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June 18, 2012

SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong reveals ‘Heat’ MV

Earlier yesterday, SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong, through agency Universal Music Japan, released a short MV teaser for his upcoming 2nd Japanese single, Heat, a song that he worked on with JPOP singer B’z, and the full MV has now been revealed.
Just like the MV teased, Heat is set in a concert-like setting, with Kim Hyun Joong singing heat in front of thousands of adoring fans. It strays a bit from your conventional MVs as typically fans see the artists showing off their dance while changing into multiple outfits.
The MV focuses more on the music than flashy moves and outfits and allows fans to appreciate the music rather than looks.

Source: YouTube

Secret’s Hyo Seong shows off her voluptuous figure in a bikini

Pictures of Secret’s Jeon Hyo Seong showing off her voluptuous figure were recently released.
On June 13, pictures of Secret members shooting a commercial for a water park were posted on the group’s official Facebook account.
In the pictures, Jeon is wearing a blue tank top and smiling while sitting on a beach chair. Other members of the group also showed off their wonderful figures and drew a lot of attention.
Secret was recently selected as a representative for a water park and the members tried to lose weight before they shot the commercial.
People who saw the pictures responded: “They have the best figures.” “I think they have the best figures among idols.” “Jeon is always beautiful.”
Source: Starnews

T-ara’s Hyomin and Dani transform into warriors

Girl group T-ara recently released a picture, which was taken on the set for their new music video.
T-ara, who will release their new album Day By Day on July 3, released a picture of them shooting a music video.
In the picture, Hyomin and the 9th member, Dani, look like they have transformed into warriors for their SF music video.
Hyomin has fiery red hair and is showing off her powerful image. The newest member Dani is also transformed into a powerful girl.
The music video for their song “Day By Day” is directed by Cha Eun Taek. It is about a future city in 2330. The 20 minute video reminds people of the Korean version of the movie Mad Max.
Ah Reum, the 8th member of T-ara, will join the group to perform the song but the 9th member, Dani, will only appear in the music video.
Source: TV Report

EXO-K attends the Corso Como launching party for GiRL de Provence fragrance, poses with Carla Sozzani

SM’s newest boy group EXO-K attended the launching party for Corso Como’s newest fragrance, GiRL de Provence.

GiRL de Provence is currently being endorsed by EXO-K’s sunbaes, SNSD, and is said to be of a girly feeling. The 6-member group was present at the launching party last week, held on June 7th by Corso Como. It is one of the first formal events that EXO-K has ever attended since their debut and they certainly looked comfortable, despite being a new face at the scene.

Corso Como’s GIRL de Provence shared pictures of EXO-K at the event, who looked quite handsome and spiffy in their outfits and shone like stars. They also received the chance to pose with Corso Como founderCarla Sozzani, who smiled brightly as she posed with the six idols.]

Source: GiRL de Provence Facebook

2PM shares the beat with Coca-Cola CFs

Boy group 2PM has been the endorsers for Coca-Cola and because of the upcoming 2012 Olympics, the soft drink brand has released three new CFs featuring 2PM.
The new CFs are titled Share the Beat as each member certainly shares the beat in scenes that alternate between the different athletes and sports cut scenes. In addition to releasing the three CFs, Coca-Cola is hosting a contest that wants users to outdo the beats shared in the CFs.

Source: Coca-Cola YouTube

SNSD’s Jessica appears in the studio of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to give Hyoyeon a boost

Jessica recently released several photos of herself and Hyoyeon.
On June 15, Jessica posted the photos on SNSD’s official webpage with the caption, “I’ve been to the studio where Hyoyeon shot a dancing show to give her a boost. She looked lovely and dazzling—never let me down. She let me take as many as three photos with her. Wow!”
The photos were taken on the studio of MBC’s Dancing With the Star: Season 2 that live aired on June 15. Jessica visited the studio to give a boost to her team member. Jessica was spotted in the audience seat on the TV show.
In the photos, the two beauties strike various pose, making adorable look on their faces. Especially, Hyoyeon looks radiant in her pink dress.
Netizens responded: “They have such a great friendship.” “Hyoyeon looks alike Taeyeon in those photos.” “SNSD, go!” “Those cuties!”
Source: TV Report

JYJ’s Junsu successfully hold a live concert in Indonesia

JYJ’s Junsu successfully held a live concert in Indonesia as a solo singer.
On June 16 (local time), Junsu held a live concert titled “Xia’s First Asian Tour in Indonesia” and interacted with nearly 2,500 fans in Indonesia.
At the concert, Junsu got the fans excited by performing both ballad and dance songs, including “Tarantallegra,” “Though I Already Know,” “I Hate Love,” “Fever,” and “Set Me Free.”
Junsu also had a talk time with the fans and said, “I’m Xia. Are you having a good time? I love you,” in Indonesian.
After the concert was over, Junsu said, “I can’t believe that I had a concert in Indonesia. Thanks to the fans, I could have such a great concert in a country that I visited for the first time. I promise I’ll visit again.”
Junsu will continue his concert tour in Taiwan on June 23.
Source: Starnews

MV of Big Bang’s “Monster” receives over ten million hits on YouTube

The music video of Big Bang’s “Monster” received over ten million hits on YouTube.
As of June 17, the music video of Big Bang’s “Monster” received over ten million hits on YouTube. By 11:00 a.m., it received over 10.16 million hits. It’s the fourth time that Big Bang’s music video received over ten million hits on YouTube.
The music videos of Big Bang’s “Blue,” “Fantastic Baby,” and “Bad Boy” also received over ten million hits. Among five Korean songs that received over ten million hits in this year, four of them are Big Bang’s.
It especially means a lot because the achievement has been made without any promotions on TV. Big Bang are currently focusing on their concert tour in Japan. Including Japan, they will also make a world tour to other countries in Asia and America.
Big Bang recently received wide attention on iTunes all over the world, including several Asian countries, U.K., France, and Brazil. They’ve also made significant achievements at some prestigious awards and on several music charts in the U.S.
Big Bang are currently holding a concert tour in Japan, attracting over 255,000 audiences. They also proved their high popularity in Indonesia by selling all 50,000 tickets for their concert in only thirty seconds.
Source: Starnews

Sistar just came back from Hawaii after shooting the music video for their new summer song

Sistar will make a comeback this summer with an exciting dance song.
On June 16, Sistar came back from Hawaii after shooting their new music video. They filmed a fresh and cool look of themselves on the beach for their Summer Special album that they will release at the end of this month.
On June 17, a publicist of Sistar revealed to Starnews, “We filmed a music video in Hawaii. This song will reveal each member’s beauty and their lively charms.”
Previously in April, Sistar gained popularity with their mini album’s title song “Alone.” They decided to start a new activity with their new song even though their popularity is yet to be ceased.
While Sistar’s “Alone” is still on the top of the music charts for over two months, they will change their atmosphere with a new exciting song for the summer. The new song is a exciting dance song, which will reveal the members’ lively and fresh charms.
Sistar revealed, “’Alone’ brought a new retro-style wave, and we plan to reveal Sistar’s fresh charms from their debut once again. This song is the culmination of Sistar’s charms.”
In other words, Sistar have joined the idol competition that will take place in June. Many popular groups such as Big Bang, Wonder Girls, f(x), Dalshabet, and After School have released new albums and made music industry abundant.
Sistar, who started with their debut song “Push Push,” gained popularity with many other songs including “Shady Girl” “So Cool” and “Ma Boy.” They once again proved how popular they are with their retro-style song “Alone.”
Source: Starnews

A Boyz Nite Out Party In Singapore!

15 June 2012, a one-night only music extravaganza bringing not 1 but 5 of the hottest Korean acts on one stage. Launch Entertainment once again impresses with ‘Boyz Nite Out’. An impressive lineup of idol groupsSHINee, B1A4, Teen Top, and the multi-talented soloist Jay Park blew the audience away at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

A strong 3000 over fans turned up and filled the stadium, some rushing for their seats as the concert started puntcually at 7pm. The energy was high as Teen Top opened the night with ‘To You‘ followed by their hit songs ‘Girlfriend’, ‘No More Perfume on You’ and ‘Crazy’. 

Up next flying high with their youth and cheeky boyish charm was B1A4 with ‘Beautiful Target’. A birthday celebration was held for member CNU who turned 22. The birthday boy appeared overwhelmed with emotions as fans sang the birthday song in korean. He was then presented with a birthday cake and a fan-made scrapbook. His birthday wish for the night was that “B1A4 and BANAs to stay together forever.” 

Rookie ballad group got the fans swaying and waving along to their strong smooth vocals. Off their debut album and the ost for their Indonesia-collaborated drama, they sang ’I'll Be Famous’ and ‘More Than I See You’. They got close to fans in the standing pit, and consistently waved and showed their warmth.

“Since we are in Singapore which is such a beautiful city, of course we prepared more than just these 2 songs”. And so the men of broke into a medley of Korean songs, which includes ‘Paradise’, the theme song of popular k-drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’.

Multi-talented soloist(singer, rapper, song-writer, bboy, and what have you!) Jay Park brought the show to a peak with his smooth choreography and X-factor. He performed a total of 8 songs. However, a special 3 songs sets this performance apart from his New Breed promotional showcase. He seduced the crowd with‘Turn Off Your Phone’ thereafter surprising everyone by singing 2 of his mixtape tracks, ‘Do What We Do’ and‘Body2Body’.

By all means, the hottest act of the night, Jay took off his white singlet and showed off his well-defined tanned torso during his last song. We hear he had been to the gym twice before the concert to prepare the eye-feast specially for fans!

With everyone already up on their feet and screaming for more, the final anticipated act SHINee appeared with a bang! Pearlescent blue lights, the official fancolor, accompanied SHINee’s performance. They brought Shawols(fans) down the memory lane with debut song ‘Replay’ and hits like ‘Ring Ding Dong‘ and ‘Lucifer‘.
The boys explained the reason behind member Minho‘s absence, that was due to a clash in filming schedule. With a promise to be back as 5 again, the remaining four filled up the gap and impressively took over Minho’s parts. The night ended with the synchronized performance of their comeback track ‘Sherlock‘.
Pictures courtesy Launch Entertainment.

B1A4′s Baro bares his upper body for the first time

A photo of B1A4′s Baro baring his upper body is currently attracting wide attention.
B1A4 members recently did a photo shoot in such casual clothes as sleeveless T-shirts, short pants, and plain white T-shirts.
For the photo shoot, Baro bared his upper body for the first time. Including Baro, other B1A4 members also exposed their upper bodies partially and showed off their charms.
By baring their upper bodies, B1A4 members covered a wide range of looks from boys’ to men’s.
A person in charge of the photo shoot says, “The concept of this photo shoot was quite difficult for the models because they had to look as natural as possible. What was really surprising was B1A4 members easily did the work as if they were used to it. Their mystical looks and perfectly proportioned figures are enough to become professional models. Thinking of B1A4 members who kept cheerful attitudes throughout the photo shoot, I get to look forward to their change in the future.”
The interview with B1A4 can also be seen in the Ceci iPad Magazine as a video.
B1A4 are currently promoting their new song “Baby Good Night.”
 Source: TV Report

MBLAQ’s G.O and Mir will release a duet song on June 27

MBLAQ’s G.O and Mir will release their first duet song.
On June 18, J. Tune Camp, MBLAQ’s agency announced G.O and Mir will release “The BLAQ% Tour Part 1. G.O&Mir Wild” on online music stores on June 27.
However, G.O and Mir won’t promote the song on TV. The performance for the song will be unveiled at their concert in Indonesia, titled “2012 MBLAQ The BLAQ% Tour in Jakarta,” scheduled to be held on June 30.
In April, there was great attention paid to the members of the first unit group from MBLAQ. However, as G.O was cast in SBS TV’s drama series Ghost, the album release was temporarily postponed.
A spokesperson for MBLAQ says, “The song is not part of the unit group’s album. It’s a song for MBLAQ’s concert tour, which will start at the end of this month. We showed part of the tour for MBLAQ’s domestic and overseas fans.”
Source: Starnews

f(x) sweeps online music charts with their new song

Girl group f(x) is currently getting a lot of attention.
On June 18, the group’s agency, SM Entertainment, said that their new mini album Electric Shock, which was released on June 13, ranked first on several music charts, including, Hanteo Chart and Hot Tracks, during the second week of June.
The title song “Electric Shock,” which also ranked first on several local music sites, including, Melon, Genie, and Soribada, is receiving an explosive response.
A music video for the song, which was released on June 12 on YouTube, has received over 9.87 million hits and it’s about to receive more than 10 million hits.
The video proved its high popularity by ranking first on the Most Viewed Video, Favorite Video, and Most Liked Video.
A spokesperson for the agency said, “f(x), who gave their return performances on several music programs last weekend, will captured the fans thanks to their new music and refined performance.”
Source: Starnews

After School’s Kahi says goodbye through the group’s Japanese Facebook page

Girl group After School took a picture backstage after their Encore Playgirlz Tour in Japan.
Even though the girls have wide smiles on their faces, it was a bittersweet moment as this marked leader Kahi’s last official activity with the group as she will be graduating from the group in September to embark on her solo career. She left a message on the group’s official Japanese Facebook page, writing, “Today, [I] thank you very much.
I will never forget today.
That everyone has given so much love any time.
AFTER SCHOOL has been blessed to receive support from the fans, media, and staff, thank you very much.
Thank you for many years to come in the future for AFTER SCHOOL.
I will give cheers to everyone for their hard work!
After School, Orange Caramel, and also Kahi, please take of us in the future!”
Definitely a bittersweet moment as fans will not see another group picture until Kahi’s graduation picture.

Miss A’s Suzy getting a lot of votes for the 20s Movie Star

In’s 20s Choice, the summer awards ceremony for celebrities who are in their 20s, Miss A’s Suzy is attracting attention.
Starting on June 7, 20s Choice conducted online surveys and Suzy, in particular, was nominated for 20s Movie Star with her movie Introduction to Architecture and 20s Trendy Music with her group Miss A.
After playing the role of Seo Yeon, who is the first love of twenty-year-old young man Seung Min (played by Lee Je Hoon) in Introduction to Architecture, she became the leading icon of Korean people’s first love. Her popularity had positive impact on online survey, and as of June 17, she received 650,000 votes and placed at the top, beating competitive actresses like Lim Soo Jung, Gong Hyo Jin, and Kim Min Hee.
This is the first year in which 20s Choice expanded its surveys in 120 different countries. Some people wonder if it is just a matter of time for Suzy to become the leading icon of first love for people around the world.
Moreover, the star is nominated for 20s Trendy Music, obviously receiving great love and support from her fans who are also in their 20s. During the first half of the year, her group Miss A returned to TV with its fourth project mini-alum Touch and received explosive reactions.
However, the other nominees for this survey are very influential singers such as Big Bang, FT Island, TaeTiSeo, and Sistar who conquered the music industry during the first half of the year. The online survey for 20s Choice will continue until the 27th of June.
Source: TV Report