Giant idol group, Nine Muses is known for their height and model allure, while many popular girl groups such as T-ara, Wonder Girls, Girls Generation(SNSD), KARA, 2NE1 and Brown Eyed Girls falls in the “Short” and “Shortest” categories. Fort the case of Brown Eyed Girls, the taller members are Ga-in and Miryo, with a height of 160cm. Jea stands at 159cm while the shortest member is Narsha – with a height of 158cm.
K-pop boy groups
Giant Groups 
X-5 (Photo: Nate)
X5 - 186.2 (6 feet and 1.30 inches)
FOCUS - 183.0 (6 feet and 0.04 inches)
Supernova – 183.0 (6 feet and 0.04 inches)
CNBLUE - 183.0 (6 feet and 0.04 inches)
CO-ED School (SPEED) – 182.6 (5 feet and 11.88 inches)
SS501 - 181.2 (5 feet and 11.33 inches)
TVXQ - 181.2 (5 feet and 11.33 inches)
2AM – 181.1 (5 feet and 11.29 inches)
Tall Groups
2PM – 180.8 (5 feet and 11.18 inches)
AA - 180.6 (5 feet and 11.10 inches)
U-KISS - 180.5 (5 feet and 11.06 inches)
HITT – 180.1 (5 feet and 10.90 inches)
B1A4 – 179.4 (5 feet and 10.62 inches)
M.I.B – 179.2 (5 feet and 10.55 inches)
BoM - 179.0 (5 feet and 10.47 inches)
TOUCH – 179.0 (5 feet and 10.47 inches)
CHAOS - 179.0 (5 feet and 10.47 inches)
Average Groups
B.A.P – 178.8 (5 feet and 10.30 inches)
SHINee - 178.8 (5 feet and 10.30 inches)
MYNAME - 178.4 (5 feet and 10.23 inches)
MBLAQ – 178.4 (5 feet and 10.23 inches)
ZE:A - 178.2 (5 feet and 10.15 inches)
Super Junior - 178.0 (5 feet and 10.07 inches)
Twi-light – 178.0 (5 feet and 10.07 inches)
Short Groups
INFINITE (Photo: Naver)
INFINITE – 177.8 (5 feet and 10.00 inches)
Block B – 177.4 (5 feet and 9.84 inches)
Boyfriend – 177.3 (5 feet and 9.80 inches)
Big Bang – 177.2 (5 feet and 9.76 inches)
Very Short Groups
teen top
Teen Top (Photo: Naver)
N-Train : 176.6 (5 feet and 9.52 inches)
Dalmatian – 176.6 (5 feet and 9.52 inches)
FT Island – 176.6 (5 feet and 9.52 inches)
The BOSS – 176.4 (5 feet and 9.44 inches)
B2ST – 175.6 (5 feet and 9.13 inches)
TEEN TOP – 175.1 (5 feet and 8.93 inches)
Rookie group X-5, who debuted in 2011 is the giant of the list of K-pop idols. The tallest member of X-5 is Jin, with a height of 189 cm and the shortest member is Geon, with a height of 183cm. On the other hand, male groups that had won many recognition last year such as INFINITE, B2ST and Teen Top are the “short idols”. For the case of B2ST, there are two relatively short members; Kikwang and Yoseob who are both about 170cm.