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August 22, 2012

FT Island’s Choi Jong Hoon shows off his abs

FT Island’s Choi Jong Hoon recently showed off his nice abs.
On August 21, Choi uploaded a picture of himself, baring his upper body, on his Twitter account with the comment, “I’m ready. Are you? Please wait a little bit more.”
Choi has built up his body for a new month for FT Island’s concert, which will be held on September 1 and 2. His fans are guessing it is to keep the promise with his fans that he made on a radio show last year.
In one of the episodes of SBS Radio’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time, which aired last year, Choi said, “People think idol group members are the only ones who have nice bodies, but I want to show you that a band member also has a nice body, so I’m now working out hard with Lee Hong Ki.” At this, Lee Hong Ki said, “We’ll build up our bodies and show you our abs throughout the concert next year.”
FT Island will hold a concert, titled Take FT Island, on September 1 and 2 at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park.
Source: TV Report


Korean-Singaporean girlgroup ‘Skarf’ dances their way to debut

Debuting under Alpha Entertainment, a fusion rookie girl group emerges, bringing together talents from Korea and Singapore. ‘Skarf‘ consists of 4 members; Singaporeans Tasha and Ferlyn(Gi-Eun) as well Korean members Jennyand Sol. The name adapts the popular fashion item ‘scarf’, with an aim for their music to be ‘worn’ comfortably by all.
Their debut concept is that of a pure demure look. Dressed in white dresses, the girls are seen in a garden set-up in their ‘Oh! Dance’ music video. The girls showed a different side with a powerful rap segment and a dance break. ’Oh! Dance’ has a light-hearted and upbeat melody, with a catchy hook that repeats the title track. In just over a week, the MV has garnered over 260K views.
Skarf will also be starring in their own reality show ‘Oh My Skarf’, that will reveal their pre-debut lives and training as well as a platform for fans to know the members better. Being the first Korean-Singaporean fusion group, fans are anticipating to see more of Skarf. Despite just debuting, fanclubs for the group and individual members are already surfacing. We wish them the best of luck, and hope to see much more! 


miss A’s Suzy: “I like one-sided love”

miss A’s Suzy recently said that she likes a one-sided love.
Suzy shot a pictorial for the September issue of the fashion magazine @star1. She talked about her role of Jang Ma Ri in KBS’s series Big.
The character she played loves a boy so much that she does everything she can. Suzy, however, said, “I’m not that kind of a girl. The character is a bubbly girl and a fast talker but I’m not.”
She added, “I obsessed with someone and I’m not a simple-minded person. I like a one-sided love.” She said that she can’t even tell someone who she loves that she loves them.

Suzy also said, “I enjoyed shooting the series. I wanted to look silly for the series and I was happy to play the role of a ghost.”
“What I liked best was that I could become a paparazzi or a stalker thanks to the character. What kind of high school girl wears high heels to school? Only the character can. When the director pointed out something, I just had to say, “Well, it’s Ma Ri.” It was so much fun.”
People responded: “Suzy likes a one-sided love? That’s a nonsense.” “I’m surprised to hear that Suzy likes a one-sided love because she is a first love icon.” “She doesn’t look like she could love someone from a distance.”
Source: TV Report


B.A.P completes “No Mercy” performances and releases repackage EP

B.A.P will stop performing “No Mercy,” which was very popular in Asia, so they can release their repackage EP.
On August 22, agency, TS Entertainment, said that the group will stop performing the song “No Mercy,” which has ranked first on a Taiwanese chart for five weeks in a row, this week and will release their repackage EP next week.
The song is an exciting hip-hop with a rock-riff combination. Bang Yong Guk and Zelo rapped for the song with an accent and Samulnori, a traditional Korean music performance, complemented the song. The song was released on July 19 and ranked first on Taiwanese G-music K-pop chart for five weeks in a row. The song also ranked first on the German Asian music chart in August.
The repackage EP includes songs from their EP No Mercy and two additional songs. A popular songwriter team, who wrote SISTAR’s “Loving You,” MBLAQ’s “It’s a War,” Eru’s “I Hate You,” and Baek Ji Young’s “Voice,” created a new title song for the group.
B.A.P, who showed off both of their strong and sweet charms through songs “Warrior” and “Secret Date,” made people wonder about their new performance and the new song.
Source: Xportsnews


SHINee’s Key has a fox wrapped around his neck for ‘Dazzling Girl’ teaser photo

Following the teaser image of fellow member Taemin, it’s time for SHINee’s Key to display his fashionista sense for his individual Dazzling Girl teaser..
Clad in black, just like Taemin did, with his image in black-and-white, Key shows off a new look and one that hasn’t been seen before from the diva. Flaunting his short haircut, Key wears a needle-like ring on his finger and holds a fox around his neck. The fox around his neck had many fans clamoring and wondering whether or not the fox was real and exclaimed that he looked as handsome as ever.
Following the release of Key’s teasers, the rest of the members should be releasing their teasers sequentially. SHINee’s 4th Japanese single, Dazzling Girl, will be released on October 10th.


Teen Top’s C.A.P has sexy hips

Teen Top’s C.A.P recently showed off his sexy hip.
C.A.P shot a pictorial for the September issue of the men’s fashion magazine L’officiel Hommes and showed off his sexy charms in powerful leopard and oriental patterned clothes.
His clearly defined pubic bone was exposed between his shirt and pants and captured women’s hearts by earning nickname Handsome Hip. He showed off his secret manly charms through the pictorial.
A spokesperson for the magazine says, “We decided to shoot the pictorial with a male idol star and we found how manly C.A.P is. His strong side is perfect for the magazine and we tried to emphasize his masculine appearance with his deep eyes.
Source: TV Report


Are CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin and Jung Yong Hwa little boys?

CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin and Jung Yong Hwa recently took a picture with volleyball players.
On August 22, Lee tweeted a picture with the comment, “Hello, everyone. I’m Jung Shin. I’m saying hello after a long time. It’s a little late but I’m posting this picture right now. These ladies bent their knees while posing with us. Yong Hwa and I are bending too but… Kim Yeon Kyung and Yang Hyo Jin, I’ll never forget. Haha, just joking. I will always support you.”
In the picture, Lee and Jung are posing with Kim and Yang. the thoughtful women’s volleyball team players bent their knees for Lee and Jung but it made many people laugh.
People who saw the picture responded: “They are cute.” “Cheer up, volleyball players!” “Wow, the players must be very tall.”
Korean women’s volleyball team went to the semifinals of London Olympics 36 years after the Montreal Olympics in 1976.
Source: TV Report


2NE1’s Sandara Park catches public’s attention with her trendy sportswear

The brick-patterned outfit of 2NE1’s Sandara Park is creating a stir.
Previously on August 21, Sandara posted her morning jogging on her Me2day and commented: “It’s 6:30 a.m! There is a hectic schedule ahead of us today, but Ming Ki and Dara came out for a morning jog! Ming Ki is jogging slowly saying that she will slow down her pace for Dara.”
In the picture, Sandara is jogging with Gong Min Ji. Dara expressing Min Ji as ‘Min Ki’ attracted attention, but her outfit stood out even more.
Unlike Min Ji who wore navy-colored sportswear, Sandara Park showed off her fashion style by wearing a brick-patterned jogging suit.
Sandara gave a good laugh by posting, “I am running today, not giving up. I burned 454kcalories! But why is other jogging foreigners glancing at me? Some people just might push at my outfit and say it’s a keyboard.”
Netizens commented: “You don’t have any fat to lose…” “Dara’s young looks comes from her fashion!” “I want to jog in the morning with you!”
Source: Starnews


Bada complements SHINee and EXO-K on their courtesy

Singer Bada recently posted a picture taken with singers of SM Entertainment, her old agency.
On August 22, the singer tweeted, “It was great to see SHINee and EXO. Because I worked in SM, they are like cousins to me and I feel a sense of companionship with them. They bowed to me at 120 degrees. They are very courteous.”
Bada was in the preview of the movie Accomplices standing in a line with SHINee’s Jong Hyun and Tae Min and EXO-K’s Chan Yeol and Su Ho. She is looking at the camera with a big smile.
Her fabulous fashion sense grabbed eyes. She appealed with female charm in a white blouse and a printed skirt. Chan Yeol, Su Ho, and Tae Min sported neat style with a shirt. Jong Hyun, in particular, was dressed in a blue cardigan showing off his distinctive sense of fashion.
Netizens who saw the picture commented: “Looks like they have good relationship.” “I like Jong Hyun’s V sign. It’s cute.” “Bada is standing among handsome guys.” “Bada has become prettier.”
Source: TV Report