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March 12, 2012

Sooyoung’s legs are just unbeatable.

An unphotoshopped picture of SNSD’s Sooyoung has recently attracted many people’s attention.
A picture under the title of “Sooyoung’s unphotoshopped figure” has recently been uploaded on an online community board. Although the picture is unphotoshopped, Sooyoung still shows off her nice figure, which is never humiliating.
In the picture, Sooyoung is staring at a camera with short hair. Dressed in a purple see-through blouse, she’s exposing her collarbone. Her beautiful legs, which are also unphotoshopped, are especially attracting people’s attention.
People responded: “Is this really Sooyoung’s unphotoshopped body? It’s awesome!” “I knew that she had pretty legs but they are prettier than I thought,” “Sooyoung’s actual figure is never humiliating. I envy her,” “Sooyoung is getting prettier. I love her unphotoshopped look!”
Source: TV Report

2AM’s Chang Min reveals his masculine, stocky back

On March 12, 2AM’s Chang Min posted a photo on Twitter with the comment: “You might agree that a real man has a sturdy back. As the release of our new album nears, I’m on a diet. Keep the steam up a little harder!”
The photo features the back of Chang Min working out hard. His masculine, stocky figure is making female fans’ hearts flutter. Her sturdy shoulders and muscles in his back are fabulous enough to elicit exclamations.
People who saw the photo left responses: “My mouth was left open for a long. Your figure is marvelous!” “I cannot imagine how hard you’ve trained for this. You’re incredible!” “
2AM is planning to start activities with new songs by holding a showcase on March 13, expected to broadcast live via YouTube.
Source: TV Report

TEEN TOP faces a risky car accident on the Taiwanese wet road

TEEN TOP had to face a risky situation because Taiwanese fans were pushfully all over.
On March 11, TEEN TOP was visiting Taiwan to meet local fans. Wherever TEEN TOP goes, the fans were keeping close eyes on their every move via individual vehicles or taxies. On the way to a fan meeting event hall, some of the taxies slipped on the wet road and had collisions each other. The accident almost led to a serious result against fans and TEEN TOP. It took quite a time to clear the road after the accident that traffic on the road was paralyzed.
Fortunately no one was hurt. Only when TEEN TOP assured themselves of fans’ safety, they started moving to the event hall to meet Taiwanese fans.
TEEN TOP successfully completed the fan meeting along with about 2,000 fans, receiving favorable reviews by local media. They have been gaining more popularity even in Europe and Americas as well as in Asia.
Source: TV Report

"The Moon that Embraces the Sun's" Han Ga In Films "Running Man"

On March 12, netizens spread photos and news of Han Ga In and miss A’s Suzy shooting SBS’sRunning Man” via social network sites. The two were spotted filming for an upcoming episode of the hit variety series at the Korean Job World located in Kyeonggido. However ,"Running Man's" Director Jo Hyun Jin revealed that the episode will only feature Han Ga In.
Earlier today, he stated, "Han Ga In recorded 'Running Man' yesterday (March 12)." Regarding Suzy's appearance, Jo continued, "Suzy wasn't part of the recording. Only Han Ga In filmed, and the shoot took place near Bundang, Kyeonggido."
Han Ga In joined the cast of “Running Man” after completing “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” and showed off her hidden comedic talent. In fact, Han Ga In has previously worked with Yoo Jae Suk on a past SBS comedy program, and fans can’t wait to see the two together again.
Netizens commented, “‘Running Man’ always has great guest appearances,” “I can’t wait to watch!” “It’s been so long since Han Ga In has been on a variety show,” and more.
Han Ga In and Suzy’s episode of “Running Man” will air on March 25.

T-ara to donate proceeds from single to nuclear accident victims

T-ara announced on March 11 that it plans to donate all of the proceeds from the sale of its single “Roly Poly” in Japan to benefit the survivors of the Fukushima nuclear accident that took place a year ago.
“T-ara wanted to give something back to its fans in Japan who have shown so much love and support for the band,” said Core Contents Media, its agency.
The girl group is immensely popular in Japan, and its singles have seen much success on Japanese music charts.
The single “Bo Peep Bo Peep,” released last September, reached the No. 1 spot on the weekly Oricon chart. Since the triumph of its first single, the band has also released the songs “Ya Ya Ya” and “Roly Poly” in Japan.
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

Girls' Generation Releases "Time Machine" MV

After releasing numerous teasers, Girls' Generation music video for "Time Machine" was posted online today on YouTube.

This ballad song is from the repackaged version of their debut Japanese album "Girls' Generation" which was released on December 28, 2011. It was also recently used in their e-ma CF campaign in Japan.  

Along with "Time Machine," the repackaged edition features a Japanese remake of "The Boys" and remixes of "Mr. Taxi," "The Great Escape," and "Bad Girl."

In the video, each of the members are seen in various places, looking sad and deep in their own thoughts.

Despite being a sad ballad, don't they all look really pretty? Let us know what you think below!

The Average Weight of Boy Groups

Following the popular rankings of girl groups by average height, a new chart, recording the average weight of boy groups, has attracted a lot of attention among netizens. The bar graph ranked the boy bands’ average weight from lightest to heaviest. Teen Top was the lightest with 55.1kg (121.5lbs), while 2PM took home the title as the heaviest boy group with 69.1kg (152.3lbs).
In addition, the graph draws particular attention on naming each range of weight that are divided into five big groups. Each group is indicated in colors of red, orange, yellow, green and blue, and titled, “Am I alive,” “Enough said,” “Close to average,” “The average,” and “Desirable weight.”
Many female netizens were shocked to see that some of their favorite male idols weighed approximately the same as they do. In fact, Teen Top, SHINeeInfiniteZE:ATwilight, and FT Island weighed under 60kg (132.3 pounds).
Netizens commented, “Teen Top and I weigh about the sad,” “Oh my, they weigh less than I do! Please take some of my weight,” “I want to cry,” and more.

Male fans are earnest to give candies to SNSD on White Day

< br /> SNSD was pointed out as the best ‘idol’ group male fans eagerly want to give candies on White Day.
Media Job, a job-search portable site, carried out a survey for 455 people from March 2 to 11 under the title: “Who is your most favorite female ‘idol’ singer you want to give candies on White Day?” The result shows that SNSD won the largest part (83 votes).
On the second position, IUS ranked with 55 votes. IU has gained enthusiastic love from male fans, being called “Korean guys’ little sister” thanks to her cute appearance and outstanding singing ability.
2NE1 ranked third with 52 votes, while Wonder Girls fourth with 47 votes, right followed by T-ara, Miss A and Sistar in order.
Source: TV Report

Miss A’s Suzy has strong, firm thighs, “Optical illusion?”

miss A’s Suzy was recently compared to SNSD’s Hyoyeon.
An online community posted pictures with the caption, “Suzy and Hyoyeon.” The pictures were captured images from the March 10 episode of KBS’s Invincible Youth 2.
In the pictures, Suzy and Hyoyeon are walking together to a hot spring. Suzy captured the public’s eyes with her thighs, which are twice as big as Hyoyeon’s.
People responded: “I think it’s an optical illusion.” “SNSD members are well known for their thin thighs but…” “No way… I don’t think this is true.”
miss A is currently keeping busy with their new song “Touch.”
Source: TV Report

G-Dragon to release solo album in August

G-Dragon, of the idol group Big Bang, is planning to release his solo album in August.
On March 13, several officials in the music industry said that G-Dragon has decided to release his solo album in August. His first solo album, Heartbreaker, was released on his 22nd birthday, August 18, 2009.
An official said, “During his break, G-Dragon prepared music for both Big Bang’s album and his solo album. He will release his solo for his birthday.”
World famous musicians will work together with G-Dragon to make his second solo album. Ludacris, a great hip hop artist and popular actor in the US, was featured rapping on G-Dragon’s new song.
Ludacris is one of the biggest hip hop musicians in US and a famous rapper. He has sold over 17 million copies of his album in the US alone and 24 million copies world wide.
Big Bang’s unit group GD & T.O.P previously drew a lot of attention by taking part in the making of popular British diva Pixie Lott’s new album.
Since Big Bang is receiving an explosive response after their return, G-Dragon’s solo album is also capturing the public’s attention. His first solo album recorded over 200 thousand copies in album sales in 2009 and ranked first among solo albums.
Besides G-Dragon’s hit song “Heartbreaker,” “Breed,” “Boy,” and “Butterfly” were also very popular and he received many favorable reviews for his music, choreography, and fashion.
Source: Starnews

SHINee's "Sherlock" is a Hybrid Remix - Two Songs in One!

SHINee has been readying for a comeback as SM Entertainment (SME) teased fans with a slew of unique teaser photos in the past week. 

SME described SHINee’s newest song “Sherlock” by saying, “'Sherlock’ is the best of two independent songs put together to form something called a ‘hybrid remix.’ It will have a unique charm as though you’re listening to a musical. SHINee has been recognized as a contemporary group for its fresh and experimental music in their past albums, and this album will also be able to show the one of a kind colors of SHINee.”

The lyrics describe Sherlock’s solving of a crime through logical “clues” and intuitive “notes.”  “Sherlock” combines the lyrics from the two songs to create a single storyline. Also, both songs “Clue” and “Note” will be a part of the album. It should be interesting to see how the lyrics and melody differ in the three variances of the intertwined songs.

All seven songs of the album will become available to fans on many online music websites (including iTunes!) on March 19. The album will then become available offline on March 21.

3.8.2012 : The Billboard K-pop Chart

SHINee’s new seven songs are unveiled in advance on March 19

On March 12, SM Entertainment, SHINee’s agency, announced that SHINee’s new fourth mini-album, Sherlock, would hit the offline stores on March 21. Earlier on March 19, all the songs in the album will be tasted in advance.
SM Entertainment says, “The new songs will be open in advance before the official release via major music-downloading sites such as iTunes and Melon. Through the sites, the songs will be available for fans across the world. The release of all the seven songs will surely evoke explosive responses among their fans.”
“SHINee’s fourth mini-album consists of songs of a variety of genres based on well-honed singing abilities of each member,” they added.
Relevant teaser images of each member have been revealed in serial order.

Jang Keun Suk opens a cafe to celebrate his album release in Japan

Jang Keun Suk is opening a cafe to celebrate his album release in Japan.
On March 12, a spokesperson for Jang said, “Jang Keun Suk is opening a collaborative cafe on March 21 to celebrate the release of his unit group Team H’s Japanese mini album titled Lounge H The First Impression.”
Jang’s promotional event at a cafe will take place at cafe Manduka in Shibuya from March 19 to 25 in collaboration with record chain Tower Record located in Shibuya.
At this cafe, fans of Jang can listen and enjoy Jang’s voices, music videos, and songs included in the album. On a first-come-first-served basis, Jang will also give Jang Keun Suk’s bills to fans who purchase Team H’s mini albums so that they can get a discount at the cafe.
According to reports, Jang participated in the mini album Lounge H The First impression for several parts: from song selection to concepts of its jacket photos, music video, and costumes. The album is already receiving wide attention from Japanese music fans, topping the advance sales charts
Source: Starnews.

BEAST Impresses With A Beautiful Show!

Kpop idol group BEAST filled the saturday night with a Beautiful Show, one that will remain etched in every b2uty’s memory. No longer a stranger to Singapore, BEAST returns to this sunny island for the fifth time(says a lot about their hot popularity here).
The concert opened with hit tracks; Special, Soom, and Shock. A perfect combo to get the atmosphere all heated and pumped up. With a total of 24 songs, BEAST showcased their vocal talents and amazing choreography on stage.
Not only that, they also performed special solo/duet stages. It would have been a pleasant surprise if Hyunseung got to some Trouble on stage with partner Hyuna.
Yoseob and Junhyung paired up and showed their gratitude to fans with the song “Thanks to“. Rapper Junhyung confessed that he was not good at expressing his feelings and the song allowed him to show his thanks and love to b2uties. He was then persuaded to openly say “i love you” by cheeky Yoseob, definitely a treat for all fans.
The double-D duo Dongwoon and Doojoon performed their duet ballad track “When The Door Closes“.
Just like the ‘Oasis girl‘, this time too a lucky fan was picked and serenaded by all 6 boys. The lucky girl in green was showered with gifts which included balloons, flowers and a soft toy. Through out the whole song “You“, the boys surrounded her, gave her hugs and took a group picture, re-enacting a perfect date.
Although jealousy was emanating from every corner of the audience, the level of enthusiasm and love from the fans did not get any lesser. Being the gentleman idols that they are, the boys gave out red roses to the rest of the audience.
Kikwang shared his idea of a perfect date; spending the day at Clarke Quay and having chilli crab for dinner.Doojoon chose the Singapore Flyer, and was teased for having a fear of heights. But he tactfully said that with so many girl friends with him, he is no longer afraid.
All good things come an end eventually. A saddening fact. Nontheless, Beautiful Show 2012 in Singaporeended on a high note, and the boys promised to come back with more fabulous performances!
Personal review note: The concert was definitely a thumbs up, a must-watch on any fangirl’s list. Only grouse was the level of fan-service which was not as equal as the concerts in their previous pitstops. Despite Singapore being an ultra sunny and hot country, the boys(Kikwang and Dongwoon) sadly did not show any skin. The lightings and effects were great in creating the concert atmosphere, but the stage could have been better/ include more props. Nontheless, their vocals and powerful choreography left a deep impression, making one crave for more.
Here is our previously reported press conference coverage, if you have yet to read. Enjoy the short video snippet below!
We would like to thank organizer Bling Entertainment for the kind invitation to the concert and kudos on its success! Follow them on facebook and twitter for more exclusive photos of the concert and upcoming events!
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2PM successfully hold their concert in Hong Kong

2PM’s Hands Up Asian Tour has successfully finished on March 10 in Hong Kong, captivating numbers of Asian fans.
The last concert in Hong Kong was held on March 10 at 8 p.m. at Hong Kong Asian Expo Arena. Despite the fact that it was 2PM’s first concert in Hong Kong, all 9,000 tickets were sold out two months before the concert. 2PM went to Hong Kong on March 8, had a press interview and a promotional event (High-touch) on March 9, held the concert on March 10, and came back to Korea on March 11.
At the concert, 2PM members fascinated 9,000 audiences with their powerful performances and music. As the Hong Kong fans gave an enthusiastic response, Jun Su sang Jang Hak Woo’s “I Hurt My Heart” and impressed them.
Successfully finishing their first Asian tour with the love of 160,000 Asian fans, 2PM said, “It was great to meet the fans who love our music and spend some time with them. We promise to visit the countries again with better songs. We appreciate all our fans for supporting us all the time.”
Source: Sports Korea

2AM’s “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me” becomes a big hit

2AM’s new mini album has become a big hit.
Immediately after 2AM’s new mini album Fitzgerald’s Way of Love was released on March 12, all the songs included in the album, including the title song “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me,” have entered the upper ranks of the charts.
The title song “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me” is a song composed by Kim Do Hoon and written by Bang Si Hyuk. It’s characterized by soft piano and cello sounds in the intro part.
Bang Si Hyuk, who produced the new mini album, says, “We almost lived in our recording studio for six months for this album. We devoted ourselves to this album so much that we even postponed the release three times. We tried really hard to make 2AM members’ lyrical voices catchable.”
2AM are officially coming back to the music scene on March 13 at 8 p.m. through a showcase, which will air worldwide on YouTube.
Source: Xportsnews