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February 27, 2012

02.23.2012 : The Billboard K-pop Chart

“I aspire to our seniors SHINee,” shares BOYFRIEND Minwoo

During the Press Conference held for fresh new idol group Boyfriend in Singapore, they were asked whichsunbae group, or their seniors in the Korean music scene they look up to.
“I have always aspired to our senior group SHINee, they have always been very trendy and have a fantastic presence on stage,” answered the youngest member of the group, Minwoo.
It is notable for their high aspiration towards the 5-member group which debuted back in 2008. Seeing at Boyfriend’s MV’s, colorful skinny jeans and black-red thematic outfits, and the use of water splash in their dance moves reminds of the works of SHINee.
Certainly growing to be the next hottest and most adimired young groups in the K-pop scene, Boyfriend has a promising future, being awarded the “Rookie Award” at the 26th Golden Disk Awards.
Boyfriend had came to Singapore for the first time to hold their joint fanmeeting with SISTAR on 26 February 2012, a part of Amplified Music Series by LAUNCH Entertainment and Starship Entertainment. They arrived a day before with a tight schedule to make interview appearances around the island, before greeting the press officially on the same day they had greeted their hundreds of fans at Suntec Convention Hall, Singapore.
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SM Entertainment takes over travel agency

SM Entertainment, which represents TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, f(x), and more, will branch out into the travel business.
On February 27, SM Entertainment announced, “We decided to take over Happy Hawaii, a travel agency that specializes in Hawaii, under the name of SM Town Travel. We will launch a new business specializing in travel and tourism.”
SM Town Travel ( will continue to specialize in travel and tourism in Hawaii. Since SM Entertainment has high brand recognition in many countries, the travel agency will become a special travel agency, which will develop a variety of travel products based on K-pop and Hallyu. They also plan to create new business regarding cultural exchange between other countries.
Kang Jung Hyun, president of the travel agency, says, “SM Town Travel will provide customers unique services combined with entertainment, travel, and tourism. We will also combine global entertainment and lifestyle with entertainment business to create the maximum synergy effect with SM Entertainment.”
Source: Starnews

Jang Keun Suk and SNSD’s Yoona at a script read-through meeting of Love Rain

Some pictures of a script read-through meeting of KBS TV’s new drama series Love Rain, starring Jang Keun Suk, SNSD’s Yoona, and Jung Jin Young, have recently been released.
The script read-through, which took place in the annex building of KBS on last Thursday, centered on Seo Jun (played by Jang Keun Suk)’s first meeting with Lee Hana (played by Yoona), which will be shot in Japan. Including director Yoon Suk Ho and other cast members, Jang, Yoona, and Jung attended and had the meeting in a friendly mood.
Already finishing shooting the part of the 70s, Jang and Yoona attracted attention by portraying completely different characters from the ones in the 70s. Jang, portraying two opposite characters of gentle, friendly, devoted Seo In Ha in the 70s and selfish, picky, carefree Seo Jun in 2012, and Yoona, changing from innocent, shy Kim Yoon Hee in the 70s to positive, boyish Lee Hana in 2012, are increasing many people’s expectations for the drama series.
In addition to this, Jung is expected to show his gentle charisma as middle-aged Seo In Ha in 2012, also increasing people’s expectations about his romance in the drama series.
KBS TV’s new drama series Love Rain, which will talk about the pure love in the analog period and the trendy love in the digital period, will start airing on March 26.
Source: Sports Korea

The gentleman T.O.P of Big Bang says in a suit, “If I find my true love, I’ll get married whenever possible”

Big Bang’s T.O.P changed into a witty gentleman.
Actor and singer T.O.P recently shot pictorials for the special edition of Cosmopolitan. T.O.P wears a New York styled suit of stylish men’s favorite brand of this generation, Thom Browne. He poses in a unique fit with originality showing somewhat mischievous look.
In the interview after the shooting, T.O.P said, “I will never play the ‘star’ that will threaten my position as an actor. I don’t want to play boring and popular roles like a singer, bad boy, or son of a rich family.”
When told that he would fit well in every character, he said, “I’ve always thought that I don’t quite fit in my career as an entertainer. I’m not that talented, but I’m building up what I’ve studies and learned within my ability.”
He also said that he likes women who are easy-going and who can bear him, adding that he does not want to get married at an early age, but he will do that whenever possible if he finds his true love.
The pictorial and interview of the gentleman T.O.P will be available in March issue of Cosmopolitan.
Source: Sports Korea

C.N.Blue holds a successful concert in Bangkok, Thailand

C.N.Blue recently successfully held their concert at Blue Storm, Bangkok, Thailand and received huge positive responses.
The four-member boy band held their tour concert, Blue Storm, at the Impact Arena, in Bangkok, Thailand, on February 25. Originally, the group was scheduled to hold a concert on November 19, 2011, but because of the severe floods that happened in the local area at that time, the plan was delayed. Hence, the group recently revisited the country for the delayed concert.
C.N.Blue gave fantastic performances with as many as about 24 songs, including their hits, “I’m a Loner,” “Love,” “Intuition”, “Love Girl,” and others, and elicited explosive responses from about then thousand fans at the arena.
Last year, when they heard the new about the damage by the flood, the members took off shirts they used to wear for the auction, and donated all the proceeds from the auction to the Princess Pa Foundation. They handed over the proceeds at a conference, which was held prior to their concert, asking the organization to use the money to help people who suffered from the floods.
After the concert, the group stated. “We really felt sorry for the damage by the flood and the delay of the concert. We hoped that our concert would be of a little comfort, and hope that our donation would be of a small help.”
Source: Sports Korea

B.A.P choose ‘Secret Love’ as their follow-up song

B.A.P have chosen ‘Secret Love’ as their follow-up song.
On February 27, TS Entertainment, B.A.P’s agency, reported, “B.A.P will finish performing and promoting their debut song ‘WARRIOR’ on Inkigayo, which will air on February 26, and start promoting ‘Secret Love’ with different images from what they’ve shown with ‘WARRIOR.’”
They also said, “We had a hard time to choose a follow-up song because there were so many great songs listed in B.A.P’s debut album. We eventually chose ‘Secret Love’ because B.A.P wanted to show different looks from the images of ‘WARRIOR.’”
Secret’s main vocalist Song Ji Eun is featured in and B.A.P’s leader Bang Yong Kuk wrote lyrics to the song. ‘Secret Love’ is a love story about celebrities who always have to date secretly. People are paying attention to whether or not Song will perform with B.A.P together on the stage.
In the eighth episode of Ta-Dah, It’s B.A.P, a reality show that aired on February 26, B.A.P showed the process of making a music video of ‘Secret Love’ by themselves and the completed work. Him Chan, who played the main character in the music video, perfectly portrayed a man who could not freely express his love to his girlfriend. There was also a hugging scene of Him Chan and the main actress, which incited jealousy of many B.A.P’s fans.
It’s greatly expected what kind of looks B.A.P will show with their follow-up song ‘Secret Love.’
Source: TV Report

JYJ’s Yoo Chun is always considerate of his fans

JYJ’s Yoo Chun is always considerate of his fans.
On February 27, SBS TV reported that Yoo Chun never forgets to take care of his fans despite his busy schedule for his new drama series The Rooftop Prince.
Yoo Chun is also promoting JYJ’s documentary film The Day with Jae Joong and Jun Su at movie theaters while shooting the drama series.
On February 25, he even attended a fan signing for a franchise restaurant, for which he’s working as a model with Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee.

Receiving the news that one of his fans opened the franchise, he willingly held the singing on the day of its first opening.
As the signing started, he signed autographs for his fans, asking their names and saying hello to them with a smiling face.
Yoo Chun also gave a sweet smile to his Korean, Chinese, and Japanese fans, who had waited for him since a day ago, and didn’t forget to leave some messages at the restaurant, wishing its prosperous future.
The crew of The Rooftop Prince say, “Yoo Chun is always being considerate of people around him although he is having a hectic schedule. Thanks to him, we believe that this drama series will be loved by a lot of people.”
Yoo Chun is playing the role of prince Lee Gak, who came to the present from the Joseon Dynasty period of 300 years ago, in The Rooftop PrinceThe Rooftop Prince will start airing on March 14 after Please, Captaingoes off the air.
Source: Starnews