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March 07, 2012

T-ara’s Boram seduces male fans with a doll-like look

Boram of the girl group T-ara has unveiled a set of doll-like self-portraits.
On March 7, Boram tweeted a picture and commented, “What good is the fine weather, anyway? I wanna go to the zoo. Somebody take me there.”
Opening her eyes wide and big, Boram looks into the camera. Her big eyes and blushed chicks remind viewers of a doll.
Netizens gave various reactions to Boram’s posting: “Your face looks just like a doll.” “You have such big eyes.” “Wanna go to the zoo with me?”
Previously on March 3, T-ara was awarded with the Best Pop Artist Award with TVXQ at the Billboard Japan Music Award 2011 held in Tokyo.
The group also showed its potentials as its recent single Roly Poly which was released in Japan on February 29 ranked third on the weekly single chart of Oricon.
Source: Starnews

2NE1 remakes Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” for its first Japanese album

The four-girl ‘idol’ group 2NE1 remakes Madonna’s hit song.
On March 28, 2NE1 is poised to release its first Japanese album, Collection, which features a new version of Madonna’s hit song, “Like A Virgin.”
The 2NE1’s version of “Like A Virgin” is a joint work with Fantastic Plastic Machine (FPM), a globally renowned Japanese group. It received a favorable evaluation that the new version contained improved modern taste than its original.
The song is expected to be played as the main theme song for a Japanese TV commercial. In addition to this, the album also features “Scream,” “Love is Ouch.” “Fire,” and “I don’t Care.”

Recently, 2NE1 revealed the jacket of the new album. In the cover, 2NE1’s members presented a variety of conceptual images from feminine air to charismatic appeals.
As soon as the album is released, 2NE1 charges into enthusiastic activities in Japan. On March 31, 2NE1 will stand on stage of Spring Groove Festival, Japan’s largest R&B festival, along with Big Bang, a group belonging to the same agency as 2NE1.
Spring Groove marks the fifth anniversary this year, featuring global stars as well as Japanese top musicians. 2NE1 is planning to display a joint performance with LMFAO, leading the global craze for shuffle dance, and electronic DJ David Guetta.

Source: Starnews

Japanese Album Jacket of After School!

Super Junior’s Shindong challenges comedian Shin Young to a showdown

On the March 6 episode of MBC’s music show, Show Champion, Super Junior’s Shindong and comedian Kim Shin Young, the two main emcees of the show, made an open declaration of their showdown.
After watching the singing competition between WE and Soul Harmony, Shindong made an offer to Shin Young: “As emcees, we cannot just sit by and let things happen. How about having our own showdown?”
Shin Young returned Shindong’s serve by crying out, “I’ll take up the challenge. It’ll happen in three weeks.” The production staff under the stage gave them an “okay” sign. Then, Shindong and Shin Young will have a showdown through the March 27 episode of the show, and the person who loses the competition will grant the winner’s wish.
As for the competition, the production team says, “It is true that there was some discussion that the two emcees could display their own performances, but we did not expect that they put the showdown through this much abruptly during the live show.
The March 6 episode of the show featured Miss A, MBLAQ, Emily, EXID, B.A.P, WE and Soul Harmony. Among these distinguished guests, Miss A won the championship for the second straight week.
Source: TV Report

Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won change into royal family members

Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won have changed into royal family members in the poster of MBC TV’s new drama series The King 2 Hearts.
On March 7, Kim Jong Hak Productions released a poster of The King 2 Hearts.
The King 2 Hearts is a love story between Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won), a drill sergeant of the North Korean special forces, and Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi), a reckless, arrogant prince of South Korea. Based on an imaginary setting that South Korea is a constitutional monarchy, they go through prejudice against each other, the boundary between the two countries, and their social status to achieve love.
In the poster, the mixed feelings that the two characters have toward each other in the series are clearly shown.
According to reports, Lee and Ha impressed the crew with their perfect teamwork at the poster shoot on February 14. Without taking much time, they created perfect shots. The crew praised them saying, “This couple will surely make a hit in the first half of 2012.”
Kim Jong Hak Productions says, “Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won satisfied the crew with their perfect teamwork from the poster shoot. Like the poster of Ha Ji Won as a pure goddess and Lee Seung Gi as an attractive prince, The King 2 Hearts will be a well-made drama series that will satisfy the viewers.”
The King 2 Hearts is directed by Lee Jae Gyu and written by Hong Jin Ah, who also made Beethoven Virustogether. It stars Lee Seung Gi, Ha Ji Won, Yoon Jae Moon, Lee Yoon Ji, Jo Jung Suk, Lee Soon Jae, and Yoon Yeo Jung.
Source: TV Report

Recordings capture JYJ member slapping fans, hurling obscenities

JYJ member Kim Jae-joong verbally and physically attacked his fans while part of the group TVXQ, according to a sound recording posted online by entertainment news Web site Dispatch yesterday.
In the 10-minute clip from about two years ago, Kim can be heard hurling profanities at a group of female fans. He can then be heard slapping the fans, who react only with surprised gasps.
“You guys must have so much fun just following us around all day. Why do I have to live my life in hiding because of bitches like you?” Kim said in between the slapping noises.
In another recording, apparently also taken during the incident, fellow band member Kim Junsu tells off fans making recordings but does not slap them or use obscenities.
A phone recording featuring third JYJ member Park Yu-chun was also released by the entertainment Web site. In a 10-second call, Park yells obscenities at a fan who reached him on his personal cell phone.
By Carla Sunwoo
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

Super Junior holds an independent concert in France in April

The Super Junior’s world tour, Super Show 4 that has attracted a great deal of music fans across the world, will land in France in April.
Super Junior is planning to meet European music fans through the SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR SUPER SHOW 4 in PARIS to hold on April 6 at the Le Zenith de Paris in Paris.
This is the first independent concert held by Korean singers, and the world-renowned concert hall, Le Zenith de Paris, has attracted big-name global stars such as Ne-Yo, Pussycat Dolls and Jonas Brothers to stand on stage for European fans. That’s why the Paris Super Show 4 is expected to become a historic concert to prove once again the high popularity of Super Junior in Europe.
Super Junior already confirmed how popular they were in Europe thanks to the great hit of the SM Town Live Paris concert held in June last year. The Paris Super Show 4 will draw explosive responses from European fans through the top-notch stage management and fantastic performance.
The advance ticket sale for the Paris concert will begin at 10:00 a.m. on March 9 (local time) via the Europe’s representative ticket sales website Live Nation (
Before the Paris concert, the Super Show 4 will be held in Macao in March 9 and 10.
Source: Xportsnews

K-pop scores a knock out with lyrics you can’t forget

Korean pop songs from the old days portrayed various emotions from sorrow and anger to pleasure and joy and the accompanying moments of our lives. The same was true of pop music in the 90s. The song “To Mother,” released in 1999 by the now-defunct boy band g.o.d., talks about a mother’s love and “Musical” sung by Im Sang A and released in 1996, tells listeners that they are all heroes.
But it’s hard to find such empowering and insightful lyrics in the Korean pop of today, which is rife with repetitive hooks, gibberish, irrelevant English words and slang.
Gibberish repeated
T-ara’s recent hit “Bo Peep Bo Peep” is a perfect example of the kind of repetition found in many of today’s biggest K-pop hits. In the four-minute song, the phrase “Bo Peep Bo Peep” is repeated about 110 times. When the song gets to the end, the lyrics are a mix of “oh” “ah” and “Bo Peep.” The girl group’s other hit “Lovey Dovey” is less repetitive, but the singers still sing the words “lovey dovey” about 18 times in all.
The boy band SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” isn’t that different from other songs with repetitive hooks. But the five-member boy group repeats the phrase “ring ding dong” so many times that it’s hard to count.
There are many examples of this infatuation with repetition throughout K-pop. Secret’s “Madonna,” Sistar’s “So Cool” and f(X)’s “Hot Summer” are just a few. In the f(X) song, we hear the word “hot” around 80 times, ensuring that the listener’s temperature will rise no matter what the season.
“It’s not uncommon for lyrics to become engraved in the listeners’ mind,” K-pop critic Song Gi-cheol said. “But K-pop puts more emphasis on melody than lyrics.”
Nonsensical English
In another trend, irrelevant words borrowed from English are often inserted into pop songs.

The lyrics to Block B’s “Go Crazy” are as follows, with the words in quotation marks spoken by the singers in English: Everybody follow me “like” a pesticide truck / I belong to everyone “do not” anyone’s possession.
Some songs contain slang and harsh expressions.
NS Yoonji’s lyrics from “The Reason I Became a Witch” read: Shut your mouth and get your ass out of here / The reason I became a witch / The reason I curse you.
GD & TOP’s “Knock Out” was banned from three national networks when it was released late 2010 because of its Korean title “Ppeogi-gayo,” which is a vulgar expression.
Soulless songs
Others have criticized K-pop songs for their shallow depictions of love.
Most of the love songs of today contain one or a combination of these phrases: “I hate you,” “I love you, baby,” “I’m a bad boy,” “You’re pretty” or “Let’s go out.”

The lyrics came first back in the old days, but it’s very different these days,” said a composer who asked to remain anonymous. “Now the melody comes first and the lyrics are added later. For this reason, it’s hard to write elaborate lyrics.”
The composer added that the changing environment of the nation’s fast-paced music industry also plays a decisive role in producing flimsy lyrics. Even if a song becomes a hit, it will only stay on the top of the charts for a week or two, which means that producers want catchy lyrics in order to make an impression on music fans.
“Pop music implies a mass appeal, but if the lyrics can’t capture a broad audience it could damage the current boom of K-pop overseas,” said K-pop music critic Im Jin-mo.
By Song Ji-hye []
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

SNSD’s Sunny exposes her body line in a bikini

SNSD’s Sunny is currently attracting attention by exposing her body line in a bikini.
This was shown in a preview of KBS 2TV’s Invincible Youth 2, which aired on March 3.
In the episode of Invincible Youth 2 that will air on March 10, G8 members (SNSD’s Sunny and Hyoyeon, Miss A’s Suzy, f(x)’s Amber, Rainbow’s Woori, Jewelry’s Ye Won, and KARA’s Kang Jiyoung) go to a hot spring with some elderly people.
In the preview, Sunny attracted the viewers’ attention with her voluptuous body. She wore a t-shirt on the top of the bikini; however, as she went into the bathtub, her body line got clearly exposed.
People responded: “Sunny’s voluptuous body stands out!” “I like her voluptuous body. Her smiling face also looks nice!” “I love the preview. I’m certainly watching the episode next week!”
Source: TV Report