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April 06, 2012

IU holds a first exclusive concert tour nationwide

IU is finally holding a first exclusive concert tour nationwide.
IU is holding her first exclusive concert tour titled Real Fantasy four years after her debut. On April 5, she announced the news on her Twitter account and attracted many music fans’ attention.
On April 6, Loen Entertainment, IU’s agency, reported, “In this June, IU will hold an exclusive concert tour nationwide, starting from Seoul at the Hall of Peace at Kyunghee University to other five cities. As the title of her concert, Real Fantay, says, it will be a special concert that you can enjoy IU’s beautiful music and charms.”
IU’s first exclusive concert is more special because it will be held as a national tour.
IU’s strong will to get close to her fans to repay them for their constant support and love was reflected in this national tour. It will be held in Seoul, Ulsan, Jeonju, Suwon, Busan, and Daegu.
The concert tour will also be taken place at theater-sized concert halls so that the audiences can focus more on IU’s music at a close distance.
Source: Xportsnews

4Minute and SISTAR are coming back!

Will 4Minute and SISTAR, coming back next week, calm the enthusiasm for Busker Busker?
As of April 6, Busker Busker are topping all major music charts. Releasing their first album on March 29, Busker Busker have been topping the charts for nine days.
According to Melon’s real-time chart, Busker Busker’s title song “Cherry Blossom Ending” ranked first. “First Love” is fourth, “Yeosu Night Sea” is fifth, “Ideal Type” is seventh, “Loneliness Amplifier” is ninth, “The Flowers” is eleventh, “Calling You” is14th, “At The Entrace To The Alley” is 15th, and “Perfume” is 20th, “The Alley” is 22nd, and “Spring Breeze” is 25th.
Because of Busker Busker, it’s now hard to find girl groups’ songs on the charts. Miss A’s “Touch” is 27th and T-ara’s “Lovey-Dovey” is 51st. Taeyeon (of SNSD)’s “Missing You Like Crazy,” the soundtrack of MBC TV’s drama series The King 2 Hearts, ranked eighth and is relatively doing well.
As 4Minute and SISTAR are coming back to the music scene on April 9 and 12, respectively, people are paying attention to how they will compete against Busker Busker.
4Minute are releasing a third minialbum Volume Up on April 9. It’s their first album released in a year. “Volume Up” was co-composed by the hit song maker Shinsadong Horaengi and Rado.
SISTAR are releasing a new minialbum on April 12, Their title song “Alone” was composed by Brave Brothers. It’s their first album released in eight months.
Source: Starnews

SM’s rookie groups, EXO-K, EXO-M to release a new album, titled “Mama”

The first single of EXO-K and EXO-M, titled “Mama,” is to be out on April 8.
On April 8, the high-profile groups are to release the song on domestic music sites, including iTunes, Melon, Olleh Music, and Bugs and on Chinese music sites, including China Music—EXO-K is to present with the song of Korean version and EXO-M with the song of Chinese version.
The long-awaited song was written by Yoo Young Jin, a K-pop hit producer, and features Gregorian chants and magnificent sound by an orchestra, giving the song a bewitching approach.
The lyrics tells the wishes that people find true love despite undergoing conflicts and lack of communication in the busy modern world.
The mini-albums include a total of six songs including “Mama”—one with EXO-K version and the other with EXO-M version. K-pop fans have been highly looking forward to hearing the group’s powerful and unique vocals.
Source: TV Report

SNSD’s Yoona, “Jang Keun Suk is lucky to perform with beautiful actresses”

SNSD’s Yoona recently said that Jang Keun Suk is a lucky guy to perform with beautiful actresses.
Yoona recently appeared in Guerrilla Date on KBS’s Entertainment Relay.
Yoona, who appears on Monday-Tuesday series Love Rain, said that she had the weakest kissing scene among SNSD members. She also said she will have stronger kissing scene in the future. She made many people laugh by saying, “Jang Keun Suk is lucky to perform with beautiful actresses.”
When she was asked if she cares about the audience rating or not, she replied honestly, “If I say I don’t, that’s a lie. Since the actors and staff members trust and love the series, it will be successful.”
She also showed off her unique charms by talking honestly about her ideal man, marriage plan in the future, and relationship between SNSD members
Yoona’s Guerrilla Date will air on April 7 at 9:15 at night.
Source: Xportsnews

B2ST to publish a DVD on a fitness program

B2ST are publishing a DVD on the European fitness program this summer.
As honorary ambassadors of a healthy diet program which combines the oriental Yoga with various different ways of exercising, B2ST will teach people how to keep themselves healthy and make their body figures pretty.
Through this DVD, B2ST will show people how to interact with nature.
B2ST say, “When we actually did the exercise, we felt very comfortable because it focuses on natural body movements rather than excessive exercise. We hope many people enjoy this program with us.”
B2ST will start filming in April and publish the DVD this summer.
Source: Xportsnews

Heartthrob Kim Hyun Joong will be back in Singapore on 4th May for his first mini concert

Do you still remember the news we posted a while back about Kim Hyun Joong’s Asia tour 2012 and there were no official details about it? Well, wait no more and here is the good news for those in Singapore!
Singapore will be the first stop for his Asia tour and he will be having his first mini concert here at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 4th May 2012. Thanks to Running Into The Sun for bringing Kim Hyun Joong to Singapore and making this happen for fans out there wishing to catch a glimpse of the ‘Lucky Guy’. The last time Kim Hyun Joong came to Singapore, he turned teenagers and grown women into a chaotic mess with just a short appearance. Come 4 May 2012, the star that’s doubtlessly South Korea’s hottest actor/singer is bound to melt the hearts of many when he performs his first fan meeting across Asia at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Concert organizer for ”Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012”, Running Into The Sun, announced today that ticket sales will start within the next two weeks via Sistic online, phone and counter bookings. RITS has successfully brought in popular kpop groups such as Super Junior, SNSD and Shinee to Singapore in the past, it is no doubt that fans are in for a good show.
Hitting a meteoric rise in fame and popularity since his debut as leader of the group SS501 and for his
role in the popular drama “Boys Over Flowers”, Kim Hyun Joong’s solo Facebook fan page has amassed
over 2 million fans – the most for a solo Korean male artist – may won over by his perfectly good looks and charmingly honest personality. Kim Hyun Joong was also named “Best Male Artist” at the Mnet Music Awards 2011 with over 2.3 million votes, “Best Solo Artist” in the 2012 Allkpop Awards and “Top Buzz Solo Artist”in the Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards for the Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea categories.
Kim Hyun Joong’s first Asia Fan Meeting will showcase the songs from solo albums including his latest two albums “Break Down” which exceeded 70,000 pre-orders in just 10 days and “Lucky” which topped the albums category in Japan’s Oricon weekly chart.
“Running Into The Sun is excited that we’ll be the first stop in Asia to stage Kim Hyun Joong’s Asia fan meeting, as this will set the standard for the rest of the tour across the region. As the first show in Asia and the first Asia fan meeting for Kim Hyun Joong, we are honoured to be part of the exciting, collaborative process to conceptualize and build the show. We are certain the show will be a fresh and electrifying show for everyone in the audience”, says Beatrice Chia-Richmond, Creative Director for Running Into The Sun.
Ticket prices and info on how to purchase tickets will be announced next week, do visit RITS official Facebook Page for more details of Kim Hyun Joong’s stop in Singapore.

T-ara to add two new members in July

T-ara will be reorganized into a nine member group.
On April 6, CEO Kim Kwang Soo of Core Contents Media, T-ara’s agency, announced, “We’re reorganizing T-ara from a seven member group into a nine member group. If needed, we will also replace some members.”
Kim also said, “The additional two members will be part of T-ara’s new album scheduled to be released in July. We’ll make a concept that fits the nine-member-centered system.”
The reason Kim is trying to change T-ara to a nine member group is because they’re several celebrities who flatter themselves and become lazy after their success.
Kim said, “I know that many people are worried about the member change in T-ara. However, I thought that T-ara shouldn’t be satisfied with their current situation only because they became popular. T-ara didn’t go trough a long training period, so they have to try harder.”
Kim also said, “Considering all the facts like the controversy over T-ara’s attitudes toward people and on the stage, I feel very sorry to the fans as a producer of T-ara. T-ara and all staff members from Core Contents Media will try their best not to cause such controversy anymore. If there are any members who negatively influence other members because of their pride and laziness, I’m going to replace them.”
The new members will join T-ara in July.
Source: TV Report

SISTAR’s Bora captivates the male fans in the teaser video of “Alone”

SISTAR’s Bora have fascinated the male fans with her alluring eyes.
On April 6, Starship Entertainment, SISTAR’s agency, released the first teaser of “Alone,” the title track of SISTAR’s minialbum, scheduled to be released on April 12, on their official YouTube channel, Melon, and their Facebook account.
In the teaser, Bora is attracting attention with her sad eyes, contrasted to the fancy club and her alluring outfit. Bora shows off her sexy look in a red dress, exposing her sexy thigh.
People responded: “She reminds me of an actress in a movie,” “I’m addicted to her eyes,” “She’s the ultimate femme fatale.”
Composed by Brave Brothers, SISTAR’s “Alone” is characterized by Real Sound.
SISTAR are coming back to the music scene on April 12.
Source: Starnews

SHINee say, “Each member has a different amount of income”

SHINee recently attracted attention by talking about how they share their income.
In the episode of Mnet’s Beatles Code 2 that aired on April 5, SHINee made a guest appearance. Being asked, “How much do you earn?” they said, “We make a lot of money that people around our age do not normally make.”
At this, host Shindong changed the topic, saying, “I can guess how much but I won’t ask anymore because I once got in trouble after talking about my income.”
Shindong asked instead, “I wonder each member has a different amount of income or all members split the money up evenly,” and Key answered, “Each member has a different amount of income. It depends on each member’s schedule.”
Key said, “When Onew did a musical, his income was the largest. When Min Ho appeared on Dream Team, his was the largest.”
At this, Key was asked, “How about you? Haven’t you made a lot?” and he said, “I haven’t had many schedules. But I just started a musical. It’s called ‘Catch Me If You Can.’ I’m portraying a brilliant con man. I get paid for each performance.”
At this, Shindong got laughs saying, “Why don’t you just do the musical only?”
In the episode, singer Park Gi Young also made a guest appearance.
Source: TV Report

Big Bang’s Alive goes Double Platinum in Taiwan

Big Bang’s album went Double Platinum in Taiwan.
Warner Music, which is in charge of the distribution of Big Bang’s album in Taiwan, reported Big Bang’s Alive went Double Platinum in Taiwan. Big Bang achieved such a result without even visiting Taiwan.
In addition, Big Bang topped all charts in Taiwan and proved their popularity as a representative K-pop group.
Big Bang topped the K-pop album charts of G-Music and Five Music, the biggest music sites in Taiwan. Especially, they topped the chart of G-Music, having a 22.28% weekly chart share in all albums released in Taiwan.
Big Bang also topped the MP3 charts and the mobile charts in Taiwan.
Big Bang topped the weekly K-pop digital chart of eZPeer and also topped the chart of Taiwan Mobile with “Blue,” a song included in their fifth minialbum. They topped the K-pop weekly chart of Taiwan MTV with “Bad Boy.”
Warner Music says, “Big Bang are really popular now in Taiwan that all copies of their album were sold out so we have to release additional copies.”
Right after releasing their fifth minialbum Alive, Big Bang received an enthusiastic response worldwide. The music videos of “Blue,” “Bad Boy,” and “Fantastic Baby” received over forty million hits on YouTube.
Big Bang will visit Taiwan for the first time on April 9 and 10 for promotions.
Source: TV Report

Jang Keun Suk becomes an endorsement model for Café Bene—Truly lovely

Actor Jang Keun Suk recently signed up for a contract for becoming an endorsement model for Café Bene, a domestic coffee shop brand.
On April 6, a representative of the coffee shop chain stated, “Jang Keun Suk has been chosen as a new endorsement model along with Han Ye Seul, who is an existing cover model for our the brand. We decided to choose Jang for our model because his young, fresh image with a sweet, lovely smile suits the image our brand pursues.”
Jang, who has a tender, sweet image like coffee, reportedly received sensational requests for being a model for a coffee brand because he is known as a coffee-mania.
The knockout recently showed up in a studio at Gangnam, Seoul, to shoot pictorials for the commercial of the brand and reportedly made the people on the set swoon over for his sweet, bewitching charm. Also, he made a perfect duo with Han Ye Suel although the two stars met after a long while.
Currently, Jang is appearing in KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday series Love Rain.
Source: TV Report