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April 25, 2012

On ‘Love Rain,’ Jang Keun Suk plays an evil spirit

Jang Keun Suk has come to life again.
Jang is getting a lot of attention from in and outside of Korea, including Japan, by appearing on KBS’s seriesLove Rain as a lead actor. But the audience rating was lower than what was expected.
The series received single digit audience rating and placed at the bottom among other TV dramas airing at the same time. The series, composed of 20 episodes, has aired 10 episodes so far. The average audience rating is 5.0 percent, which is a very disappointing result. MBC’s series Light and Shadow, received 20 percent of the average audience rating and ranked first.
Love Rain is about a man and woman who shared unfulfilled love in the 70s who will fall in love each other in 2012. Jang is playing the double role from the 70s and in 2012.
Some people say the series is old-fashioned and some people say that Jang looks awkward acting like a model student in the 70s.
However, the officials for the series are consenting to the reviews. They were supposed to air 5 to 6 episodes featuring the 70s but they only aired 4 episodes. From the 5th episode, Jang and SNSD’s Yoona are performing modern characters.
In the 70s, Jang played the classic guitar and studied hard. But in 2012, he transformed into a licentious photographer saying, “I can attract any girls in three seconds if I want to.” People say Jang has come to life again. He is playing the role of an arrogant and menacing icon who can kill people with words.
He says, “No one made my heart flutter but I like you. So you have to be my girlfriend.” His obstinate love captured Yoona in the series.
A spokesperson for the series says, “We consented to the audience saying the 70s is old fashioned and boring. So we jumped into 2012, where Jang can show off his charms.”
Even though Jang is showing off his evil spirit, the audience is hardly changing their minds. The low audience rating makes the officials draw a deep breath.
Source: Starnews

K-pop photography exhibition in Thailand

A charity photo exhibition featuring K-pop stars is being held in Bangkok from April 26 until May 20. Featured stars include T-ara, Secret, 4Minute, Nine Muses, FT Island and ZE:A.
The event entitled “Korea Big Star Photo Exhibition” is a free showcase for fans and exhibits the works of photographer Kim Hyo-bum and Issue Daily’s reporter Song Jae-won.
At the exhibit, personal items belonging to the stars will also be sold for charity.
Some of the items to be sold include signed CDs and outfits worn by 4Minute, Nine Muses and ZE:A.
“There is a lot of curiosity among foreign fans about K-pop stars. You will be able to catch glimpses of K-pop stars like never before,” said Kim.
By Carla Sunwoo []
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

SHINee start their concert tour in Japan

SHINee will start their first concert tour in Japan.
Starting from Fukuoka on April 25, SHINee will hold a concert tour, titled The First Japan Arena Tour SHINee World 2012, all over Japan. It’s their first concert tour in Japan.
Including Fukuoka, SHINee will hold the concert in seven cities in Japan, such as Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyoto. As the tour receives an enthusiastic response from the fans, SHINee are holding six more concerts and therefore total twenty concerts. The total profit from the ticket sales is over 30 billion won. SM Entertainment, SHINee’s agency, is expecting that the tour will attract at least 250,000 audiences.
Coming back to the music scene in March after a year and a half, SHINee topped the charts on TV music programs with “Sherlock” from their fourth minialbum.
SHINee debuted in Japan in June last year with their first single album Replay. Their debut showcase was held at Abbey Road Studios, London, which is well-known as a studio of The Beatles.
After their debut, three single albums of SHINee’s entered the top three of the weekly single chart of Oricon. SHINee are the first foreign group who made such an achievement in 44 years of the history of the Oricon.
SHINee will release a new single album, Sherlock, on May 16 in Japan during their tour.
Source: Starnews

T-ara creates their official fan club on July 14

Girl group T-ara will create their first official fan club three years after their debut.
On April 25, T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, said that T-ara will hold a ceremony to create their official fan club on July 14 at Kyunghee University.
T-ara debuted in 2009 and has become one of the most popular girl groups in Korea by releasing several hit songs, including, “Lie,” “Bo Peep Bo Peep,” “Roly Poly,” “Cry Cry,” and “Lovey-Dovey.” However, unlike other popular girl groups, T-ara has never created an official fan club.
The group wanted to become a beloved group among people in various age groups rather than having specific fandom. They finally decided to create a fan club to thank their fans for their support.
T-ara members are very excited to create the official fan club. They released a picture of them holding a note saying, “Come to the inaugural ceremony of our fan club on Junly 14.”
The group will announce how people can apply for attending the ceremony at a later date on their official fansite. T-ara is also accepting names for their official fan club.
T-ara will hold a Japanese concert in June and release a new album in Korea in July.
Source: Starnews

T-ara’s Hyomin captures Bo Ram with a wink

T-ara’s Hyomin is getting a lot of attention by winking at the camera.
On April 25, Hyomin tweeted a picture with the comment, “I will capture you with a wink.”
In the picture, Hyomin is winking at the camera. She is wearing a denim shirt with black sheer sleeves. She is appealing to the public with a chic wink. Bo Ram, is standing behind Hyomin and covering her face with her hands, while capturing the public’s attention.
People responded: “Hyomin’s wink makes my heart flutter.” “Hyomin and Bo Ram are cute.” “Hyomin looks lovely while winking.” “What are they doing?”
Source: TV Report

Lee Hyo Ri and G.Na show off their sexy and voluptuous bodies

Pictures of singer Lee Hyori and G.Na wearing swimsuits have been revealed.
Recently on an online community board, a post titled, “Lee Hyo Ri and G.Na wearing same swimsuits” was uploaded.
Both Hyo Ri and G.Na are wearing swimsuits that expose their waist, revealing their sexy S line. Along with the sexy swimsuits, Lee wore smoky make-up that are quite provacative, and G.Na showed off her innocent beauty with her clear skin.
Netizens commented: “Lee Hyo Ri and G.Na’s bodies are excellent.” “I’m so jealous that they have such nice bodies.” “Not only do they have sexy bodies, but they are pretty.” “It’s so breathtaking.”
Previously on April 16 and 23, Lee Hyo Ri attracted attention by candidly confessing her thoughts on SBS TV’sHealing Camp, Aren’t You Happy.
Source: TV Report

Big Bang to start a Japanese Concert Tour in May with 150,000 fans

Five member idol group Big Bang will start their grand Japanese Concert Tour in May.
According to Big Bang agency, YG Entertainment, on April 25, Big Bang will hold a solo concert in 5 cities and perform 13 times starting from mid-May. The Japanese Concert Tour, which will be a part of Big Bang’s World Tour, will accumulate approximately 150,000 audience.
Big Bang who finished their Seoul Concert in success in early March, Big Bang made big hits with “Blue” “Fantastic Baby” and “Bad Boy” from their fifth mini album, which was released at the end of February and sold more than 270,000 copies. Because of all these achievements, many people are looking forward and have high expectations about the upcoming concerts in Japan.
Big Bang will wrap up their activities of their fifth album by making their last appearance on SBS’s Inkigayo on April 29.
Source: Starnews

CN Blue song gets on ‘Gossip Girl’

CN Blue member Lee Jong-hyun’s self-composed song “Get Away” has been selected to end each show of the third season of “Gossip Girl” on Japanese television.
FNC Music announced that from Tuesday, “Lee’s song will play as the credits roll.”
“Get Away” was included on CN Blue’s Japanese EP “Where you Are” and is a favorite among the group’s fan base in that country.
“Gossip Girl” is a U.S. drama about a group of young people living the high life in New York. It is one of the most watched and followed shows among younger audiences worldwide.
Meanwhile, Lee is set to star in the SBS drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity” to start airing from mid-May, and his boy band released its third EP, “Ear Fun,” on March 26.
The “flower boy band,” so named for its pretty boy looks, has achieved great success, with the EP topping various weekly charts since its release.
On March 9, the band joined fellow agency member FT Island for a concert in Los Angeles.
By Carla Sunwoo
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

The Rooftop Prince becoming more popular throughout the world

SBS’s drama series The Rooftop Prince (written by Lee Hee Myung, directed by Shin Yoon Seop) is becoming more and more popular throughout the world.
Recently, SBS was offered an unusual interview. In fact, it is a rare case for a foreign country to dispatch a reporter to cover a drama series which is actively on air in Korea. However, NBC Universal from Singapore has revealed its hope to visit Korea to cover The Rooftop Prince.
On April 24, reporter Nini Yusof who visited SBS from Singapore explained the local reaction to the series, “The Rooftop Prince is very popular in Singapore. After a few hours of the broadcast in Korea, the episode will be translated in many different languages on the Internet. As a worker in the field of media, I’m simply surprised and envious of this explosive popularity of a Korean drama series.”
On hearing this, producer Shin Yoon Seop expressed his gratitude and said, “The series has just gone over the middle phase, and we are having a hard time shooting. But as we receive positive feedback from the viewers, we’re trying to cheer up and have fun shooting. I’m so grateful to hear that people outside the country are interested in watching our series, and it makes us feel more responsible shooting it.”
NBC Universal will broadcast the coverage to 33 million households in the Asia Pacific area, bringing the reputation of the series seven more higher.
The series builds more expectations as Park Ha (played by Han Jin Mi) has confessed her feelings for the prince (played by Park Yoo Chun) by texting, making viewers more curious about how their romantic relationship will develop. The next episode airs on April 25 at 9:55 p.m.
Source: TV Report

A teaser video of Taeyeon of SNSD-Tae Ti Seo will be released on Apr. 25

A teaser video of Taeyeon of SNSD-Tae Ti Seo will be released soon.
Released on SNSD’s official website, SNSD’s YouTube channel, SM Town’s YouTube channel, SNSD’s Facebook account, SM Town’s Facebook account, Naver, Melon, and Gini on April 25, the teaser video will show Taeyeon’s distinctive looks.
Starting from Taeyeon, teaser videos of other SNSD-Tae Ti Seo members will also be released one by one.
However, SNSD-Tae Ti Seo haven’t opened anything about their music and performance yet, and many music fans are now curious about their new album.
All songs from SNSD-Tae Ti Seo’s minialbum will be released to the world through iTunes on April 29. Including photos, which are different from the ones included in the offline album, the members’ voice messages about their favorite songs from the album will also be provided together.

Source: TV Report