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April 04, 2012

MBLAQ hold a first concert tour in Asia

MBLAQ are holding a first concert tour in Asia after they made their debut three years ago.
On April 4, CJ E&M reported, “MBLAQ are holding a concert tour titled The BLAQ% Tour in six cities in Asia, starting from Jakarta in Indonesia in June.”
MBLAQ are already popular in all over Asia with their perfect group dance and singing abilities and each member’s distinctive personality. They say, “We’re so nervous about and feel huge responsibility for our first Asia tour.”
J.Tune Camp, MBLAQ’s agency, says, “While actively promoting their fourth minialbum BLAQ% Ver., MBLAQ worked really hard on preparing their Asia tour. As all members have waited for this Asia tour for so long, they’re going to put all their efforts into the preparation. We’ll promise to give a great concert tour to enhance MBLAQ’s position and upgrade K-Pop’s status in Asia.
MBLAQ’s leader Seung Ho says, “Since we debuted, we’ve been dreaming of holding a concert tour in Asia. We’re very happy because our dream has become actualized.” G.O says, “We’ll  try our best to give the best concert tour. It will be a great opportunity for us to repay our fans for their love.”
CJ E&M says, “According to reports, people in all the six cities are excited about MBLAQ’s concert tour. We’re planning to set the stage that highlights MBLAQ’s powerful performance and musical talent.”
MBLAQ’s first concert will be held in Indonesia on June 30 and will continue to Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan.
Source: TV Report

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