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April 25, 2012

On ‘Love Rain,’ Jang Keun Suk plays an evil spirit

Jang Keun Suk has come to life again.
Jang is getting a lot of attention from in and outside of Korea, including Japan, by appearing on KBS’s seriesLove Rain as a lead actor. But the audience rating was lower than what was expected.
The series received single digit audience rating and placed at the bottom among other TV dramas airing at the same time. The series, composed of 20 episodes, has aired 10 episodes so far. The average audience rating is 5.0 percent, which is a very disappointing result. MBC’s series Light and Shadow, received 20 percent of the average audience rating and ranked first.
Love Rain is about a man and woman who shared unfulfilled love in the 70s who will fall in love each other in 2012. Jang is playing the double role from the 70s and in 2012.
Some people say the series is old-fashioned and some people say that Jang looks awkward acting like a model student in the 70s.
However, the officials for the series are consenting to the reviews. They were supposed to air 5 to 6 episodes featuring the 70s but they only aired 4 episodes. From the 5th episode, Jang and SNSD’s Yoona are performing modern characters.
In the 70s, Jang played the classic guitar and studied hard. But in 2012, he transformed into a licentious photographer saying, “I can attract any girls in three seconds if I want to.” People say Jang has come to life again. He is playing the role of an arrogant and menacing icon who can kill people with words.
He says, “No one made my heart flutter but I like you. So you have to be my girlfriend.” His obstinate love captured Yoona in the series.
A spokesperson for the series says, “We consented to the audience saying the 70s is old fashioned and boring. So we jumped into 2012, where Jang can show off his charms.”
Even though Jang is showing off his evil spirit, the audience is hardly changing their minds. The low audience rating makes the officials draw a deep breath.
Source: Starnews

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