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February 26, 2012

This week’s MBC Music Core February 25, 2012

This week’s MBC Music Core February 25, 2012
Today MC : SNSD Taeyeon, Seohyun, Tiffany
Hot Stage : FTIsland “Severely”, Teen Top “CRAZY”, K.will “I Need You”
Comeback Stage : miss-A “Over U”, “Touch”, Brave Girls “Nowadays You”
This week’s cats were AXIZ, WE, Yeon Ji Hoo, X-5, Take Hyun, ChAOS, Wink, Brave Girls, ChoColat, LED Apple, EXID, SPEED, SPICA, Ailee, B.A.P, Dal Shabet, K.will, miss-A, FTIsland and Teen Top.

Teen Top “CRAZY”

FTIsland “Severely”

K.will “I Need You”

miss-A  ”Over U”, “Touch”

Brave Girls “Nowadays You”

Dal Shabet “Hit U”


SPICA “Russian Roulette”

SPEED “Lovey Dovey Plus”

EXID “Whoz That Girl”

LED Apple “Time Is Up”

ChoColat “하루 만 더”

Wink “Adda go-goet-cham”

ChAOS “Last Night”

Take Hyun “Stand By Me”

X-5 “Going Crazy”

Teon Ji Hoo “Go! Sister”

WE “Party”

AXIZ “Why Don’t You Give Up”

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Super Junior’s Choi Siwon graduates from Inha University

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon was captured wearing a graduation cap at a graduation ceremony.
On the afternoon of February 24, Siwon uploaded a picture and tweeted, “I will go out to the world with bigger dreams.”
In the picture, Siwon is wearing a graduation cap and holding his diploma.
Netizens commented: “Happy graduation!” “To the world!”
Super Junior’s Ryeowook and Choi Siwon who majored in Department of Theater and Film, graduated from Inha University on February 24.
Source: Starnews

CNBLUE successfully finishes their live Japanese Tour

CNBLUE successfully finished their live Japanese tour.
Previously on February 1, CN BLUE released their second major single “Where You Are”, held a live Japanese tour and met with the fans.
Starting with Osaka on February 13, CN BLUE toured around Nagoya, Tokyo and Yokohama where they performed in 2009 as an indie band.
The tour that was held in clubs that they previously performed as an indie band, attracted many fans attention. It is said that many fans competed to get the tickets for CN BLUE’s tour concerts.
After the tour, CN BLUE revealed, “Performing 9 concerts, we thought back to our old times when we were an indie band and were grateful for all the attention and love from our fans. We will work harder to make better music.”
In this tour, CN BLUE received explosive responses by performing 12 songs live including their major single, “In My Head” and other hit songs such as “Voice” and “Just Please.”
Currently, CN BLUE is preparing for their new album and on this coming March, CN BLUE will hold a first-joint concert with F.T Island in L.A.
Source: Starnews

Miss A now dancing in a see-through costume

Girl group Miss A has taken off their “bandage” costumes and showed up in see-through dresses.
On February 24, Miss A gave passionate performances of “Over You” and “Touch” on KBS 2’s Music Bank.
The girls did not appear in their previous “bandage” costume, but instead, they chose to wear mini-dresses, appealing a pure image.
Their new see-through mini-dresses projected both sexy and innocent look, fluttering male fans’ hearts.
The performance became even more spectacular as roseleaves fluttered in the air during the second half of the song.
Miss A’s “Touch” is composed by Park Jin Young and the lyrics talk about a woman beginning a new love in the pain of broken heart.
Source: Xportsnews



Source: Star Daily News

Last day “Water Game” Special at SS4 Singapore!

In commemoration of their final day of their SUPER SHOW 4 CONCERT in Singapore, on 19 February 2012,the Super Junior boys played with the water fountain that was used as their stage effects.
Starting with the belated-birthday boy Siwon, and pulling in other members to join him, the boys were fully sprayed with water for about 20 seconds before it ends. Notably, the audience went wild for Donghae, Henry, Yesung, Leeteuk, Sungmin, Shindong to do the same, and some wearing white shirts, making their clothes transparent.
Always to be known as the best in fanservice, watch the fancam video of this unforgettable water splash below!

B1A4 stands for “Be the One All for One”

B1A4 clarified the meaning of their group name.
In the episode of SBS TV’s Challenge! 1000 Songs that aired on February 24, B1A4 made a guest appearance and gave a short interview.
Host Lee Hui Jae asked if B1A4 had a meaning, and B1A4 said, “It stands for ‘Be the One All for One.’ It means we’ll try our best as everyone wishes.”
B1A4 also said they had recently been selected as the most promising K-pop star of 2012 by 270,000 people from all over the world. Lee asked Gongchan, “Gongchan seems like he’s never heard of this,” and Gongchan said, “Yes, I didn’t know about that.”
In the episode, Noh Sa Yeon, Kim Jin Ah, Kim Su Keun, Ahn Yeon Hong, Lee Yong, Lee Hye Ri, Park Jun Hyung, Yoon Sung Han, and B1A4(Sandeul, Jinyoung, Gongchan, and Shinwoo) made a guest appearance.
Source: TV Report

SNSD’s Jessica’s legs are shorter than they look?

Picture of SNSD’s Jessica taken in New York are creating a stir.
Recently on an online community board, picture titled, ‘Jessica’s recent pictorial that lengthened her legs 1.5 times’ was uploaded.
Jessica’s long and shapely legs in the pictorial attract attention. However, the picture that the fans actually took portrays her legs relatively shorter and the picture itself is not as clear and fancy as the pictorial.
Jessica’s legs look different when taken from different camera angles. The pictorial picture was taken from the bottom, making her legs look longer. However, the other picture was taken from the top.
Netizens commented: “Don’t make a fuss out of a trivial thing like this. This shouldn’t be a problem.” “Isn’t that good enough on a New York street?” “Who doesn’t adjust a few things with Photoshop these days?”
Source: TV Report