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March 21, 2012

SNSD practices for “Mr. Taxi” performance

A video of girl group SNSD practicing for their song “Mr. Taxi” in comfortable clothes is getting a lot of attention.
On March 20, an online community posted a video with the caption, “A video of SNSD practicing for “Mr. Taxi” in a practicing room.”
In the video, SNSD members are performing the song in comfortable clothes. Even though they were just practicing, they are performing choreography for the song perfectly, like they would perform on a TV show. The members are showing off their sexy and charismatic choreography.
SNSD members proved that they are pros by doing their best to perform the song even though they were just practicing. Nine members, including, Yoona, Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Taeyeon, and Sunny are wearing everyday clothes but they still look beautiful.
People who saw the video responded: “Wow, their group dance is perfect even though they are just practicing.” “That’s why their formation dance is so perfect.” “They have a big practicing room. But I can only see SNSD.”
Source: TV Report 

Entertainers who always pose the same way

Entertainers who always pose the same way are getting a lot of attention.
An online community posted pictures with the caption, “Entertainers who always pose the same way.”
The pictures feature Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung, T-ara’s Soyeon and Ji Yeon, IU, B2ST’s Yoon Du Jun, and Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul. Whenever Kang takes self portraits, she pulls her hair back to her right side. Soyeon takes self portraits of the left side of her face and Ji Yeon opens her mouth while taking self portraits.IU makes the V sign and Yoon always looks like he is surprised at something.
Each star has a unique pose and Naul is drawing the public’s attention by ranking the entertainers who always pose the same way.
People responded: “I will create my own pose.” “I was unconscious of their poses but it’s great to find all these pictures.” “It’s interesting.” “Yoon is so cute.”
Source: TV Report

TVXQ ranking at the top of Oricon again for the tenth time!

Recently, TVXQ has topped the Oricon chart, once again.
The group’s new single Still ranked at the top of the Oricon’s daily single chart on the very same day of its release, March 14. It topped the weekly chart as well, making it the tenth time to be ranked no.1 on this weekly single chart.
None of the foreign artists have ever had their ten singles ranked at the top of the weekly chart before. It is also considered as a remarkable achievement since the Oricon chart opened in January, 1968. TVXQ even achieved its own goal to become a foreign artist with the most top rankings.
Since the group’s seventh single Sky in August, 2006, TVXQ has been ranked in Top ten on the weekly chart 26 times in total. This remarkable rate shows the group’s dignity as the top exclusive foreign artist in history.
On March 20, the Oricon reported on its homepage, “TVXQ as the first foreign artist to have its ten singles ranked no.1. The first splendid achievement ever in the 45 year-history of Oricon ranking.”
In the meantime, TVXQ is in the middle of giving TVXQ Live Tour 2012-Tone divided into 26 concerts held at eleven different cities in Japan.
Source: TV Report 

Big Bang’s Seungri says, “I don’t need airline food to fill up my stomach. I’ve got other members’ love”

Recently, Big Bang’s Seungri has shared why he has not eaten airline food. 
On March 19, Seungri posted a picture on Me2day with the comment, “I didn’t eat airline cuisine on my flight to Japan today. Because other members are giving me attention, I feel full without eating. Yes, keep on giving me the attention. I love Big Bang.” 
The picture is a still cut from SBS’s Jung Jae Hyung and Lee Hyo Ri’s You & I that aired on March 18. Seungri is holding a microphone to speak, while other members are leaning towards him to listen. 
Through this picture, he wanted to show off the way they are looking at him. 
Netizens who saw the posting comment: “I see what fills up your stomach.” “Seungri grows by the affection of hyungs.” “Have a safe trip to Japan.” 
Big Bang is to release its new album Alive in Japan on March 28.
Source: Starnews 

Big Bang get together at a restaurant in stage costumes

A picture of Big Bang members getting together at a restaurant is attracting many people’s attention.
The picture was recently uploaded on an online community board under the title of “Big Bang at a Korean barbecue restaurant.”
In the picture, Big Bang members are eating barbecued meats in fancy stage costumes. G-Dragon is especially getting laughs as he’s quietly eating the meats, tucking his hair behind his ears.
People responded: “Fashion trend-setters also eat barbecued meats,” “I feel closer to them because of the picture,” “G-Dragon is so cute that he’s tucking his hair behind his ears,” “Where’s Taeyang?”
Source: Starnews 

Jang Keun Suk’s new album is finally unveiled on March 21 in Japan

Tree J Company, Jang Keun Suk’s agency, announced on March 21 that Jang Keun Suk’s new Japanese mini album, Lounge H The First Impression, would be released on March 21.
The new album is the collaboration between Jang and renowned producer and proven artist Big Brothers. Jang involved himself in all detailed steps of the album creation from song selection, to jacket shooting, music video and to clothing concept.
The album consists of ten songs including its Japanese title song, “I’ve Had It,” “Shake It,” “Gotta Getcha,” “No Human Smell,” “Extended Club Mix of I’ve Had It.”
The package also contains the music video that shows the sensational titillating dance moves between Jang and a sexy female dancer. The video also has the undisclosed making film.
In particular, the album vaulted to the top in the presale ranking, proving his lasting high popularity in Japan.
At the Tower Record, a leading record shop in Japan, we can see a rack specially designed for Jang’s new mini album, which clearly shows high expectations toward his album among Japanese music fans.
As part of the promotional event for his new album, a Team H collaboration café will be open from March 19 to 25.
At the café, visitors can hear voices of Jang and Big Brothers and the sounds of new songs from Lounge H The First impression. The differentiated promotional strategy is drawing the focus of the greatest attention.
Source: Starnews 

MBLAQ can’t perform ‘BLAQ%’ due to injuries

Boy group MBLAQ recently released their new title song “BLAQ%” but they decided not to perform the song due to injuries.
On March 21, the group’s agency J Tune Camp said the group, who previously released the album “100% Ver.” early this year and performed “It’s a War” and “Run,” released the new album “BLAQ% Ver.”
MBLAQ produced two different kinds of versions with the title songs, “It’s a War” and “100%.” As a result, the title song for the new album is “100%.”
The group, however, decided not to perform “100%” due to the members’ injuries.
The agency says, “We prepared many things to give unconventional performances with the song “100%” but unfortunately we had to change our plan. Because even though we have confidence in the album, busy schedules and hard performances made the members to get injured often.”
“Since we changed our plan, each member will actively perform individually. We didn’t expect this kind of situation but the members will show a different side of them through music and acting.”
MBLAQ will also prepare for their Asian tour, which they will go on soon.
Source: Starnews 

A documentary movie about SM artists will be released in May

A documentary movie about SM artists will be unveiled in May.
On March 21, SM Entertainment said I AM will be released in May and unveiled the first teaser preview and poster of the movie.
This movie is going to show the legendary concert of SM artists, titled SM Town Live World Tour in New York, which was held at the Madison Square Garden in New York, and SM artists’ dream and life outside the stage.
As the first teaser poster shows names of all SM artists, it increases curiosity about how each member’s story will be told in the movie.
A spokesperson for SM Entertainment says, “I AM was a UCC project event for fans from all over the world. It already received wide attention as several cover songs and cover dance videos were uploaded. Through this movie, SM Town artists’ efforts, passion, and dreams, placed in SM for several years to touch their fans, will be shown.”

Source: Starnews 

A teaser of CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun: “I’m the real man”

A teaser video of CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun was released on March 21.
Lee introduced his teaser, saying, “I’m the real man in CN Blue. I was to have you hear a powerful guitar sound and see a manly look of me. Did I succeed?”
Lee has captivated many music fans with his extraordinary guitar-playing, eyes, and poses. People responded: “Lee Jong Hyun’s teaser is awesome,” “I fell in love with Lee Jong Hyun,” “I’m so excited about the music in Lee Jong Hyun’s teaser.”
The third and fourth teaser videos of CN Blue will be released on CN Blue’s official website, Nate, and Cyworld Music on March 22 and 23 at midnight, respectively.
Including the title song “Hey You,” CN Blue’s new album will be released on March 26, which is a day earlier than previously scheduled.

Source: TV Report

Infinite to unveil a new song at the exclusive concert on Apr. 1

Infinite will unveil a new song at their encore concert.
At the concert, titled Second Invasion-Evolution, scheduled to be held on April 1 at the Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Park, the new song will be unveiled through Sung Kyu’s individual performance.
Last year, Infinite held the first exclusive concert in Japan. After that, they held the first exclusive concert in Korea, the second exclusive concert in Japan, and the encore concert in Korea again. The tickets for all four concerts have been sold out.
As new songs of Infinite’s new album, which will be released in May, are released at the encore concert, Infinite’s agency is paying special attention to the security so that they don’t get leaked out. Infinite members also say, “We’re practicing really hard, thinking that it’s not an encore concert but our first concert.”
Infinite are planning to give various different performances at a larger concert hall, trying to make it better than the first exclusive concert held last month.
Woollim Entertainment, Infinite’s agency, says, “This encore concert is an upgraded version of the first one. Infinite will give various different performances. It will be one of the best concerts of Infinite as they will try to interact with their fans as close as possible.”
People responded: “I’m so excited about Infinite’s new song,” “I really want to go to the concert and hear Infinite’s new song,” “I’m so curious about what kind of song it will be,” “I’m so thrilled by Infinite’s new song.”
Source: TV Report 

B1A4′s Shin Woo captivates female fans with his pretty smile

B1A4′s Shin Woo captivated female fans with his pretty smile.
Currently promoting “Baby I’m Sorry,” B1A4 are captivating female fans from all over the nation with manly looks.
Shin Woo especially is receiving an enthusiastic response from female fans with his pretty smile, which cannot easily be imagined from his height and broad shoulders. As he appeared as a romantic guy on KBS 2TV’s sitcom I Need a Fairy, he became much more popular among girls, who are mostly older than him.
WM Entertainment, B1A4′s agency, says, “Shin Woo has been very popular among girls who are older than him since the debut, compared to other members. Because of Shin Woo, B1A4 could have fans from all age groups. Including Shin Woo’s appearance, his playful and humorous personality, hidden by his serious, manly look, seem to have fascinated the female fans.”
B1A4 are planning to meet their fans through various TV music programs, variety shows, live shows, and autograph signing events.
Source: TV Report