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April 03, 2012

Super Junior’s Sungmin takes part in the production of the sound track for I Need a Fairy

Super Junior’s Sungmin is in the limelight for recently taking part in the production of the sound track for KBS’sI Need a Fairy.
While Super Junior having been active in sound track field, Sungmin participated in the production of the sound track for I Need a Fairy. The Super Junior heartthrob is causing a sensation with the song “Oh Wa.”
The song was produced Hwang Sang Joon, a music director who is a famous for movie Dancing Queen, TV series God of War, and others. Also, its addictive highlight and dance melodies make a perfect combination with Sungmin’s ethereal, falsetto vocal.
Its lyrics were written by Moon Doo Ri, a song writer who wrote “Inwoo,” sung by Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. The song tells a positive, refreshing story, saying that you should come to me anytime and we should be together.
The soundtrack was released on March 29 on a number of music sites and is creating an issue.
Source: JTN

This week’s ranking on SBS Inkigayo for April 1, 2012

This week’s ranking on SBS Inkigayo for April 1, 2012
Today MC : IU, Goo HARA, Nicole
This week’s Mutizen Song : SHINee “Sherlock”
This week’s Take Seven :
#1. 2AM ”I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me”
#2. SHINee “Sherlock”
#3. BigBang “Bad Boy”, “Fantastic Baby”
#4. Lyn “Bear Doll”
#5. K.will “I Need You”
#6. Ailee “Heaven”
#7. B1A4 “Baby I’m Sorry”
Comeback Special : CNBLue “Still in Love”, “Hey You”
New Song : SPICA “Pain Killer”
Goodbye Stage
-miss-A “Over U”
-K.will “I Need You”
Inkygayo Campaign Song : G.NA & BTOB “Traffic Safety Song”
This week’s cats were Bohemian, C-REAL, X-CROSS, Taw & HAHA, Nine Muses, BTOB, SPICA, Ailee, NU’EST, B1A4, Lyn, K.will, miss-A, 2AM, Shinee, CNBLue and BigBang.

SHINee “Sherlock”

BigBang “Bad Boy”, “Fantastic Baby”

2AM ”I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me”

B1A4 “Baby I’m Sorry”

CNBLue “Still in Love”, “Hey You”

miss-A “Over U”

BTOB “Insane”

Nine Muses “Ticket”

Taw & HAHA ”The Person By My Arm”

X-CROSS “Padam Padam”

Bohemian “Do’t Sick”
Source :
CNBLue “Still in Love”, “Hey You”

B2ST’s Gi Kwang is touched by his surprise birthday party

B2ST’s Gi Kwang was touched by his surprise birthday party prepared by his fans.
Gi Kwang was moved to tears by the surprise birthday gift from his fans at 2012 B2ST World Tour Beautiful Show in Taiwan, which took place at the National University Gymnasium in Taiwan on March 31 at 7:00 p.m.
In the middle of the concert, B2ST fans played a video they personally made. As the video included several pictures of B2ST members and their activities, all B2ST members, including Gi Kwang, were moved by it.
In addition to this, the fans cried out, “Go! B2ST,” holding placards that read “I Love B2ST.” Moved by the fans’ enthusiasm and love, B2ST said, “We’ll do our best to be a better group!”
Gi Kwang says, “I didn’t expect the birthday party at all because my birthday was March 30. I was really moved by the video prepared by the fans. I could feel that they really love us. All B2ST members were moved by the surprise birthday party.”
Successfully finishing their concerts in Taiwan on March 31 and April 1, B2ST will now focus on the next concert in Thailand, scheduled to be held in May.
Source: TV Report

4minute’s Hyun Ah makes reckless remark? “I gained weight”

4minute’s Hyun Ah recently appeared on cable channel Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News and said, “I gained weight.”
In the April 2 episode of the show, Hyun Ah takes a pictorial and gives an honest interview.
Hyun Ah says, “I have gained some weight these days. I tend to eat to relieve my stress but since many people are paying attention to my figure, I feel pressured sometimes.”
“I often take the stairs instead of using elevators. And when I have cravings for something, I think one more time if I really want to eat it or not and it really helps me a lot.”
Hyun Ah also talks about how to take a good self portrait. She says that you need to be close to a bright light and hold the camera little higher.
Source: TV Report

miss A’s Suzy, “I asked a male idol for his phone number”

miss A’s Suzy recently said that she asked a male idol star for his phone number.
Suzy attended the recording for MBC’s Come To Play and talked about love affairs among idol groups.
According to the production crew, Suzy honestly said, “I have asked a male idol star for his phone number.”
Yoo Jae Seok and Kim Won Hee, MCs for the show, asked her whose phone number she asked for. Suzy’s answer will be revealed on the show.
Other singers, who are keeping busy these days, gave Suzy heartfelt advice and moved her to tears. The show will air on April 2 at night.
Source: TV Report

B2ST’s Yang Yo Seop, “Where is my queen?”

B2ST’s Yang Yo Seop recently released a self portrait and drew a lot of attention.
On April 2, Yang tweeted a picture with the comment, “A little present. I’m looking for my queen. Where is my queen?”
In the picture, Yang is making a cute face while wearing a crown. His milky white skin and dark eyebrows and hair captured the public’s attention.
People responded: “Yang looks so cute.” “He looks great in a crown.” “He is such a cute creature.” “Who will be his queen?”
Source: TV Report

Embarrassing video of SNSD’s Yuri revealed?

An embarrassing video of SNSD’s Yuri has been revealed.
Recently on an online community board, a video titled ‘Yuri becoming timid all of a sudden.’ was uploaded.
Yuri and Yoona appear in the video. Yoona is getting off the car from the back door and Yuri is getting off the car from the front door. However, Yuri got stuck in the middle because they opened the door at the same time.
Netizens commented: “Why is that embarrassing? Things like that can happen.” “Yuri’s so cute. I want to bite her.” “That happened to me too. That would throw someone off.”
Currently, Yuri is establishing her foothold not as a singer, but as an actress by appearing on SBS TV’sFashion King.
Source: TV Report

NU’EST’s Baekho is backed up by After School’s UEE

Baekho of rookie group NU’EST seems to be enjoying some limelight for his relationship with After School’s UEE.
Baekho recently posted a picture on his me2day account with the comment, “This is a jacket what UEE picked out in person for me! And the jacket is designed by Park Yoom Soo, one of the top designers in Korea. UEE’s support really backs me up! And I really like this jacket. I think the white tiger(baekho) is cool. Do you think it means me or this clothes?
A source from their agency says, “UEE herself recommend Baekho wear her outfit that she got for present, and she lent it to him, saying the outfit would perfectly match him considering his name, performances and others.”
The jacket Baekho is wearing is designed by Park Yoon Soo, and it was released to public during the shooting for the project for the promotion of UNICEF’s Awoo Dolls.” After the shooting, designer Park reportedly presented UEE with the doll in return for her participation for the meaningful event.”
Netizens responded: “The clothes match him perfectly.” “It looks like the clothes were designed for him.” “What a firm relationship between UEE and Baekho?”
NU’EST is currently active with the title song “FACE.”

2PM makes fans cry, but not from sadness

At its March 27 fan meeting, billed “2PM’s The Hottest Party,” the band had its 4,000 fans laughing and crying through various comedy sketches performed by band members at Kyunghee University.
In an unexpected twist, the band devoted as much time to parodying popular TV shows as it did performing songs. Everything from “Life and Health,” “Live Today,” “Animal Kingdom” and K-dramas were acted out by the band members.
The boy band even had a go at mimicking hit-drama “The Moon Embracing the Sun.” Taecyeon took on dual characters, while Nichkhun’s impersonation of the queen of the Joseon dynasty had the fans in stitches.
During a special segment in which the members read questions asked by fans, Nichkhun showed an insightful side by advising fans to “look at the inner beauty” in a person when searching for a romantic partner.
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

SM to hold hallyu concert in LA with MBC

MBC will hold a hallyu concert with SM Entertainment, one of the biggest entertainment agencies in Korea.

On April 3, MBC announced, “We will hold the ‘MBC Korean Music Wave in LA’ at Honda Center, Anaheim on May 20.”

Singers, including, SNSD, TVXQ, SHINee, and f(x) from SM Entertainment will attend the concert.

MBC said, “The concert will please the eyes and ears of music fans from all over the world with an upgraded stage and repertoire. The singers will also collaborate on high quality performances.”

The concert will air on MBC with the title, ‘MBC Korean Music Wave in LA – SM Town Special!’ Besides the concert, the backstage scene will also air on TV.
Source: TV Report

Super Show 4 is coming to Australia this May

Who said Oceania has been forgotten by the Hallyu Wave? After the K-pop Music Fest in Sydney concert last  November, another major K-pop event will be held in Australia. This time popular South Korean boy groupSuper Junior will be coming to Sydney, Australia, on May 5 this year as part of their Super Show 4 world tour, proudly brought to you by JK Entertainment in collaboration with SM Entertainment and Dreammaker.
So far, Super Junior has already performed to 15 full houses in six cities in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Macau, and Thailand with great success and tremendous support from the crowds attending. Super Junior will bring you an unforgettable night with great performances of their famous songs, including “Sorry Sorry,” “Mr.Simple,” and many more, and there will be individual performances by each member iwith amazing sound and light effects in a show lasting approximately three hours.
If you’re a K-pop fan in Australia, this is the concert that you really don’t want to miss.
Check out all the details at the site linked to below:
Date:  5th May 2012
Venue:  Allphones Arena, Sydney, Australia
Any news related to this event will be updated on our site, so please look out for our updates!