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July 30, 2012

EXO-K and EXO-M successfully hold their first promotional events in Thailand

EXO-K and EXO-M successfully held their first promotional events in Thailand.
EXO-K and EXO-M visited Thailand for four days from July 26. Despite the fact that they’re new singing groups, they attracted a lot of attention from Thai people, proving their potential as next-generation global stars.
EXO-K and EXO-M held an autograph session at Siam Paragon, the famous department store in Thailand on July 28 and spent time with over 1,200 fans. On the same day, they held a live concert on a small scale at the outdoor stage of Siam Discovery Plaza and attracted over 5,000 fans. They performed “Mama” and “History,” tracks from their first EP.
EXO-K appeared on a Thailand’s audition program called Academy Fantasia, which has aired for nine years, and such popular Thai TV and radio shows as Ching Roy Ching Ran. They also did interviews with such Thai daily newspapers as Thai Rath and Daily News.
The two groups’ promotional events held in Thailand will air on True Music’s special show Asia Lover Special for eight weeks from August 4 on every Saturday.
Having just finished their promotion in Thailand, EXO-K and EXO-M will now focus on their new album.
Source: Starnews

Evidence of T-ara’s Hwayoung being bullied is detected

Evidence of T-ara’s Hwayoung being bullied was recently detected and attracting a lot of attention.
On July 29, some captured pictures of T-ara members appearing on a show was uploaded an online community board under the title of “Evidence of T-ara’s Hwayoung being bullied.”
The captured pictures are from KBS 2TV’s Star Life Theater – T-ara, which aired from July 9 to 13. They’re attracting a lot of attention because they seem to back up the rumor that Hwayoung is being bullied by other T-ara members.
In one of the episodes, all T-ara members are raising their hands, shouting, “Start the show!” At the moment, Hyomin pokes Hwayoung’s eye and Hwayoung knits her brows, feeling pain.
Besides, when Hwayoung reads a book in a car, one of the crew members asks her, “Do you like to read?” and Jiyeon says, “She’s pretending now because there’s a camera. I’ve never seen her reading a book before.” Soyeon also gives a candy to Hwayoung to eat, saying she dropped it before.
Hwayoung also says, “There are many things I cannot even tell my mom,” in tears when she sees her sister Hyoyoung, a member of Five Dolls.
People responded: “That’s too much.” “It’s good that evidence is found.” “It’s too early to accuse them of bullying Hwayoung just with the scenes.” “We need some explanations from you about this.”
Kim Kwang Soo, a CEO of T-ara’s agency, recently attracted attention by saying he will make an important announcement on July 30.
Source: Xportsnews

Illicit B.A.P merchandise is sold in overseas countries

Illicit B.A.P merchandise is currently being sold in overseas countries, and B.A.P’s agency is trying to handle this problem.
On July 30, TS Entertainment, B.A.P’s agency, expressed its concern about the illicit merchandise related to B.A.P and asked B.A.P’s fans not to buy any merchandise related to B.A.P on its official website, Facebook account, Twitter account, and fan cafe.
According to TS Entertainment, some people are selling tour packages and merchandise at very high prices in overseas countries, illegally using the name of B.A.P, as B.A.P are holding a showcase in Taiwan on September 22.
Because there’s also a product named Welcoming B.A.P at the Airport, it can create a dangerous situation.
TS Entertainment says, “We’re afraid that B.A.P’s fans might get damaged by this illicit merchandise. We hope this can arouse many illegal dealers’ attention.”
B.A.P are currently promoting their first EP, “No Mercy.”
Source: Starnews

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jung Shin take cute portraits

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jung Shin are showing their support for new girl group AOA.
On July 30, Jung tweeted a picture with the comment, “AOA are so great. The first girl group from our agency. Please support the group. I gave them one of my songs so please give them lots of love. Jung Shin and I are having fun in Japan.”
Lee also tweeted a picture and said hello to his fans.
The pictures show the two members holding their cameras close to their faces. Jung is making the V sign and Lee is making a serious face.
People responded: “They both look great.” “I’m eagerly awaiting the new girl group.” “Jung has various talents making songs and performing in a TV series.” “What are they doing in Japan?” “They look cute.”
AOA, composed of eight members, will hold a showcase on July 30 and will debut to the world.
Source: TV Report

NU’EST appears at ‘K-Dream Live Concert’

New group NU’EST recently gave the opening performance for the ‘K-Dream Live Concert,’ which was held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.
Even though it was the group’s first time performing in Japan, they gave a splendid performance and received big cheers amid a storm of applause.
The concert was held at the Tokyo Dome, one of the biggest concert venues in Japan. Besides NU’EST, various singers, including, Choshinsung, My Name, and Infinite, appeared at the concert.
People responded: “They are good at performing on the big stage.” “They will have Japanese fans now.” “I hope they will be successful both in Korea and Japan.” “They are a promising group.”
Source: Star Daily News

Idol couple, KARA’s Goo Hara and B2ST’s Yong Jun Hyung on TV together

Official idol couple, Kara’s Goo Hara and B2ST’s Yong Jun Hyun recently appeared on TV together.
B2ST appeared on the July 29 episode of SBS’s Inkigayo and gave an interview prior to their comeback performance.
Group members talked about their new EP and when talking about the title song, Goo said, “I can’t wait to see your performance.”
The other members looked comfortable but Goo and Yong looked nervous. Their appearance drew a lot of attention.
On the show, only seven members of T-ara appeared due to Hwa Young’s injured leg.
Source: Xportsnews

FT Island’s L.O.V.E for one another ^^

Meanwhile, it’s Hongki’s turn to show love with his member. He uploaded a photo together with Jaejin saying, “with Jaejin on a date!!! Weather’s great!!!”

SOURCE: FT Island Hongki and Minhwan‘s Twitter

EXO shows their support for sunbae BoA

SM’s rookie boy group EXO has been in Thailand for the past few days but they made sure to give their sunbae, BoA, a show of their support.
The 12 boys struck poses with BoA’s 7th album Only One in their hands along with the fighting pose. On their official Weibo, the caption read, “EXO is giving support for BoA’s comeback!! Wishing 7th (album) ‘Only One’ will be very successful! BoA sunbaenim, hwaiting!! Jia you!”
This show of support from the rookies should give BoA a big boost as she prepares for her comeback stages.
Source: EXO-M Weibo

T-ara’s Eunjung forces Hwa Young to eat rice cakes

A video of T-ara’s Enjung forcing Hwa Young to eat a rice cake is drawing a lot of attention.
An online community posted captured images from the video with the caption, “Ham Eunjung and rice cakes.” In the show, which was recorded in Japan, Eunjung is forcing Hwa Young to eat a rice cake.”
Eunjung and other members are smiling but Hwa Young looks like she is about to cry. Eunjung is putting a big rice cake into Hwa Young’s mouth and the video made people believe that they have been bullying Hwa Young.
People responded: “How can they look so happy after forcing her to eat rice cakes?” “Eunjung is laughing but Hwa Young looks like she is about to cry.” “What if Hwa Young gets indigestion?”
On July 28, T-ara members tweeted criticisms, which sounded like they blamed Hwa Young for not performing on stage due to her injured leg. Those tweets caused a controversy over Hyo Young being bullied and T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, ultimately announced that they had canceled Hwa Young’s contract.
The agency said, “We think teamwork is important so we decided to listen to opinions from nineteen staff members. We don’t want them to suffer anymore so we decided to cancel Hwa Young’s contract.”
After the announcement from the agency, Hwa Young expressed her feelings by tweeting, “The facts without the truth.” Then the agency said, “T-ara appeared on KBS’s Music Bank on July 27. Hwa Young, however, with only two teams were left before their performance, suddenly announced that she would not perform on stage . Eunjung and Hyomin had to cover Hwa Young’s rap in order not to cause problems during the program.”
According to the agency, even though there are several incidents regarding Hwa Young, president Kim wanted to protect her by keeping those incidents under wraps. They also said that it is unfortunate that she felt the need to leave such a comment on her Twitter account. They said, “We hope that Hwa Young realizes what she did wrong.”
Japanese singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu also tweeted that she hopes T-ara members can perform together in great harmony.
Source: TV Report

G.NA transforms into a sexy police officer

Singer G.NA recently showed off her perfectly proportioned figure and drew a lot of attention.
On July 29, G.NA tweeted pictures with the comment, “Police officer G.NA and Teletubbie manager Hye Jung. I’m excited to ride a motorcycle! Do I look happy?”
In the pictures, G.NA is posing in a police officer’s uniform with her friend. Her small face and beautiful slim legs made her look like a super model.
People who saw the pictures responded: “G.NA is so sexy.” “I envy her perfectly proportioned figure.” “She is a superior doll.” “She looks good in a police uniform.”
Source: Money Today

A Japanese staff member mentions about T-ara’s Hwayoung: “She was a sweet girl”

As T-ara’s agency has announced cancellation of its contract with Hwayoung, a staff member of Japanese mass media who heard the news left some comments that began, “Hwayoung was a sweet girl.”
On July 30, the staff member tweeted, “When I participated in a commercial shooting with T-ara as an interpreter and an assistant (in February), she (Hwayoung) was extremely quiet, not talking to anyone on the set. She wasn’t talking to anyone, not to makeup artists nor to the other members of the group, but just working on her own thing. She kept smiling for us, though. I remember her as the girl with the best facial expression.
Someone told me to look after her because she was new in the group and felt shy around cameras. I tried my best to make her feel comfortable, but it was true that she appeared low in energy. On seeing all this, I thought, ‘Is she nervous because she is new here or does she not have good relationship with the other members?’”
She added, “I guess she didn’t get along with the others very well afterwards. Poor thing.. Certainly, most people in this industry have strong character living in a delusion that they are the most beautiful people in the whole world. About 99% of them are this way, so the kind and sweet ones find it very hard to survive here. It is true that you won’t survive if you don’t become one of them, but…”
At 1:00 p.m. on July 30, the Core Contents Media announced, “Because T-ara puts its teamwork before eight individual members and with the respect of 19 different staff members, we came up with this decision after careful consideration. We believe that none of the staff need to go through hard time anymore, and we decided to cancel our contract with Hwayoung without any conditions.”
Source: TV Report

Super Junior Leeteuk announces that he’s producing a song for dear fans

Super Junior Leeteuk recently announced that the song he’s producing himself is coming out soon.
On the afternoon of July 30, Leeteuk tweeted, “The audio of my new song has finally come out. That’s one of the songs I feel attached to the most. It looks like I can display my emotions. Hold on for a moment. It’s coming soon.”
Last year, the Super Junior leader co-produced “Andante,” a song from the group’s fifth album. The song gave the group’s fans great amusement. The announcement of the singer’s releasing a new song is making the fans excited once again.
Netizens responded: “He’s even writing lyrics? I’m really looking forward to the song.” “Leeteuk is an all-round entertainer.” “I wonder how he’s gonna express his emotions?”
Source: TV Report

Members of T-ara’s anti-cafe are geometrically increasing in number

Amid the controversy over Core Contents Media’s cancellation of a contract with T-ara’s Hwayoung, members of T-ara’s anti-cafe, We Ask T-ara to Reveal the Truth, are geometrically increasing in number.
As of July 31 at 8:30 a.m., the number of members of the cafe exceeded 252,000. This cafe was opened on July 29 by people who were outraged by the rumor that T-ara’s Hwayoung was being bullied by other members, asking T-ara and their agency, Core Contents Media, to reveal the truth.
On July 28, Kim Kwang Soo, a CEO of Core Contents Media, said he would make an important announcement about the rumors about T-ara on July 30, and he announced that the agency would cancel a contract with Hwayoung.
After that, the number of members of the T-ara’s anti-cafe increased rapidly, and the number exceeded 57,000 within a day.
As Core Contents Media announced its cancellation of a contract with Hwayoung, she now has to leave the team. It’s been only 20 months since she joined the team.
Some people say the decision of the agency doesn’t make sense because Hwayoung is actually a victim of bullying.
However, Core Contents Media says the rumor about Hwayoung being bullied by other T-ara members is not true, and Hwayoung has rather done many things that surprised many people. The agency also says they had to make such a decision because her behavior was not appropriate as a girl group member and she didn’t want to improve her behavior at all. They insisted that Hwayoung was not a victim of bullying but a member who damaged other T-ara and staff members.
Source: Starnews

Core Contents Media cancels a contract with T-ara’s Hwayoung without any strings attached

Core Contents Media will cancel a contract with T-ara’s Hwayoung without any strings attached.
Kim Kwang Soo, a CEO of Core Contents Media, T-ara’s agency, came back to Korea on July 29, a day earlier than planned, and explained the agency’s position to T-ara and 19 staff members until 7:00 a.m. on July 30.
Core Contents Media announced, “It’s been hard to make such a decision, but this was the only option we could choose for T-ara’s future. Gathering the opinions of a total of 19 staff members (five stylists, seven hair&make-up artists, five on-site managers, and two chief managers), we’re cancelling a contract with Hwayoung without any strings attached.”
Kim said, “I’ve always stressed the importance of good teamwork to T-ara because it could lead them further. It’s been hard to make such a decision, but this was the only option we could choose for T-ara’s future.” However, the rumor about Hwayoung being bullied by other T-ara members is not true. Eunjung, Soyeon, and Boram also suffered from the same type of rumors in the past, but they happened because of other members’ jealousy that only lasted for couple of days.”
Source: Xportsnews