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February 23, 2012

Picture : BIGBANG Album Jacket of Alive.

SNSD’s Tae Yeon hosts the 1st Gaon Chart K-Pop Award

“I was busy hosting the show and receiving an award.”
SNSD’s leader Tae Yeon recently cried out with happiness for her successful career and accomplishment.
At the 1st Gaon Chart K-Pop Award, which was held at the Blue Square Card Venue on February 22, Tae Yeon proved her talent as a host and a singer.
Showing up at the event with a glamorous smile, Tae Yeon shared her excitement on an interview withStarnews.
Tae Yeon says, “I hosted the Korean PD Award two years ago, but this is the first time for me to host a music award. It is really meaningful for me to host the music award of such a big scale.
Tae Yeon co-hosted the show, which lasted for three hours with musician Joo Yung Hoon, showing brilliant team work. The collaboration of a musician with expertise in music and an idol singer with greatest popularity was sensational enough to get huge attention.
Tae Yeon used to show her talent as a host while she was appearing MBC Radio’s “Best Friend,” and recently, she has taken emcee of MBC’s Show Music Core. However, this was the first time for her to be cast as a host of this huge scale music award. Despite the lack of her experience, she was highly praised for having hosted the show successfully.
Tae Yeon says. “I’m honored to have hosted the show. I appreciate for having selected me as a host. As a singer, I hope there are more of this kinds of music event. I met senior Joo Young Hoon through this event for the first time in person. He was a really nice person and gave me a lot of useful advice.”
On the other hand, Tae Yeon’s group SNSD won the Singer of the Year and the Oricon Special Prize. SNSD set the record of number 1 in album sales during the fourth quarter of 2011 with The Boys. The Oricon Special Prize was especially awarded by the president of Oricon Group in person.
Tae Yeon says, “After we started promoting abroad, more and more people started enjoying our music. And that seemed to make it possible for us to receive the award. I’d like to say thank you to the fans of SNSD all over the globe. I wish to attend this event next year again.”
Lastly, she added, “We have a dream that we attend a music award abroad. I hope our dream come true soon, and SNSD go over the world wide.”
Meanwhile, the 1at Gaon Chart Music Award, which was co-organized by Starnews and Gaon Chart, pursued the objectivity and the fairness for the first and the utmost. The winners of various categories were selected based on the data collected from the 2011 Gaon Chart.
Source: Starnews

Block B sends a video message to apologize to its Thai fans

The “idol” group Block B, composed of seven members, recently uploaded a video asking for forgiveness of what they had said in a Thai interview.
On February 23, Block B uploaded a video which is about a minute and thirty seconds long on YouTube to send a message of apology.
The video begins as Block B members bow their heads down to 90 degrees to express their regrets.
The leader Zico, who shaved his head in a sense of self-reflection and being responsible for the controversy they had caused, speaks on behalf of his group, “Hello, this is Block B. We are very sorry for the things that happened in Thailand recently.
The fact that we didn’t think that our actions can damage the Thai people was very stupid and embarrassing, and we don’t know how to ask for your forgiveness. We acknowledge that we made a hasty judgment of the atmosphere of the location, and that was very selfish and we are greatly sorry.
It was childish, and we are very sorry for causing harm. Again, we would like to bow our heads and apologize.”
Zico’s words are translated into Korean, Thai, and English and simultaneously shown on subtitles as he speaks.
While Zico is sending apologetic message, the rest of the members, P.O, U-Kwon, B-Bomb, Taeil, Park Kyung, and Jaehyo, stands with a regretful look throughout the video.
Early on February 20, each member of Block B left comment on fanclub, asking for forgiveness of what they had said about flood damage in Thailand and their joking attitude.
Block B was harshly scolded for mischievously talking about flood damages in Thailand in a video interview titled “New Artist- Block B in Thailand” by a Thai media, RYT9.
During the interview, the group broke out laughing when they said, “We hope that some financial aid can play a part in healing the scars in your hearts. Money’s all we have. How about, say, 7,000 won?”
Source: Starnews

2AM set to return in March

Group 2AM will be back performing one and a half years after the release of their last album.
2AM opened their teaser site (http://2am.ibighit.comon February 22 and announced that they will release their second mini album on March 12. It has been almost a year and a half since the release of their first album in October of 2010.
The teaser site includes only one phrase saying, “It has been a year and a half years since we broke up.” The site without any pictures helps people to guess that the group’s new song is very emotional and sad.
People responded: “It feels sand. I think their new song is about a sad break up.” “Is this a spoiler for the new album?”
Source: TV Report

MBLAQ’s Lee Jun is photoshopped into ‘Boys over Flowers’ picture

MBLAQ’s Lee Jun recently said that he was offered a role on KBS’s series Boys over Flowers. A photoshopped picture of Lee Jun was released and made people laugh.
Lee Jun appeared in the February 22 episode of MBC’s Radio Star and said, “I almost appeared on Boys over Flowers because I was a strong candidate for the series. But since I was bald after shooting the movie Ninja Assassin, I wasn’t cast for the series.”
An online community previously posted a photoshopped picture of MBLAQ members transformed into cast members for the series. After Lee Jun talked about the series, the picture, once again, is getting a lot of attention.
In the picture, Lee Jun is photoshopped as actor Lee Min Ho (Ku Jun Pyo), Chun Dung is photoshopped as Kim Hyun Joong (Yoon Ji Hoo), Seung Ho is photoshopped as Kim Jun (Song Woo Bin), Mir is photoshopped as Kim Beom (So Ee Jung), and G.O is photoshopped as actress Ku Hye Sun (Keum Jan Di).
People responded: “Lee Jun’s Boys over Flowers is great.” “Lee Jun looks 100 percent good as Ku Jun Pyo.” “He should have appeared on the series.”
Source: TV Report

JYJ fan club donates 150 boxes of ramen in Park Yoo Chun’s name

JYJ’s fan club, 6002 Noonaya, drew a lot of attention by donating 150 boxes of ramen, the brand Park Yoo Chun represents.
On January 30, Oksoo Community Welcare Center posted a note on their official website, “On January 18, Park Yoo Chun’s fan club shared warmth in the cold winter. Thanks to our fan club members, we were able to  deliver the donation to senior citizens and children.
“We distributed 150 boxes of ramen in total to 150 senior citizens who live alone and 15 children’s centers and welcare centers. Thank you members of 6002 Noonaya for sharing your love with us and we will give that love to people through a bowl of ramen.”
People responded: “Fan club members don’t fall far from Park.” “Thanks to Park’s fan club, the winter is a little warmer.” “It’s good to see Park’s fan club doing good deeds.”
Source: TV Report

Big Bang, finally coming back on March 11 on Inkigayo

Big Bang is having its returning performance on March 11 in SBS’s Inkigayo.
A staff member of SBS’s variety shows said in an interview with TV Report, “Big Bang is planning to return on March 11 in Inkigayo. Yet, we’re not sure about the details such as how many songs they will be performing, but they’re certainly giving returning performance on March 11.”
Because Big Bang has experience of performing three of its new songs in Inkigayo before, the group is likely to have another unusual comeback performance this time.
Originally, Big Bang considered returning to TV on March 4 after releasing its mini-album, but the group insisted to postpone the date to March 11 in order to focus on its upcoming concert.
Big Bang will hold its solo concert a2t the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Bangi-dong, Seoul from March 2 to 4.
Source: TV Report

2PM’s Taec Yeon unveils his fabulous abs

2PM’s Taec Yeon recently showed off his perfectly sexy abs for a men’s health magazine..
Men’s Health, an international men’s lifestyle magazine, is well known for choosing stars with perfect figures, as their cover models.
They carefully selected a star who will be featured on the cover for their special edition to celebrate the 6th anniversary of their creation. Since 2PM’s Taec Yeon is well known for his manly and charismatic charms, he appeared on the cover of the magazine.
In the pictorial for the magazine, Taec Yeon is not wearing a shirt and is only wearing a pair of training pants. He also talked about the secrets for a firm body.
The pants that Taec Yeon is wearing are already getting a lot of attention. They are from Freddy, a famous Italian sports brand, which is very popular among male idol stars.
The pants have a band attached at the waist part and it makes them look like underpants. They complement the abs very well and make men look sexier. The pants are a big issue among lots of men.
A spokesperson for the magazine says, “Even though he is very busy doing his oversea schedules, he shot three different styles of covers. He will also tell you how to make your body handsome. You can see Taec Yeon’s variety of charms and strengths through the magazine.”
Source: Xportsnews