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May 17, 2012

2NE1 celebrates the third anniversary since its debut

In celebration of 2NE1’s third anniversary since its debut, Sandara Park recently shared the joy with her dear fans.
On May 17, the smashing beauty of 2NE1 posted a picture with the caption, “Congratulations on 2NE1 for its third year anniversary! This is a special cake for celebrating the third year of 2NE1 and Black Jack. We placed an order ourselves.”
She added, “It’s really touching. I love you Black Jack. Forever Black Jack! Go, Black Jack!” displaying her endless affection to the group’s fan club.
In the photo, the cake has pretty, characterized figurines of members of 2NE1. It’s also written “2NE1♡3rd” and ‘forever with BLACK JACK
Netizens responded: “Congratulations on your third anniversary! Forever 2NE1!” “Has it been really three years since its debut? Time flies.” “The cake is really awesome, and so is 2NE1.”
Having debuted with the single “Lollipop” in 2009, the four member girl group has grown into one of the most formidable group in K-pop world.
Source: Starnews

Heo Young Saeng to return with ‘Solo’ mini album

Heo Young Saeng will return performing in a year and plans to release a teaser video on May 18 at midnight.
Heo, who is a member of group SS501, debuted as a solo artist and released Let It Go last year. He was successful on his own and he plans to return with his mini album Solo.
He is currently playing the role of a Hallyu star in KBS’s sitcom Sent From Heaven, and he is ready to become a real star in real life.
Heo’s agency, B2M Entertainment, started counting down Heo’s comeback through their social network. People are paying a lot of attention to Heo and his new song.
The title song “Crying” is written by Steven Lee, who worked with SS501 for their first mini album. Heo also participated in writing the lyrics for the song, which is about a man who wants his girl to come back to him.
The teaser video will be released on May 18 at midnight on B2M’s official YouTube channel and several online music sites.
Source: TV Report

Jay Park releases six songs worldwide for free

Jay Park recently gave his fans some surprising presents.
On May 16, Park released a mixtape, composed of 6 new songs, on a website (
Mixtape is an album, which includes undisclosed tracks or rearranged songs by an artist. Popular foreign artists, including, Chris Brown and Usher, often release mix tapes.
Park’s mixtape FRESH A!R:BREATHE !T is composed of 6 songs and all the songs have never been released before.
He released the songs not for sale but for free. Even though he is busy promoting himself in Asia and touring the United States, he worked hard on the mixtape for his fans.
Since the mix tape includes new songs with new styles, which Park has never showed before, it is expected to impress and stimulate the audience.
Park participated in writing all the songs and showed off his skills as a talented musician. He also worked as a producer for the mixtape to make it perfect.
The title song for the mixtape is “Body 2 Body,” which includes strongly addictive beats. The mixtape includes various songs with various genres, including electronic, R & B, hip hop, and pop. The songs will be released on Park’s YouTube account ( and other websites.
Park will keep busy performing in the United States and will begin his ‘APAHM Tour’ on May 19. He will tour Washington, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
Source: TV Report

Kim Hyun Joong’s live DVD ranks first on Oricon chart

Singer Kim Hyun Joong’s DVD, which includes his Japanese live concert, ranked first on the Oricon daily chart.
On May 17, Kim’s agency, Keyeast, reported that the DVD First Impact ranked first on the Oricon DVD daily chart and Music DVD chart as soon as it was released on May 16.
The DVD includes 3 CDs. The first CD includes Kim touring 8 Japanese cities and holding concerts in November of last year and the second includes his premium live concert, whichi was held in Yokohama in February. The last one is a special bonus for his fans.
Since the DVD also includes rehearsals and behind the scenes footage, it is expected to draw a lot of attention among fans.
Kim is touring Asia and holding fan meetings. He went to Singapore and Hong Kong and he will visit Taiwan on May 18 and 19.
Source: Starnews

Hello Venus looks like elegant ballerinas

A picture of girl group Hello Venus is getting a lot of attention.
An online community posted a picture of the group with the caption, “Hello Venus is stretching! Venus appeared!”
In the picture, group members are stretching just prior to their performance on a music program. Even though the picture was not photoshopped, their perfect figures are capturing the public’s attention.
People responded: “They are the most beautiful girls.” “This new girl group has the best figure.” “Their legs are so beautiful.” “Is it a movie or pictorial?”
The group released their debut album Venus on May 9 and successfully appeared on several music programs. They will keep busy performing the song “Venus.”
Source: Sports Korea

This week’s ranking on M-Countdown for May 17, 2012

This week’s ranking on M-Countdown for May 17, 2012
This week’s first ranking : TaeTiSeo(SNSD) “Twinkle”
And nominees for first place
-Ulala Session “Beautiful Night”
-SISTAR “Alone”
Comeback Stage
-J.Y.Park “You’re the One”, “Someone Else”
-Baek Ji Young “Good Boy”
-INFINITE “The Chaser”
-Dalmatian “E.R”
Today MC : Tony Ahn
This week’s cast were TaeTiSeo(SNSD), J.Y. Park, INFINITE, Baek Ji Young, 4minute, SISTAR, Ulala Session, A Pink, B.A.P, Mighty Mouth, Dalmatian, Hello Venus, Electroboyz, Rhythm Power, aurora and she’z.

TaeTiSeo(SNSD) “Twinkle”

J.Y.Park “You’re the One”, “Someone Else”

Dalmatian “E.R”

4minute “Volume Up”

A Pink “Hush”


Electroboyz “Should I Laugh or Cry”

Hello Venus “Venus”

Mighty Mouth “Bad Boy”
Source :

T-ara’s Ji Yeon shines like a pearl

T-ara’s Ji Yeon recently transformed into a pearl goddess.
On May 16, Ji Yeon tweeted a picture with the comment, “I’m shooting a jacket photo in Japan. We will go on a Japanese tour soon. Wait a moment!”
In the pictures, Ji Yeon is wearing a tube top dress with pearls and jewelries attached to her face and chest. White pearls were arranged to look like a crown and complemented her beautiful hairstyle.
People responded: “She is more beautiful than ever.” “She shines more than the jewels.” “The concept for the new album is a goddess? I can’t wait.” “Where does the jewelry stop and the human begin?”
Source: TV Report

SNSD’s Taeyeon likely to become the most successful vocal trainer

In a recent survey on “Which ‘idol’ seems to become the most successful vocal trainer?” SNSD’s Taeyeon gained the most votes with an overwhelming approval rating.
From the 10 to the 16 of May, the music website Monkey 3 ( conducted the survey.
Among 357 respondents, 153 voted for SNSD’s Taeyeon, and she became the first with 43% of approval rating.
The respondents who voted for Taeyeon explained: “Taeyeon does not only have great singing skill but also a distinctive color in her voice.” “She is able to express herself fully when singing.” “Because she has solid fundamental knowledge in singing, she seems to be competent in teaching.”
Sistar’s Hyo Lyn (13%), 2AM’s Chang Min (12%), Big Bang’s Taeyang, 2NE1’s Park Bom, and MBLAQ’s G.O followed the ranking.
Source: TV Report

Kim Hyun-joong’s ‘First Impact’ snags No. 1 spots on Oricon charts

Singer Kim Hyun-joong has again usurped the No. 1 spot on two Oricon charts, this time with a live DVD capturing moments from his Japanese tours that took place in November 2011 and February of this year.
The DVD entitled “First Impact” was released on Wednesday and topped Oricon’s daily DVD and music charts. As well as containing the finest moments from Kim’s concerts and fan-meets, “First Impact” also shows backstage scenes and has a special message from the Hallyu star himself.
Kim has recently collaborated with Japanese singer-songwriter duo B’z. KeyEast Entertainment announced on May 1 that Kim successfully recorded a song titled “Heat,” which is set to be released in Japan in July as Kim’s second single. Kim has long been a fan of the Japanese duo.
This prompted Kim’s Japanese distributor Universal Music to consult with B’z about working together. The Korean star is currently on a fan-meet tour that will take him to Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

Singer G.NA’s billboard is released in the middle of Gangnam

Singer G.NA’s billboard was recently released in the middle of Gangnam, the busiest area in Seoul.
On May 17, on the Cube Café building, owned by the Cube Entertainment, the billboard featuring G.NA’s third album and its QR code was released.
This is the strategy whereby jacket images of Too Hot, G.Na’s new album will be released one by one through online and offline.
What’s more, when the QR code on the billboard is scanned on a smartphone, undiscovered jackets of G.Na’s new album pop out.
Previously, the attractive singer already showed off her marvelous body and bewitching charm through the teasers and main image for Too Hot. With this, the smashing beauty confirmed her overwhelming popularity.
More undiscovered jackets with the singer’s various charms will be revealed through the billboard on the Cube Café.
Composed by Kim Do Hoon, the title song “Too Hot” is expected to be a megahit. The song features rhythmic sounds and G.Na’s sonorous vocals.
Source: TV Report