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July 01, 2012

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Music video teaser of 2NE1′s Sandara Park is released

On July 2, a part of 2NE1′s new song “I Love You” was released on YG Blog.
The part, which is about 10 seconds long, is Sandara Park’s part. With an electronic pop beat, the lyrics deliver a girl’s anxious feeling after falling in love as, “I think of you all day long / I keep staring at my phone but it doesn’t ring / How come you don’t understand my feeling.”
2NE1 have appealed to many music fans with strong woman’s images through “Go Away,” a song about a girl who confidently says good-bye to her lover as he keeps making her sad, “I Don’t Care,” a song about a cool woman, and “I’m the Best,” a song about a confident woman.
Unlike 2NE1′s previous songs, “I Love You” is about a girl confessing her love. Because 2NE1 have always shown strong, independent images, many music fans are curious about how they will perform a love song.
Park, who has recently attracted a lot of attention with her partially shaved head, is appealing to many people with her feminine yet charismatic look, sitting on a antique sofa, in the teaser. YG Entertainment says, “Starting with Sandara Park, we will release teaser videos of all 2NE1 members until the day the song is released.”
2NE1 recently finished shooting a music video of “I Love You” with director Seo Hyun Seung, who also made a music video of 2NE1′s “I’m the Best.” For their first comeback performance on SBS TV’s Inkigayo on July 8, they’re currently practicing hard.
2NE1 will also start their concert tour, New Evolution, which will be held in ten cities of seven countries, at the Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park on July 28 and 29.
Source: TV Report

Sistar comes out with a new album, giving a hot, fantastic performance

Sistar recently came out with a new album, giving a hot, fantastic performance.
On the episode of SBS’s Inkigayo that live aired on July 1, Sistar gave a fantastic performance of “Loving You,” a title song from the new album Summer Special.
“Loving You,” is a dance song, which fits the lively, buoyant atmosphere of summer. Being shot in Hawaii, its music video is also causing a sensation.
The sexy foursome gave an overwhelming performance, showing dance moves using their pelvises. Having shown off lively, buoyant charms, the group displayed retro dance moves with the song “Me Alone,” from the previous album.
With the kick-off with its debut song “Push Push,” the formidable group has been really successful with the almost every song they release, such as “Gossip Girl,” “So Cool,” and “Ma Boy.” The group is now drawing a lot of attention with the song “Loving You.”
Source: Starnews

G-Dragon’s style on

Lately Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon was in the spotlight for his pink hair and his stay in Paris. 
He came to the French capital to attend the Men Fashion Week, important fashion event in which Men’s Fashion Spring/Summer 2013 Collections have been shown. 
On June 29th he was photographed by the correspondent of the Italian website (which is also an important fashion magazine) for the “Paris Men Fashion Week Street Style : 29 Giugno” section. The blue jacket with its baroque style, the clever use of goth accessories and the eccentric pink hair were the factors that focused the attention on the fashionable G-Dragon. 
Once again his style has stricken Italy, reconfirming him as a fashionista. 
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MBLAQ’s visit to Indonesia causes traffic congestion at the airport

Recently, the boygroup MBLAQ has arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia for its first concert of the Asian Tour named The BLAQ% Tour. Fans who came to see them at the airport made a big crowd and caused traffic congestion, proving the group’s popularity.
The press conference which was held beforehand attracted a lot of attention from local media, gathering about 100 local reporters.
On July 1, the group’s agency, J.Tune Entertainment, said, “We’re very grateful for your warm welcome. We’ll try to give it back to you with MBLAQ’s spectacular performances.”
The group’s first performance of the tour, “The BLAQ% Tour in Jakarta,” raised the curtain on June 30 at the Mata Elang International Stadium in the presence of 5,500 fans.
At the beginning of the year, MBLAQ gathered popularity with the songs “This is War” and “Run” which contain spectacular, oriental performances.
“The BLAQ% Tour in Seoul” will be held at the Olympics Hall on July 21 and 22.
Source: Starnews

Super Junior Leeteuk’s birthday celebrated on an electronic display in Shibuya

Recently, some Japanese fans of Super Junior gave a surprise birthday present for Leeteuk.
On July 1, Leeteuk tweeted a picture and commented “At Shibuya scramble crossing. Thank you.” The picture shows the gift he received from his fans, a birthday announcement on a huge electronic display.
The board reads, “Happy Birthday Leeteuk!” and “We love you oppa forever,” in English and Korean respectively.
Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “Leeteuk is so popular in Japan.” “His birthday is posted on an electronic display? Amazing.” “Leeteuk is proved to be ‘King Gwanggaeto the Great’ of Hallyu stars.” “I’m so proud of seeing his birthday posted in Shibuya street.”
Source: TV Report

Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na has a date at IU’s solo concert

Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na couple who publicly announced their relationship, had a date at a concert.
Previously on June 30, they went to IU’s solo concert, Real Fantasy that was held at Suwon’s Culture Hall. Yoo In Na visited the site to cheer for IU’s first concert.
On that day, IU said, “There is a beautiful woman visiting us here tonight.” and pointed at Yoo In Na, which made the audience frenzy into applause. IU invited the couple on stage, by saying, “Ji Hyun Woo is here with us as well.”
Yoo In Na received thunders of applause when she showed off her sexy dance due to IU’s request. Even though they were embarrassed, the couple held hands and revealed their relationship.
On July 1, a representative of the concert revealed to Starnews, “Yoo In Na visited Suwon Concert to cheer for IU whom she is close with. IU invited them on stage, and the fans had a good time.”
IU will wrap up her concert in Suwon on July 1, and will go to Busan KBS Hall on July 7,8 and Daegu Chuma Art Center on July 14, and 15.
Source: Starnews

T-ara’s Jiyeon has an extreme makeover and emphasizes her sexiness

Recently, T-ara’s cute Jiyeon went through an extreme makeover.
Previously on the morning of June 30, Jiyeon uploaded a picture and posted on her Twitter, “Fighting on this album, my health, and T-ara.”
In the picture, Jiyeon showed off her blonde hair and thick eye makeup. She emphasized on her sexiness rather than cuteness.
Netizens commented: “Your hair color is extreme.” “Your makeup became a lot thicker. You surely successfully changed your image.” “So pretty.” “Fighting on the new album.” “I liked you more back then.”
T-ara will make a comeback with “Day By Day” through MBC TV’s Show! Music Center that will air on July 7.
Source: TV Report

Super Junior releases 6jib ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ highlight medley

Just hours away until the release of their 6th album Sexy, Free & Single, the men of Super Junior have released a highlight medley featuring all ten songs from the album, courtesy of SMTOWN.
The 6th album is set to contain a variety of song genres, from electronic dance to the soulful and emotional vibes of ballads. This album marks the return of Kangin as he has completed his two-year enlistment and sees Leeteuk for the last time before he himself departs for the army.
Take a listen below!

Source: SMTOWN YouTube

G-Dragon strolls along the streets of France with pink hair

Big Bang G-Dragon’s pink hair is becoming a hot issue.
On June 29, his pink hair was revealed on YG Entertainment’s official Facebook. The pictures were taken during a fashion show that was held in France.
Wearing a cross stripes shirt, G-Dragon parted his pink hair in the middle. His unique sunglasses, fancy watch, and his rings show how fashinable he is.
Netizens commented: “G-Dragon’s pink hair is awesome.” “He looks like a bad boy.” “Not many people look good with pink hair.” “I’m happy to know that he’s doing well.”
Starting from July 21, Big Bang will perform at Shanghai Mercedez Benz Center, Guangzhou International Sports Arena on July 28, and Beijing Master Card Center on August 4.
Source: TV Report

SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong appears at Kim Hyung Joon’s showcase before joining the Army

SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong recently shared his feelings about joining the Army.
On June 29, Hu Yeong Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong made an appearance at Kim Hyung Joon’s showcase and mini-concert for the release of his second solo track “Escape” which was held at AX-Korea in Gwangjang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.
Choi Goon asked, “Kim Kyu Jong is about to join the Army. What does it feel like?” Kim is to enter the Army on July 23 and go through a basic military training. After that, he will be serving as a public service worker. Choi added, “Please share a word or two before you leave,” and Kim first responded with a shy smile.
He said, “I have nothing much to say. I decided to join the Army after having a thorough discussion with the other members. Hyung Joon said that he will give his best on his activity so I won’t have to worry about him. I’ll be back soon, so I will be able to fill up the other members’ empty spots when they are serving in the Army,” and inspired laughter.
Last year, Kim Hyung Joon released his first solo track “My Girl” and worked as an actor in the KBS Drama’sMy Shining Girl and the SBS Plus Drama’s Love You. After a year and four months, he is finally back to his original career as a singer.
In the music video of his title track “Sorry I’m Sorry” appear Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Ki Woo, and Kim Hyung Joon himself. Director Cha Eun Taek was in charge of it and it is expected to be about 25 minutes long, in the form of dramatized road movie.
Source: TV Report

Ex-SS501 member Kim Hyung Joon makes a promise of what to do for his fans when he ranks first

Ex-SS501 member Kim Hyung Joon recently made a promise of what to do for his fans when he ranks first.
In celebration of his second solo album, titled Escape, Kim held a showcase and a mini-concert at Ax-Korea in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul, on June 29 at 8:00 p.m.
When asked to make a promise of what to do for fans if he ranks first, the singer replied, “I’ll hold a complimentary concert for fans.”
Having released his first solo album, titled My Girl last year, Kim made a debut as an actor by being cast in cable TV KBS DRAMA’s Self Illuminating Her. The singer and actor has been drawing a lot of attention since he is coming back to his original job—a singer—for the first time since a year and four months ago.
In the music video of the title song “Sorry I’m Sorry,” Kang Ji Hwan and Le Gi Woo as well as Kim appear. Produced by director Cha Eun Taek, the music video is said to be a type of a road movie of 25 minutes long.
Source: TV Report

SNSD’s Yoona turns into a whiny baby

A picture of SNSD’s Yoona acting like a baby is creating a stir.
Recently on an online community board, a picture titled, ‘The time when Yoona used to play like a baby’ was uploaded.
Lying down in a house-pool, Yoona is staring at the camera with her big eyes.
Her pink pajamas and expression that resemble a baby’s whiny expression stand out.
Netizens commented: “Yoona transformed into a girl? She’s so cute.” “Yoona turned into a girl! Who is she whining to?” “Baby Yoona! Are you awake yet?”
Source: Xportsnews

2PM’s Wooyoung and Junsu’s brotherly love ^^

Jang Wooyoung, member of 2PM, and sometimes confuses us of being the maknae of the group due to his cuteness and aegyos, updated fans via his me2day and attached a photo of him with his fellow member, Junsu and a slight glimpse of Taecyeon. XD

Wooyoung is seen handling his phone to snap the said photo and Junsu giving a thumbs up with a cute smile. You can also see Taecyeon at the back. Just take a deep look and you’ll see him munching his food. ^^
Fans commented saying, “All the best for your new album;)”, “JWY fighting too~!^^You really need members’ love~Hope u feel wonderful everyday~Let’s have a brand new start!!(^O^)”, ”Taecyeon oppa at the back.. Keke.”, “Although the spotlight is on Wooyoung and Junsu. But can’t help to notice Taecyeon at the back. Haha!” and more.

Miss A’s Suzy thanks 2AM’s Jo Kwon for his album

Miss A’s Suzy recently received an album from 2AM’s Jo Kwon.
On the afternoon of June 29, Suzy uploaded a picture and posted on her Twitter, “I received an album from Kwon oppa. Woot, this album is amazing! Thank you Mr. Kwon!”
Lying down on the floor, Suzy is acting cute and holding up Jo Kwon’s solo album. Suzy showed off her beauty by tying up her hair.
Netizens commented: “Wow! The album must be such an amazing gift.” “Suzy is so pretty.” “They must be intimate since they are in the same agency.”
Jo Kwon made a comeback on June 25 with his solo album, I’m Da One.
Source: Starnews

2AM members support Jo Kwon with flash cards

Idol group 2AM recently showed off their perfect teamwork.
On June 29, Jo Kwon tweeted a picture with the comment, “Seul Ong is gone to read his script for the movie26 Years and I’m with Jin Woon and Chang Min.”
In the picture, Jo, who recently released his solo album, is standing with Jin Woon and Chang Min and holding flash cards saying “I’m Da One.”
People who saw the picture responded: “They are very good at teamwork.” “2AM is the best idol group.” “It would have been better if there was Seul Ong too.” “They are nice and talented.” “Jo must feel reliable.”
Jo recently released his solo album, which includes 10 variety songs.
Source: TV Report