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March 08, 2012

SNSD’s whopping accommodation is worth about $1 million

SNSD’s whopping accommodation is in the limelight.
In the 464th episode of Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News, which aired on February 27, rankings on everything about K-Pop girl groups are covered.
Featuring rankings of girl groups by their lifestyle, the episode located SNSD’s accommodation. A clip from the episode was later posted on YouTube and has been drawing a lot of attention.
According to the episode, the girls’ place is located 5 minutes away from their agency. SNSD’s accommodation is about 330㎡, and the living room alone is about 100㎡. It is reported that the apartment is worth about staggering 800,000,000 ~ 900,000,000 won, which makes ordinary people surprised.
It is said that the girls live in that expensive area because the apartment is close from their agency and has a good security system.
Netizens responded: “Wish I lived in their place.” “Did you say 330㎡? Can’t imagine.” “That’s big enough to play soccer in.” “SNSD deserves even bigger place.”
Source: Xportsnews

SM’s rookie groups, EXO-K and EXO-M release 2nd prologue single on March 9

SM’s rookie groups, EXO-K and EXO-M are to release the 2nd prologue single on March 9.
At midnight on March 9, two groups are to release the Korean version and the Chinese version of the 2nd prologue single “History.”
The prologue singles are being released to promote the rookie groups prior to their debut. While the first one, “What Is Love” is the song that emphasizes the group’s powerhouse vocals, the second one, “History” is impressive enough to feel their different charm with a powerful sound.
Additionally, the groups are causing sensation because each group releases the same album and make a debut in the two countries—EXO-K in Korea and EXO-M in China—at the same time. Prior to the release of their 2nd prologue song, each team is to reveal which member belongs to which team.
12 members of the two teams include Kai, Lu Han, Tao, Se Hu and others.
Source: Xportsnews

This is B2ST’s Du Jun and his little cute brothers

B2ST’s Du Jun reveals a photo of himself and other members.
On March 7, B2ST’s Du Jun tweeted a photo of himself, taken along with Yo Seop and Dong Woon under the title: “My little cute brothers.”
In the photo, Du Jun is staring toward the camera with burning eyes.
The photo features little cute Yo Seop and Dong Woon in the background. They are gazing at the camera with sweet faces. Thanks to te rules of perspective, the two look like little kids, compared to the close-up Du Jun.
People who saw the photo left responses: “What happened to Du Jun. You look so serious!” “You guys look really friendly.”
Source: Xportsnews

Big Bang, SNSD, and IU are all called out for the first FACON

The supersized “fashion concert (FACON),” the K-Collection in Seoul, featuring Korea’s favorite “idol” stars and top fashion models, will raise its curtain on March 11 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in the Olympic Park.
As Korea’s first FACON of a whole new concept, with K-POP stars, models, IT, and fashion show all combined, the 2012 K-Collection in Seoul features some 20 fashion beauty brands, emerging designers and SOHO brands, and about 100 super models.
Among the top K-Pop stars, SNSD, Big Bang, IU, MABLQ, Infinite, T-ara, Miss A, Secret, and Nine Musicians will attend the event, giving fantastic performances and walking down the runway along with top models.
This FACON event was designed to encourage Korea’s small and medium-sized fashion brands that have lost their footing in the market because of the aggressive advance of big foreign brands and designer labels.
As well as the existing brands, up-and-coming designers (TOE, V-COMPANY, 2PLACEBO, B-ZUAN) will get some support for breaking into the market through presentations about their innovative design sense. To early adopters of fashion, it will be a great channel for quenching their thirst for something new.
A special exhibit called Smart Life will be set up at the venue to give visitors a futuristic experience of searching for and purchasing fashion content via smartphones.
Source: Sports Korea

Who is that girl sitting on B1A4′s Sandeul’s lap?

Who is that girl sitting on B1A4′s Sandeul’s lap?
B1A4′s first regular album The B1A4 Ⅰ- Ignition will be released on March 14. The picture, which was taken on the set, during a video shoot for their title song “Baby I’m Sorry” from their album, drew a lot of attention.
In the picture, Sandeul is caressing a girl’s hair and the girl is touching Sandeul’s face, while wearing a big smile. The picture made many fans curious.
One staff member says, “The girl and the group members were shy at first but since they are of the same age, they soon became good friends.”
B1A4′s agency, WM Entertainment, says, “You will see a different side of B1A4 through the video. Please keep an eye out for the video.”
Source: TV Report

Big Bang flash mob ‘Shuffles’ at Airport

Group Big Bang is preparing to capture the small screen with the ‘shuffle dance.’
Big Bang was recently selected as a representative for a soda brand and shot a commercial. The commercial will start airing on TV on March 10. Big Bang will deliver the message ‘Fresh Switch’ while performing the ‘shuffle dance.’
The group members shot the commercial at Incheon Airport. They start to dance the ‘shuffle dance’ and people around them join in the dancing as well, ultimately forming a flash mob (a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an act for a brief period of time.)
Even though Big Bang is busy preparing for their return with the album Alive, they practiced the dance and tried to keep themselves awake. They also took care of the many extras and taught them dance moves. The entire crew praised the members, saying, “Big Bang is a world star.”
After the shooting, Big Bang said, “We are proud to be representatives for this beloved brand.”
Source: TV Report

SHINee’s MinHo bares his upper body for its new album

SHINee is poised to come out with a new album for Korean fans through an extreme makeover.
On March 8, the funky teaser image of SHINee’s MinHo for this upcoming album was revealed.
In the teaser, MinHo bares his upper body, his hair dyed in a chic blonde. It can be called funky.
The SM Entertainment says, “Starting from MinHo’s teaser, suggestive of French pretty-boy, a series of teasers featuring extreme makeovers of each member will gradually be released.”

On March 21, SHINee is planning to release its fourth mini album, Sherlock, in Korea.
It is in a year and six months for SHINee to release its new Korean album since it produced its regular second repackaged album in September, 2010. During the absence, SHINee has focused on overseas activities going all over the global cities including New York, London, Paris, Moscow and Sydney.
Source: Starnews