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February 16, 2012

Big Bang announces two additional singles for their 5th album

Boy idol group Big Bang recently announced additional singles for their 5th album.
On February 16, Big Bang’s agency, YG Entertainment, released two additional feature singles from Big Bang’s 5th album on their blog, YG Life.
The designated singles are the 3rd track “Love Dust” and the 7th track “Fantastic Baby.” The agency previously announced that there would be two features singles; the 2nd track “Blue” and the 4th track “Bad Boy.”
Ultimately, Big Bang has chosen 4 singles as their major songs for their 5th mini album.
G-Dragon wrote the lyrics for the 4 songs and also created melodies with other producers.
After the group announced the 4 featured singles, many fans began to wonder if they would add more singles.
Big Bang will promote their 5th mini album using TV commercials. 13 commercials in total were made and each  will air for 13 days starting on February 17.
After the group releases their new album, they will go on the ‘Big Bang Alive Tour 2012,’ with concerts in 25 cities in 16 countries, starting on March 2 at Olympic Park in Seoul. This is their first world tour since their debut 6 years ago.
Source: Starnews

This week’s ranking on M-Countdown for February 16, 2012

This week’s ranking on M-Countdown for February 16, 2012
This week’s first ranking : Se7en “When I Can’t Sing”
And nominees for first place : Jay Park “Know Your Name”, FTIsland “Severely”
Comeback  : Jay Park  ”Know Your Name”, K.will “I Hate Myself”, “I Need You”
Debut : EXID “Whoz That Girl”
Special MC : Tony Ahn, FTIsland’s Lee Hong Ki
This week’s cast were FTIsland, Se7en, Block B, Buga Kingz, Miryo, B.A.P, SunnyHill, Dal Shabet, NS YoonG, Jang Jae In, Stellar, SPICA, EXID, K.will, Kim Greem and Jay Park.
Se7en : When I Can’t Sing

FTIsland : Severely

Jay Park : Know Your Name

K.will : I Hate Myself, I Need You

Kim Grrem : To You

EXID : Whoz That Girl


Block B : Nanrina

Miryo : Dirty

Dal Shabet : Hit U

Jang Jae In : One and Only You

Stellar : U.F.O

Buga Kingz : Don’t Go

SPICA : Russian Roulette
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New boy group B.A.P says, “We want to conquer the earth!” (Interview)

“We are here to conquer the earth!”
This sounds like something that an evil alien might say in a science fiction. Their yellow hair reminds of the Namek Super Saiyan from the Japanese cartoon Dragon Ball. New boy group B.A.P members were very aggressive. They seemed to be joking at first, but their eyes were very serious. Maybe they weren’t joking.
B.A.P consists of six members, the leader Bang Yong Guk, Zelo, Him Chan, Young Jae, Jong Up, and Dae Hyun. As befits their aggressive moves, their performances are very intense. Even top singing groups might have to pay attention to them.
Their dream of “conquering the earth” shows their strong will to become a world-renowned singing group. B.A.P stands for Best, Absolute, Perfect, which means that they are in pursuit of perfection.
As much as their great dream, their debut was also very unusual. They attracted over 3,000 fans to their debut showcase and entered the top ten on the World Albums of Billboard’s.
“We all dream of conquering the earth. We really want to become a world-renowned group. We still have a lot more to go, but we dream of performing on MTV’s World Stage, which will take place in Malaysia, as a representative singing group of Korea. Because our debut album is finally out, we want to do everything we’ve prepared to show our passion (Bang Yong Guk).”

B.A.P’s debut album Warrior contains “Warrior,” the title song, “Burn It Up,” an intro song, “Unbreakable,” which is about their dream of becoming singers, and “Secret Love,” in which Secret’s Song Ji Eun was featured.
The title song “Warrior” contains lyrics that criticize the current social system, which might be unfamiliar to many people who are used to today’s friendly boy groups. Excluding all electronic sounds, which are often used in many K-pop songs, they highlight hip-hop beats.
“When we work together, we talk a lot. When we decided the direction of our music, we promised not to make the same songs as others’. So we wrote “Warrior,” thinking that it would be good to talk about some heavy issues that criticize the current society. We want to talk about various different issues in the future, as well (Him Chan).”
“We all hate to copy others. Rather than copying, we want to become a group that other people wish to copy. We’ve worked really hard to make that happen even before our debut (Bang Yong Guk).”

Maybe the wishes of the “six aliens” have come true. Their popularity is as high as that of other existing singing groups’. The members of B.A.P’s official fan cafe number more than 18,000.
Singers communicate with people on the stage. After their showcase and debut performance, the number of their fans have increased exponentially. They also sold all 10,000 copies of their debut album only in two days.
They’ve already proved what they’re showing on the stage is very distinctive. Their perfect group dance, strong charisma, Bang Yong Guk’s raw rap, and Zelo’s high-speed rap are in perfect harmony. And Dae Hyun and Young Jae’s great voices make their performance reach the climax.
Moreover, their aggressive moves eventually broke the stage set. While shooting SBS TV’s Inkigayo, the stage floor was broken by Bang Yong Guk’s powerful step.
“Whenever we perform on the stage, we break things. We’ve recently broken two mike packs and hurt our hands. Every time, we find out that we got hurt after we finish performing. When we are performing on the stage, we don’t know that we’re hurt because we’re so focused on our performance (Jong Up).”
B.A.P members can be confident about themselves because they’re thoroughly prepared and have strong passion. They say, “When we are standing on the stage, we feel thrilled rather than being nervous.” Yet, they are as fresh as other new boy group members. They don’t speak perfectly, but their stammering speech and polite way of speaking make them look more attractive.
“Because we all have blonde hair, even our fans are confused about our names. We, first of all, have to make people know our names in order to ‘conquer the eatrh (laughs).’ We want to be a group that leads fashion, music, and dance trend. We wish that all people in Korea dye their hair blonde and go on a diet with B.A.P’s dance in 2012 (Him Chan).”
“We’re like a white paper now, on which can have any kinds of drawing. On the contrary to this, our music is black. All members love African-American music as it has soul. If we can be born again, we want to be born as African-Americans and do their music (Bang Yong Guk).”

Source: Starnews

SNSD’s Yuri gives chocolates to ‘King of Fashion’ staff

SNSD’s Yuri recently showed off her kind spirit and is drawing a lot of attention.
Yuri arrived in New York on February 13 and gave the production crew for SBS’s series King of Fashion  chocolates for Valentines Day.
Yuri also delivered cards with the message, “To the staff members working hard on King of Fashion: cheer up with these sweets!”
Yuri, who spent over 4 hours to buy good chocolates in New York, said, “I prepared the chocolates for the staff members who are staying far away from their families and loved ones to shoot the series. I hope they enjoy the chocolates.”
The production crew said, “We are so happy to receive chocolates from Yuri, the nation’s heartthrob! They are almost as good as presents from our loved ones. We will never forget 2012 Valentines Day.”
Yuri will appear on the series as a designer named Choi Anna, who has succeeded in the United States.
Source: TV Report

Teen Top’s L.Joe turns out to be So Ji Seop?

Teen Top’s L.Joe recently took a self portrait.
On February 15, L.Joe posted a picture on the group’s official me2day account with the comment, “I arrived in Seoul from Jeju Island. I should go to bed early today. Good night Angels.”
In the picture, L.Joe is showing off his milky white skin and making the V sign. His handsome appearance made his female fans swoon.
People who saw the picture responded: “I wish that L.Joe was my toy.” “He looks like actor So Ji Seop.” “He is cutter than a baby.”
Source: TV Report

Miss A’s Fei makes many male fans excited with her sexy back

A teaser video of Miss A’s Fei has been revealed.
On February 16 at 10:00 p.m, a teaser video of Fei wearing black lacy dress that exposes her back has been revealed on Miss A’s official homepage and their Youtube channel.
In this video, Fei brings out a rose from a birdcage, tries to put the rose into a man’s pocket but her fingers pricked on the rose and starts to bleed. The man soon leaves Fei and the video ends with the message ‘Love that sprouts from pain.’
The teaser of Fei that was released after Suzy and Jia is making many fans curious. Fei’s mournful and sorrowful act made the fans have higher expectations towards the upcoming album and their activities on February 20.
Netizens commented: “Fei’s teaser is so pretty.” “I have high expectations for Miss A’s album.” “Min’s the only one left now.”

Source: TV Report