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July 12, 2012

Infinite release a cute poster for their current concert, That Summer

Infinite have released a poster for their current concert, titled Infinite Concert That Summer, on July 12.
In the poster, Infinite members are freely posing for the camera on a speaker or with a guitar. Unlike their manly, charismatic looks they have shown on stage, they look like playful boys in the poster. They’ve increased their fans’ expectations for the concert by announcing that it will be a new type of concert in which they interact with their fans at a closer distance.
This concert will be a great chance to get up close with this group. They will perform versions of their songs that give the feeling of accompaniment on acoustic instruments and many of the numbers will feature energetic group dancing.
The concert will be held for five days from August 8 to 12 at the AX Hall. Ticket sales will begin on July 12 at 8:00 p.m. on Interpark.
Source: TV Report

Past photo of Block B’s P.O as a good night greeting ^^

Park Kyung, one of the vocals and rapper of Block B greeted everyone a good night with a past photo of P.O, Pyo Jihoon in real life.
The said photo is likely to be a school photo. You can see P.O wearing a coat and tie together with a huge framed eye glasses. P.O is reportedly chubby in the past.

Chubby or not, he’s still the amazing P.O that we all know who raps in Block B. ^^ 

T-ara concert tickets go on sale July 17 for their first concert

T-ara will start selling tickets at 8 o’clock in the evening on July 17 through Interpark for their first exclusive concert.
The concert will be held on August 11 at the 6,500 seat, Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul. Around 4,900 seats were already booked by fans from Korea and overseas. On July 17, the group will sell the remaining 1,600 tickets online.
On July 16, T-ara’s official fan club Queen’s members will be given priority to book the tickets. The members can also get a 10 percent discount.
The group is currently practicing hard to perform their hit songs, including, “Day By Day,” “Lovey-Dovey,” “Roly-Poly,” and “Bo Peep Bo Peep.”
T-ara says, “We are preparing to show a different side of us so please look forward to seeing the concert. We hope that we can meet you at the venue.”
Their new song “Day By Day” is currently receiving a lot of attention after the song and the music video were released.
Source: TV Report

B.A.P’s Jongup fascinates Malaysian fans with his dancing

B.A.P’s Jongup, whose nickname is Rain in his school, showed off his talent in dancing through a video of him rehearsing for B.A.P’s showcase.
TS Entertainment, B.A.P’s agency, recently released a video of Jongup’s solo performance during a rehearsal for B.A.P’s showcase that took place in Malaysia on July 6.
Through his solo performance, specially prepared for the showcase tour of Asia, Jongup is attracting a lot of attention with his great dancing as well as difficult movements to such songs as Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and Chris Brown’s “Turn On The Music.”
Jongup, currently a senior majoring in dance in Hallim arts high school, proved his great talent in dancing by receiving several awards at local competitions. Because he looks very much like Rain as both have small eyes, muscular bodies, and great talents in dancing, he’s been nicknamed Rain in his school.
The video became the most popular video on portal sites. People responded: “He really looks like Rain. Haha. His arm muscles are really great!” “It’s awesome! I also saw him tearing his shirt at the showcase. I’ll accuse him of stealing my heart.”
B.A.P recently released a new song, “Goodbye.”
Source: TV Report

T-ara, SNSD, and 2PM receive the Golden Disc in Japan

Several Korean idol groups received the Golden Disc in Japan.
On July 13, the Record Association in Japan reported that T-ara’s first album, Jewelry Box, released on June 6 in Japan, received the Golden Disc. The Golden Disc is given to artists who sell over 100,000 copies of their albums.
SNSD and 2PM also received the Golden Disc for their singles. SNSD received it for “Paparazzi,” released on June 27, and 2PM received it for “Beautiful.”
With this, T-ara, SNSD, and 2PM proved their high popularity both in Korea and Japan.
SNSD also set a meaningful record in Japan. SNSD’s first full-length album, Girls’ Generation, released on June 1, received the Million, which is given to artists who sell over a million copies of their album. The Record Association in Japan recently made an announcement about it again on its official website.
T-ara and 2PM are now active in both Korea and Japan. Recently releasing a new material, T-ara topped the charts with “Day By Day,” and 2PM are currently preparing to release a new album at the end of this year.
Source: Starnews

FT Island release a teaser video of their new Japanese EP, Top Secret

FT Island recently released a teaser video of their eighth Japanese EP, Top Secret, to be released on August 8 on their official YouTube channel.
The lead song “Top Secret” is currently attracting more attention as it has been selected as an ending theme song of NTV’s music program Happy Music for the month of July.
In the 30-second teaser video, FT Island members are showing off their mature looks. In black and white and check and cube patterns that are harmonized well together, the video gives a punky, stylish feeling.
This EP contains a total of three songs, “Top Secret,” “Beloved,” and “Here.” “Beloved” is especially attracting a lot of attention because it was composed by Lee Jae Jin, a base guitarist and a vocalist of FT Island.
The new EP of FT Island will be released in four different versions, a regular one, a limited version that includes DVD, a Lawson’s version, and a limited version that includes a video of FT Island’s summer concert tour in Japan (including the Mejamashi live concert in 2011).
In the jacket photo of Top Secret, FT Island members are showing off their charismatic, mature looks.
FT Island recently finished concert tour in Japan, attracting over 60,000 people. Starting on June 24 in Fukui, they held concerts in four cities in Japan (Tokyo,  Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukui).
Source: Xportsnews

B2ST will release their new song “Midnight” on July 15

B2ST will release their new song “Midnight” on July 15 at midnight.
On July 12, Cube Entertainment, B2ST’s agency, reported that B2ST will release the first track “Midnight” before releasing their new EP, Midnight Sun, on July 22.
According to the agency, “Midnight” is a song that clearly shows B2ST’s distinctive style with piano and guitar sounds.
“Midnight,” the first song of B2ST’s fifth EP, which is created under the theme of “night,” is a version of “dark night” that comes with emotional, sad lyrics.
B2ST’s new EP also contains other songs that deal with the theme of night.
Source: Starnews