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May 21, 2012

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa is most likely to succeed as a solo singer

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa was recently selected as an idol group member who is most likely to succeed as a solo singer.
In the episode of SBS E!’s K-Star News that aired on May 16, Jung was selected as an idol group member who is most likely to succeed as a solo singer as he’s been acknowledged as a singer-song writer who has singing, composing, and producing talents.
Jung’s talent has been acknowledged in various different fields. CN Blue topped the Oricon Chart with their second Japanese single album Where You Are as the first foreign band in 41 years in the history of the chart. He was also acknowledged as an actor, receiving The New Star Award at SBS TV’s Drama Awards in 2009.
One of the production crew of K-Star News says, “Jung Yong Hwa’s musical talent is given by God. His charming look and charismatic leadership helped him rank the first.”
Source: TV Report

Kim Hyun-joong’s ‘First Impact’ snags No. 1 spots on Oricon charts

Singer Kim Hyun-joong has again usurped the No. 1 spot on two Oricon charts, this time with a live DVD capturing moments from his Japanese tours that took place in November 2011 and February of this year.
The DVD entitled “First Impact” was released on Wednesday and topped Oricon’s daily DVD and music charts. As well as containing the finest moments from Kim’s concerts and fan-meets, “First Impact” also shows backstage scenes and has a special message from the Hallyu star himself.
Kim has recently collaborated with Japanese singer-songwriter duo B’z. KeyEast Entertainment announced on May 1 that Kim successfully recorded a song titled “Heat,” which is set to be released in Japan in July as Kim’s second single. Kim has long been a fan of the Japanese duo.
This prompted Kim’s Japanese distributor Universal Music to consult with B’z about working together. The Korean star is currently on a fan-meet tour that will take him to Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

Kim Hyun Joon will hold a free live concert and invite 32,000 fans in Japan

Kim Hyun Joong will hold a free live concert on July in Japan.
On the afternoon of May 18, Kim’s agency, Keyeast, revealed that they will hold a free concert with 32,000 seats at Saitama Super Arena in Japan on July 15.
This upcoming live concert will also be the showcase of Kim’s second Japanese single, “Heat” that will be released on July 4.
A random lot of 32,000 people will be drawn among those who purchase Kim’s second official album, Heat’s normal or limited package, and they will be invited to attend the high-quality concert for free.
This concert, which will be held in two parts on July 15, Kim will perform 10 songs including his hit songs and songs from his second single album.
Kim, who started the Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting Tour 2012 in the beginning of this month, successfully ended the fan meetings in Singapore, Hong Kong, and will hold another fan meeting in Taiwan on May 18 and 19 for two days.
His fan meeting tour is creating a stir with his performance of 14 songs, witty talks, and other variety of programs within the event.
Source: Starnews

Big Bang Celebrates ‘Alive Tour 2012′ with a Special Edition Album.

Big Bang fans are in for another treat as the group is set to release another version of their fifth mini-album. This special edition was produced in celebration of Big Bang’s ‘Alive Tour 2012′ in Japan.
Entitled ‘Alive-Monster Edition’, this upcoming release will have three different versions: Type 1 includes a CD, a DVD, and a shirt, Type 2 includes a CD and a DVD, while Type 3 will have the CD only.
The CD will include three new songs, namely ‘Monster’, ‘Alive’, and ‘Bingle Bingle’. In total, there will be thirteen tracks for this special edition album. Meanwhile, the DVD will feature six music videos, including the making of the Monster Edition itself.
‘Alive Monster Edition’ will be available starting June 20, 2012.
Source: YGEX

All the B2ST members show up at a concert of JYJ’s Junsu

All the B2ST members showed up at a concert of JYJ’s Junsu and received a lot of attention.
Having released his first solo album, titled Tarantallegra on May 15, Junsu held a concert titled the 1st Asian Tour in Seoul at the Jamsil Gymnasium, Seoul on May 19 The concert is scheduled to be held till May 20. .
Reportedly, all the members of B2ST enjoyed the concert from the audience seats. Somebody tweeted: “This is where Junsu’s concert is going on. There are guys covering their faces with masks and they are B2ST! And nobody cares for them—six members of B2ST and two of their managers.”
Junsu and B2ST members became friends through a football team of celebrities named FC MEN. B2ST Jang Hyun Seung was cast as a lead in musical Mozart, taking over the role by Junsu.
Netizens responded: “Kim Jusu and B2ST! What a high-profile relationship!” “Six members of B2ST appear at Junsu’s concert! Amazing” “Wish I hit Junsu’s concert. Envy you guys with tickets.”
Source: TV Report

Past picture of Big Bang’s Taeyang revealed!

A past picture of Big Bang’s Taeyang has been revealed.
Previously on May 18, Se7en uploaded pictures and posted on his Twitter, “Taeyang’s childhood pictures in celebration of his birthday! He’s so cute. P.S Young Bae, you should be nice to me. I have about 200 pictures of you in my hard drive! That was the most normal ones I could find! Happy Birthday! I love you.”
Taeyang who is topless in the picture, has short hair and is smiling brightly.
Netizens commented: “He’s so cute.” “His smile is going to make me melt.” “He sure looks young.”
Source: TV Report

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su’s older brother composes music for Kim Jun Su

Kim Juno, JYJ’s Kim Jun Su’s older brother, has shared his feelings about participating in music production.
On May 19, Juno tweeted, “My first attempt in writing lyrics was the song ‘Mission.’ Jun Su trusted me in writing another song called ‘Fever,’ then he asked me for two more songs saying that he liked the lyrics.
When I was going through that process, I highly doubted if an amateur like me could write songs good enough for my brother’s first solo album. Also, I was afraid of hurting his reputation. But when I heard that the music came out great, many people loved it, and the concert was successful, I couldn’t help thinking that I had the best younger brother in the world.”
He expressed his gratitude by adding, “I will be very happy if I get to see him performing ‘Mission,’ ‘Tarantallegra,’ ‘Turning Around And Around,’ and ‘Fever’ myself. Because I had other things to do, I never got to see them directly, but I thank Jun Su for trusting me in producing the songs and giving outstanding performances. I know that all songs listed on his album are great pieces of music, but I want to give special thanks for those who especially love ‘Tarantallegra,’ ‘Turning Around And Around,’ and ‘Fever.’”
On May 15, Kim Jun Su released his first official album Tarantallegra and held 1st Asia Tour in Seoul on May 19 at the Jamsil Arena. The concert will go on until the next day, the 20th.
Source: TV Report

U-Kiss Kevin, Kiseop and Eli battle for sexiness?

If the lyrics of U-Kiss’ comeback single “Doradora” asks you to leave and never look back, the boys’ sexiness unearthed in their performances is asking the opposite. Instead of doradora (leave, leave) it entices you toborabora (look, look).

Next week’s episode of Arirang TV’s Simply K-Pop will show U-Kiss’ sexy dance choreography for Doradora. Among the seven members of the group Kevin, Kiseop and Eli receive the most attention from many fans who were at the studio to watch the performance live.

Eli showing off his broad muscular shoulders after performance, Kiseop flaunting his abs while at the center doing the sexy wave and Kevin’s unbeatable sexy facial expression and hand gestures. Judging the pictures, who do you think is the sexiest? Hosted by LED Apple’s Hanbyul, the said episode will be aired on Arirang TV on May 22nd at 11am (KST).

SNSD’s Yuri shows off her classy look from the back

SNSD’s Yuri recently attracted attention with her classy look from the back.
On May 20, some pictures of Yuri were uploaded on an online community board under the title of “Fashion Queen Yuri’s breathtaking looks from the back.”
The pictures were captured from SBS TV’s drama series Fashion King.
In the pictures, Yuri is wearing a black dress that exposes her back. Her slim waist and beautiful legs are especially attracting attention.
People responded: “She looks so beautiful from the back,” “I hope her character becomes happy in the series,” “I love Anna.”
Yuri is currently playing the role of Anna in the series.
Source: Starnews

TaeTiSeo recently ranks the top on Inkigayo for two weeks in a row

SNSD’s subunit, TaeTiSeo recently ranked the top on Inkigayo for two weeks in a row.
The three member group won Mutizen Song with the song “Twinkle.” The show was filmed at the SBS Hall in Seoul on May 20 and aired live.
With the winning of Mutizen Song in Inkigayo, the girl group was honored to win another crown, following the one received from KBS2’s Music Bank.
Sadly, TaeTiSeo wasn’t able to show up on the show because of SNSD’s schedules abroad. SNSD will take part in SM Town Live World TOUR Ⅲ in Los Angeles, held at the Honda Center in California, U.S., on May 20 at 7 p.m.(local time).
Having released on April 28, TaeTiSeo’s first mini-album set a record of ranking 126th on the Billboard 200 Album Chart, which was the first and the highest ranking by a Korean act.
Source: Starnews

Kim Jun-su solo is No. 1 in Japan

Kim Jun-su’s debut solo album has topped Japan’s iTunes chart just days after being released on May 15.
According to Japanese iTunes on Friday, the album entitled “Xia Tarantallegra” overtook Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga to take the coveted spot on the iTunes Album Chart.
The singer is hugely popular in Japan, and fans there put their names down on a waiting list to purchase the album even before its official release date.
The album also became the most ordered in May on Tower Records’ and Amazon Japan’s Web sites.
“As the singer has been active in Japan until recently, his popularity is just surging,” said a representative from Kim’s agency, CJeS Entertainment.
In Korea too, the album has topped various charts and is being heralded as a well-made album by critics, who praise its new and original sound that is not characteristic of K-pop.
At a press conference last week, Kim said the theme of his album is “androgynous wizard.” He has taken to cross-dressing to promote it.
By Carla Sunwoo

Big Bang will release a new album on Jun. 6

Big Bang will release a new album in June.
On May 21, YG Entertainment, Big Bang’s agency, reported on its blog YG Life, “Big Bang will release a new album on June 6.”
According YG, it will be a special album including total nine songs.
Including the lead track “Monster,” co-composed by G-Dragon and Choi Phil Kang, Big Bang’s new album will contain five new songs, such as “Still Alive,” “Feeling,” “Round And Round,” and “Whew,” and some songs from their fifth mini-album released in February, such as “Blue,” “Fantastic Baby,” “Bad Boy,” and “Love Dust.”
It’s a special album but it can be considered as a new mini-album because more than half of the songs are new ones.
YG says, “This album is specially prepared by Big Bang to thank their fans for supporting and loving them. The lead track ‘Monster’ is very strong and different from Big Bang’s previous songs.”
YG also says, “Big Bang will create a large-scale music video in collaboration with Hyundai Card.”
Big Bang recently started their national tour in Japan. They will hold total 13 concerts in five cities, Nagoya (May 17 to 18). Yokohama (May 25 to 27), Osaka (May 31 to June 3), Saitama (June 16 to 17), and Fukuoka (June 23 to 24).
As Big Bang will again hold additional concerts in Osaka in November and Tokyo in December, they’re expected to meet over 255,000 audiences in Japan.
Source: Starnews

SNSD’s Tiffany and Jessica show off their doll-like looks in a magazine

SNSD’s Tiffany and Jessica recently showed off their doll-like looks in a magazine.
In the June issue of the fashion magazine Vogue Girl, published on May 21, photos of Tiffany and Jessica for Chanel makeup pop-up store were featured.
The photos were taken in celebration of Chanel’s first makeup pop-up store opening. In the photos, Tiffany and Jessica are portraying lovely girls in Chanel’s classy yet fancy clothes with pink and peach color makeup.
A spokesperson for Chanel says, “Tiffany and Jessica are trendy enough to become fashion and beauty icons of the women in their 20s as global celebrities.”
Tiffany and Jessica also say, “We’ve loved the classy yet modern style of Chanel for a long time.” They enthusiastically participated in the photo shoot and impressed the crew by perfectly doing their work until two in the morning.
Around a hundred people were invited to the photo shoot, and the people who were invited by Chanel and Vogue Girl had an opportunity to see Tiffany and Jessica changing into lovely girls.
Source: Starnews

JJ Project ranks high with their title song “Bounce”

JJ Project, the new group from JYP Entertainment, recently made a good start.
The group released their debut single on May 20 and ranked high on several Korean music sites. They ranked 10th on the iTunes Top Dance Albums chart.
Their debut single includes three songs, including, the title song “Bounce,” “Hooked,” and “Before This Song Ends.”
Singer and producer Park Jin Young wrote the melodies and lyrics for the song, which is a hiphoptronica, a combination of rock, hip hop and electronica.
A spokesperson for the agency says, “Group members are also happy to hear the news that their song ranked high and ranked 10th on the iTunes chart. They are working hard preparing for their debut performance so please pay a lot of attention to the JJ Project.”
JJ Project will appear in the May 24 episode of Mnet’s M Countdown.
Source: Xportsnews

Broken humerus won’t keep 2PM’s Taec Yeon from performing

2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon, who recently broke his humerus, will perform in Japan.
A spokesperson for Ok says, “He had an operation for the attachment of his broken humerus and he is currently wearing a cast. The operation was successful but he has to wear a cast for about 3 to 4 weeks.”
“Since the doctor said that he can join the Japanese concert, he is planning to attend the concert. He will not push himself too hard and he will just perform simple movements.”
Ok also said that he is willing to attend the concert.
The spokesperson says, “Ok wants to perform at the concert as well. He will attend the Budokan concert, which will be held on May 24, and Yokohama Arena concert, which will be held on June 4 and 5.”
Ok broke his humerus while arm-wrestling with group members.
Source: TV Report

U Kiss Dongho’s nickname is “casanova”?

U Kiss’s Dongho who showed off his acting skills on Holy Land that ended on May 19, covered the back page of men’s magazine, Maxim with his tough charms.
After shooting the pictorial in a leisurely manner since he debuted five years ago, he confidently and honestly participated in the interview.
When he was asked if he was ever injured during the shooting of Holy Land, he started by saying, “Yes, I got hurt a lot of times.” He also added, “When I had to break a piece of lumber, I hurt my ankle because I kicked it at the opposite site from where other actor made cracks. Not only that, if you look carefully in the poster of Holy Land, there is a scar on my nose. I got that scar during the shooting of the series.”
He smiled and said, “I never fought once in my life, but I pretty much did all the actions in Holy Land. I only used a stand-in only for the most dangerous scenes. It would be interesting to try and find the stand-in on the series.”
When the reporter asked, “Why does your ideal type change so often?” He replied, “Well, when someone asks me, ‘Is she pretty?’ I can’t say, ‘No, she’s not pretty at all.’ Thanks to that, I now have a nickname ‘Casanova.’” When he was asked about his current ideal type, he responded, “No comment.”
He also candidly confessed, “I now want to show off my manliness and my strong charms to the fans.” Dongho also shared his story about how he made money from stock marketing, starting to knit as a hobby, and the distribution of profit among the members.
Dongho’s pictorial and his interview will be available on the July edition of Maxim.
Source: TV Report

EXO and their fans at Disneyland!

With SM Town happening in L.A this past weekend, it seemed like American Kpop fans were out in force to show their support to the SM artists who’d flown over. Whenever Kpop idols go to another country for a concert and to promote, you expect fans to be out on the street trying to snap a picture of their favourite groups. After all, the chances to see Kpop groups in a country that isn’t South Korea, or a neighbouring country to it, are few and far between. However, you’d usually expect a massive amount of hype and excitement for a well established act like SNSD or DBSK, who have built up huge fan bases over the years, but not so much for a rookie group.

Even so, SM Entertainment’s newest group, EXO, discovered that even though rookies who debuted around a month ago, they had plenty of fans in L.A! The day before the SM Town concert, SM artists had a free day to relax. EXO, of which both EXO-M and EXO-K were in attendance, had a fun day out at Disneyland. If EXO thought they’d be having a free day in relative anonymity, they were nicely surprised as many EXO fans were also in the theme park. EXO looked shocked but very happy and thankful to find that they already had so many people cheering for them in L.A. Plenty of fancams and photos have since been uploaded onto the internet of EXO in Disneyland, demonstrating just how many fans EXO have in the USA. By all accounts, EXO were very polite in acknowledging fans and seemed to have a really fun day out! We look forward to seeing more of EXO in the future.
Chanyeol and Kai having fun with bubbles!

Sources: EXO-M Official Facebook PageEXO-K Official Facebook PageTumblr

High quality K pop concert like never before held in L.A

K-Pop jolted America, the birthplace of Pop.
On May 20 at 7:00, MBC Korean Music Wave in LA was held at Anaheim Honda Center in L.A, California where 15,000 people crazed over K-pop fever.
The audience who waited in long lines six hours before the actual concert, fervently cheered and yelled when SHINee performed their opening stage “Lucifer.” The heat of the concert became hotter as the main artists of K Pop such as, SNSD, TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, f(x), and Boa performed afterwards.
MBC and SM that hosted this concert provided the best quality of K-Pop concert unlike any other K pop concerts by preparing mind-blowing collaboration stages, fresh repertory, and new equipment.
Especially, Anaheim’s Honda Center helped the performers captivate the audience with their excellent acoustics and stage settings. The fans who visited the concert unsparingly praised the concert as “The best concert that satisfied my five senses 100%.”
The concert, MBC Korean Music Wave in LA- SM Town Special that SNSD’s Tiffany, Taeyeon and Super Junior’s Leeteuk emceed, will air on MBC with its back-stage, live concert, and other entertainments about LA’s concert.
Source: TV Report

Super Junior’s Leeteuk releases a picture of Eunhyuk superimposed on the Mona Lisa

Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently got laughs with a picture Eunhyuk superimposed on the Mona Lisa.
On May 21, Leeteuk uploaded a picture of Eunhyuk on his Twitter account with the comment, “The Hyukna Lisa. I’m sorry, Eunhyuk. But this is so charming!”
In the picture, Eunhyuk’s face is superimposed on the Mona Lisa. His displeased look with his eyes widely opened is getting laughs. As it reminds people of Leonardo da Vinci’s the Mona Lisa, it entertains people.
People responded: “It’s so funny. I wonder what Eunhyuk will say to Leeteuk,” “Leeteuk is so cute. How did he think of doing this?” “I laughed a lot looking at the picture. It was the best.”
Super Junior are currently holding live concerts all over the world, from Seoul to Osaka, Taipei, Singapore, Macao, BangKok, Paris, Shanghai, and Jakarta. They will hold an encore concert in Seoul on May 26 and 27.
Source: Starnews

NU’EST reveals official fanclub name and birthday plans

NU’EST, Pledis’ newest boy group, has been one of 2012′s hottest rookie boy bands so far. With their signature sound style being ‘urban electric’ and a unique look, they’ve been quickly capturing the hearts of fan girls and fan boys alike since their début. It’s not surprising then that Pledis has soon come up with their official fanclub name, which was revealed this week.
The NU’EST fanclub name will be called L.O.Λ.E! Although it’s not NU’TELLA like many NU’EST fans were comically hoping for, it does make sense when looked at.
The reason behind the NU’EST fan club name was explained via their official twitter account. In hangeul, NU’EST is written as 뉴이스트. If you take the first character from every syllable, you end up with ᄂᄋᄉᄐ. This  then looks like the word LOVE in English, or L.O.Λ.E (러브) as it will be written as officially. This is a stylish and sleek name for this group’s fanclub and suits them well. In the future, NU’EST are certainly bound to receive lots of love and support from all the L.O.Λ.Es!
As well as announcing the new fanclub name, Pledis have also revealed plans for members JR and Aron’s birthdays. There will be a birthday party fans can attend and there’s also an opportunity for fans to send in their own birthday messages to JR and Aron over the internet. This means foreign fans can also participate in the celebrations!

This is a great day for NU’EST fans – birthday fun and a fanclub name!

First Italian Super Junior website

As some of you has already noticed Italy, step by step, is drawing attention in the K-Pop scenery.
After the creation of a blog, which was highly successful and dedicated exclusively to Super Junior, the admins decided to create a real website in order to have a stable reference point for all the Italian ELF. This website isnot the official one but is the first Italian website dedicated to Super Junior and was created by a group of ELF, who wants to share their passion for the Korean boy band with other ELF .
Even if it’s still under construction, people can be struck by the captivating and well organized layout, sing of the hard work behind it.
Fans can successfully use some of the contents in it and get the latest news of their idols completely translated in Italian in order to make easy the understanding for those who don’t speak English nor Korean. Moreover the site provides a complete biography,discography and videography of the group and of course each member profile will be uploaded as soon as possible.
The website has also a YouTube channel where the admins uploaded their fancams of SS4 in Paris and where they will upload also any Italian video project for SuJu.
Do you want to know something really curious about this website? Do you remember the girl, Siwon chose during the SS4 in Paris? Well, she is one of the admins! This is destiny! 
Source: Super Junior Italia

New group CROSS GENE slowly revealing members

2012 has already seen a whole host of male groups debuting and making come backs, and it seems as though this trend is not slowing down any time soon. Originally classified as ‘Project A’, CROSS GENE, which is part of the company Amuse Korea, is a project group made between Japan and Korea. Because of this collaboration between Korea and Japan, it is not known yet what CROSS GENE’s music direction and style will be like. Will they be more Jpop or Kpop, or a merging between the two is anyone’s guess at this point. As CROSS GENE’s members have begun to be revealed on their official website, there is much speculation that their début cannot be too far off.

The first member to be revealed is Japanese member Terada Takuya, born in ’92. On the CROSS GENE website he is labelled as ‘Gorgeous Gene’. Takuya is a both a model and actor in Japan, and at a height of 187cm, it’s no wonder he’s been quickly snapped up to become an idol and given the title of ‘Gorgeous Gene’. At this time, it is a guess that each member may be specially linked with a certain type of gene or trait i.e. ‘Intelligent Gene’ or ‘Sporty Gene’.

Although any other members have not been officially confirmed yet, there has been much speculation as to who they could be. From the website, the members’ names can be seen along with an outline of their faces. From this fans have been trying to gather together information on people each member may be. It’s not yet known what the ratio of Japanese to Korean members will be.

Sources: CROSS GENE official web pageKoreabooOfficial CROSS GENE fan cafeFY-Cross GeneAmuse Korea