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February 12, 2012

Super Junior’s Siwon says good morning on the bed with his top off

Super Junior’s Siwon has released a picture of himself saying good morning to his fans on the bed.
On February 12, Siwon uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “Good morning, everyone.”
In the picture, Siwon is lying on the bed with his top off and staring at the camera. Even if he seems to have just awoken, he still looks handsome.
People responded: “He looks great!,” “He’s just awoken but still looks so handsome!”
Source: Starnews

German newspapers spotlight B2ST’s concert in Berlin

With B2ST’s concert in Berlin a day ahead, several German daily newspapers spotlighted B2ST and proved the enthusiasm for K-pop in Germany.
On February 12, Cube Entertainment, B2ST’s agency, reported that B2ST arrived in Berlin, Germany, for their first exclusive concert in Europe, “Beautiful Show in Berlin.” On the day B2ST arrived in Berlin, Berliner Zeitung, the biggest newspaper in Berlin, reported about B2ST in detail.
On February 11, Berliner Zeitung reported on the Special Coverage page, “The Korean idol group B2ST has come to Germany to show the power of Korean Wave. Korea is now exporting their culture “K-pop” other than automobiles and machines.” After introducing B2ST in detail, it reported, “The power of K-pop comes from the fact that anyone can dance along and enjoy the music together. B2ST’s songs are always included in the list of songs that German teenagers often sing in karaoke.”
They also pointed out that many bands that want to imitate and learn B2ST’s performances are coming out now in Berlin and compared B2ST with Tokio Hotel and Bill Kaulitz, the most popular boy bands in Europe.
The newspaper also showed its excitement about B2ST’s first exclusive concert in Germany, which would take place the next day, saying, “Many people from various different places, such as all parts of Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain, are expected to visit Berlin for B2ST’s concert.”
Another German newspaper Berliner Morgenpost also reported about B2ST. It said, “It didn’t even take a half an hour to sell all 600 tickets of B2ST concert,” and explained that it was a very unusual case, which never happened when other popular pop stars held concerts in Germany. It reported, “The real K-pop star is coming to Berlin.”
Some famous German TV channels such as ProSieben has also scheduled a special program for B2ST’s concert and opened several events related to the concert already to attract the audience’s attention.
B2ST are holding their first exclusive concert in Germany at Columbia Halle in Berlin on February 12 at 7:30 p.m. (local time).
Source: Starnews

T-ara’s Hyomin and Eunjung, sticking their tongues out

T-ara’s Hyomin has recently released a picture of herself with Eunjung.
On February 12, Hyomin uploaded a picture on her Twitter account with the comment, “Nyah  :-P 
In the picture, Hyomin and Eunjung are making cute looks on their faces, sticking their tongues out in front of an advertisement. They seem to be imitating the person on the advertisement.
People responded: “So cute! Nyah!” “So adorable!”
Source: Starnews

Who’s better, actor Jang Geun Suk or comedian Kim Kyung Jin?

Comedian Kim Kyung Jin parodied photos of hallyu star Jang Geun Suk and made everyone laugh hard.
On February 5, Kim tweeted pictures of Jang and ones of himself parodying the super star with the comment, “Who is more metrosexual, super Jang or super Kim?”
Jang Geun Suk is one of the ultimate fashion icons among male celebs, and is causing a sensation in Japan, dubbed as “Super Geun.”
Metrosexual is a term which describes a guy who puts in a lot of effort to improve his appearance.
In the picture, Kim bares his upper body and copies Jang’s hairstyle, pose, and almost everything he could.
Apart from this parodied photo, on February 3, Kim drew a lot of attention with a photo parodying Won Bin, and gave us a big laughter.
Source: Xportsnews

Check out photos of IU—pure and also racy

Jacket photos of IU’s Japanese single are causing a sensation.
Recently, jacket photos of Good Day, IU’s Japanese debut single were released on IU’s official Japanese website. The album is to release on March 21.
In the photos, IU looks sexy and pure at the same time, while wearing a nude-color dress.
Her wavy, long hair and facial expression also catch the eye.
Netizens responded: “The dress she is wearing is not vulgar but racy.” “Hope you make daebak in Japan.”
On February 10, IU’s agency released a special clip showing the showcase that was held in Tokyo on January 24 and her everyday life on their official YouTube account.
Source: Xportsnews

The Billboard K-pop Chart

Fans from all over the world celebrate SNSD Sooyoung’s birthday

SNSD’s Sooyoung thanked all the fans worldwide who congratulated her birthday.
Sooyoung whose 23rd birthday was February 10, revealed how she felt on SNSD’s official homepage by saying, “I’m happy to have received congratulations from fans all over the world.”
Sooyoung who stayed in France for KBS 2TV’s Music Bank and other talk shows, greeted the fans by saying, “Originally, I was supposed to ride the plane on the 9th and arrive in Thailand at night of the 10th. But there were some minor changes, and I could stay on ‘land’ on my birthday. My birthday almost vaporized in midair. How are you all?”
She continued, “When I was young, I became excited as my birthday approaches, and it was my dream to have a birthday party at a fast food restaurant. I am grateful because I never expected to receive congratulations from so many people around the world.”
She also said, “I cannot be more thankful to the fans. I ate some delicious food and had a small party with the rest of the members. I think it was especially meaningful because I received congratulations from so many people and at the same time, spend quality time with my dearest friends. I feel that I don’t deserve this much love, but I will try to be the person who deserves it.”
SNSD’s fans did a voluntary service for Sooyoung’s birthday. SNSD’s fan club CISTUS who have held donations and voluntary work on every birthday of SNSD members, visited a facility for disabled babies, cleaned the place and looked after them on February 4. Not only that, they also donated Naver’s Happy Bean afterwards.
Recently, SNSD appeared in few of the America’s popular talk shows, and also appeared on a French talk show on February 8. SNSD plans to release a special album of “The Boys” in France on February 13.
Source: Starnews