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July 15, 2012

Kim Hyung Jun’s ‘Sorry, I’m Sorry’ ranked #1 on Mnet

Korean singer cum actor Kim Hyung Jun released second mini album ‘ESCAPE’ om 9th July. Music video of title song ‘Sorry, I’m Sorry’ has received overwhelming responses from fans after it was revealed, breaking the record for most viewed MV. Due to the tough competitions among idols, this has captured lots of attention.

Kim Hyung Jun transited from his usual idol singer image, to a matured, sexy charisma, caused much attention from various korean music portals online. Especially the ‘break-up’ scene in the rain, ‘Sorry I’m Sorry’ dance mv, has ranked first place on Mnet’s MV rankings, showing a sky-high popularity.
On 10th July, ‘Escape’ were all sold out within a day, causing a situation that many had to make reservation of the album.
In addition, besides dance MV, Kim HYung Jun’s new song ‘Sorry, I’m Sorry’ is also filmed into a 25 minutes long drama MV where actors Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ki Woo acted together with Kim HYung Jun, this is a highly anticipated MV by fans and netizens.
Source : Koreastardaily

IU releases short performance version of ‘You & I’ PV

Korea’s little darling, IU, will be gracing Japan once again with her cute looks as she proceeds to release second Japanese single, You & I.
The song, which is set to be released next week, has already been heard through the full PV that was released just last week. EMI Music Japan, the agency responsible for IU’s Japanese activities, has now uploaded the short performance version of the PV, which shows off IU’s dance for the song.

Source: EMI Music Japan YouTube

Jang Keunsuk for New York Herald Tribune newspaper.

Asia Prince, Jang Keunsuk, posted several selcas of him via his Twitter account while holding a newspaper and a bottle of wine in the streets of Champs-Elysees. The said newspaper is the New York Herald Tribune.
Another selca of him qoutes, “Eels who supported me for 4 years. I love you. Paris je t aime!”

It was said that about 4years ago, Jang KeunSuk has a mini homepage in Cyworld. And then he wrote “If I can go to Paris, I will shout New York Herald Tribune in Champs-Elysees street with a wine in a hand and a newspaper in another hand.” And people made fun of him about that.They said he was bluffing. Too many people said bad things to him and he was tormented and Korean eels were very very sad. Acturally he was not bluffing at all. He just quoted a scene of Jean-Luc Godard’s famouse movie “A bout de souffle”. But people didn’t know the movie, and teased him that he was bluffing about things he didn’t know well. And they teased all his writing in his cyworld. They said he always saying metaphsical words. So Jang KeunSuk could not help closing the mini homepage. But he overcomed all of them and became Asia Prince!! Now Jang KeunSuk will shout to the people who had been teasing him. He was not bluffing. He was always saying the truth.

SOURCE: Jang KeunSuk’s Twitter. Crazy Eels for JKS Facebook page and <megha mano+skthtj(angel)+Yulistia Fitrawati>

B.A.P ranks at the top of a K-pop chart in Malaysia

Recently, B.A.P’s “Power” topped the rankings of a K-pop chart in Malaysia.
8TV, one of the biggest broadcasting systems in Malaysia, broadcasted B.A.P on top of a K-pop chart which airs every week on its leading program Nite Live.
The group’s record attracts more attention than usual because such competitive K-pop artists and their songs as Big Bang’s “Monster,” Kim Jun Su’s “Tarantallegra,” and Infinite’s “Chaser” follow the rankings.
On July 6, B.A.P held an exclusive showcase at the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Previously on the 4th, the boys appeared as guests on the final stage of 8TV Showdowns 2012, the auditioning program which attracts the most viewers of the station. Without a doubt, the viewer ratings of the show sky rocketed at their appearance. About 700,000 households in total have watched the group’s spectacular performance.
Considering B.A.P as rising K-pop star, 8TV has reported most of B.A.P’s press conferences, interviews, and showcases in real time on its programs. Continuously, the staff of 8TV is shooting individual activities of the group and even organizing a special program for them.
B.A.P has released “Goodbye” recently, and after releasing their EP next week, they will begin activities officially.
Source: TV Report

NU’EST shares an adorable picture from Music Bank backstage

Boy group NU’EST has made a return on July 11th with mini-album Action and following their comeback appearance on Music Bank, the five members took a picture.
Attached to the picture was the following tweet, “Music Bank comeback is complete! Our L.O.V.Es, who cheered more loudly today than anyone else, are the best!!!!♥♥♥♥  Our L.O.V.E.s who cheer for each nerve-wracking stage!! Thank you very much♥♥ See you tomorrow!”
The members look very adorable as they are all smiles for the camera. NU’EST will continue with their comeback stages on Music Core and Inkigayo.

2PM’s Tacyeon is chosen as the no.1 who has the most broad human network with various girl group members

2PM’s Tacyeon was recently chosen as the no.1 who has the most broad human network with various girl group members.
On the episode of KBS2’s Entertainment News that aired on July 14, an interview with 2PM was broadcast.
When asked, “Who has the closest friendship with members of girl groups?” all the 2PM members except Tackyeon pointed out Tackyeon.
The hunky member denied his close relationship with girl group members, but Junsu explained, “As for SNSD. he is an acquaintance with almost all of them. Sometimes they look like a brother and sisters—so close.”
2PM’s Woo Young could not appear in the episode because of his solo schedule with his recently-released album.
Source: Xportsnews

TVXQ, SNSD and f(x) shows support for Super Junior ^^

As Super Junior releases their 6th album, they perform on stage with their latest track entitled, “Sexy, Free and Single” support from label mates arises. ^^
Leeteuk, Super Junior’s leader, tweeted photos of the group together with label mates, TVXQ and f(x) as well as Seohyun and Tiffany of SNSD. He then stated, “Really handsome and pretty dongsaengs.. Let’s be together for a lifetime…”
He shared another photo together with TVXQ. He’s really thankful for Yunho and Changmin’s support for them. Leeteuk qoutes, “yunho and changminnie who came straight to give us support even though they were tired after coming from Japan!!!thank you!!!!^^”
SOURCE: Leeteuk’s Twitter. @sujunesia and @SuperJuniorcom for translation

BEAST drops a theme MV for ‘Midnight’

Earlier at midnight (no pun intended) on July 15th, boy group BEAST pre-released new track Midnight from their upcoming 5th mini-album Midnight Sun.
Many fans were ecstatic by the song release and the song quickly made its way to the top of music charts, achieving an all-kill. Cube Entertainment further made these fans happy by releasing a theme music video for Midnight. The footage features the six members of BEAST walking through the streets of New York, singing along to the melody of Midnight.
Because it was only a theme MV and not a full MV, fans were saddened by the short MV but their wishes will be satiated when the full MV for Midnight Sun‘s title track is released.

Source: BEAST’s YouTube

2NE1’s Sandara Park once again shaves her own head

2NE1’s Sandara Park revealed a picture shaving her own head.
On July 15, Sandara Park uploaded a picture on her Me2day with the caption, “Good morning, I’m shaving my head once again for Inkigayo.”
Sandara also posted, “My hair has grown! Why is it growing so fast? This is my fourth time. Make sure to watch the live broadcast of Inkigayo.”
In the picture, Sandara is shaving her own head with a hair cutter. Netizens commented: “You must be frustrated.” “You are pretty even when you shave half of your head.” “Not many people look good like that.” “You have such a strong heart Dara.”
Currently, 2NE1 is busy with their new song “I Love You.”
Source: TV Report

Infinite members in suit: A poster for Infinite’s upcoming concert is released

A poster for Infinite’s upcoming concert has recently been released.
On July 16, Infinite’s agency released a poster for Infinite’s upcoming concert. Through the poster, Infinite members are captivating female fans with their chic looks in white shirts and black jackets.
The poster is especially getting a lot of attention because Infinite members are portraying themselves in a green room before going out to stage. One of them is listening to music and another one is checking his outfit, getting ready to see his fans.
This poster was also released in CGV theaters in Kangnam and Yeongdeungpo, attracting many people’s attention. People responded: “I’m so excited to see Infinite members in a green room.” “They all look great in suit.” “I can’t wait to see them at the concert.”
All 10,000 tickets for the concert, titled That Summer, were sold in only 15 minutes after the ticket sales began. Their concert also ranked first on the most searched word list. Infinite will hold a concert at the AX Hall for five days from August 8 to 12.
Source: TV Report

B.A.P release jacket photos of their new EP, “Pop Boy”

B.A.P recently released jacket photos of their first EP, indirectly informing about their new release.
TS Entertainment, B.A.P’s agency, recently released jacket photos of Bang Yong Guk, Zelo, and Young Jae.
In these jacket photos, the B.A.P members are portraying pop boys with strong red clothes and accessories. They have completely changed from their previous concept of powerful warriors.
“Pop Boy” has been derived from “Pop Girl,” a new term that indicates a trendsetter of girls. “Pop Boy” is a new term that shows B.A.P’s hope to lead the trend in music and fashion by closely interacting with the public.
In the photos, Zelo’s hair is in two different colors, gold and mint.
According to reports, part of his pants was torn while he was posing on a skateboard, but he created a distinctive picture with his hilarious pose and facial expression.
Young Jae is also creating a stylish look in red pants and a trench coat. According to reports, he strengthened the image of a pop boy with his own beanie.
The leader Bang Yong Guk’s look is especially attracting a lot of attention. In a red sleeveless shirt and pants, Bang’s hair is gold and strong red. With fancy gold accessories, a flag tied around his waist, and a baseball bat, he is creating an image of an athlete who is ready to take part in the Olympic Games.
B.A.P topped the K-pop chart in Malaysia with “Power.” Their new EP will be released on July 19.
Source: TV Report

Kim Hyun Joong gets an IV to perform at his concert in Japan

Kim Hyun Joong got an IV to perform at his live concert in Japan, which was held in celebration of releasing his second Japanese single.
Kim performed for a total of 60,000 fans at his concert titled Kim Hyun Joong ‘Heat’ 2012 in Japan, held at Saitama Super Arena on July 14 and 15.
Performing with the Japanese popular musician Naoto Inti Raymi on July 14 under the title of Double Fantasista-Great Assist, Kim captivated the audience with his powerful energy and good stage manners.
At his exclusive live concert held on July 15, he attracted the audience’s attention by performing “Heat” and “Let’s Party” live.
As if he was trying to thank his fans, he performed several songs live. The fans of Kim also enthusiastically responded to him throughout the concert.
Despite the fact that Kim was in bad condition because of his hectic schedule and the concert on the previous day, he got an IV to perform for his fans who came to his concert on July 15.
Interacting with his fans by having a talk time during the concert, Kim said sorry to his fans for his bad condition and thanked for his new single’s success.
Kim’s second single, “Heat,” which was released on July 4, ranked first on the Oricon weekly chart, beating the Japanese popular singer Yamashita Tomohisa’s, by seeling 183,000 copies in the first week of its release.
Kim is currently focusing on the shooting of his new drama series City Conquest in Japan.
Source: Starnews

JYJ’s Junsu will soon start his world tour

JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) is starting his world tour as a solo singer.
On July 16, C-jes Entertainment, Junsu’s agency, reported, “Junsu will soon start his world tour of North and South America and Europe after finishing his concert tour of Asia.”
Junsu, recently releasing his first solo album and topping the music charts of several countries, has recently decided to have a world tour.
Baek Chang Joo, CEO of C-jes Entertainment, says, “Junsu’s solo album was to sell in Asia including Korea from the first time. The music video of the lead song was produced on a large scale in order to target the overseas market. So many requests for Junsu’s concert were received from many overseas countries, so we’ve decided to have world tour.”
He also said, “Junsu is also planning to release a repackaged album for this world tour. This album will contain a song in English for overseas fans, and the music video of the song will also be filmed in the U.S. We cannot tell you in detail yet but many famous staff members will participate in the music video.”
Junsu will visit two to three cities per continent, including North and South America and Europe, for his tour.
Junsu is currently having concert tour of Asia. He’s visited Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China, including Korea. He will have the last concert of his tour in August in Hong Kong.
Source: Starnews