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May 28, 2012

List of 10 K-pop groups most like to break in America, “Performance and strong visuals are chief reasons.”

A U.S music magazine revealed a list of 10 K-pop groups most likely to break in America.
On May 20, Rolling Stone has picked 10 K-pop groups who would most likely succeed in America. They include SNSD, 2NE1, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, After School, SHINee, Ailee, Sistar, B2ST, and Miss A.
The magazine highly praised Girls’ Generation’s choreography and their music. It also mentioned 2NE1 members as the “genre-hopping and large personalities.” Ailee attracted attention because she was the only solo rookie singer to make the list.
Rolling Stone added, “K pop embraces genre fusion with both singing and rap, and there usually is a repetition of the chorus. Their popularity comes from performance and strong visuals.”
Netizens commented: “I guess Koreans and Americans have similar likings.” “SNSD is the trend.”
Source: Xportsnews

2NE1’s CL speaks French too?: “She’s competent in four different languages”

Recently, 2NE1’s CL surprised her fans with her competence in foreign languages.
The episode of tvN’s E News that aired on May 24 covered some “idols” who are fluent in foreign languages. It introduced 2NE1’s CL and showed some of her interviews speaking in several different languages.
Last year, the star appeared in BBC and was easily engaged in a conversation with an anchor showing no language barrier. In a certain radio show, she greeted her fans in fluent French.
Netizens who saw the broadcast commented: “Korea, America, Japan, and now France? 2NE1’s going to rule the world now.” “I knew she was competent in Japanese, but never thought she would be fluent in French too.” “She’s got excellent genes. How can she speak four languages? She’s pretty competent in languages.”
Source: TV Report

Cross Gene, the Korean-Chinese-Japanese unit group, finally unveiled!

Cross Gene, the unit group composed of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese members that has been attracting attention, is finally unveiled.
The group’s emergence in the world of singers brought a great impact even before the debut, and on the 26th of May, all members are finally revealed through the official website.
The members are Shin Won Ho, one of the rising stars in 2012 who made frequent appearance in TV series and commercials, Takuya who is known as a pretty boy from the special feature for Asian stars of KBS 2’sDream Team, Casper, Sangmin, J.G, and Yongseok. They are all talented in many fields, such as singing and dancing, and became popular with their outstanding skills.
As the name “Cross Gene” refers to, the team is where people who possess outstanding “genes” of each nation “cross.” You can see their tall, slim figures and handsome looks in the recent posting which gives an inviolable aura and flutters fans’ hearts.
Amuse Korea, the group’s agency, says, “After revealing one member after another, all member are finally unveiled. In addition to their handsome appearance, each member has special charms, so we ask you for our support and love.”
Cross Gene will perform its debut show-case at AX-Korea in Gwangjang-dong on June 7.
Source: TV Report

4Minute’s Hyun Ah confesses, “I feel empty on my way home after big performances”

4Minute’s Hyun Ah has shared what she is recently concerned about.
In the episode of KBS 2’s Invincible Youth 2 that will broadcast on May 26, Hyun Ah makes a surprise appearance with another member So Hyun, and Park Sang Myun and generates a friendly mood.
In the segment within the show called “Invincible Youth’s Counseling Center,” Hyun Ah confesses, “After performing on big stages, I feel very empty on my way home. Usually, I have meal in the van, on my way to work on the next schedule, and whenever that happens I feel like taking a trip to a vast place and eat a lot of good food.”
On hearing this, emcee Kim Shin Young says, “Well, we’re in a vast place now, so one of your problem is solved, and let’s work on the other one.” She inspires laughter as she takes out some cooked chicken. Hyun Ah doesn’t seem to be able to hide her excitement before the food and finishes it.
Netizens commented: “Hyun Ah has the same problem with an ordinary office worker.” “I couldn’t agree more with her.” “I want to take a trip too and take a rest.” “It’s really hard to live a life.”
Source: TV Report

Check out a photo revealing unflinching charisma of Big Bang’s TOP

A photo revealing unflinching charisma of Big Bang’s TOP is in the limelight.
On May 26, YG Entertainment posted on its official blog YG Life the photo of TOP strolling in a desolate area.
In the photo, Top is seen strutting while wearing a black suit and a black gown. The mysterious background and the charismatic look by TOP give the photo enigmatic atmosphere.
Previously, on May 25, a photo of Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon was released. GD’s impressive look with red hair caught the eye.
 “The photo featuring TOP is a still cut from the music video of the new song ‘Monster.’ With the kickoff of the one of GD, photos featuring each member of Big Bang will be released one by one,” a source from YG tells Starnews.
On June 6, Big Bang is to release a special album containing nine songs in the domestic market. The album consists of five new songs—the title “Monster,” “Still Alive,” “Feeling,” “Binguel Binguel,” and “Ego,” and four songs from the fifth mini-album, released in last February—“Blue,” “Fantastic Baby,” “Bad Boy,” and “Love Dust.”
The audios of the new songs are to be out on June 3 ahead of the release of the album. What’s more, on the same day music video of the title song “Monster” is also to be unveiled.
The five versatile boys are currently on Japanese tour with the kickoff in Nagoya on May 16 and 17, and the tour will be going on in five major cities in Japan until the end of June.
Source: Starnews

B1A4 comes out with a new song and amuses female fans

B1A4 recently came out with a new song and amused female fans.
The boy group gave a performance of the new song “Baby Good Night” in MBC’s Show Music Core for the episode that aired on May 26.
The five dazzling boys, in black outfits, gave a refreshing, buoyant performance. As for its detail, the members played playboys in the performance, and made gal fans swoon.
Written by leader Jin Young, the title song has a story of a playboy that makes sure his girlfriend is asleep and dreams of enjoying a night out.
The episode was also made appearances by G.NA, JJ Project, VIXX, TaeTiSeo, Park Jin Young, Sistar, Sunny Hill, Infinite, EXO-K, B.A.P, and others.
Source: Starnews

EXO-M thanks fans for enjoying the concert

EXO-M participate in their first ever SMTOWN concert, joining their sunbaes for the first stop for SMTOWN Live World Tour III.
The first stop was at the Honda Center in Anaheim (SMTOWN Live in LA) and on May 24th, the group left two pictures and a message for fans. They wrote, “[We like to express our] gratitude to those fans who came to the concert venue to enjoy the concert with us. [We are] also thankful to our Mainland fans for their support.”
While the first picture shows off six cute polaroid shots of the members, the second picture was taken during the actual SMTOWN concert as the EXO-M members mingled with their EXO-K brothers.
Source: EXO-M’s Official Weibo

Manila celebrates ‘YG Family Day’

Fans of Big Bang, 2ne1, and Se7en trooped to the malls yesterday, May 26, for the first-ever YG Family Day in the Philippines.

YG Family albums such as Big Bang’s ‘Alive’ album, 2ne1′s second mini album and first live concert album, and Se7en’s ‘Digital Bounce’ and second mini album sold like hotcakes during the event. These albums were released for the first time in the Philippine market during the said day. Also given out during the YG Family Day were YG freebies and other Kpop merchandise. A raffle was also held, where one lucky fan got to take home a new LG Optimus phone.
Organized by Universal Records Philippines, Big Bang/ VIP Philippines, 2ne1/Blackjack Philippines, Se7enolution Philippines and Lucky 7, the event was held simultaneously at two different venues – Astroplus The Block SM North Edsa, and Odyssey at SM Megamall.
Source: Big Bang PH

JYJ’s Jun Su expresses his firm determination on his first solo Asia tour

JYJ’s Jun Su recently expressed his firm determination on his first solo Asia tour.
Jun Su showed up at a press conference that was held at Bangkok Convention Center in Thailand on May 27 at 11. The JYJ member revealed, “I’m really thrilled that my Asia tour begins in Thailand, Asia. I really wanna do well with the first concert.”
The popular singer also added, “This album has all about me, and through the album, I wanted to show something new rather than following the current trend. I hope the concert will hit it big with Thailand fans.”
Jun Su didn’t forget to show his affection towards Thailand fans. When a reporter told him that Kim’s twitter page is in the limelight in Thailand, the knockout stated, “I like tropical trees and beautiful beaches, so I love to tweet photos of them. I think I’ll post a photo of Thailand tropical trees. And I also plant to sing a new song titled “Lullaby.”
A reporter from one of the prestigious outlets in Thailand says, “He is expected to give the greatest performances than ever, and he’s been getting more and more gorgeous as well. We believe he is the one of the greatest artists in Asia. We’re looking forward to his concert in Thailand.”
Kim Jun Su’s first sols Asia concert, titled XIA 1st Aisa Tour in Bangkok, was successfully held at Paragon Hall following the press conference.
Source: Starnews

Super Junior are currently working on their sixth album

Super Junior will release their new album before Leeteuk joins the army.
On May 27, Leeteuk announced, “We’re currently working on our sixth album and it will be released before I join the army,” at Super Junior World Tour Concert – Super Show 4 that took place at the Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Park.
SM Entertainment also reported, “Super Junior are currently working on their new album. Because Leeteuk is planning to join the army within this year, the album will be released this summer.”
Super Junior released their fifth album Mr. Simple last August and received wide attention.
Super Junior met over 400,000 fans from various different countries by holding a live concert 24 times in ten cities for last six months.
Source: Starnews

Super Junior’s 6th album coming soon!

This is what Leeteuk revealed last May 27 during the last leg of their Super Show 4, which was held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. The leader of Super Junior went on saying, “Our sixth album will be released before I go to serve my military duties.”

This news was confirmed by SM Entertainment. “It is true that Super Junior is currently working on their sixth album,” said SME through a phone conversation.
After the major success of Mr. Simple, Super Junior’s fifth album, fans worldwide are highly anticipating this sixth album.
Wrapping up their world tour, Super Junior held their ‘Super Show 4 Encore’ stage last May 26 and 27 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. During the said world tour, the group toured ten cities, performed 24 times, and received love from a total of 400,000 audience members.
Source: Osen

FT Island impresses over 8,000 Taiwanese fans

FT Island recently held a successful concert in Taiwan.
FT Island held the ‘Play! FT Island’ as a part of their ‘Asia Tour in Taipei’ on May 26 in Taiwan and impressed over 8,000 fans.
The group sang over 20 hit songs, including, “I Hope,” “Love Love Love,” “Neverland,” and “I Confess.” They also received an explosive response by singing “Severely” and “Like the Birds” as encores.
Taiwanese fans surprised the group by holding up red cardboard hearts up, when the group sang the song “I Confess.”
As soon as the group finished giving encores, the fans held flash cards up to congratulate them on their 5th anniversary of the group’s debut.
The group says, “Thank you so much for your passion and for the event. That surprised us a lot during the concert. We were so impressed and happy to be loved by many fans.”
FT Island will keep touring Asia by holding a concert in Thailand in June.
Source: Starnews

Big Bang’s T.O.P looks like a young Magneto from X-Men

Five member Idol group Big Bang, is getting a lot of attention from recently released pictures, which remind people of the movie X-Men.
On May 28, Big Bang’s agency, YG Entertainment, released pictures of G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri on their official blog, YG Life. The pictures were captured from a music video for the group’s new song “Monster.”
In the pictures, group members are showing off their charisma through costumes, hairstyles, and makeup.
T.O.P, who is making a cold face and wearing a black cape, looks like a young Magneto from the movie X-Men. G-Dragon has red hair and is wearing black clothes while making fire with his hands. Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri also look mysterious like heroes from the movie.
Big Bang will release their special album, which includes 9 songs, in Korea, on June 6. The album includes 5 songs, including, the title song “Monster,” which is written by G-Dragon and Choi Pil Gang, “Still Alive,” “Feeling,” “Bingle Bingle,” and “Ego.” Songs from their 5th mini album, including, “Blue,” “Fantastic Baby,” “Bad Boy,” and “Love Dust” will also be included in the album.
The new songs will be pre-released on June 3 and a music video for “Monster” will be released on the same day as well.
Source: Starnews

Teen Top holds an inauguration ceremony of its fan club

“Idol” group Teen Top has revealed a self-portrait on the day of its fan club’s inauguration.
On May 28, L. Joe uploaded a picture on the group’s Me2day account and commented, “Today we have inauguration ceremony of our first fan club called ‘Angel.’ Yoohoo~ Here’s Ricky next to me pretending to be all that lol”
In the picture, he is making a warm smile while Ricky is pretending to be “all that” just like he has mentioned. Their different poses create contrary atmosphere, and Ricky’s black-and-white costume draw particular attention with its distinctive design.
Netizens who saw the posting commented: “They look cute.” “I really wanted to participate in the event with you… ” “You all look gorgeous.” “Ricky oppa rocks!”
At 4:00 p.m. of the 28th, Teen Top held an inauguration ceremony of their fan club at the auditorium of Yonsei University and spent time with their fans.
Source: TV Report

Kim Jun-su kicks off tour in Bangkok

Kim Jun-su, known best as a member of the boy band JYJ, kicked off his Asia solo tour on Sunday in Bangkok. More than 1,000 fans gathered to greet him at the airport.
Ahead of his show, which took place at the Royal Paragon Hall, the Hallyu singer met with more than 100 journalists to talk about his show and tour.
“I’m thrilled to kick off my tour of Asia in Thailand. I want tonight’s show to set a precedent for other great shows to come,” the entertainer said.
He also said that as a solo artist he will try new things and break away from the cookie-cutter mold of K-pop to find his own identity.
“It’s a bit progressive and shocking,” Kim said of his title track “Tarantallegra.”
With his new direction, Kim said he hoped to become a trend setter rather than a mere follower in the K-pop industry.
When journalists asked which song he most looked forward to singing at his 4,000-seat sell-out show, he replied, “Lullaby.”
By Carla Sunwoo
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

The Wonder Girls is coming back with a new album in five days—check out a teaser photo

The Wonder Girls recently released a teaser photo for their new album and the group is generating great curiosity.
On May 29 before noon, the Wonder Girls’ agency, YG Entertainment, unveiled a teaser photo for the group’s new album.
In the photo, the five members—Ye Eun, So Hee, Yoo Bin, Sun Ye, and Hye Lim (from the left)—sit on the floor. The radiant new look of the five girls looks more stunning under the neon light.
The each unique pose by the members and facial look are also so distinctive that the expectations for the album have been getting higher and higher.
 “The Wonder Girls are one of the hottest girl groups in K-pop. Their new album will be another big hit this summer,” a source from YG states.
The source also added, ”The group will be showing the style of music that is completely different from the style they’re famous for. Please give them you love and support.”
The five-member girl group is coming out with a new mini-album on June 3.
Source: Starnews