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August 22, 2012

miss A’s Suzy: “I like one-sided love”

miss A’s Suzy recently said that she likes a one-sided love.
Suzy shot a pictorial for the September issue of the fashion magazine @star1. She talked about her role of Jang Ma Ri in KBS’s series Big.
The character she played loves a boy so much that she does everything she can. Suzy, however, said, “I’m not that kind of a girl. The character is a bubbly girl and a fast talker but I’m not.”
She added, “I obsessed with someone and I’m not a simple-minded person. I like a one-sided love.” She said that she can’t even tell someone who she loves that she loves them.

Suzy also said, “I enjoyed shooting the series. I wanted to look silly for the series and I was happy to play the role of a ghost.”
“What I liked best was that I could become a paparazzi or a stalker thanks to the character. What kind of high school girl wears high heels to school? Only the character can. When the director pointed out something, I just had to say, “Well, it’s Ma Ri.” It was so much fun.”
People responded: “Suzy likes a one-sided love? That’s a nonsense.” “I’m surprised to hear that Suzy likes a one-sided love because she is a first love icon.” “She doesn’t look like she could love someone from a distance.”
Source: TV Report


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