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February 21, 2012

2012.02.16 : The Billboard K-pop Chart

Source: KPOP Masters

Infinite decides to add additional April concert

Group Infinite decided to hold an encore concert, ‘Second Invasion Evolution,’ thanks to their fans.
On February 21, CJ E & M said that Infinite will hold an encore concert under the subtitle ‘Evolution’ on April 1. The concert will be bigger and better than their first concert ‘Second Invasion.’
Infinite released several hit songs, including, “Be Mine,” “Paradise,” and “White Propose” in 2011. They also showed off their power in ticket sales. Over 10,000 Tickets for their first concert, ‘Second Invasion’ sold out in only 10 minutes.
An official says, “People who couldn’t buy tickets for the concert keep asking us to hold an additional concert. Many foreign fans came to the venue to buy tickets even in the cold weather. Therefore, we decided to hold an encore concert on April 1 to thank them.”
Infinite held their first exclusive concert on February 11 and 12 at Olympic Park in Seoul. They received an explosive response by giving a live group dance performance.
The encore concert will be held at Olympic Park on April 1 at 5:00 p.m. Tickets will go on sale on February 28 on Interpark website.
Source: Starnews

B2ST’s “Mystery” music video ranks first on Chinese chart

B2ST’s special music video for their song “Mystery” recently ranked first on one of the biggest Chinese music video sites.
The song is from the group’s debut album, which was released two years ago. B2ST made a special music video for the song to play during their concert, ‘Beautiful Show.’
The special music video ranked first on the Korea V chart from one of the biggest Chinese music sites. The group showed off their high popularity among other K-pop singers.
The music video features the members with a variety of special effects. After the video played at the group’s concert, many fans requested they release it online. As a result, B2ST pre-released the special music video on February 14, Valentines Day.
Since the special music video, which ranked first in China, was just made specifically for their concerts, ‘Beautiful Show in Shanghai,’ the group’s first exclusive concert in China, which will be held on this coming weekend, is getting a lot of attention.
B2ST held concerts in Seoul and Berlin and they will hold their third ‘Beautiful Show’ in Shanghai, China, on February 25.
Source: Xportsnews

Brave Girls show sexy charisma in mannish look

Recently, Brave Girls has unveiled their “Janus” album pictorial before they release the second mini-album Re-Issue.
The pictorial is released on the Brave Girls official homepage (, and the girls are wearing a male suit implying an image of women dressed like men. They have thin eyebrows and short hair which is slicked back, appealing a mature charm they have never shown before.
Netizens who saw the pictorial comment: “Brave Girls can’t hide their sexiness even in that male suit …” “Power women!” “Fascinating beauty.” “They look great in suits.” “Looking forward to their music!” “Can’t wait to see their return stage.” Fans have high expectations over the group since Brave Girls are appealing with a new look.
The group will release “Re-Issue” which is thoroughly composed by Brave Brothers on February 22 at midnight. After the release, a show-case will follow at the club named “Holic” located in Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu.
Source: JTN

2PM excite nearly 9,000 fans at their concert in Thailand

2PM have successfully finished their concert in Thailand.

Visiting Thailand on February 16 for their first concert in Thailand, 2PM successfully finished their high-touch event with a hearty welcome from their fans that numbered around 3,000 and local reporters. People gathered around Siam Center, where the event took place, and buildings and a subway station near the center to see 2PM.

At a press interview, which took place at Impact Arena on the same day, the Red Cross Society in Thailand said thank you to 2PM as they donate part of their concert profit to needy people through the Red Cross Society.

On February 18 in the evening, 2PM concert was held at Impact Arena, the biggest indoor concert hall in Thailand. Even before the concert was started, the hall was swarmed by fans and several reporters. 2PM’s concert tickets were already sold out, but many people inquired about remaining tickets.

During the concert that lasted over two hours, Impact Arena was full of excitement because of the shout from nearly 9,000 fans. Touched by their fans, 2PM tried more than ever to give greater performances to thank their fans.

Nickhun especially touched Thai fans by performing a song of Bird, a Thai singer, for them. Some Thai fans created a video specially made for 2PM to thank them for their donation, which was made when Thailand was damaged by flood, and moved them to tears.

JYP Entertainment, 2PM’s agency, says, “Including 2PM’s Thai member Nickhun, 2PM members have special affection for Thailand. They have been looking forward to have a concert in Thailand. Thank you for all 2PM fans who have given them love and support.”

2PM are holding an Asian tour until March and they are soon having a concert in China. 2PM have already sold over 52,000 tickets of their Hands Up Aisa Tour Concert.
Source: Starnews

New girl group EXID are offered to shoot several TV commercials

New girl group EXID are screaming with delight as they are offered to shoot several TV commercials.
Having received wide attention from people as a first girl group produced by the hit-song maker Shinsadong Horaengi, EXID is again receiving attention from the advertisement industry after their debut.
According to AB Entertainment, EXID’s agency, many inquiries are currently being received from clothing, beauty, school uniform, and electronics brands, of which many idol groups dream of becoming models.
AB Entertainment says, “After watching EXID’s fresh and energetic debut performance, many advertising companies are inquiring about availability of the group. We sincerely thank for showing interest in our new girl group EXID.”

Wonder Girls’ So Hee shows off a variety of charms

Wonder Girls’ So Hee recently showed off her beautiful legs.
So Hee took a pictorial for Tommy Hilfiger denim and described the brand’s modern styles through images of youthful freedom.
Even though she is very shy in real life, she showed off her charismatic charms while shooting the pictorial and captured the entire crew’s eyes. Her attractive eyes complemented a variety concepts for the pictorial. She was the perfect model for the brand.
The pictorial will be included in the March edition of Ceci and it will also be released on Tommy Hilfiger’s website.

TEEN TOP’s L.Joe and Chunji recall childhood memories

On February 21, TEEN TOP’s L.Joe and Chunji posted their childhood photos on me2DAY with the comment that said “Little cutie L.Joe boasting of his strength. I feel kind of shy to see my little self. You’re sure to love this playful little L.Joe, aren’t you?” In the photo, L.Joe is wearing a playful expression with a shy smile putting a red band around his head.
Chunji as well posted his childhood photo with the witty comment: “I hope you are not let down by this photo. Am I about to cry? Or, frowning at something? I must have been immersed in practicing acting with facial expressions from childhood.” In the photo, he is forming a imposing pose with his fists tightly clenched.
People who saw the photos left responses: “L.Joe must have been a little devil as a boy.” “The little but charismatic Chunji feels different from this current prince-like Chunji.” “You guys are real cuties. I want to see such photos of the other members.”
Source: TV Report

Se7en and SNSD’s Jessica show strong charisma on a fashion magazine

Recently, SNSD’s Jessica and Se7en made the cover page of a magazine with strong charisma.
Jessica and Se7en became cover models for the March issue of the British fashion magazine Dazed & Confused which releases on February 21.
On the release day, along with some pictures, Se7en tweeted, “Se7en & Jessica on the cover of March issue ofDazed! It releases today!”
The picture shows Se7en and Jessica in a similar pose. Their unique hairstyle and thick eye make-up build a strong charisma.
Netizens react: “You look like twins.” “A very unique hairstyle you’ve got there.” “I think your chic look is cute.”
Source: Xportsnews