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May 21, 2012

First Italian Super Junior website

As some of you has already noticed Italy, step by step, is drawing attention in the K-Pop scenery.
After the creation of a blog, which was highly successful and dedicated exclusively to Super Junior, the admins decided to create a real website in order to have a stable reference point for all the Italian ELF. This website isnot the official one but is the first Italian website dedicated to Super Junior and was created by a group of ELF, who wants to share their passion for the Korean boy band with other ELF .
Even if it’s still under construction, people can be struck by the captivating and well organized layout, sing of the hard work behind it.
Fans can successfully use some of the contents in it and get the latest news of their idols completely translated in Italian in order to make easy the understanding for those who don’t speak English nor Korean. Moreover the site provides a complete biography,discography and videography of the group and of course each member profile will be uploaded as soon as possible.
The website has also a YouTube channel where the admins uploaded their fancams of SS4 in Paris and where they will upload also any Italian video project for SuJu.
Do you want to know something really curious about this website? Do you remember the girl, Siwon chose during the SS4 in Paris? Well, she is one of the admins! This is destiny! 
Source: Super Junior Italia

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