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July 08, 2012

2PM’s Wooyoung releases a music video teaser of his solo song

2PM’s Wooyoung is now ready to debut as a solo singer.
On July 6, Wooyoung released a music video teaser of his solo song and attracted many girls’ attention with his stylish look.
The teaser video starts with Wooyoung staying under glaring lights. Getting out of a luxurious car, Wooyoung starts performing at a club stage.
Wooyoung’s simple yet stylish suit makes him look more attractive, and his hair color and accessories make him look more charming and sexier.
Wooyoung’s strong, provocative eyes are especially showing his strong confidence. His stylish performance is increasing many people’s expectations on his debut performance.
JYP Entertainment says, “Wooyoung’s first album will show Wooyoung’s various different charms.”
Wooyoung’s solo album, 23, Male, Single, will be released on July 8, and his showcase will be held on July 9.
Source: TV Report

SNSD shoot pictorials under a paparazzi concept

SNSD recently did a photo shoot.
On July 6, some snapshots of SNSD’s Yuri, Jessica, Sooyoung, and Seohyun at a photo shoot for the fashion magazine @ Star 1 were revealed.
Walking along the streets in Cheongdam-dong, the members showed off their nice figures and doll-like faces.
According to reports, many people currently are inquiring at stores about the bags and clothes the members were carrying and wearing in the pictures and they’re quickly selling out.
A person involved in the fashion industry says, “Sooyoung and Jessica are very stylish. The clothes and accessories they wear are always sold out.”
The pictorial of SNSD will appear in the July issue of @ Star 1.
Source: Xportsnews

Big Star reveals profile images of each member

A new group Big Star (composed of FeelDog, BaRam, RaeHwan, SungHak, and Jude) has revealed profile images of each member on its official blog and reminded fans of their debut before releasing an album on July 12.
Following the main image of Big Star released earlier, profile pictures of each member attract netizens’ attention.
Members appeal with a new, sophisticated styling and emphasize on projecting perfect looks. With a stronger gaze, they sport charisma and confidence which attracts people’s eyes even more.
In addition to their high quality music, the group is raising fans’ expectations for its fashion, new hairstyle, and choreography which they made on their own.
Big Star is the first five-member boy group created by the producer Brave Brother. Members include FeelDog, BaRam, RaeHwan, SungHak, and Jude. Their debut track “Big Start” is to be released on July 12.
Source: Star Daily News

SNSD’s Jessica looks beautiful from any angle you look at her

SNSD Jessica is drawing attention with her remarkable skills in taking self-portraits.
Recently, an image of Jessica composed of four smaller pictures titled “I want to take some selca lessons from Jessica” were posted on an online community board.
Living up to her reputation as “the expert in taking self-portraits,” she makes various faces from many different angles. She enjoys taking pictures divided into four smaller parts. Each snapshot shows her different facial expression and an aspect of her beauty.
In addition to her skills in taking good self-portraits, her well-defined features, sharp chin, and clear skin make viewers become jealous.
Netizens who saw the posting commented: “Because she is pretty, there are no embarrassing points in her pictures.” “Actually, the way a girl looks originally comes before what angle she should take pictures from.” “Jessica is ranked high in the list of beauties around the world.” “I really want to take some selca lessons from her.”
Source: Xportsnews

Wonder Girls release ‘Like Money’ teaser #3 featuring Akon

The Wonder Girls, fresh from a fun and casual party with their recent release Wonder Party, are getting ready to take on America once more as they have been releasing teasers for Like Money.
Like Money is taking on more of a sci-fic, futuristic concept as the girls can be seen in futuristic outfits and concept. American R&B/hip-hop artist Akon will be featuring in this song as the teaser also shows Akon sitting down in a chair, his voice smoothly singing the lyrics.
Like Money has a release date of July 10th. Without further ado, watch the teaser below!

Source: WonderGirlsVEVO YouTube

U-KISS releases a special MV for ‘Dear My Friend’

After wrapping up activities in Korea with 6th mini-album DORADORA and special mini-album The Special to KISSME, U-KISS will be resuming their promotional activities in Japan with 3rd Japanese single Dear My Friend.
The single is set to be released on July 25th and ahead of the single release date, a short PV has been revealed. Instead of your conventional, traditional PVs where the groups dance and sing to the song, a rather special PV has been made. The PV is comprised of recording BTS footage from the song as well as clips from U-KISS’ visit to South American country, Columbia. Though fans may be disappointed that there will not be a regular PV, their hearts should be touched by seeing U-KISS’ happy expressions.

Source: AvexNetwork YouTube

CNBLUE drops ‘Come On’ PV

Boy band CNBLUE is set to release their 2nd Japanese single Come On on August 1st this year and after releasing a short teaser of the PV, the boys of CNBLUE bring to you the full PV.
The song contains more of a rock theme as evidenced by the sounds and looks that the group members sport in the PV. The PV contains more of a darker feel as the members rock out to the song in the dimly lit room.

Source: YouTube

2NE1 drops MV for ‘I Love You’

Blackjacks, you can now rejoice! After releasing their newest single I Love You on July 5th, the girls of 2NE1 are back with the MV for said song.
Straying away from their normally fierce images, the members of 2NE1 show off a new and sexier kind of fierce as they battle emotions and feelings of love. A soft and emotional MV, each member tries to find comfort and answers as they ask the one they love to stay by their side.
Watch the MV below!

Source: 2NE1 YouTube

2NE1′s Dara is the group’s main updater / Photos for 2NE1′s New Evolution

2NE1′s visual, Dara, is here again to update Blackjacks and fans about their 2NE1 Global Tour entitled “New Evolution.”
Dara updated photos of each member with the said concept.
Fierce leader, CL:
Maknae, Minzy with her “Breaking Barriers” attitude:
and Dara’s “Gonna Make You Sweat” kind of swag:
Lead vocals, Park Bom’s “Don’t Stop The Music” vibe:

JYJ Kim Jun Su heats up Shanghai with his solo concert

This time, JYJ’s Kim Jun Su heated up China’s Shanghai.
According to his agency, C-Jes Entertainment, on the afternoon of July 7, 4,000 fans attended Kim’s solo concert that was held at China’s Shanghai International Gymnasium.
On this concert that allow standing seats (1,000seats limited) for the first time in Shanghai, Kim performed perfectly and captivated the fans.
He started off by performing with a cane for the song, “Breath” and performed other dance songs such as “Fever” “Intoxication” and other musical and ballad songs. He performed for a full 100 minutes and satisfied the fans.
During Kim’s trademark, ‘Genie Time’(he grants the fans three wishes) he wrote his name with his butt, acted cute by saying pooing pooing, and acted like an angel.

C-Jes Entertainment revealed, “We’re happy that we have had the chance to show this perfect performance in this part of Asia. Please give you attention and support to his upcoming events.”
Kim, who is on a world tour after the release of his solo album, held concerts in Seoul, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China with 30,000 fans.
Source: Starnews

NU’EST unveils new ‘Action’ teaser

After releasing a short MV teaser for upcoming song Action, the boys of NU’EST take it one step further as agency Pledis has released a new 1-minute teaser.
JR had previously let fans know of this new teaser during the group’s first movie date with fans in Busan. He also mentioned that the concept was ‘sexier’ this time and indeed, the group doesn’t disappoint with their good looks and precise dancing.
What do you think of it so far?

Source: pledisnuest YouTube

2NE1 Hailed As Heroes In American Magazine ‘SPIN’

YG girlgroup 2NE1 is back, and as always, they are back with the powerful OOMPH, making ripples in the industry scene. Since the release of their comeback track ‘I Love You’, they have topped charts and search engines.
Well-known American magazine ‘SPIN’ recently did a review feature on 2NE1′s comeback hailing them as the ‘K-Pop Heroes’ returning with their Monster New Single ‘I Love You’. Praising their music to the high ends, the author expresses his thumbs-up with a simple ‘We Love Them’.
A perfect summation of pop’s present and future‘ is a befitting description of ‘I Love You‘s unconventional beat. Produced by Teddy Park, the experimentation of music gives rise to a whole new evolution.
2NE1 had their comeback stage on Inkigayo earlier today. Check the performance/song out if you have not already done so!
Source: SPIN magazine

T-ara, reconstructed as an eight-member girl group, comes out with a new album

T-ara, recently reconstructed as an eight-member girl group, came out with a new album.
In the episode of SBS’s Inkigayo that aired on July 8, the group gave the first performances of the new songs “Day By Day” and “Don’t leave me.”
The eight lovely girls showed off mature performances, dancing to addictive melodies. The first performance with the ballad song “Don’t leave me” was really emotional.
Next, in the performance of the title track “Day By Day,” the eight members showed off hot, feminine sides in all-black outfits. Newly joined, eighth member Areum showed such a perfect harmony with the other members that it generated great expectations for the group’s new commencement.
Source: Starnews

2PM’s Nichkhun shows his support for fellow member, Wooyoung ^^

As Jang Wooyoung releases his solo album entitled “23. Male. Single.” his fellow members shows and gives him support all the way.
Nichkhun, 2PM’s Thai Prince, tweeted a photo of him and Wooyoung celebrating the said album release. The two is seen side by side wearing white colored shirts, showing number 1 sign and Wooyoung holding a cake. he then stated, “JWY’s first solo album [23,Male,Single] is finally out! Congrats brother!!!.”
Fans commented saying, “oppa you look so charming there <33,” “congrats Wooyoung oppa!” and more. ^^ 
SOURCE: 2PM Nichkhun’s Twitter

2NE1 is drawing a lot of attention with strong makeup

2NE1, recently came out with a new album, is drawing a lot of attention with the members’ unique, strong makeup.
On July 3, 2NE1’s Sandara Park posted images featuring each member on her me2day account. The images are from the new album, I Love You.
In the images, each member shows off outlandish charm, especially with their lip makeup.
Netizens responded: “I like their unique lip makeup.” “2NE1 rocks! They’re original.” “I love the animal print lips.”
Source: TV Report