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April 24, 2012

What does 2PM’s Jun Ho eat for his well-proportioned figure?

2PM’s Jun Ho recently unveiled the menu for his diet and drew a lot of attention.
On April 23, Jun Ho tweeted a picture with the comment, “This is a meal for the day. I will be a living skeleton. It’s harder because I have thick bones.”
In the picture, there are some chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, and lettuce. Since he has to eat three meals with that, the pictures made people feel sorry for him.
People responded: “That is just a snack. I feel guilty after seeing the picture.” “You really eat that little? That diet makes me cry.” “Male idols have to take care of their figures as well.”
Source: TV Report

Sistar ranks at the top of chart on Monkey 3

Sistar’s new track “Alone” ranked at the top of a weekly chart.
According to the music site Monkey 3 on April 23, the title track “Alone” of Sistar’s first mini-album is placed no.1 for the third week of April (from the 16th to the 23rd).
As a result, 4Minute’s “Volume Up” which was placed at the top last week ranked down to second. Third ranking went to “As Time Goes By” by Lee Hai from SBS’s K-pop Star.
Busker Busker still shows strong potential. Its songs “Cherry Blossom Ending” and “Yeosu Night Sea” are ranked fourth and ninth, showing off constant popularity and support from its fans.
A new song appeared on the fifth, “Leaving” by Noel.
“Love Is All The Same” by Yangpa, Davichi, and Hannah ranked sixth while Huh Gak’s “The Person Who Once Loved Me” and the soundtrack “Missing You Like Crazy” for MBC’s TV series The King 2 Hearts by SNSD’s Taeyeon are ranked consecutively.
A staff member of Monkey 3 says, “As girl groups and Busker Busker are competing with each other for a better ranking, it entertains fans in guessing the winner of next weekly chart.”
Source: Starnews

Did Sistar give up on their diet?

Sistar recently attracted attention with their unpretentious look.
On April 22, a picture under the title of “Didn’t Sistar say they were on a diet?” was uploaded on an online community board.
In the picture, Sistar members are eating like horses. They are eating all kinds of fast food like noodles, Hamburgers, and hot dogs. Seeing the unpretentious look of Sistar members, people enthusiastically responded: “Wow, they’re really eating like horses,” “How can they be so skinny like that even after eating that much,” “Look at Hyo Lyn. She’s so cute!” “They must have been really hungry.”
Sistar released their first minialbum on April 12 and are actively promoting the title track “Alone.”
Source: Starnews

Tickets for SHINee’s Japanese tour are coming and going

SHINee’s popularity in Japan has been tested and proven yet again with the band’s Japanese tour selling out concerts within minutes.
The tour, which is set to kick off tomorrow, originally included a total of 14 performances. But with all the tickets selling out the instant they are put on sale, six more shows have been added to the tour of seven cities across Japan.
These additional concerts again sold out within minutes. SHINee has added more seats to the venues to meet demand, although many are classified as “restricted seating,” where obstacles may block a full view of the stage. These tickets have now all sold out as well.
SHINee’s tour will make stops in Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Tokyo and Hiroshima and will entertain a total of 250,000 fans.
Ticket sales are estimated to bring in around 30.7 billion won ($26.9 million) for the Korean boy band.
The band will also release a Japanese version of “Sherlock” as a single album on May 16.
By Carla Sunwoo
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

4Minute show off their innocent yet sexy looks

4Minute showed off their innocent yet sexy looks on pictorials.
4Minute showed off their feminine yet intense looks, which reminded people of full-blown cherry blossoms, on the magazine High Cut, published on April 19. The pictorials attracted wide attention as 4Minute members looked somehow sexy yet girly.
In the pictorials, 4Minute members perfectly portrayed innocent yet sexy Lolita in white, ivory, and black dresses, accompanied by soft gestures and dreamy eyes. Ga Yoon and Hyun Ah especially attracted attention as Ga Yoon exposed her breast-line and belly in a cropped top and Hyun Ah exposed her back in a backless dress.
The pictorials of 4Minute can be seen in the 75th issue of High Cut published on April 19. Unpublished cuts of the pictorials can be seen on the official website of High Cut.
Source: Xportsnews

Beast holds second official fan meeting

On April 22, boy band Beast held its second-ever fan meeting for members of its official fan club B2UTY.
The event, which took place at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in eastern Seoul, was the first since the inauguration ceremony event a year ago at Korea University.
More than 5,000 fans flocked to the event which consisted of various segments. The boy band members separated into three teams in order to interact with fan club members. Presents were given out and members took to the stage to showcase their individual talents.
Comedienne Kim Shin-young also appeared on stage to add a vibrant mood to the event.
The band launched its world tour, “Beautiful Show,” back in February and is currently performing overseas.
Despite their hectic schedule, the boy band is looking to release a new album for Korean fans in the coming months.
By Carla Sunwoo []
Source: Korea Joongang Daily

DSP Boys confirms its name—A-JAX—and debuts in May

A pre-debuted idol star, which has previously been known as DSP Boys, has confirmed its name—A-JAX.
On April 25, its agency, DSP Media announced the confirmed name of the group—A-JAX, which is a rookie group represented by the agency after a five-year break.
A-JAX refers to a heroic horse, which contributes the victory of the war of Greek and Roman mythology and denotes the group is to be a heroic figure in a cut-throat competition of K-pop world.
The seven-member group reportedly has stunning looks and strength in fantastic performances, which are essential for an idol group. Hyung Gon received a lot of attention when he appeared as Nicole’s partner at Kara’s concert held in last February.
The group released a teaser footage, in which the members appear with their faces covered under masks, on YouTube and MBC Music on April 2. Thereafter, the members unveiled their faces one-by-one, receiving a lot of attention and even cast in a endorsement model for Spris, a sports casual brand.
The group is to appear in MBC Music’s reality program, titled Making the Star-DSP Boys and make it official debut late in May.

Source: TV Report

B2ST’s Son Dong Woon releases his first solo

B2ST’s Son Dong Woon recently released his first solo.
Son sang “In the Cloud,” which is included songwriter Sinsa Dong Tiger’s project album Supermarket Another Half. Sinsa Dong Tiger has been working as a producer for the group.
The song is a refined medium tempo ballad about a happy man who fell in love with a girl. It was released online on April 24.
Son, who has sweet and heavy voice, showed off his abundant vocal talent and ability to express himself through the song.
B2ST’s agency, Cube Entertainment, says, “Son is working hard to show various charms through the group’s new album as well.”
B2ST successfully held a fan meeting with their official fan club Beauty on April 22 and met over 5,000 fans. They are currently preparing for their new album, which will be released in the first half of this year.
Source: Starnews

TVXQ holds a successful finale for their concert tour in Japan

TVXQ recently finished a successful concert tour in Japan, setting a record of gathering 550,000 audiences and proving their unsurpassed popularity.
TVXQ held a successful finale at the concerts held at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka from April 21 to 23, gathering 135,000 audiences.
The group set a remarkable record of gathering 550,000 audience in total through the concert TXXQ Live Tour 2012 Tone, which consisted of 26 concerts and lasted for 97 days with a kickoff in Yokohama on January 18. The number of the audience is the biggest for a single Korean act and is not easy to be attained by Japanese acts, either.
The concert consisted of hit-singles in Japan, individual performances of each member, as well as the songs from their Japanese album TONE, released in last September.
The group not only overwhelmed but also triggered laughter from the Japanese audience.

Filling the arena with red lights, the huge number of fans enjoyed the concert, standing all the way, and showed explosive responses.
In the latter part of the concert, the two stars traveled through the inside of arena by a vehicle to greet their fans, throw them autographed balls at random, and most importantly interact with their dear fans. When it was time for the last song for the day, “Somebody To Love,” it reportedly seemed as if the whole area was exploding.
Source: TV Report

Jay Park to promote his album in five Asian countries

Jay Park will soon start to promote his album in five Asian countries including Singapore.
On April 25, Sidus HQ, Park’s agency, reported that Park will soon start to promote his album in five Asian countries.
Starting from Singapore on April 27, Park will visit the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia in May. He will visit Japan in June.
This promotion has been planned to commemorate the release of Park’s first full-length album New Breed,released in February. It’s particularly special as it’s been planned personally by Park for his overseas fans.
Park has recently been invited to Star Awards in Singapore, which is equivalent to Korea’s Entertainment Awards. The part two of Star Awards, at which Park will appear as a guest, will be held at Marina Bay Sands on April 28 at 5:00 p.m. (local time). He will walk on the red carpet and give a special performance at the awards.
Park was also named an honorary ambassador for R-16 KOREA 2012, sponsored by the Korea Tourist Service, Inc. on April 23. He’ll do various activities in order to spread the B-boy culture to the world.
Source: Starnews

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun has great legs

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun is getting a lot of attention thanks to old pictures.
An online community posted pictures with the caption, “Park Yoo Chun has great legs.”
The pictures were taken in 1997 when he was a little boy. Even though he is an elementary school kid, he is taller than the other boys.
The pictures from SBS’s series Rooftop Prince also feature Park wearing a training suit. He shows off his beautiful long legs through his pictorial.
People responded: “Park’s beautiful legs are from his parents.” “He was a tall elementary school kid.” “He is skinny but tall.” “I’m surprised at the pictures. He is such a tall man.”
Park appears on the series with Han Ji Min, Jung Seok Won, Choi Woo Sik, Lee Min Ho, Jung You Mi, and Lee Tae Sung.
Source: TV Report

Lee Joon Gi releases his album on April 25

Actor Lee Joon Gi will release his third mini album Praise Me as a singer.
The album includes 4 songs and 8 tracks, including songs from his Japanese single Deucer, which ranked first on the Oricon daily chart in March. A mini photo album and special video will also be included.
The songs will be released online starting on April 25 in both Korea and Japan. Lee will show off his talent as a singer through the album, which includes a variety of genres, ballads, modern rock, and dance. Many famous musicians also participated in the making of the album.
Producer and songwriter Steven Lee, who has over 35 platinum gold records abroad, famous songwriter JP, who worked for Japanese diva Misia, Beau Evans, and Sean Alexander helped Lee to release the album.
Songwriters Choi Gap Won, Yoon Sa Ra, and Joy Factory also complemented on the album.
The title song “Praise Me” is written by Mad Soul Child, who worked with top K-pop singers, including, Kim Jong Gook, Jo Sung Mo, BMK, Tei, Lee Hyo Ri, Shinhwa, and Lim Jae Beom. The Song is an emotional ballad, including refined melodies and Lee’s sorrowful and sweet voice.
Lee will hold a fan meeting in Shanghai, China, on April 28. Then he will start shooting a TV series in mid-May.
Source: TV Report

KARA action figures on sale soon

KARA members will be made into action figures.
KARA’s agency, DSP Media, said that KARA’s action figures will be on sale on April 24. The concept for the action figures is their hit song “Mr.”
Famous stars, including Seotaiji and Ryu Si Won, have been made into action figures but a Hallyu girl group has never been made into action figures before.
KARA’s action figures will so on sale in two different styles, a bound set and a single set. The action figures are 12 inches long and they look like the group members.
DSP Media says, “The action figures will pre-sell in Korea and then they will be on sale in other countries, including Japan. KARA is the first girl group to release their action figures and we all wonder how the public will respond.”
The action figures will sell on Mobilux’s website (

Source: Starnews

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa produces new diva Juniel

A new female singer named Juniel is getting a lot of attention.
The April 21 episode of MBC’s special program K-pop Star Captures the World – Just Rock CNBLUE aired Jung Yong Hwa giving Juniel a song and producing her.
After seeing Jung advising the new singer as a veteran singer and as a producer, Jung and Juniel ranked high in several portal sites’ real time search word lists.
People who watched the show responded: “Who is Juniel?” “I envy her because Jung takes care of her.”
Juniel, who was produced by Jung, will debut in Korea at the end of May.
Juniel is the winner of Niziiro Supernova (the Japanese version of Super Star K). She is a very talented singer and songwriter who has worked in Japan.
Source: Xportsnews

Big Bang shoots a pictorial with Terry Richardson

Big Bang recently shot a pictorial with famous American photographer Terry Richardson.
YG Entertainment released the sensational pictorial on Big Bang’s official fan club and for YG’s official application users on April 24. Terry previously posted a picture that he took with Big Bang and made people curious.
Terry has worked with many Hollywood top stars, and is considered one of the best photographers in the United States . He has also taken unconventional and fresh pictorials for famous fashion brands and has become a beloved fashion and cultural icon.
This is not the first time Big Bang and Terry have worked together. They took an arena pictorial together in 2009. Terry emphasized Big Bang’s sexy charms through the fashion pictorial and received many favorable reviews.
When Terry shot the pictorial, he said, “I’ll never forget how innocent the Big Bang members are.”
Terry is well known as a person who is well known as a private person, but he invited Big Bang to his personal studio in New York to shoot a pictorial. Even though the group visited the United States to shoot their music video, they enjoyed the photo shoot with Terry.
Source: Xportsnews