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May 28, 2012

2NE1’s CL speaks French too?: “She’s competent in four different languages”

Recently, 2NE1’s CL surprised her fans with her competence in foreign languages.
The episode of tvN’s E News that aired on May 24 covered some “idols” who are fluent in foreign languages. It introduced 2NE1’s CL and showed some of her interviews speaking in several different languages.
Last year, the star appeared in BBC and was easily engaged in a conversation with an anchor showing no language barrier. In a certain radio show, she greeted her fans in fluent French.
Netizens who saw the broadcast commented: “Korea, America, Japan, and now France? 2NE1’s going to rule the world now.” “I knew she was competent in Japanese, but never thought she would be fluent in French too.” “She’s got excellent genes. How can she speak four languages? She’s pretty competent in languages.”
Source: TV Report

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