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August 12, 2012

KARA show off their alluring, mature looks in the jacket photo for their new EP

A jacket photo for KARA’s new EP, “Pandora,” was recently released.
On August 10, DSP Media, KARA’s agency, released a jacket photo for KARA’s fifth EP, “Pandora,” on its official website.
In the photo, KARA members are dressed in alluring outfits in dark blue and white. Their mature looks are especially eye-catching. This photo has already received a lot of favorable reviews from people in Korea and many other countries.
The group is preparing a charismatic performance of the song. KARA’s agency says, “The girls have shown their various charms through several albums. Please look forward to their new look in this new album as well.”
People responded: “The teaser is awesome! I’m already so excited.” “I’m so curious about the song.” “I think KARA’s new song will also be a hit this time.” “KARA members look like goddesses.”
KARA will hold a showcase in celebration of the release of “Pandora” on August 22.
Source: TV Report

TVXQ and Kim Hyun Joong win the Golden Disc in Japan

TVXQ and Kim Hyun Joong won the Golden Disc in Japan.
On August 10, the Recording Industry Association of Japan reported that TVXQ won the Golden Disc with their new single “Android,” which was released on July 11, and the DVD of their live tour of Japan, “Tone.”
The Golden Disc is given to artists whose records of album sales exceed 100,000 copies. Along with TVXQ, Kim Hyun Joong also won the Golden Disc with his new single “Heat,” which was released on July 4.
TVXQ proved their high popularity by setting new records on the Oricon Chart several times. “Android” is TVXQ’s eleventh single that topped the Oricon weekly single chart.
TVXQ already set a new record of topping the Oricon weekly chart ten times as the first foreign artist with their single “Still,” which was released in March. By having their latest release top the chart again, they broke the record.
TVXQ finished a large-scale concert tour of Japan early this year, attracting over 550,000 fans, and also successfully held a fan meeting with over 100,000 fans. Kim is currently working in several Asian countries including Japan.
Source: Starnews

SE7EN is buried in flowers: “He is a flower boy”

SE7EN is drawing a lot of attention by appearing in an optical illusion picture.
On August 12, SE7EN tweeted a picture, which looks like an optical illusion, with the comment, “SE7EN over flowers.”
In the picture, SE7EN is wearing a flower printed suit and and posing for the camera while standing in front of a wall of flowers.
His handsome appearance captured the public’s attention.
People who saw the picture responded: “I can’t tell the flowers end and SE7EN begins.” “He is beautiful.” “It’s amazing.” “It is SE7EN over flowers.” “He is a flower boy.” “The suit is great too.” “The picture is an optical illusion.”
Source: Xportsnews

ZE:A’s Si Wan takes a picture with Bigstar’s Raehwan: “Two handsome boys”

Bigstar’s Raehwan recently released a picture that captured the females’ attention.
On August 12, Raehwan posted a picture that he took with ZE:A’s Lim Si Wan in a waiting room on his me2day account.
In the picture, Raehwan and Lim are showing off their great looks and are smiling for the camera. Their handsome faces made the public smile too.
People who saw the picture responded: “Flower boys get together!” “They are hot boys. This picture gives me the vapors.” “This picture makes me smile.” “They are so handsome.” Raehwan and Si Wan have known each other since the Brave Brothers produced their song “Aftereffect.”
Bigstar is drawing a lot of attention with their powerful performance for the song “Hot Boy” as the most promising new idol group in the second half of 2012.
Source: Star Daily News

2NE1′s Sandara Park: “2NE1 is Mapo Style”

2NE1 recently sent a standing wreath to Psy to congratulate him on his concert.
On August 11, Sandara Park posted a picture on her me2day account with the comment, “2NE1 sent a cute standing wreath to CNN star Psy to wish him good luck for a successful concert. Attend the concert and enjoy it. Run.”
The picture features the standing wreath, on which is written, “CNN star Psy! Good luck on your concert!” 2NE1 called him a CNN star because Psy was mentioned by several US media outlets and is drawing worldwide  attention.
2NE1 also parodied Psy’s song “Gangnam Style” into “Mapo Style” and made people laugh.
People who saw the picture responded: “They look close to each other.” “I want to attend his concert too.” “2NE1 is Mapo style.”
Source: Xportsnews

7942 impresses fans with their manly physique

](from left to right Eungjoo, Haenghoon, Jonghyun and Hoon)
Boy group 7942 also known as CGSE is currently spending few days in Busan for a company workshop. Busan being the hottest spot for a summer getaway in Korea, enjoying the beach is a must part of the itinerary. In the picture above, the boys flaunted their muscular bodies in the most crowded and busiest beach in Korea during summer, Haeundae Beach.
Many fans praised the boys for their manly physique. Some commented “OMG I wish I could teleport to Haeundae right now” and “They have perfect summer bodies can’t wait for their comeback.”
Company representative said that the group is set to have their comeback next month with a very different vibe from their debut. The boys have been working hard for their comeback so fans can expect a lot, the representative added.

BoA and SHINee’s Tae Min look like a couple

Pictures of BoA and SHINee’s Tae Min are drawing a lot of attention.
On August 11, BoA tweeted pictures with the comment, “Tae Min from the show Music Core. You did a good job. Thank you.”
In the pictures, BoA is wearing striped pants and Tae Min is wearing a striped shirt, which make them look like a real couple. They are sitting right next to each other on the couch.
People responded: “BoA and Tae Min look good together.” “They are handsome and beautiful.” “Even though BoA had debuted much earlier than SHINee, they look like close friends.”
BoA performed the title song “Only One” from her seventh EP with Tae Min in the August 11 episode of MBC’sShow! Music Core.
Source: Xportsnews

2NE1 special guest at Psy concert

Spectacular guests attended Psy’s concert and made the audience even more excited.
On August 1, Psy held his exclusive concert at Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul. Many stars, including 2NE1, Sung Si Kyung, and No Hong Chul, appeared at the concert as guests and drew a lot of attention.
2NE1 was the first guest to appear during the concert.
Park Bom surprised the audience by appearing on the stage when Psy sang a song from his sixth EP. Then the rest of group members also appeared and sang their song “I’m the Best” and “I Love You.”

Then No Hong Chul appeared and performed his song. He wore a white sleeveless shirt and a silver spangled beret and passionately danced with Psy.
Sung Si Kyun appeared on stage while Psy was singing his eleventh song. He performed the ‘Horse Dance’ from the song “Gangnam Style.”
Sung made the audience laugh by saying, “I decided to appear at the concert because I was worried the concert might be too exciting. I will sing calm songs.”
Source: Xportsnews

2NE1 voted most likely to succeed in US

2NE1 and Wonder Girls were recently voted the girl groups most likely to succeed in the United States.
The online education group Seven Edu did a survey beginning July 27 through August 9 asking 378 people and 2NE1 ranked first (184 people, 49 percent) and Wonder Girls ranked second (50 people, 13 percent).
Cha Gil Young, president of the group says, “Will.I.Am, who produced 2NE1′s US debut EP, visited Korea in May and met Yang Hyun Seok, president of YG Entertainment. Will.I.AM also talked with Teddy, a main producer for the agency, about 2NE1 performing in the US. 2NE1 will go on a global tour in New Jersey and Los Angeles and I think that’s why people voted for the group as the girl group most likely to succeed in the US.”
“The Wonder Girls are also receiving a lot of attention from their song “Like Money” and that helped them get the votes as group most likely to succeed in the US as well.”
2NE1 will start their global tour on August 17 and will attend the ‘JYP Nation,’ which will be held in Japan, on August 18 and 19.
Source: Starnews

Lee Seung Gi: “I will definitely join the Army, I just don’t know when”

Top star Lee Seung Gi recently talked about the rumors regarding him joining the Army next year.
On August 10, Lee’s agency, Hook Entertainment, said, “The news that saying Lee will join the Army next year is not true.”
On the same day, a media outlet reported on Lee and said that he would join the Army next year. The outlet even guessed that he would serve his duty as an ordinary soldier.
A spokesperson for the agency says, “He will definitely join the Army when it is time for him to join. We don’t know why these kinds of rumors keep coming out.”
“We just don’t know when he will join the Army. Lee and the agency have never talked about when will be the best time to join the Army.”
Lee was born in January, 1987. He graduated Dongguk University in February, 2009 and received his master’s degree at the same University.
According to the agency, Lee has been taking break since he completed shooting MBC’s series The King 2 Hearts in May. He is currently preparing for his Asian fan meetings in response to his worldwide fans and considering his next job as well.
Lee will start holding fan meetings on August 25 in Singapore and will go to other Asian countries, including, Taiwan and Indonesia.
Source: TV Report

B1A4 and A Pink to Perform in Malaysia this September

A good news for B1A4 and A Pink’s fans in Malaysia!
B1A4 and A Pink will be performing at the Boulevard Strip, Plaza Low Yat on 29th September 2012 for a local radio show, One FM.
One FM decided to invite South Korea’s rising idol groups B1A4 and A pink for their “One FM – The ONE Concert” that would start at 8 PM (Malaysia time). Tickets give-away is scheduled to start at mid-August.
So Malaysian fans, would you attend the concert and show your love for B1A4 and A Pink?
Source:,B1A4 Asia
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TVXQ, Super Junior, and EXO attract crowds to the ‘S.M.ART Exhibition’

SM Entertainment recently opened the ‘S.M.ART Exhibition in Seoul.’
The exhibition, which will be held on August 10 through 19, presents new digital technologies combined with entertainment content and IT from SM Entertainment and global enterprises.
On August 10, the first day of the exhibition, TVXQ, Super Junior’s Shindong and Sungmin, and EXO visited the exhibition to help celebrate the opening. The stars appearance attracted many people to the exhibition and heated up the place with excitement.
The stars had a great time exploring the exhibitions with the other visitors. They said hello to their fans at the ‘S.M. History Zone.’ They also expressed their about the exhibition and drew a lot of attention.
In addition, TVXQ’s Yunho said, “I like the ‘S.M.ART Gallery’ the most. There are lots of unique works that were made by singers and I even wanted to take some home with me.” Super Junior’s Shindong said, “I’m surprised to see the huge exhibition and happy to attend it with so many people.” EXO-K’s Baekhyun said, “I think the exhibition will impress the people.”
SM Entertainment will go on the third world tour to hold the ‘SM Town Live’ concert starting on August 18 by holding a concert at Olympic Park in Seoul.
Source: Starnews


Super Junior’s Yesung recently showed off his close friendship with BoA.
On August 10, Yesung tweeted a picture with the comment, “My cute sister BoA and brother Donghae.”
In the picture, BoA is smiling while making the V sign while Yesung has his arm around BoA. Yesung drew a lot of attention by not touching BoA’s shoulder.
People who saw the picture responded: “BoA is a such a cutie.” “It’s good to see you guys being good friends.” “Yesung has good manners.”
BoA is currently keeping busy with her seventh EP Only One and she will appear on SBS’s survival audition K-pop Star as a jury member starting in November.
Source: TV Report

Are IU and MBLAQ’s Chun Dung close friends?

Singer IU recently took sticker photos with her friends.
On August 10, IU tweeted a picture with the comment, “We took a photo to celebrate Hye Mi’s birthday. I wish the four of us could appear on a talk show after Seong Goo and Hye Mi debut.”
In the picture, IU is making the V sign with her friends and making a cute face. MBLAQ’s Chun Dung, who she has known since she was a trainee, captured the public’s attention.
People who saw the picture responded: “IU is so cute.” “Do you think IU decorated the picture?” “I guess she is very close with Chun Dung.”
Source: TV Report

“K-pop” to be registered in the Oxford English Dictionary

The word “K-pop” will be listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.
On August 10, Washington news radio broadcast WTOP announced that the word K-pop will be listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.
K-pop means Korean pop music and it has created a sensation not only in Asia but also in the Americas and Europe.
Billboard created a K-pop chart and releases rankings every week. SISTAR drew a lot of attention by being the first K-pop group to rank first on the Billboard K-pop chart for four weeks in a row.
Popular K-pop groups, including JYJ and B2ST, promote K-pop by touring the world, the popularity of K-pop will last for years to come.
Source: TV Report

JYJ’s Junsu will soon release a new single, “Uncommitted”

The new single album of JYJ’s Junsu will be on sale from August 10.
In July, Junsu went to the U.S. and recorded his new song “Uncommitted” with the American songwriter Automatic. “Uncommitted” is a R&B song with an uptempo melody and sentimental lyrics.
Automatic says, “The lyrics of the song are about a man who longs for true love and wants to be cured by someone else, but the melody is soft and sweet. Junsu did a good job singing that song.”
Junsu says, “The arrangement of this song accentuates an oriental feeling based on a mystical sound of the original song with an orchestral accompaniment. A beat of a small gong, a Korean traditional instrument, was added to the chorus part, and the distinctive Korean singing style was also added at the end. This English version of “Tarantallegra” sounds very different from the Korean version. I believe it will appeal to many global music fans.”
Regarding “Uncommitted,” C-jes Entertainment, Junsu’s agency, says, “Junsu has chosen this R&B song as the lead track because he wanted to appeal to the global fans before going on a world tour.”
A music video teaser of “Uncommmitted” will be released on August 14 on YouTube.
Source: Star Daily News

Jang Keun Suk gives a good laugh by saying, “Even the typhoon ran away from me.”

Actor Jang Keun Suk uploaded a picture of himself.
On the afternoon of August 9, Jang uploaded a picture on Chinese Weibo with the caption, “哈哈哈 台風也認出我. 逃砲了! 我來了! (The typhoon ran away from me! Here I come!”
Jang looks sharp wearing a black suit and he’s looking at the camera.
Netizens commented: “Shanghai welcomes you.” “Even the typhoon recognizes you.” “You are lucky.” Over 3,700 commented on his status.
Jang gained popularity overseas such as China and Japan by appearing on You Are Handsome in year 2009.
Source: Starnews