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March 15, 2012

Kara is the First Girl Group to Release Figurines

Kara will be the first girl group in Korea to release figure models of themselves. At the end of March, 12 inch figurines of Kara in their "Mister" attire will be released in both Korea and Japan.

Famous companies such as Hot Toys, which designed models for "Iron Man" and Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean," DC Comics, Nokia and Enterbay will be designing and producing these models.

Usually, figurines were made for famous actors and actresses but this time, it will be musical artists who will be the muses for these models. This is significant to Kara because they are the first musical artists to have figurines based on them. Especially in Japan, there is a high level of figurine manias. It will also be the first time in Japan that a girl group will be produced as figurines.

The Kara figurines will sport actual wigs and have highly defined and sleek body parts, which will make them look more real. The figurines will be available for pre-ordering on the Internet starting at the end of March.

This week’s ranking on M-Countdown for March 15, 2012

This week’s ranking on M-Countdown for March 15, 2012
This week’s first ranking : BigBang “BLUE”
And nominees for first place : miss-A “Touch”, John Park “Falling”
Comeback Stage :
2AM “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me”, ”You Were Mine”
Lyn “Let It Rain”, “Teddy Bear”
B1A4 “This Time Is Over”, “Baby I’m Sorry”
Debut Stage : NU’EST “I’m Sorry”,  ”Face”
Today MC : Tony Ahn, Lizzy(After School)
This week’s cast were BigBang, 2AM, miss-A, Se7en, FTIsland, Lyn, John Park, B1A4, TONY & Smash, NU’EST, Nine Muses and EXID.

2AM “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me”, “You Were Mine”

FTIsland “Severely”

TONY & Smash “Get Your Swag On”

John Park “Falling”

Se7en “Somebody Else”

miss-A “Touch”

EXID “Whos That Girl”

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SNSD standing in a line in order of height: “From Sunny to Yoona”

Girl group SNSD has become an issue as they are spotted standing in a line by height.
Recently, a picture titled “SNSD, by their height” was posted on an online community board.
The picture seems to have been taken during a commercial shooting. The girls are posing for the camera while standing in order of height.
Sunny, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany draw particular attention as they are standing on different size of boxes to adjust their heights to the other girls’.
Netizens who saw the posting gave various reactions: “Isn’t Sooyoung the tallest?” “Those boxes are kinda embarrassing.” “They look cute though they are so small~” “Go SNSD!”
Nowadays, each member of SNSD is busy following her individual schedules.
Source: TV Report 

YG Announces 2nd Global Event With Fantastic Baby!

YG Entertainment has yet another surprise for VIPs and Big Bang fans worldwide. Another cover contest has been announced as part of the “2012 BIG BANG GLOBAL EVENT“. This time round, the cover challenge involves another title track of the new ‘ALIVE‘ mini-album ‘Fantastic Baby‘.

Similar to the previous contest, fans simply need to create a dance cover video to the title track ‘Fantastic Baby’. Thereafter upload it to Youtube and send the link to YG’s website as well.
What’s a contest without attractive prizes? YG definitely knows how to make their fans compete actively. The grand winner will get to fly to Seoul, complete with accomodation and a tour of the YG building. Not forgetting the rest who have put in much effort and passion, there’s prizes for the top 10 as well! Big Bang’s “Alive” Goods Gift Box including a signed CD with the members’ personal message will be a perfect consolation prize.
Here’s your chance to showcase your talent, fly to a dreamland and win awesome prizes all in one! Get your dancing shoes out and strut your moves to the Big Bang beat! Contest closes on 26 March, 11:59PM KST!
Source: YG Entertainment 

Billboard introduces Big Bang, “The leader of the new Korean Wave.”

Recently, five men idol group Big Bang is attracting worldwide attention.
Big Bang is attracting public gaze because they ranked the top of iTunes Chart in various countries including
Britain, France, and Brazil. Not only that, many news regarding Big Bang were broadcast on America’s popular music shows and award ceremonies.
On March 13, Big Bang has been introduced to world-famous music chart, Billboard. Billboard introduced Big Bang with the title, “Big Bang is Unstoppable.”
Billboard also mentioned, “Big Bang’s fifth mini album, Alive ranked 150th place on Billboard 200. The music video for one of the album’s songs, ‘Blue’ exceeded 14 million views.”
The show also introduced Big Bang’s world tour. Billboard stated, “The first day of world tour, Alive Tour 2012in Seoul, was a great success. Thirty thousand fans visited the site. They will be performing in 25 capitals of 16 countries including Asia, North and South America, and Europe.”
The MC of the show added, “Almost all the songs from the album Alive entered top ten of the K Pop Charts. Big Bang will make a tremendous change in the upcoming K Pop Charts.”
Source: Starnews

B1A4 Makes A Comeback On M!Countdown!

After weeks of teasing fans with individual concept photos, and eventually revealing the music video for ‘Baby I’m Sorry‘, B1A4 makes a comeback with a double performance on M!Countdown. On their first live comeback stage, the boys performed ballad track ‘This Time Is Over‘ and their title track, ‘Baby I’m Sorry‘.
Decked in matching black leopard printed blazers, the boys looked suave and definitely ignited a hot response from the audience. Keeping to the smart blazer style, the next performance had the boys stand out in their individual bright colors. The title track also had a more upbeat tune, which kept the boys moving and belting our synchronized moves.
Barely a year since their debut, B1A4 is said to be a force to reckon with. Their first full-length album ‘Ignition‘ includes 11 songs. It also features solo songs of Baro and Sandeul, as well as a collaboration with miss A‘s Min. Title track ‘Baby I’m Sorry‘ was personally composed and produced by Leader Jinyoung.
Check out their comeback performance and tell us if it ignited any feelings in you!
Source: YinYueTai, Dionchewwwz

2NE1′s Sandara Park dancing like a crane: Is it a concept of 2NE1′s new song?

2NE1′s Sandara Park is currently attracting many people’s attention with her dance that looks like portraying a crane.
On March 15, Park uploaded a picture on her me2day account with the comment, “Let’s Go!”
In the picture, Park is jumping in a practice room. The picture especially attracts attention as her motion looks like a crane.
People responded: “You look like a crane,” “Is this perhaps a concept of 2NE1′s new song?” “Go! 2NE1! Go! Sandara Park!” “She jumps very well,” “She looks as if she will ascend to heaven.”
Source: TV Report

SHINee’s cutie Jong Hyun is generating great curiosity about their new album

SHINee’s Jong Hyun is drawing a lot of attention by releasing a pre-teaser of Sherlock, an official teaser of which is slated to be released on March 16.
On March 14, a clip of 45-sec long was posted on SM’s official account in Facebook.
In the clip, he sings a very tiny bit of the new song after saying, “Hello, I’m SHINee’s Jong Hyun. Today, I’ll sing a climax of ‘Sherlock’ For you.”After the singing, the singer says, “This is all I can do for you today and it was live, really. I think I carry a tune very well, don’t I? Tae Min. I practice singing as usual.” Then, the heartthrob serves up a big smile, which thrills his female fans.
Netizens responded: “Jong Hyun is adorable.” “I’m really looking forward to listening to his song.” “He
‘s been more awesome than ever.”
SHINee is planning to release a clip consisting of teaser images and sounds for 7 songs on the new album through various website, including Facebook, YouTube, SM’s website, and others on March 16.
Thereafter, the six-member boy band is to release all the songs on the album entirely online on March 19, and the albums are available in off-line shops from the 22nd. On March 22, the shining group is coming out with the new songs on Mnet’s M!Countdwon.
Source: TV Report

‘Music Bank’ goes to Vietnam

KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” will make its second overseas tour, touching down in Vietnam on March 15. The show, billed “Music Bank in Vietnam,” will be held at the Hanoi International Convention Center, just in time to commemorate 20 years of diplomatic relations between Korea and Vietnam.
Artist line-up will include Davichi, Super Junior, Beast, Secret, Sistar, CN Blue, IU and MBlaq. In addition, two Vietnamese artists will also take to the stage. The hosts of the night will be Kang Min-kyung from Davichi and a Vietnamese celebrity.
The show will broadcast in Korea on April 6.
On Feb. 7, “Music Bank” held its first overseas concert in Paris. Girls’ Generation, SHINee, 2PM, Beast, 4Minute, T-ara, U-Kiss and Sistar were present for the show.
As KBS announced last year, the music chart show will make its first world tour in an effort to better connect with international fans. In May, the show will touch down in Jakarta and Hong Kong before visiting Los Angeles and São Paulo in September.
By Carla Sunwoo []
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

4Minute’s So Hyun seems to have something cute in her genes

An interesting photo of 4Minute’s So Hyun brought out carefree laughter. On March 15, So Hyun posted a photo on Twitter with the comment that said, “4Minute is now serious. Please don’t make us laugh!” Fans who saw the photo left a variety of responses: “I don’t know why, but your serious expressions rather excited a loud roar of laughter for me.” “Your smileless looks provoked big laughs.” “So Hyun, what are you doing before the camera?” “You cracked me up. I really miss you guys.”
Source: TV Report

SHINee’s Sherlock is gradually revealing itself, fans’ hearts stewing with expectations

On March 16, the medley video of the songs of SHINee’s Sherlock was posted via SM TOWN’s official website, YouTube, Facebook, KaKao Talk, and Korea’s major music-downloading sites.
The video consist of teaser images of all the seven songs of Sherlock. The brief tasting to the songs rather amplified fans’ expectations for their new songs. The vocals of MinHo, Jong Hyun, Key, TaeMin and Onew sounded sweet enough to make female fans’ hearts flutter.
Starting with the medley video, SHINee is planning to fully unveil the album via Korea’s online music sites on March 19, and then on March 21to bring Sherlock to the offline shops. On March 22, the pretty five boys will show off their first performance with the songs on the stage of M Countdown.
People who watched the medley video images left explosive responses: “The songs will surely be amazing!” “I cannot wait to listen to the songs in full versions.” “The medley teaser sparks off our expectations for the album.”

Source: TV Report

2NE1’s Gong Min Ji uploads cute pictures of her biting a lollipop “Happy White Day!”

2NE1’s Gong Min Ji uploaded pictures that she took with a big lollipop.
On the afternoon of March 14, Gong uploaded four pictures and tweeted, “Happy White Day! Make sure you get a lot of candies!”
Wearing sunglasses, Gong is biting a lollipop in the pictures that she took herself.
Netizens commented: “You too!” “Your candy looks yummy.”
Source: Starnews 

2PM turns into Santas “Happy and Merry White Day!”

Popular idol group 2PM gave out a White Day present for the fans.
On March 14 at 6:00 p.m, 2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon uploaded a picture and tweeted, “Guys~ Happy and merry White Day! Spend a good time with your beloved if you have one. The season has passed, but thepicture is a gift!”
Wearing Santa Clause and Rudolph costumes, members of 2PM are posing in a cute way. Woo Young especially gave a good laugh by wearing a Rudolph costume and posing as if he is about to fly.
Netizens commented: “Did 2PM transform to give out candy presents?” “I wouldn’t wish for anything else if they came and gave me candies.” “Woo Young Rudolph~ Please come to our house.”
Source: Starnews 

Big Bang’s G-Dragon knows how to please his fans happy

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently presented fans with candies in a brilliant way.
On March 14, the Bing Bang’s knockout posted a picture with the comment, “Happy White Day.”
In the picture, GD strikes a playful pose while covering the most part of his face with big candies. His adorable look with candies must have made his fans drool.
Netizens responded: “You’re such a cutie.” “I’m taking away you photos.” “I wish I got candies from GD. Send me one by courier.” “I see he’s so affectionate to his fans.”
Currently, Big Bang is active with the new song “Alive.”
Source: TV Report 

Park Yoo Chun’s father passes away, but there is no change in schedule for the airing of ;Rooftop Prince’

On March 14, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun was bereaved of his father.
Mourning for his father’s death on March 14, Park Yoo Chun cancelled the shooting schedule for SBS’sRooftop Prince (Written by Lee Hee Myung and produced by Shin Yoon Sub).
According to a source from the series, the shooting schedules for 3rd and 4th episode were all cancelled. They were initially slated starting from March 15, when Park comes back to Korea.
The source said, “Park is now devastated from his father’s death. We thought shooting tomorrow was impossible, so we cancelled the schedules.”
He added, “However, we have installments that were previously shot, so there is no problem with the airing of the first episode. We don’t have further schedules after tomorrow, and we don’t think it is possible for him to work until the day the funeral cortege leaves for a graveyard. We hope he will soon overcome the sorrow. All the crew express out condolences for him.”
The singer and actor are to come back on March 14 at 4:00 p.m. through the Incheon National Airport, after he finishes JYJ’s concerts held in Chile and Peru. His dad’s mortuary is placed in a hospital in Gangnam, Seoul. The deceased reportedly passed away after a long battle with a chronic disease.
Rooftop Prince, staring Park, consists of 20 episodes, and the first episode is to air on March 21. Park plays the role of the lead character, Lee Gak.
Source: Starnews 

K-pop fever is spreading in Indonesia.

K-pop fever is spreading in Indonesia.
Thanks to K-pop’s high popularity, Korea and Indonesia have created the first collaborated audition program Galaxy Superstar in Indonesia.
Samsung, one of Korea’s major companies, Indosiar, an Indonesian broadcast company, KTV, a Korean broadcaster in Indonesia, CNW1, a media content group, Rainbow Bridge Agency, an artist incubating company, Korea Tourism Organization, and Seoul Film Commission worked together to create a new style of audition program.
Audition was held in five Indonesian cities (Jakarta, Medan, Makassar, Surabaya, Semarang) for about a month and half and over 3 thousand people in each city (over 10 thousand people in 5 cities) applied for the audition.

Popular Korean songwriter Kim Do Hoon and other jury members selected the winners from the final audition and they received tickets to Korea with the opportunity to be trained as K-pop stars for six months by the Rainbow Bridge Agency.
Eleven challengers got tickets through the final audition and they will arrive in Korea on March 16. They will be trained in Rainbow Bridge Agency as K-pop stars and they will experience a variety of Korean cultures visiting sightseeing spots while they stay in Korea.
The show, which is drawing a lot of attention from the public and the media, airs every Sunday at 8 o’clock at night (local time). Since K-pop is currently a hot topic for the youth of the world, This will be a great help for K-pop culture to land in Indonesia and other nearby countries.
CNW1 and Rainbow Bridge Agency will continue to create and promote K-pop culture to communicate with the world through the show. Global star project show Galaxy Superstar, with a firm star training system, will be unveiled during a press conference on March 16.
Source: Star Daily News

Rain visits Vietnam as Korean culture diplomat

Singer Rain, who recently joined the entertainment regiment of the miliary, will take diplomatic action abroad.
Rain will sing his hit songs at a concert, which will be held on March 17 through 23 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Vietnam.
Entertainment soldier Park Hyo Shin will also attend the concert. Korea National Military Symphony Orchestra will mainly perform and singers and Korea National Military Traditional Band will perform as well.
The Vietnamese government officially invited them to hold the concert and this is the first time they have performed abroad by invitation after the Korea National Military Symphony Orchestra was created 10 years ago.
Korea National Military Symphony Orchestra will hold a concert on March 19 and 21 for the Vietnamese government, military officials, Koreans, and local people.
They will also form several small bands and visit the Military Music College, Korean Culture Center, and Korean Schoos to perform concerts.
A military official says, “This will foster friendship between the two countries and inspire patriotism in the Korean people living in Vietnam.”
The Korea National Military Symphony Orchestra has held over 40 concerts and they visited the United States to hold concerts last year.
Source: TV Report

BoA releases a special DVD in Korea to celebrate her 10th debut anniversary

BoA’s special DVD featuring the live recording of her latest Japanese concert is expected to be released on March 19 in Korea as well as in Japan.
The DVD, already produced in Japan on March 7, is a special package that features the live recording of the latest Japanese concert, held for two days last year from December 10 and 11 at the Tokyo International Forum Hall, to celebrate her 10th debut anniversary and Christmas.
The DVD package consists of 20 songs in total including her representative winter song “メリクリ,” a series of hit songs “No.1,” “Valenti,” “Listen To My Heart,” as well as BoA’s latest ballad song, “Milestone.” The DVD will surely be a special gift box full of her fantastic live performances.
The 124-minute video image also shows that BoA enjoys very touching moment there along with fans. The special Christmas live performance will surely captivate fans’ hearts.
BoA is currently appearing as one of the panel of judges on SBS’s singing competition reality show, K-POP Star.
Source: TV Report

Wonder Girls’ So Hee is a two-faced girl, “Cute or sexy”

Wonder Girls’ So Hee recently showed off her charms with a variety of makeup.
Makeup brand Mac released a pictorial for their new products on March 15. In the pictorial, So Hee is wearing sexy makeup with long black wavy hair. Her eye makeup and orange lips make her look chic and sexy.
So Hee also tied her hair up and used pink blusher and lipstick to make her look like a lovely girl. She captured the men’s hearts by winking her eyes.
New products from Mac for this spring are composed of six soft pink and peach colors, which were specially developed for Asian women.
So Hee says, “Since I have many foreign schedules, I tried to wear colors that make my skin look better. I like soft pink and peach toned blusher and lipstick.”
Source: TV Report

Asia’s Prince Jang Keun Suk shows up, traffic for miles around blocked

Despite a crimpy weather, Jang Keun Suk showed up in downtown Seoul on February 7 to take a pictorial for the first issue of @star1, the stars’ lifestyle magazine.
That day Jang appeared with big bags under his eyes because of a tight album recording schedule, but he livened up the atmosphere of the set by greeting all the staff members there with a bright smile.
Amid the penetrating cold, he flaunted down the streets in a thin shirt to express a refreshing spring day in the pictorial. With the cameras shut off, the biting weather forced him to crouch, but as soon as the cameras start rolling, he became immersed in the character for the spring pictorial. That’s why he received honorable mentions by all the staff and fans who gathered like clouds around the set.
Photographer Jo Seon Hee delivered her feelings about working together with Asia’s Prince Jang Keun Suk by saying, “I have focused on featuring Jang’s energetic spirit. It was too cold even to press the camera shutter, but I was deeply moved by his professional attitude of immersing himself into the work. I felt all the more keenly the reason why he climbed up to where he is standing now.”
When Jang showed up, the traffic for miles around the set was blocked. Regardless of genders and ages, all the hangers-on around the set from elderly men and women to students on their way home from school congregated to watch the star in the flesh.
Jang’s pictorial for the first issue of @star1 will hit the shops on March 21.
Source: TV Report