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August 02, 2012

Super Junior will repackage their sixth album and release it on Aug. 5

Super Junior will repackage their sixth album, adding four more songs.
On August 2, SM Entertainment announced, “Super Junior will repackage their sixth album, Sexy, Free & Single, adding four more songs, and release it under the new title of Spy.”
The repackaged album will be released on August 5 at midnight on such online music websites as Melon, Genie, and Soribada, and will be released offline on August 6.
Super Junior’s new song, “Spy,” is an urban dance song, characterized by a thrilling melody that reminds many people of the 007 series. The song is about a man who names a girl he loves Spy.
The repackaged album also contains Leeteuk and Donghae’s own songs. “Only U” is composed by Leeteuk and written by Leeteuk and Donghae. “Haru,” is composed and written by Donghae in collaboration with the R&B band Urban Zakapa’s Kwon Soon Il.
Super Junior will perform at SM Town Live World Tour III, which will be held at Tokyo Dome in Japan on August 4 and 5.

SNSD’s Tiffany show off her doll-like look in a pictorial

SNSD’s Tiffany recently showed off her pretty look in a pictorial.
On August 2, the fashion magazine First Look released some photos of Tiffany.
In the photos, Tiffany is showing off her various looks, which range from a girl to a woman, in a fresh lemon-like dress and a feminine floral-patterned dress complemented by Bean Pole bags.
In the photo shoot, Tiffany attracted a lot of attention from the male crew with her coquettish eyes and dreamy look, according to reports.
The bags Tiffany is holding in the photos are all Bean Pole’s new Kate bags, characterized by such lovely colors as orange, mint, and pink and a cute horse picture.
The new Kate bag has become a must-have item for this summer that such celebrities as Miss A’s Suzy, IU, and Yoon Jin Yi love to carry.
Tiffany’s pictorial can be seen in the magazine First Look.
Source: TV Report

SNSD’s Yuri and Yoon Jin Yi as celebrities who look good in bikini

SNSD’s Yuri and Yoon Jin Yi, who is currently popular as Im Meari in SBS TV’s drama series A Gentleman’s Dignity,have recently been selected as celebrities who look good in bikini.
The beachwear brand The Beach Shop ( and surveyed about 1,200 people about celebrities who look good in bikini from July 23 to 31, and Yuri ranked first with 364 votes (30.6%) and Yoon Jin Yi ranked second with 336 votes (28.3%).
Yuri has shown her voluptuous body in the drama series Fashion King in the role of fashion designer Anna in the scene of her working out in a gym. Yoon has attracted a lot of attention with her fashion styles in every episode of the series A Gentleman’s Dignity.
Oh Yeon Seo from KBS 2TV’s drama series My Husband Got a Family ranked third, and the former MBC weather caster Park Eun Ji and the comedian Byun Seo Eun ranked fourth and fifth.
A spokesperson for The Beach Shop says, “The voluptuous bodies of such celebrities as Lee Hyo Ri and Kim Hye Soo used to be all girls’ favorite in the past. However, the natural and sporty figures of such celebrities as Yuri, Yoon Jin Yi and Park Eun Ji are now many girls’ favorite.”
Besides, in a survey about celebrities who have abs that many people want to see, Kim Soo Hyun from the drama series The Moon Embracing the Sun ranked first with 554 votes and Joo Won from the drama series Ojak Brothersand Bridal Mask ranked second with 285 votes. Song Joong Ki ranked third with the comment that his abs were not as great as people expected.
Kim Tae Hee and Kim Soo Hyun ranked first as the female and male celebrities that people want to spend their vacation with, and they were followed by IU, Lee Hyo Ri, Yoo Jae Suk, and Jang Dong Gun.
Source: TV Report

Super Junior’s Siwon and SNSD’s Tiffany in a friendly pose

Super Junior’s Siwon and SNSD’s Tiffany recently attracted a lot of attention with a picture of themselves in a friendly pose.
On August 1, Siwon uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “Happy birthday Tiffany!”
In the picture, Siwon and Tiffany are staring at the camera in a friendly pose. Tiffany is showing off her stylish look in a blue dress and a red bag, and Siwon looks like a rich man in a neat suit.
People responded: “Are they close friends? They look good together.” “Siwon is so handsome.” “They look so stylish.”
Super Junior will release a repackaged album, Spy, on August 5 at midnight.
Source: Starnews

2PM’s Nichkhun peacefully reaches an agreement with the car accident victim

2PM’s Nichkhun peacefully reached an agreement with the car accident victim.
On August 2, JYP Entertainment, Nichkhun’s agency, reported, “Nichkhun peacefully reached an agreement with the car accident victim. If there’s a further police investigation, he’ll sincerely cooperate.”
Nichkhun is currently shutting himself up in his place.
Regarding Nichkhun’s comeback, JYP Entertainment says, “Nothing has been decided yet. Nichkhun will not participate in both JYP Nation and our family concert in Japan.”
After the accident, Nichkhun apologized to his fans on his social networking account.
Nichkhun said, “I betrayed all people who have loved and supported me. I thought I needed more time to think about my behavior and myself so that I don’t make such a mistake again. I’m so ashamed and disappointed at myself. I am really sorry.”
Nichkhun got into a car accident while driving under the influence on July 24 at around 2:30 a.m. He was on his way back home from a dinner with JYP artists after his practice for JYP Nation concert.
Source: TV Report

JYP artists in a practice room without 2PM’s Nichkhun

A picture of JYP artists practicing for JYP Nation was recently released.
In the picture, Park Jin Young, JJ Project, The Wonder Girls, Miss A, and 2PM members are practicing for their joint concert.
In the pictures, 2PM’s Junsu teases the Wonder Girls’ So Hee during the practice for their duet performance, and 2AM’s Seul Ong and 2PM’s Junho are taking a break together at a corner of the practice room.
Park Jin Young takes a picture with Sun Ye (of the Wonder Girls)’s pet and also works on a new song. JJ Project members also seem excited, jumping around in the practice room.
The serious yet friendly looks of JYP artists in the practice room are increasing many people’s expectations in the upcoming JYP concert.

JYP Entertainment says, “All JYP artists are practicing hard for their joint concert. There will be more things to watch and more surprising performances this year. Please look forward to them.”
JYP Nation will be held at the Gymnastics Arena in Olympic Park on August 4.
Source: TV Report

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa shows off a muscle in his back

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa is currently attracting a lot of attention online with a muscle in his back.
The muscle in Jung’s back can be seen in the video of “Come On,” CN Blue’s third single released in Japan last month.
In the video, Jung is posing to show off a muscle in his back in a black sleeveless shirt. Jung’s firm muscle in his back and arm muscle remind many people of Sylvester Stallone from the movie Rambo. Jung used to appeal to many girls with his gentle image, but it seems like he can also appeal to many people with his strong image.
People responded: “I love the muscle in his back.” “Jung even has a great muscle in his back.” “I want to cling to his back.”
CN Blue released their new song “Friday” on July 31 at midnight.
Source: TV Report

MBLAQ will hold additional concerts in Japan in September

MBLAQ successfully held their concerts, titled BLAQ%, in Japan.
MBLAQ sold all tickets for their concerts held at the Osaka Oriks Hall on July 26 and 27 and at the Tokyo International Forum on July 30 and 31, part of their Asian tour, The BLAQ% Tour.
These concerts in Japan were held after the concerts in Seoul, held at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park on July 21 and 22. Many overseas fans as well as Korean fans attended the concerts in Japan.
As befitted the title of their tour, The BLAQ%, MBLAQ gave strong performances for their fans to create 100% perfect concerts.
MBLAQ captivated Japanese audiences by performing “Run” and “Y” in warriors’ looks. The members also performed their individual songs, “Wild,” a unit song of G.O. and Mir; ”Don’t Go,” Cheon Dung’s solo song; “Cracks of My Broken Heart,” G.O’s solo song; and “Crazy,” Mir’s solo song.
Many people who couldn’t buy tickets for the concerts also swarmed over to the concert halls. MBLAQ have become popular in Japan with their debut single, which ranked first on the Oricon Chart. At the request of many fans, MBLAQ will hold additional concerts in Yokohama on September 8 and 9.
MBLAQ say, “We heard that all tickets for our concerts in Japan were sold out, but we didn’t know we were this popular in Japan. We’re so impressed. We’ll try our utmost to give the best performances for our fans at the concerts in Taiwan and the additional concerts in Japan.”
MBLAQ will continue their tour in Taiwan on August 18 and in Yokohama, Japan, on September 8 and 9.
Source: TV Report

T-ara will release a new song as scheduled

T-ara will release a new song as scheduled.
On August 2, Core Contents Media, T-ara’s agency, reported that T-ara will release a new song, “Sexy Love,” in Japan at the end of October.
The report from Core Contents Media attracted a lot of attention because it means T-ara will release a new song as scheduled.
“Sexy Love,” composed by Shinsadong Horaengi, was originally going to be released in Korea on August 15. If it gets released in Japan at the end of October, the promotion period for the song in Korea will be about two months.
“Lovey Dovey” was released in Japan three months after it was released in Korea.
Regarding the rumor about T-ara members, the agency says, “We hope T-ara members have had opportunities to think about themselves and become more mature. We believe the only way to thank you is coming out again with good new songs. We’ll try harder.”
T-ara debuted in Japan with “Bo Peep Bo Peep,” which ranked first on the Oricon weekly chart. They received a lot of attention in Japan as a next-generation Hallyu girl group to succeed KARA and SNSD, selling over 90,000 copies of their single and album.
Source: Xportsnews

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun deletes Twitter account

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun recently deleted his Twitter account.
On August 1, Park got rid of his Twitter account after leaving the comment, “Thank you for all your support and love. I hope to meet you again through good music and performances. I sincerely thank and love you!”
On July 19, Park suggested that he would delete his Twitter account by tweeting, “Twitter… Should I delete it?” Kim Jae Joong commented, “No, no. Don’t delete it.”
People responded: “What happened to him?” “Why he suddenly delete his account?” “I wonder what happened to him.”
JYJ held a big fan fair the ’2012 Membership Week’ on June 28 at SETEC in Seoul.
Source: Starnews

JYJ sues a media outlet for damages

Group JYJ recently sued a media outlet who stirred controversy over their obsessed fans seeking a hundred million won in combined damages.
On August 2, according to the judicial world, JYJ sued the D media outlet, who said that the group had assaulted their fans, on August 1 and were seeking a hundred million won in combined damages.
A lawyer for JYJ says, “The outlet released illegally recorded voice files under real names without checking if the claims were true or not. It is a clear libel and an invasion of their privacy.
“The group has been in litigation with the outlet for the past three months. But after we discussed it, we decided to cancel the claim because it’s more of a civil case. As a result we will re-file the case as a civil suit.”
In March, the outlet reported on the group saying that they assaulted their fans and swore at them. They also released voice files and received a lot of attention. JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment officially announced, “We think that the articles are just malicious with the intent to harm the group members.”
Source: Starnews

US songwriter Bruce Automatic praises JYJ’s Kim Jun Su

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su recently spent a special week in Los Angeles.
Kim visited the United States two years after he recorded the JYJ worldwide EP. He worked with songwriter Bruce Automatic Vanderveer from Sony Music and shot a music video with director Marc Kalsfeld.
Kim says, “Working in the United States is difficult but fun. The system helps artist think about and express feelings more wonderfully. I especially liked working with energetic songwriter Bruce Automatic.”
“I think we created a pretty good song. Shooting a music video here was a bit different from Korea. I was shy to perform in front of many American staff members.”
Bruce has worked with Christina Aguilera, Wanted, and  Leona Lewis. He says, “I have worked with lots of artists but Kim is one of the best vocalists. I want to warn famous artists in the States to be careful of Kim. He has strong potential power like A class stars in the States. I’m happy to work with the great artists and I want to keep working with him.”
Marc says, “Kim has quick instincts and beautiful eyes. He always creates a happy atmosphere on the set. I saw a music video for “Tarantallegra” on YouTube and I was happy to have chance to work with him.”
Kim says, “Unlike in Korea, here, I had to shoot the music video with only music and the explanation of the scene. Director didn’t tell me what to do in detail so I had to perform in one long take. I didn’t know what to do at first but after I realized what I should do, I was able to maximize the feelings about the song. I can’t wait to see the result.”
Kim will finish touring Asia in Hong Kong on August 7 then he will tour the United States, South America, and Europe.
Source: TV Report

CNBLUE ranks fourth on the Oricon chart with their new EP

Idol band CNBLUE recently released their new Japanese EP and ranked high on the Oricon chart.
On August 2, according to the Oricon daily single chart, CNBLUE’s third EP Come On, which was released on August 1, ranked fourth. Since the song “Come On” is written by CNLBUE, it is drawing a lot more attention.
CNBLUE, who proved their high popularity in Japan, will go on a Japanese tour in October.
The band will go on an Arena tour and will hold nine concerts in six Japanese cities, including, Nagoya on October 2 and 3, Nikata on October 7, Osaka on October 10 and 11, Hiroshima on October 13, Sizoka on October 16, and Saitama on October 20 and 21. Over 100,000 fans will gather to see the band.
Another K-pop idol group The BOSS also released their new Japaese EP and ranked sixth on the Oricon daily single chart on the day of its release.
Source: Starnews

ZE:A’s Si Wan helps starving children

ZE:A’s Si Wan recently drew a lot of attention by wearing special bracelets.
Si Wan plays the role of a passionate high school boy who loves Jung So Min in MBC’s sitcom Standby. A scene, in which he is wearing bracelets that help starving children, recently aired and received considerable attention.
The colorful friendship bracelets that he wears on TV help starving children in Korea and in the Republic of South Africa. K-pop singers, including, SHINee, B1A4, and Infinite, as well as actors, like, Go Jun Hee and Hwang Woo Seul Hye, are also participating in the campaign.
Si Wan also wore the bracelets on SBS’s special Idol Olympics episode of  Running Man, which aired on July 22.
Star Empire says, “Si Wan loves those bracelets. They are comfortable to wear and an also help the starving children. He often wears the bracelets in his everyday life too.”
ZE:A is keeping busy performing their title song “Aftereffect.”
Source: TV Report

BoA’s third dancing partner chosen: Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

BoA, who recently released the title song “Only One” from her seventh EP, will perform with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk.
BoA will appear in the August 2 episode of Mnet’s M Countdown and in the August 4 episode of MBC’s Show Music Core and will perform the title song with Eunhyuk. Many fans and the audience are eagerly anticipating the two stars dance performance.
BoA previously drew a lot of attention by performing with TVXQ’s Yunho on her comeback show BoA 4354 and with SHINee’s Tae Min on SBS’s Inkigayo.
A music video for the title song “Only One” has received over 4.1 million hits on YouTube and proved its high popularity all over the world.
BoA is keeping busy performing the title song “Only One.”
Source: Xportsnews

U-Kiss’ Dong Ho earns his driver’s license

U-Kiss’ Dong Ho recently took a picture while holding his driver’s license.
On August 2, Dong Ho tweeted a picture with the comment, “I will drive safe and follow traffic laws too. Thank you very much for supporting me.”
In the picture, Dong Ho is holding his driver’s license and smiling at the camera. His big framed glasses, disheveled hair, and cute face drew a lot of attention.
Dong Ho previously announced that he earned his driver’s license by tweeting, “I passed the final test. Thank you.”
People responded: “Congratulations to you!” “You have already become an adult.” “Dong Ho is so cute.” “Drive safe.”
Source: Starnews

Super Junior reveals short version of 4th Japanese single ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ PV

Boy group Super Junior will be taking their recently released song Sexy, Free & Single to Japan.
The Japanese version of this song will be released on August 22nd and from their press conference from last month, they are set to release other tracks in Japanese as well, though it remains uncertain if they recorded the Japanese versions of the Korean songs or original Japanese tracks.
Avex Network unveiled the short version of the Japanese PV, fans will be disappointed upon learning that most of the footage (thus far) is taken from the Korean counterpart. However, because it is sung in Japanese, there are a few parts where new footage was filmed.

Source: Avex Network YouTube

f(x) releases short PV for Japanese debut song ‘Hot Summer’

It might be one hot summer in Japan right now but girl group f(x) is looking to make it even hotter with their upcoming Japanese debut song, Hot Summer.
Hot Summer was the follow-up song to their successful song Pinocchio (Danger) during the summer of last year and f(x) is looking to continue that success in Japan. While no information regarding the release date or what other songs will be included in their Japanese debut release, the girls have released the short PV of Hot Summer through their Japanese agency, Avex Network. With a new set in the desert (as well as what is reminiscent of their recent Electric Shock MV set), the girls are ready to rock out to a hot summer.

Source: Avex Network YouTube

Goo Hara looks exhausted, “What tires you out?”

Kara’s Goo Hara uploaded a picture and revealed her blank face. 
On the afternoon of August 2, Goo uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “Blank… bla~nk.”
In the picture, Goo is looking at the camera wearing a white frilly blouse. She looks pitiful because she appears to be very exhausted. 
Netizens commented: “Are you exhausted from the heat?” “You are pretty even with your blank look.” “You look like a doll.” 
Currently, Goo is emceeing on SBS’s Inkigayo with Nicole, and Lee Jong Seok.
Source: Starnews


Kara’s Kang Jiyoung reveals her cute charms

Kara’s Kang Jiyoung revealed a cute picture of herself. 
On the afternoon of August 2, Kang uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “All the schedules are over. Hara and Seung Yeon went out to eat. We’re going to go to a convenience store.” 
In the picture, Jiyoung, Gyuri, and Nicole all look lovely. They either made a V sign or pouted their lips. All three of them looked very friendly and casual unlike their image on stage. 
Netizens commented: “You seem so be good friends.” “All three of you are so cute.” “Your cute charms are overflowing.”
Source: TV Report

2AM’s Chang Min reveals, “Thank you God; my wish is fulfilled!”

2AM Chang Min’s “bad hand” has been sighted. 
On August 2, Chang Min uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “Thank you God! Deovolente. My wish is fulfilled today!” 
In th picture, he is smiling brightly and making V signs with actress Cho Yeo Jung. 
His hand, which is placed gently on her shoulder, caught the eye of many netizens. 
Netizens commented: “Putting arms around in a friendly manner.” “You like Cho Yeo Jung?” “Your hand seems to be placed on her shoulder too gently.” “Chang Min seems to be getting younger.” 
Currently, Chang Min is challenging himself to act in the musical, La Cage Aux Folles.
Source: Xportsnews

Check out some same age celebrities born in 1988—Adel and Kara’s Seung Yeon are the same age

Recently, a photo was posted on a community website with the caption “Same Age Celebrities Born In 1988.”
In the photo, there appear celebrities of the same age born in 1988.
According to the post, 2PM’s Nickhun, Taec Yeon, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, Taeyang, actor Kim Soo Hyun, and model Lee Soo Hyuk.
Among female celebrities who were born in 1988 are Kara’s Han Seung Yeon, Gyuri, After School’s UEE, and singer Yoon Ha.
British pop singer Adel is also known as the same age as all those Korean celebrities mentioned above.
Source: Xportsnews